A Look At The LEGO Batman Movie Posters Range.

We’re exactly a month away before we bask under the awesomeness of The LEGO Batman Movie which hits theatres on February 10. Understandably, if you have a movie as grand and big as this one, expect tons of promotions, products and other cool stuff. Other than perhaps the array of excellent LEGO sets dedicated to the film, one particular category of TLBM must-haves that has caught my attention recently is the range of fun and funky posters released by various outlets. So let’s take a moment and breathe in this fine, jazzy work of art beginning with the very first character posters released by Warner Bros online. Some of these posters are now available from local retailers or via Amazon, while some of it we hope to see as a free promotional across LEGO stores, shop.LEGO.com and movie theaters. More info as you scroll down.


The LEGO Batman Movie Character Posters from Warner Bros.

Announced online by Warner Bros last December 19, these posters feature portrait shots of the film’s main characters: Batman, Joker, Robin, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, and Alfred.


The LEGO Batman Movie Posters from Pyramid International

Announced last December 18 and were released just last week. These posters are currently available for purchase online via Pyramid’s website, or at your local toy stores or stationary shops. They come in various sizes and formats, such as Mini (40cm X 50cm) and Maxi (61cm X 91.5cm) sizes, and Canvas Prints (30cm x 30cm, 40cm x 40cm or 60cm x 80cm). If you noticed, one of the posters shows a bigfig version of Bane as he is seen in the film, aboard his 4×4 vehicle. Hopefully, this is exactly how we will have Bane’s set as we earlier reported.  Some of these posters also feature the reported exclusive minifigures such as the Tartan Batman, Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman, and Batman Battle Pod. Will LEGO release more minifigures of our hero in his other Batsuits? Only time can tell. All images are copyright of Pyramid International. All images are copyright of Pyramid International.



The LEGO Batman Movie Posters from Trends International

Announced last January 3, Trends International has come up with 11 poster variants measuring 22.375” x 34”, featured in a mystery box packaging. They are currently available at Amazon retailing at $11.49 each, and from Trends International’s website. All images are copyright of Trends International.


The LEGO Batman Movie Graffiti Posters

This latest lineup of posters were unveiled by Entertainment Weekly last January 4 and features 12 characters of the film rendered in a cool, graffiti wall art effect over on a yellow baseplate. There is no word yet on when and how we can avail of these posters. On a personal note, this range of posters is the ones that I like best, both for its graffiti effect and the use of a LEGO baseplate for its backdrop.


What is your personal favorite among these hip poster arts? Which do you think is the most ‘batastic’? Share us what you think in the comments below or join in the conversation at our Facebook page. The LEGO Batman Movie will fly into theaters on February 10, both in 3D and IMAX.

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