2015 LEGO BIONICLE Rumored Sets

There’s finally some news of some 2015 LEGO sets and it’s not what everyone expected. Exoforce.ru has posted a list of LEGO BIONICLE set that are rumored to be coming out next year. This marks the return of the highly popular BIONICLE theme after a couple years hiatus. Again, these are just rumored sets but the source is said to be credible by a few members on Eurobricks.

70778 Defender Jungle
70779 Defender Stones
70780 Defender Water
70781 Defender Land
70782 Defender Ice
70783 Defender Fire
70784 Lewa Master Jungle
70785 Pohatu Master Stones
70786 Gali Master Water
70787 Tahu Master Fire
70788 Kopaka Master Ice
70789 Onua Master Land
70790 Lord of Skull Spiders



2 thoughts on “2015 LEGO BIONICLE Rumored Sets”

  1. The okward thing is that they have removed it from their site…
    suspicious… or coincidence?

  2. They will have the same building technique as Hero Factory did, I’m pretty sure they will do a new one if Bionicle becomes very successful again.

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