LEGO Store in Disney Springs Joins Celebration of Mickey Mouse’s 90th Anniversary

The year 1928 was the year Walter Elias Disney introduced what would become his most iconic creation in popular entertainment to the world: the big cheese himself, Mickey Mouse. This came in the form of the animated short Steamboat Willie, which premiered in November 18 of that year. What do you know, November 18 is this Sunday, and 2018 marks the celebration of Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary.

Obviously, the Disney Company is celebrating 90 years of Mickey Mouse. And perhaps the most prominent event in paying tribute to the name bearer of the House of Mouse can be found in Walt Disney World in Orlando. At their Disney Springs commercial complex, special Mickey merchandise and food items are being offered ahead of Sunday.

Even the Disney Springs LEGO Store is getting in on the Mickey Mouse vibe. They’re spearheading a massive brick-building effort to create a tribute mural that will showcase the various milestones of the king of Disney characters, as established in the Kingdom Hearts video game series.

Ahead of Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary, LEGO has also released some highly collectible sets in the form of BrickHeadz for not just Mickey (41624) but also Minnie Mouse (41625). The rumors that the BrickHeadz line may eventually be discontinued would only add to the potential value of these two LEGO sets.

LEGO BrickHeadz Mickey Mouse (41624) and Minnie Mouse (41625)

Interestingly, a Steamboat Willie set is up for contention in the Second 2018 Review Stage for LEGO Ideas. The results won’t be revealed until early next year, but that too would’ve been a nice addition to the LEGO contributions for celebrating 90 years of Mickey.

New LEGO Ideas Contest Now Open: The Magical Builds of the Wizarding World

After the launch of its Build an Add-On Contest, the LEGO Ideas team was quick to give another contest that will surely appeal to any genuine LEGO Harry Potter fan. The LEGO Ideas Magical Builds of the Wizarding World challenges you to come up with your best brick rendition of any creatures found in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts, and popular items and artifacts found inside the famous Hogwarts Castle.

The Submission Phase has already begun and will end on November 29, so you still have more than 20 days if you will act quickly. Like any other LEGO Ideas build contest, you are allowed to submit either a physical entry or a digital one done in LEGO Digital Designer. The deadline of submission of entries will be on November 29, while winners will be announced on December 20.

Magical Builds of the Wizarding World

Magical Builds of the Wizarding World

It’s time to do your magic!

Have you ever imagined being a part of the Wizarding World? We now invite you into the LEGO® world of Harry Potter™ and Fantastic Beasts™, but be aware that you need to use your magical, creative powers to enter. If you are a fan of Harry Potter™ and Fantastic Beasts™, you probably have considered how cool it would be to have your own wand, broomstick or suitcase filled with magical creatures. Now is your chance! Let out your magical building powers to bring your favorite item or creature from the Wizarding World to life in LEGO bricks.

And speaking of prizes, this LEGO Ideas building contest comes with all the good stuff and winnings that any LEGO Harry Potter can enjoy: there will be one Grand Prize Winner, two Runner-Ups, and one Bonus Winner. The lion’s share that the Grand Prize winner will receive includes all of the LEGO Harry Potter sets released this year, namely:

This gives the overall champion the bragging rights of winning all of these 2018 LEGO Harry Potter sets, with an overall estimated value of $775. Two Runner-Ups and a Bonus Winner will also receive their very own Hogwart’s Castle (71043) respectively.

Remember: you have roughly 24 days before the submission of entry to the LEGO Ideas Magical Builds of the Wizarding World closes, so be sure to read and study all the details of the contest rules right here. Happy building!

This Custom Playable LEGO Piano Might Give Mozart A Run For His Money

Yep, I’m a frustrated musician. And like most music fans out there, I learned to admire the craft from a distance. Whether it’s playing a guitar or hammering the keys on a grand piano, I always admire people with the technical virtuoso to play any particular musical instrument. Being a LEGO fan by heart, consider my amazement when someone managed to use LEGO bricks to perfectly recreate one of the most versatile and classical musical instruments of all time. Submitted as a LEGO product idea by LEGO fan and musician Donny Chen (aka SleepyCow over at LEGO Ideas), this playable, custom LEGO piano is very well-built that it might make Mozart gasp in awe.

Playable LEGO Piano
The LEGO Product Idea Playable LEGO Piano by SleepyCow.

This custom-built LEGO Piano is patterned from the classic grand piano, and is made up of more than 2,700 LEGO pieces. To be sure, there are a lot of custom LEGO pianos out there submitted in the LEGO Ideas platform, but this one designed by SleepyCow is the most technically impressive by far. It closely follows the inner workings of a real grand piano, thanks to the technical know-how of its designer who happens to be a piano teacher and technician as well. It’s seldom that you see a talented individual at such multiple levels. Here’s what Donny Chen has to say about his custom LEGO Piano.

LEGO Product Idea – Playable LEGO Piano

The Concert Grand Piano, one of the most complex instruments of all time, is now in Lego form.

Built entirely from 2798 authentic LEGO bricks, it accurately captures the mechanical details of a real piano, featuring:

  • Removable keyboard with 25 independent working keys, each key connects to its own hammer.
  • Working damper and pedal function.
  • 25 strings.
  • Realistic piano lid which can be open either half stick of full stick.
  • Realistic fall board with a soft close.
  • Removable music stand.
  • Height adjustable piano bench.
  • Self-playing function enabled by adding PowerFunction, which allows keys to play at different tempos and rhythms.
  • Realistic piano wheels.

Just a disclaimer though: this playable LEGO piano does not actually create music, but the technical scale and complexity involved in making the parts of this custom LEGO piano is enough to compensate for that, as you can see from the video below.

If you wish to give your support to Donny Chen’s LEGO Ideas product idea, then be sure to check out his page at LEGO Ideas and cast your vote. We wish Donny all the best and support towards the 10K mark.


LEGO Ideas Launches Build an Add-On Contest

The LEGO Creator theme has proven to be one of the most popular and longest running themed playsets that the company has to offer, and with the introduction of the 3-in-1 multibuilds it has become more appealing to a younger generation of budding LEGO fans. To celebrate the popularity of the LEGO Creator 3-in-1 sets, LEGO Ideas has launched its latest brick-busting competition with the Build an Add-On Contest.

Do you ever just feel the need to add something to an existing LEGO set to make it even cooler? Now we invite you to use your creative skills by building an add-on to the A-model of any 2018 LEGO Creator 3in1 product. Your add-on can be small or big, as long as it gives the product the ultimate coolness! Here is the chance to activate your LEGO bin and think outside of the box.

From a list of all 3-in-1 sets already released thus far, contestants need only create an add-on build to one existing 3-in-1 set of choice, and submit it as an entry. Let’s take Creator 3-in-1 Tree House Treasures (31078) as an example. An imaginative LEGO builder joining the contest on LEGO Ideas might create a MOC expansion to the tree-house structure; bonus points too if said add-on can be rebuilt to fit with the other alternate builds of the 3-in-1 set.

For more information on the mechanics of this contest, you may visit the LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Build an Add-On Contest page in LEGO Ideas. Interested contestants must submit their add-on designs by December 4, with the winner announcement slated not later than the 18th.

The Grand Prize winner in this Build an Add-On Contest will have the bragging rights to haul the full 2018 LEGO Creator 3-in-1 assortment, plus some selected sets from 2017 – a total of sixteen (16) LEGO sets to be won as listed below.

Build an Add-On Contest

On top of these very sweet LEGO swag, the grand prize winner will also get to bring home a commemorative LEGO Creator 3-in-1 shirt, and a winner’s certificate in a Creator 3-in-1 themed frame.

Are you ready to build your coolest, most excellent LEGO Creator add-on yet? If you are, then be sure to check out the LEGO Ideas Contest Page for more details. Happy building!

First Look at the LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book (21315) and Its Gorgeous

After the teaser given by the LEGO Store in China last week, LEGO has finally given us our very first look at the upcoming LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book (21315). LEGO made the reveal via LEGO Ideas’ official social media pages as you can see below.

To be frank, the Pop-Up book’s corresponding box art and minifigures have been already leaked on the Internet so we already have an idea of how it might look like. However, seeing the actual set as it is, gave me a better appreciation of this newest LEGO Ideas set. The LEGO Ideas design team really did a good job in improving the original product idea of fan designer Jason Allemann, who also happens to be the fan designer behind 2016’s LEGO Ideas Maze (21305).

LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book (21315)

I absolutely love how the dark red and green and colors were used in the LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book (21315), and the nice touch on the “Once Upon a Brick” title. I’m not quite sure if the title is made out of a sticker, or if it’s printed on a huge tile. However, my bet is that it’s probably a sticker. Though I haven’t seen the images of the actual set, the box art of the Pop-Up Book suggests that it has two stories to tell. The 10-second teaser trailer already hinted on the classic story of Red Riding Hood considering the inclusion of the wolf minifigure disguised as Red’s grandma.

LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book (21315)

The second alternate build of the set highlights another classic fairy tale which is the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. It looks like it will be using a nanofigure for Jack to make it somehow proportionally scaled to the buildable beanstalk that stretches from the ground up to the clouds.  The LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book (21315) will also include four minifigures: Red Riding Hood, Grandma, Wolf in disguise, the Giant, and a Jack nanofigure. The full reveal of this set is slated on October 26 so we can expect more teasers and additional info to come out anytime soon.

Stay tuned only here on The Brick Show!

LEGO Product Idea Chemical Plant Gets 10K Thumbs Up – Qualifies for the Third 2018 Review Stage

After the success of the Dinosaur Fossils Skeletons as the first LEGO Ideas set to enter the Third 2018 Review Stage, it is soon followed by another STEM-inspired project in the form of the LEGO Product  Idea Chemical Plant by LEGO fan builder Ymarilego. Here’s a cool LEGO Ideas fact about Ymarilego: he is a veteran in the LEGO Ideas platform, with a total of 30 project submissions under his belt in almost 2 years. If you recall, Ymarilego was also fortunate enough to have his Quest Builder project join the ranks of the qualifying product ideas under the First 2017 LEGO Ideas Review Stage.

Here’s a brief description of what to expect from the LEGO Product Idea Chemical Plant.

The plant is built on two basic grey 32×32 stud ground plates and is made with approximately of 1,900 pieces.

On the right base plate, there are several treatment sites and chimneys, storage vats and spheres and a laboratory to check the quality of the chemicals produced.

All this complex machinery has to be checked regularly and repaired when needed of so several minifigures are added as well to keep an eye on things. There is a scientist in the lab, an overseer and 4 crew members going about their work (two females, two males).

To ensure their safety there are a lot of railings to prevent them from falling down and warning stripes on the floor. Several kinds of extinguishing materials are at hand in different color tanks, in case of an accident.

On the left baseplate is a loading station for both rail and road vehicles. The connecting “ladders” can be moved up and down. The tankhose poles (no idea what they are called) can be rotated 360 degrees so either rail or road can be accommodated.

There is a small storage area for different kinds of drums and some pump equipment. The structures of both places do not overlap so one can decide if both are to be placed next to each other or apart or even rotated differently to create another layout.

The LEGO Ideas Third 2018 Review Stage now officially has 2 qualifying product ideas, with other projects in close lead such as the Food Stand Diners and Anatomini – you may want to check and support these cool original product ideas as well. LEGO Ideas has also announced the next LEGO Ideas sets based from its First 2018 Review Results: the Treehouse and Flintstones.

Our Next LEGO Ideas Sets Are The Treehouse and Flintstones!

We now have the result of this year’s first LEGO Ideas Review Stage, and it looks like we’re not just getting one, but two upcoming LEGO Ideas sets. The reveal for these next LEGO Ideas sets came in via LEGO Fan Tube’s YouTube channel, as announced yesterday, and as revealed by Ali and Hasan, these are the Treehouse by KevinTreeHouse and the fun, prehistoric family of The Flintstones by AndrewClark2.  Watch the full reveal below.

The LEGO Ideas Treehouse eventually became the LEGO Design Team’s pick, together with The Flintstones and will be both released sometime next year. I have to admit that I was looking forward to have Stitch as the next official LEGO Ideas set but it seems that the likelihood of having a LEGO Ideas Stitch is close to none because of the new LEGO Ideas guidelines concerning existing themes (e.g. Disney) that are now enforced on all future submissions. In any case, the LEGO Ideas Treehouse and LEGO Ideas The Flintstones will still appeal to a large number of LEGO fans, especially those who grew up with the iconic Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

So what do you think brick fans, do you think you’ll be picking up these next LEGO Ideas sets on day 1? Share us what you think in the comments below.

The Next LEGO Ideas Set is About to be Revealed

Just a short while ago, the LEGO Ideas blog site has been updated with a teaser about the upcoming reveal of the next LEGO Ideas set based on this year’s first LEGO Ideas Review. For 2018’s first wave of LEGO Ideas project qualifiers, we are very proud and excited to hear the results, since our Master Builder extraordinaire is one of the candidates whose project qualified. Tyler’s LEGO Ideas Stitch is a very feasible contender for this batch of qualifiers along with my other favorites, The Flintstones and Modular Arcade.

Check out the links below for the rest of the First 2018 LEGO Ideas qualifiers that are vying to be the next LEGO Ideas set.

The reveal will be announced over at YouTube and Facebook at exactly 10AM EST/4PM CEST of October 4. Be sure to turn on your notifications so you can be updated once the announcement goes live. What next LEGO Ideas set do you hope to see among these qualifiers? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

Embraer A-29 Super Tucano

SR-71A: The Final Flight


Disney’s Stitch

 Modular Arcade

I am Amelia Earhart

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Star Wars Acclamator-Class Assault Ship

The Flintstones

The Vintage Motorcycle of BMW R60/2

Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons – Natural History Collection Qualifies for the 2018 LEGO Ideas Third Review Stage

Earlier this month, the LEGO Ideas Team has officially announced the second set of qualifiers for this year’s Second 2018 Review Stage. From space exploration to a deliciously looking candy vending machine, this set of LEGO Ideas project qualifiers will now soon be joined by our very first LEGO Ideas 10K qualifier for the Third Review Stage. The Dinosaurs Fossil Skeletons – Natural History Collection LEGO Ideas Project proposal is based on the famous dinosaur fossils of the Natural History Museum. This LEGO Ideas project features several custom LEGO dinosaur fossils mounted on brick-built stands.

The LEGO Ideas Project Proposal, Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons – Natural History Collection by Mukkinn.

The Dinosaurs Fossil Skeletons – Natural History Collection project proposal is the very first entry for the Third 2018 Review Stage. Read on for the set’s description courtesy of its creator, Mukkinn.

Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons – Natural History Collection

Set presentation:

Did you ever dreamed to get your own Dinosaur Museum?

The collection “Natural History Museum” is giving you the chance to build and expose on your shelf the most famous and majestic creatures who walked on earth !

Don’t miss the opportunity to amaze your guests with these impressive and realistic reconstitutions of various Dinosaur species!

Set features:

Triceratops Fossil Skeleton and his exhibition base
Stegosaurus Fossil Skeleton and his exhibition base
Dilophosaurus Fossil Skeleton and his exhibition base
Brachiosaurus Fossil Skeleton and his exhibition base
Plesiosaurus Skeleton and his exhibition base
Parasaurolophus Skeleton and his exhibition base

Another LEGO Ideas project qualifier is almost at the end of its 10K finish line, with just 400 and more votes needed to qualify. The Chemical Plant by Ymarilego might soon accomplish this goal at the end of this last quarter, so will keep a close eye on this one as well.

The LEGO House Celebrates 10 Years of LEGO Ideas

There’s really no doubt now, that LEGO has fortuitously timed the introduction of so many elements of their total brand that their respective anniversaries – in multiples of ten – fall on the same year. Thus this 2018 they (and we) celebrated 60 years of LEGO bricks, 40 years of minifigures, 50 years of LEGOLAND (Billund’s opened in 1968), and 10 years of LEGO Ideas too.

That’s right; it’s been ten years since that wonderfully ingenious platform for the LEGO building community to submit designs that might become official LEGO sets came to be under its original name of LEGO Cuusoo.

Now, to celebrate yet another important milestone to the complete history of LEGO, a big exhibition is being held at LEGO House in Billund, Denmark. This exhibit showcases actual builds of the various models submitted throughout 10 years of LEGO Ideas, while not passing review, did receive 10,000 enthusiastic supporters needed.


The selection of 10K submissions, now called “Product Ideas” in the platform’s parlance, comes from 11 countries all over the world. The builds range from vehicles, to buildings, to creatures and robots galore, and a testament to the intense imaginations that fired up those who submitted them to LEGO Ideas.

LEGO House will keep the exhibit up until October 8, and it can be (thankfully) viewed in the Home of the Brick’s free-access area. Or you can view photos of the displays at LEGO Ideas’ official blog, alongside information and interviews with their respective creators.