An Interview With LEGO Master Builder Allen T. Hickmon Featuring His Awesome, Japanese Inspired Imperial Dragon’s Gate.

Jason was at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois for this year’s Brickworld Chicago. From June 18 to 19, he and the rest of the Brick Show team covered some of the most spectacular LEGO creations built by fans and enthusiasts all over the world, one of which is by LEGO master builder Allen T. Hickmon from Kansas City, Kansas with his awesome LEGO Imperial Dragon’s Gate and impressive LEGO mosaic. read more

LEGO Technic Wheel Excavator 42055 Now Listed At Amazon Japan and France.

Last May, we showed you some of the pretty cool LEGO Technic summer sets that are expected to be released sometime during the second half of the year. One of the awesome Technic sets that fans are looking forward to is the gargantuan LEGO Technic Wheel Excavator (42055). Coming in at an astounding 3,927 pieces, it is by far the largest Technic set that LEGO came up with, and it surely shows in the size of its build, with the mini cabin and mining truck giving it a human scale so to speak that lets you imagine how the Wheel Excavator can be massive in real life. Such set is practically targeted towards older LEGO builders and AFOLs, with several power functions that allow you to control the conveyor belt and rotating bucket excavators. Though it is quite limited in its play value, building this set using almost 4,000 parts will prove to be an enticing challenge for any experienced builder. Plus the host of new Technic parts may prove to be useful as well. read more

WATCH: Classic Batman-Themed, Gotham Theater Showdown Diorama.

Most of us will probably agree that at 2,526 pieces, the LEGO DC Comics Superheroes Batman Classic TV Series – Batcave (76052) is one of the most impressive sets that LEGO has ever released in tribute to our crime-fighting caped crusader. But looking at how Paul Hetherington recreates the classic DC superhero as he squares off with his archenemy the Joker in this 1950s-themed Gotham Theater Showdown makes you want to wish that LEGO came up with this set. This latest MOC from Paul (aka LegoBrickbaron over at YouTube), is an offshoot from his LEGO Batman Joker’s Funhouse creation from two years ago. Other than its power functions and play features, Paul’s LEGO Batman VS Joker Gotham Theater Showdown brims with so much detail that it perfectly captures the classic art deco of the time. Paul’s ingenious way of using those brown, gold and tan elements in creating the pattern for the theater’s outside decor is absolutely wonderful. Even the logo and the background skyscrapers are so reminiscent of the 50s design that you will notice that it is made up LEGO bricks. Look at the finer details of this MOC as seen from this close up shots. read more

These LEGO Minifigures Have Arrived On Jupiter!

Earlier in June, we reported on the ambitious project of NASA and LEGO to send its first LEGO minifigure ambassadors on a one-way trip to the planet Jupiter aboard the Juno Spacecraft. It was a really cool and exciting endeavor to send into the vast space these minifig renditions of the Roman God Jupiter, his wife Juno, and the famous astronomer Galileo Galilei all molded and constructed using ultra high-grade aluminium. You might read the details of our earlier story right here. read more

WATCH: Behind The Scenes With The LEGO Minecraft Challenge – Classic Tales.

Last April, LEGO launched its first Minecraft Competition dubbed as Classic Tales. The idea behind the contest is for LEGO Minecraft fans to stretch their building creativity and problem solving skills to help Alex and Steve to escape a tight spot or a challenge that they find themselves in. Participants are encouraged to build their own solutions or models, snap a photo, and upload their entries via the contest’s Facebook page. Running for four weeks in a row, the team of designers behind the LEGO Minecraft series will determine the most creative contribution and will co-create exciting stop motion stories out of these. read more