WATCH: LEGO Shows The Power of One’s Imagination Through Its First Multi-Dimensional Build.

LEGO recently shared a video via its Facebook account that shows how a single, seemingly random brick-built figure can surprise in many ways. Calling it as the first ever multi-dimensional build, this MOC uses perception-based lighting to ‘create’ different shadow images at a turn of a knob. Watch this.

LEGO presents a behind-the-scenes video that we hope will bring out the child in every one of us! 'The Shape of Imagination' built from 18,406 LEGO bricks is a multi-dimensional creation designed to help shape your imagination. After all, you can build anything you want as long as you can imagine it. #LEGOimagination

Posted by LEGO on Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Originally conceived by scientist-artist John V. Muntean following the techniques of what he calls as Magic Angle Sculpture (MAS), he was commissioned by advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather in Singapore to come up with two LEGO builds, which at first glance, seems to be randomly shapeless. A MAS is essentially an abstract-looking object placed on a rod that does not seem to resemble anything until it is rotated and the “magical” shadows appear. Using a total of 41,883 bricks for two separate builds, the magic begins once light is cast at the MOC on certain angle (54.7 degrees) and allowing its shadow to be projected on a flat surface.  Turning it on each side allows you to see certain recognizable shapes that can easily pass for an individual MOC or LEGO build.

Scientist and artist John V. Muntean with his LEGO Magic Angle Sculpture.

As it seems, each multi-dimensional build can project three distinct images: the smaller one casting shadows of a dragon, butterfly and a jet, and the larger build showing a knight, mermaid, and a pirate ship. The build rests upon a 3-sided base that has printed QR codes on its each side. The QR codes in turn, directs customers to suggested LEGO sets related to the projected images created by the multi-dimensional build. Muntean shows how he came up with these amazing builds through a time lapse video that he shared via his YouTube channel.

If you wish to know more about Muntean’s Magic Angle Sculpture or to see more of his original works, you may visit his website and browse through his collection and other cool information.

LEGO 21307 Caterham Seven 620R Images!

A while back now, a leaked image of the next LEGO ideas set, 21307 Caterham Seven 620R, was released on to the Internet via a (presumably early) copy of a LEGO magazine. This image cause a lot of hype as people discovered that the new LEGO model had indeed kept close to both the Orignal fan model and the Orignal car design itself. I won’t both posting this leaked image here however, because we now have a clearer, much higher quality look at the model to go off instead!

This photo highlights the entire build, which I must say looks brilliant. The uses of multiple curved pieces and tilting techniques really make this thing look elegant yet simple as the real life vehicle does. The small red floor jack builds are also a nice touch.

And as can be expected with all LEGO Ideas sets, a high quality and detailed box houses the set on the shelves:

Whilst these images may be classed as a leak, they are clearly LEGO’s own product images that have simply been compressed. Also, it seems very likely that the model will get revealed in the next few days anyway due to its impending release date.

So what do you think of the new set? Tell us below, and make sure to keep checking back here for all your LEGO news here on The Brick Show!