Check Out “LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation” Full Trailer

At the start of this week, Disney+ and Lucasfilm dropped their first teaser for another LEGO Star Wars TV special. Given that the previous two specials focused on special occasions of the year, this one follows the theme. It wouldn’t be surprising if this one makes for a nice TV special trilogy where LEGO Star Wars is concerned. Anyway, the initial teaser for “LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation” gave us an initial impression on the expected laughs. The “Star Wars” Twitter page also promised a much longer trailer later on. Now we cover that too.

The Brick Fan tells us that as promised, an official trailer for “LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation” dropped Tuesday. It replays some key scenes from the short teaser and adds more context to the plot. Long story short, the “Star Wars” sequel trilogy cast are going on vacation. For that short time they hope to celebrate not being hounded by either the Empire or First Order. Perhaps it’s good fortune that Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader are hitting the beach themselves? Finn among the cast is eager to catch that big break. Now if only Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Force ghost isn’t bugging him too, with the “Hello there” meme and all.

True to form, Lucasfilm was able to get some “Star Wars” alumni to reprise their roles in animated LEGO form. One can easily recognize Anthony Daniels and Billy Dee Williams as C-3PO and Lando Calrissian in the trailer. “Summer Vacation” also stars Kelly Marie Tran, Yvette Nicole Brown and Weird Al Yankovic, who also provides the theme song. Check out “LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation” when it premieres this coming August 5 on Disney+ streaming.

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