It’s Time For Minifigure Candies With These Sweet Custom Creations from Build Better Bricks

Minifigure Candies

Who says that candies and trick or treats are just for kids? Well, I guess our LEGO minifigs will disagree specially with this latest line of custom LEGO bricks and pieces from Build Better Bricks. Just in time for your latest Halloween trick or treat MOCs, this latest creation of minifigure candies from B3 will make any minifig’s mouth water.

These incredibly detailed, high quality custom printed 1X2 tiles include a dash of LEGO humor with such names as mr. Goodblock, 3MOCateers, and my personal favorite Pieces Last Brick. They’re so irresistibly good to look at, one might mistake them for the real thing. The printing on these minifigure candies are so accurate that they will make a fine display on any candy store MOC that you’re working on.

If you’re craving for these little sweet temptations, then you might want to know that B3 is running a promo for its first series of Candy Pack which you can avail for a discounted price of $16 – 20% off from its original price. You may want to check B3’s website for more info on each of these little temptations, and for several new releases that they have including the Nintendo-inspired Red Mushroom Pack.  Be sure to follow B3’s Facebook page for more upcoming custom LEGO creations.

Keep building!


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