Designer Video for LEGO Ideas Fender Stratocaster (21329) Released

There’s no denying the LEGO Ideas Fender Stratocaster (21329) has become one of the biggest set releases this year. After its October 1 release the Ideas Strat was the subject of a Contest back on LEGO Ideas. Days later, LEGO did a showcase on Tomas Letenay, the Ideas member from Slovakia who originated the build. It was a short video snippet about the man behind the product idea. However, a LEGO designer video it wasn’t. Over a month after its launch however, LEGO finally released the official video for the Stratocaster (21329). The product is so big that three LEGO people would talk about it.

As seen in the video above, two LEGO designers and graphic designer talk the audience through the set’s evolution. Marin Stipkovic and Ricardo Dias reminisce about developing the pieces, such as the tuning keys and the “strings”. This being a licensed-IP set, aesthetic elements such as accurate brand lettering were important. That part gets covered in the video by graphic designer Beatrice Amoretti. One can tell that a lot of love was given to forming the guitar, its accompanying amp, and accessories. Truly, the LEGO Ideas Fender Stratocaster (21329) is a must-have for musically-inclined LEGO collectors, reasonable at $99.99 price.

In other news, the Ideas contest to win a Stratocaster set (21329) and a real Player Strat is nearly done. The idea intake phase, begun back in October 5, times out this November 4. Experts will review the submissions until the 18th, followed by a Crowd Vote on November 25. The winners will be announced next month, on December 2.

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