Try Not To Cringe With This Ultra-Realistic LEGO Facehugger MOC.

There are some things that keep you awake at night – and I guess there’s another one that I will add up to my list. What you’re about to see is not a still photo from the next film from the classic sci-fi Alien franchise, but an ultra-realistic MOC that was spawned by the creative mind of LEGO builder mordatre. I have to say that if there are such things as brick-built nightmares, this is the stuff that it’s made of. It can easily pass as a good Halloween prank if seen from a far. I love this shot where it seems to come alive as it ‘crawls’ up the stairs.


The Bionicle parts used to build the facehugger was really spot on, and helped create a highly articulate and posable model of the vicious parasite. The choice of color for the exoskeleton was also very reminiscent of the alien facehugger as it is seen in the film series.

lego-facehugger-03 lego-facehugger-02


I’m pretty sure if mordatre can figure away on how to motorize this MOC, then I will definitely have second thoughts before coming close to brick-built facehugger. Thanks to Brothers Brick for the share.



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