LEGO Black VIP Cardholders from 2017 Receiving Commemorative Card-Case Stand

Over a year ago, the LEGO Star Wars fandom sort of went bananas with the release of the now-legendary UCS Millennium Falcon set (75192). And even non-Star Wars fans might have fancied getting it if only to receive the highly coveted black Star Wars version of the LEGO VIP card.

How fortunate indeed are those members of the LEGO VIP program that managed to get the black card, with its recognizable Millennium Falcon silhouette design. LEGO announced days ago that they will be sending a gift off to all registered black VIP cardholders. Any day now they’ll be receiving an email with a special code to use at Shop@Home to redeem this special VIP gift.


And what a present indeed, for it happens to be a brick-built display frame for the LEGO Star Wars black VIP card. Able to stand on its own, the frame also includes an all-black minifigure with the Millennium Falcon VIP card design on its front.

This LEGO Star Wars VIP gift, numbered 5005747, will only be available conventionally to LEGO black VIP cardholders via the code sent to them through email. Any non-black VIP members are out of luck outside of secondary market sources. In a way, this gift set makes all the frenzy and mailing hiccups in getting the black VIP card last year all the more worth it.


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