LEGO City Popcorn Cart (30364) Polybag Discovered

The LEGO Customer Service portal has uploaded another set of building instructions that you might find interesting. The building instructions to create the new LEGO City Popcorn Cart (30364) polybag can now be found online. This newest small and fun build is the third polybag set included in the new for 2019 line-up of LEGO city polybags following the Fire ATV (30361) and Sky Police Jetpack (30362)

The LEGO City Popcorn Cart (30364) comes in approximately 40 pieces and includes a popcorn vending guy minifigure, a popcorn cart that comes with a ‘popping’ popcorn play feature and a nicely printed 1×1 brick element for the popcorn box. I’m not really sure, but I think the 1×1 printed brick is new for this one, and the excellent use of the rare cartwheels similar to that to the Hot Dog Stand (30356) is a welcome bonus for collectors and builders. The design of Popcorn Cart also reminds me of some of the arcade builds offered at our official storefront, the Brick Show Shop, with some modifications of course. Check out the building instructions below for the rest of the parts.

Needless to say, this new LEGO City Popcorn Cart (30364) will be a cool addition to your LEGO City carnival or park MOC. Keep an eye for this polybag at your local Walmart or LEGO brand stores, and let us know if you spot on the wild. Thanks again to Brickset for the heads up.


UK’s LEGO Shop@Home Offers LEGO City Adventures in the Arctic Bundle (5005749)

Our regular readers here on The Brick Show who have been following the release of LEGO City sets throughout the year would remember the wave of sets that showed a rather un-city-like setting: the LEGO City Arctic subtheme. The awesome sets that showed high-tech vehicles traversing ice shelves and even digging up a frozen mammoth would fire up the imaginations of LEGO explorers. These LEGO City sets together would make for a sprawling brick-built base where one can imagine exploring the subzero cold regions of the uttermost north. And LEGO knows this too if their latest promotional package for Shop@Home UK with the LEGO City Adventures in the Arctic Bundle (5005749).

Included in this bundle are five out of the seven Arctic explorer-themed LEGO City sets that were introduced this year. Furthermore, being sold as a bundle means it’s priced less than all five individual sets in total. The LEGO City sets in this bundle include the following:

Arctic Exploration Team (60191)

Arctic Ice Crawler (60192)

Arctic Air Transport (60193)

Arctic Scout Truck (60194)

Arctic Mobile Exploration Base (60195)

What should’ve been £175.95 is now at a more manageable £130.95 for the LEGO City Adventures in the Arctic Bundle (5005749). And it also heralds a holiday wave of more multi-set LEGO bundles coming out this month. From what we can tell though, they’re only available only in Europe so far, and are also limited in stock so it will be wise to purchase this now, especially if these sets are included in your wishlist this holidays.

Here’s Another 2019 LEGO City Firefighter Set – The Fire Plane (60217)

Over the past week we have covered the release of the first full images of so many LEGO sets that are officially coming out throughout the beginning of the coming year. Among those lines is LEGO City, which boasted an impressive number of upcoming sets, themed around firefighting and police. While the batch updates of 2019 LEGO City sets seem over and done with, individual sets are still being presented, such as this impressive firefighting set featuring the impressive LEGO City Fire Plane (60217). Listed by Toys R Us  Canada, the Fire Plane is a shout out to those extreme machines that are deployed to fight forest fires in national parks.

The Fire Plane (60217) evokes the “water-bomber” firefighting aircraft, amphibious planes that can land on a body of water, fill up its internal tanks, then fly over a large blaze to dump the water onto the fire (represented by transparent dome pieces).

Also included in the set is an all-terrain buggy with an all new 3-stud shooter. As for what these vehicles will be trying to put out, the set includes two trees of varying sizes (with a resident skunk), dotted with these awesome “fire pieces” found on the other LEGO City firefighting sets.

The LEGO City Fire Plane (60217) also includes three minifigures: an aircraft pilot, buggy driver, and an on-foot forest fireman. Here’s the set’s product description as mentioned by TRU Canada.

LEGO City Fire Plane (60217)

363 pieces; 79.94 CAD

Help the firefighters protect the forest critters of LEGO City with the exciting 60217 Fire Plane set, featuring a dual-propeller firefighting plane with pontoons, detachable minifigure cockpit, hatch on top to load the water elements and a lever to drop them This rescue building toy set also includes a fire buggy with new-for-January-2019 3-shot stud shooter, plus 2 trees, 3 minifigures and a skunk figure.


  • Includes 3 LEGO City minifigures: a pilot and 2 firefighter minifigures, plus a skunk figure.
  • Also includes 2 buildable burning trees, one with a burrow at the base for the skunk to hide in.
  • Accessory elements include 14 water elements (6 small studs and 8 larger elements), 6 buildable fire elements, and new-for-January-2019 smoke gear set and fire axe.
  • Open the top hatch and fill the plane with water elements.



More Police and Firefighting 2019 LEGO City Sets Revealed

If you’ve been keeping pace with our updates on what LEGO sets are scheduled to officially come out in 2019 (or unofficially, be already available in toy retailers from, say, Canada), then you’ll know that many of the upcoming 2019 LEGO City sets have common themes: action and adventure, judging from the various firefighting and police operation sets in the previews.

As it turns out, the action-packed and adventurous LEGO City sets for next year are just getting warmed up. Following the first batch of previews, more 2019 sets have been revealed, lots of them depicting exciting sequences of epic firefights or high-speed high-altitude police chases and urban surfaces to play on.

Sky Police Parachute Arrest (60208)

Features a police jet, motorcycle, ATV and parachute


Sky Police Diamond Heist (60209)

Features a police armored van, wing-pack, and gyrocopter



Sky Police Air Base (60210)

Has a police airbase with motorcycle, wing-pack and transport plane featuring an ejecting parachute and a getaway car.


Downtown Fire Brigade (60216)

Features a fire engine with ladder-hose apparatus (real water pump action), helicopter and firefighting drone; burning building facade with construction crane


Straight & T-Junction (60236)
Curves & Crossroads (60237)

Credit goes to German news source Promo Bricks for these exciting images of the 2019 LEGO City sets.

2019 LEGO City Official Images Now Up

Following the release of a good number of 2019 LEGO Creator official set images, we now have crisp, set images for the 2019 LEGO City scheduled to arrive this December. Since spotted at the store shelves of Mastermind Toys in Canada, last week, early rumors are now confirmed that the first wave of 2019 LEGO City sets will follow the usual Police and Firefighter themes that LEGO has released before.

Though the LEGO City theme is beginning to be a bit redundant having the same old themes being released again, one couldn’t help but notice how these sets evolve throughout the years particularly with the inclusion of new pieces and building techniques. Somehow, LEGO managed to release new sets that are based on old themes, and still offer a new and exciting look given their new elements and designs. I’m looking forward to the Downtown Fire Brigade (60216) which is not featured here since there are no official images of this set as of this posting; the Snow Groomer (60222), and the Harvester Transport (60223). These sets include several interesting pieces like the rehashed light bricks and the clever use of Nexo Knights shield pieces, to name a few.

These new 2019 LEGO City sets are expected to be available in LEGO Stores and at before the year ends.


Jet Patrol (60206)
Drone Chase (60207)

Barbecue Burn Out (60212)


Dock Side Fire (60213)



Burger Bar Fire Rescue (60214)


Fire Station (60215)


Desert Rally Race (60218)



Construction Loader (60219)


Garbage Truck (60220)


Diving Yacht (60221)



Snow Groomer (60222)



Harvester Transport (60223)


Police Patrol Car (60239)


Kayak Adventure (60240)



SPOTTED: 2019 LEGO City Sets Now Available in Canada

It looks like our friends in Canada will have a head start with these new 2019 LEGO City sets. Thanks to an eagle-eyed LEGO fan, these new LEGO City sets have been reportedly found on physical store shelves of Canadian toy store Mastermind Toys.

We first mentioned about these sets back in August, and this time we now have a first look at their respective box arts. From the looks of it, these new 2019 LEGO City sets follow a predominantly Fire fighting theme complete with light accessories which is kind of a throwback on certain LEGO sets released in the 80s. You may also have notice that 2 of these sets belong to the new 4+ theme that LEGO will be formally introducing next year.

With these 2019 LEGO City sets spotted out in the wild, better expect LEGO to release their official images and info anytime soon. Check out their images below courtesy of LEGO insider CM4sci.

Thanks also to Brickset for the tip.


LEGO City Barbecue Burn Out (60212)


LEGO City Dock Side Fire (60213)


LEGO City Downtown Fire Brigade (60216)


LEGO City Desert Rally Racer (60218)


LEGO City Garbage Truck (60220)


LEGO City Diving Yacht (60221)


LEGO City Snow Groomer (60222)


LEGO City Harvester Transport (60223)

New LEGO xtra Playmats Arriving at

LEGO will be rolling out its first wave of LEGO xtra Playmats this October. If you recall, this collection of LEGO playmat accessories first came in to view last June after the reveal of the LEGO xtra polybag sets and minifigure accessories. The announcement of the LEGO xtra theme had a warm reception, especially from those who are into serious LEGO City MOC building. Though I really don’t think that the LEGO xtra Playmats will cater to all LEGO enthusiasts, it offers a lot of play opportunities for younger LEGO fans, and perhaps will be a nice additional element for certain vignettes. Whether you’re next inspired build will be minifigures on the road, a stroll in the grassy park, or an ocean-filled adventure, the LEGO xtra Playmats has it covered.

The LEGO xtra Playmats contains 11 LEGO elements per pack and will retail for $7.99. The nice thing about these packs is that they come in sets of two, with each Playmat having back-to-back prints and measuring 9 inches each. There is no news yet if the LEGO xtra Playmats will include additional themes in the future such as the timeless Castle, Space or Pirates theme (perhaps it’s the AFOL in me who is hoping), but it will really be cool if LEGO will offer those. For now, be sure to visit every now and then to check when these playmats are available, or just click the following links below.

LEGO xtra Road Playmat (853840)

$7.99; 11 pieces

Set up new roads and cruise around your city!

 Stretch your imagination and playtime with the help of this LEGO® xtra 853840 Road Playmat pack, featuring 2 laminated, double-sided playmats with printed graphics, 2 buildable connectors and a shovel play-starter element to do some digging on your roads. The double-sided pieces let you create 4 different settings. Combine and use the LEGO xtra accessories with any LEGO sets, to enhance children’s play in any way they can imagine.

  • Features 2 laminated, double-sided playmats with printed graphics, 2 buildable connectors and a shovel play-starter element.
  • Playmats each measure over 9” (25cm) square.


LEGO xtra Sea Playmat (853841)

$7.99; 11 pieces

Catch some sun, sand and surf at the seaside!

 Expand your playtime to the beach with the help of this LEGO® xtra 853841 Sea Playmat pack, featuring 2 laminated, double-sided playmats with printed graphics, 2 buildable connectors and a crab play-starter element. The double-sided pieces let you create 4 different settings. Combine and use the LEGO xtra accessories with any LEGO sets, to enhance children’s play in any way they can imagine.

  • This pack features 2 laminated, double-sided playmats with printed graphics, 2 buildable connectors and a crab play-starter element.
  • Playmats each measure over 9” (25cm) square.


LEGO xtra Park Playmat (853842)

$7.99; 11 pieces

Take a break in the park with a little help from this LEGO® xtra 853842 Park Playmat pack, featuring 2 laminated, double-sided playmats with printed graphics, 2 buildable connectors and a snake play-starter element. The double-sided pieces let you create 4 different settings. Combine and use the LEGO xtra accessories with any LEGO sets, to enhance children’s play in any way they can imagine.

  • Features 2 laminated, double-sided playmats with printed graphics, 2 buildable connectors and a snake play-starter element.
  • Playmats each measure over 9” (25cm) square.

LEGO City Magazine Issue 7 Now Comes With Two LEGO City Freebies

The latest issue of LEGO City Magazine is now available, and Issue #7 has double treats for subscribers and fans that will pick up a copy. The LEGO City Magazine Issue 7 now comes with two foil bags instead of one, and for this month’s issue we have a free LEGO City Octan Race Car with a driver minifigure, PLUS another mini vehicle set with its respective minifigure driver as well. The second foil bag may vary though, as shared by Brick Fanatics.

Images courtesy of Brick Fanatics.

The second foil bag freebie seems to be based on previously released free sets as bundled before with past issues of the LEGO City Magazine. Though the LEGO City Octan Race Car foiled bag is pretty much consistent across copies of the LEGO City Magazine Issue 7, the second freebie is somehow random as observed by Bricks Fanz. This particular copy of issue 7 has in fact, an extra minifigure instead together with several fire fighting accessories.

Image courtesy of Bricks Fanz

Inside, the LEGO City Magazine Issue 7 is jam-packed with the usual comics, activity sheets, puzzles, posters and even post cards to share with friends. This current issue also gives us a glimpse of what free item to expect from next month’s issue which is a policeman minifigure and a motorbike. If you’re still missing a mini motorbike in your LEGO City collection, then this is the most cost-effective way to bag this.

Image courtesy of Brick Fanatics.

LEGO Unveils First Minifigure in a Wheelchair in LEGO City Fun in the Park (60134)

A few days ago, LEGO released what could be its first person with disability minifigure. It was spotted by Promobricks at the Nuremberg, Germany and London toy fairs, photos of which were posted on their blog site and shared with the website. The first ever minifigure on a wheelchair is part of the newest set, LEGO City Fun in the Park (60134) City People Pack, and also includes an ice-cream vendor, cyclist, and picnickers and a host of other minifigs in a new park scene. The said PWD minifig depicts a young, cool guy donning a beanie and a hoodie together with his companion dog.

It caused quite a stir across social media because as we said, it’s a first for a LEGO – and a good one to. The sighting of this new minifigure is significant since the company has been bombarded recently with accusations for its lack of diversity, and stereotyping. LEGO in fact received a barrage of criticism from educators and activists, for releasing an elderly minifig with a wheelchair as part of the Duplo line which caters to toddlers and preschool aged children. According to its critics, the introduction of such figures in a toy system intended for very young kids reinforces the stereotypical image of elderly people as unproductive members of the larger society.

Now with the introduction of its first ever, wheel-chair riding minifigures in LEGO City Fun in the Park (60134), The LEGO Group might receive its needed PR boost. #ToyLikeMe co-founder Rebecca Atkinson, which spearheaded a petition at, managed to gather 20,000 signatures which lobbied Lego to include people with disabilities minifigures in its sets.  This could be a second milestone with regards to the issue of sensitivity and diversity among toy manufacturers, the first being with Mattel’s releasing of new body types for the world’s most famous doll, Barbie.

According to a written statement by Atkinson, “The whole issue came as a bit of a shock to me, because you can get tons of LEGO superhero figures, pretty much any kind you want. And there are disabled superheroes! But I looked it up. They do not have official LEGO Professor X figs or Barbara Gordon/Oracle figs. They don’t even have Stephen Hawking!” Though as the brick company claims, the LEGO system offers endless possibilities in coming up with figures that can be customized by any child to approximate his environment, it is the company’s official acknowledgment that activists were seeking.

The #ToyLikeMe organizers took this as a very positive gesture, and joyfully wrote on their campaign page, “We’ve got genuine tears of joy right now … LEGO has just rocked our brick-built world!”

“It’s pretty momentous, even though it’s just a little toy. It’s about the message behind it, which is far, far bigger than a little one-inch-tall plastic guy.”, Atkinson said.

LEGO will begin to offer this unique minifig through their LEGO City Fun in the Park (60134) City People Pack beginning July of this year. For now, check out this video from Promobricks regarding set 60134 as they spotted this during the Nuremberg Toy Fair. The featured image above is courtesy of Promobricks.