All Star Wars Build-able Figures Now Revealed!

So, a while back we got the first official look at two of 6 new “Constraction” sets to be released as part of the Star Wars them later this year (September to be exact).  There figures are very, very similar to Bionicle and the now-discontinued Hero Factory, but based on Star Wars Characters instead. At the NY Toy Fair, we were shown Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

Seriously, what is up with Luke’s face?! And those hips?!

Opinions on these were mixed, with Vader being said as a great figure due to him looking very robotic in reality, whereas Luke was said to just look plain weird – something I agree with.

However, more recently, some Clone Wars Constraction figures were also released, these being Grevious and Kenobi. This had exactly the same effect, with the mechanical Grevious said to be an uncanny representation whereas the face in particular on Kenobi was said to be  too angular and inhuman.

The body looks ok, but that face…odd.
Reminds me of the brick-built Grevious from years ago…..those were the days.

But now, we have been given two more figures, this time from the Prequel Trilogy. These would be Commander Cody and  Jango Fett. I would say that these figures are ok, as they are both fairly robotic looking on film, since they are always wearing battle armor. The new molds  for their helmets are also excellent representations. (Pardon the low quality, but Lego has not released official product photos as of yet).

tn_jangofett_jpg lego_news_34881

So, there we have it ; all 6 of  the build-able  figures set to be released in September, ranging from $20-$35, with Grevious likely  taking the $35 point due to his piece count being almost double that of the other 5. So, which of  these figures are you most looking forward to? Tell us below!

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