The Real Meaning of Easter – In LEGO Bricks!

The day is almost done… and it’s a good time to relax, kick back and just let the noise of the day simply fade out. Easter Sunday is not yet over for some of us on this other side of the globe, and amidst all the excitement and egg-hunting activities of Easter Sunday, it’s nice to look back and see the real meaning behind the Easter Story. I’m not in the habit of making our blogsite a forum of religious preferences, but this Easter Sunday MOC by Danish builder Lasse Vestergård deserves an applause for clearly conveying the message behind this most important event in Christianity’s history. Considering the depth of meaning behind Lasse’s brick-built interpretation of Easter, it will surely resonate with joy and hope regardless of our faith.

LEGO Easter

Lasse’s MOC is filled with light-hearted, striking contrasts both aesthetically and figuratively – from the color scheme itself, to the MOC’s entire concept. It even retains some of the smart humor that LEGO is known for, particularly from the way Jesus’ smiling face was built, and even doing a thumbs-up sign and boldly showing off the nail marks on his hands. The contrast between the defeated figure of death and that of the bed of flowers is a very creative and straightforward way of showing how death and suffering is forever conquered through the resurrection of Jesus. Death simply doesn’t stand a chance in this pivotal wrestling match.


On behalf of the rest of the Brick Show Team, HAPPY EASTER everyone!




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