2017 LEGO Architecture Skylines Official Images.

Earlier this year, LEGO Architecture introduced a series of sets that highlight some of the best tourist destinations and man-made landmarks that were ever conceived. Coined as Skylines, the sub-theme features some of the US and Europe’s most famous landmarks all in one gorgeous set. Recently, LEGO expanded this line with the inclusion of 3 more sets coming from different parts of the Western world – specifically from Australia, US, and the United Kingdom. I’m not much of a fan of the LEGO Architecture line, but their Skylines series may change all of that.

LEGO Architecture Sydney (21032) at 361 pieces

sydney-21032 sydney-21032_alt1


LEGO Architecture Chicago (21033) at 444 pieces

chicago-21033 chicago-21033_alt1


LEGO Architecture London (21034) at 468 pieces

london-21034 london-21034_alt1

I love how the way the Skylines sets are arranged. It puts together all the best places from each of the featured country in one cool set, without making it too crammed up or crowded. It is a perfect gift for any visitor or tourist who happens to drop by at a LEGO store in that particular country. Here is the first wave of the Skylines series that were released in January of this year, and some information on how to purchase them in case you want one to adorn your desk or room.


LEGO Architecture Venice (21026) get it at shop.LEGO.com or Amazon

21026_alt1 21026-1


LEGO Architecture Berlin (21027) get it at shop.LEGO.com or Amazon

21027_alt1 21027-1


LEGO Architecture New York City (21028) get it at shop.LEGO.com or Amazon

21028_alt1 21028-1

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