A Recent Absence Or Two

This article is two-fold based on the headline.

To begin with, there has been a considerable number of people asking about where Jason is on the channel. The answer is simple ; he’s still there. People have been forgetting that even though 19 videos have been made since Jay’s last one, it’s only just today been a week since that video. He’s not gone, he just let Stephen do the city reviews. This has also happened with Stephen being gone for a week or so, and they always come back, so there’s no worries.

And the perhaps less obvious hiatus lately is, well, me. Now I’m going to be honest with you ; not a whole lot of people look at this blog. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still maybe a thousand every article ( which is about the same amount of people who watch BrickShowRAW ) but since we now have over 300,000 subscribers, that’s less than 1% of our total viewers. An average of around 20-30,000 views per video on the main channel dwarfs the blog by far.

This is to be expected though, as the blog is not the main way of communication and it isn’t publicised a lot, so it’s fair to say a lot of people who would read the blog don’t because they simply don’t know about it.

Anyway, I digress. It seems to be the case that I won’t be posting any more articles for around another month. This is because I’m still a student, and I’ve got exams up until the 12th of June. I’ll also have induction days for college (since I’ll be finishing high school next month) and of course, Prom. These distractions will make the blog an afterthought as I’ll need to focus, although you may get an articles whenever I can spare a minute.

That being said, after my exams, I have 12 weeks free to do stuff, meaning I’ll have 3 months to write articles pretty much daily or every other day. So in the long run, it’ll all pay off!



Oh, and I’ve made an Age of Ultron MOC to be unveiled soon. Just FYI….

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