Celebrate 4th of July With These Great Discounts at the Brick Show Shop!

Our 4th of July celebrations is still far from over, and if you are looking forward to express that creative, brick-building freedom, then be sure to check out our fine collection of minibuilds that you can add to your latest gaming and arcade MOC. In fact, all items in the Brick Show Shop come with a 20% discount and there’s no limit to the number of minibuilds that you can purchase. Some of our top sellers on sale include custom LEGO vending machines and arcades all at minifigure scale.


4th of July
Custom LEGO Arcade Dance Machine


4th of July
Custom LEGO Making Dew Vending Machine


4th of July
Custom LEGO STUD-E Figure


Each minibuild comes with the necessary LEGO parts and printed instructions to build them, packaged with the distinct B3 branding. All of these kits are made of new-condition LEGO bricks, with the model disassembled. Some of these builds may come with stickers and others with custom printed parts.

All you need to do to avail of this 20% discount is to head over our Brick Show Shop website and enter the product code 4THOFJULY at checkout. Or you may click right here to have the discounts applied automatically. Let’s celebrate our freedom to build – happy 4th of July!

Author: Albert Balanza

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