2016 Summer LEGO Sets Now Up At shop.LEGO.com US.

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LEGO has just released a huge load of its much anticipated 2016 Summer sets a few days ago. To help you find which is which, we prepared this quick overview of all the 2016 Summer releases that LEGO revealed, and where exactly to find them. You may notice as you go along that not all of these sets are currently available at shop.LEGO.com US. However, if you’re residing in the UK, you’re in for a better treat since LEGO has released more of these sets in Europe. You may click on the following images below if you want to head over directly to shop.LEGO.com and to your desired product page.


LEGO Star Wars

75098 Assault on Hoth
75145 Eclipse Fighter
75147 Star Scavenger
75148 Encounter on Jakku
75150 Darth Vader’s Tie Advanced vs A-Wing Starfighter
75151 Clone Turbo Tank

75098751457514775148 7515075151

Available at shop.LEGO.com UK
75149 Resistance X-Wing Fighter
75157 Captain Rex’s AT-TE Walker



60100 Airport Starter Set
60101 Airport Cargo Plane
60102 Airport VIP Service
60103 Airport Air Show
60121 Volcano Exploration Truck
60122 Volcano Crawler
60123 Volcano Supply Helicopter
60132 Service Station
60134 Fun In The Park – City People Pack

60100601016010260103 60121601226012360132 60134

Available at shop.LEGO.com UK
60104 Airport Passenger Terminal
60120 Volcano Starter Pack
60124 Volcano Exploration Base
60125 Volcano Heavy Lift Helicopter


LEGO Creator

31049 Twin Spin Helicopter
31051 Lighthouse Point
31052 Vacation Getaways
31053 Treehouse Adventures



LEGO Minecraft

21123 The Iron Golem
21124 The End Portal
21125 The Jungle Tree House
21126 The Wither


*21127 The Fortress is only available at Amazon France as of this writing.


LEGO Elves

41171 Emily Jones and the Baby Wind Dragon
41172 The Water Dragon Adventure
41173 The Elvendale School of Dragons
41174 The Starlight Inn
41175 Fire Dragon’s Lava Cave
41176 The Secret Market Place

41171411724117341174 4117541176

Available at shop.LEGO.com UK
41177 The Precious Crystal Mine
41178 The Dragon Sanctuary
41179 Queen Dragon’s Rescue
41180 Ragana’s Magic Shadow Castle


LEGO Exclusives

10253 Creator Big Ben
21128 Minecraft The Village
42056 Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS (available at shop.LEGO.com UK)


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