2016 LEGO City NYTF Images!

So guys, here we are with the last article of the day/night. It’s been a long one, but at last here are your 2016 LEGO City Set images!

Volcano Starter Pack IMG 0923  

Volcano Exploration Truck

IMG 0924 

Volcano Crawler 

IMG 0925  

Volcano Supply Chopper

IMG 0926 

Volcano Exploration Base
 IMG 0927  
Airport Starter Set

IMG 0928 

Airport Cargo Plane
 IMG 0929  
Airport VIP Service

IMG 0930 

Airport Air Show
 IMG 0931  
Airport Passenger Terminal

IMG 0932 

Fun in the park – City People Pack
 IMG 0933  
Service Station

IMG 0934 

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