More Details on the Rumored 2018 LEGO Harry Potter Collectible Minifigure Series.

The rumor mill is running again, and this time with more intel on this year’s LEGO Harry Potter sets. A couple of weeks ago, we reported that five LEGO Harry Potter sets (3 for HP and 2 for Fantastic Beasts, to be more accurate) will be released as part of its summer wave of offerings this August. On top of that, it was also said that these sets will be accompanied by an official LEGO Harry Potter Collectible Minifigure series, which will also be released during the same time period. Thanks to word from some reliable sources over at Eurobricks, we now have a tentative list of possible Harry Potter characters that made their way as part of LEGO’s next CMF series. Here’s what we know so far.

  • Harry Potter – accessories include the Sorting Hat and a cape which could probably be the Cloak of Invisibility.
  • Ron Weasley – accessories include a cape and that Chocolate Frog from the Hogwarts Express scene.
  • Hermione Granger – accessories include cape, magic wand, and book with printing (perhaps her spell book).
  • James Potter – accessories include a Golden Snitch, Broom, and Quidditch ceremonial robes.
  • Lily Potter – accessories include a baby minifigure with a noticeable scar on the forehead, which clearly gives it away as Baby Harry.
  • Fred Weasley – this is what I’m looking forward to, having the Weasley Twins in their CMF form. Fred is said to have a Marauders Map, and some fireworks accessories.
  • George Weasley – no information yet about George’s accessories.
  • Vernon Dursley – all members of the despicable, Dursley family will also be included in the HP CMF. Vernon’s accessories include a rifle or shotgun of some sorts.
  • Petunia Dursley – accessories include a letter, which could probably mean Harry’s Hogwarts Acceptance Letter.
  • Dudley Dursley – this minifig version of the youngest Dursley is said to be wearing pajamas with a printed pig’s tail; it also comes with a cake accessory.
  • Rolanda Hooch – the Quidditch flying instructor also gets her spot as a CMF, coming in with broom and whistle accessories (though I’m not quite sure of the latter). Ms. Hooch also comes with a double-sided minifig head highlighting two distinct expressions.
  • The Bloody Baron – the first of the ghost quartet that haunt each four houses of Hogwarts, we don’t have any information yet and what accessories they will carry on with them. Perhaps it may include a knife accessory, though I feel this will be a little far off considering the back story of the Bloody Baron and the purpose in which he used his knife for.
  • Nearly Headless Nick (Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington) – this one is a bit hard to imagine, especially when you consider how LEGO will create Nearly Headless Nick in minifigure form while retaining his primary feature, which as his name suggests, is being nearly headless.
  • The Grey Lady (Helena Ravenclaw) – perhaps a diadem accessory will be in order.
  • The Fat Friar – accessories might include a silver or tin mug which he is seen carrying around along the halls of the Hufflepuff house.
  • Myrtle Warren (Moaning Myrtle) – a ghost character translated in minifigure form, accessories include Tom Riddle’s Diary.
  • Sirius Black – Harry’s godfather also made it in the CMF list, coming in with a dog accessory which could be Snuffles, his Animagus form.

There are still 3 unnamed minifigs in this rumored Harry Potter CMF series, so we are still keeping an eye for any signs of them. I’m still hoping for Dobby to make it in the list and possibly a re-release of Severus Snape. I guess we just have to wait and see.

Thanks to The Brick Fan for the heads up.

Here’s Your Chance to Design The Next LEGO Gift With Purchase Set With the LEGO Ideas Moments in Space Contest.

Coming from its successful “Build Your Own LEGO Ideas Logo” contest, the LEGO Ideas Team is back and this time, in search of the first ever, community-inspired, LEGO exclusive Gift With Purchase (GWP) set. It seems that LEGO has finally considered the idea of a fan-designed LEGO GWP ever since the idea was discussed extensively across LEGO fan forums. The announcement has been made over at the LEGO Ideas website, and will eventually follow a classic space theme.

Titled as LEGO Moments in Space, the contest is open to all LEGO fans, ages 13 and above, and will run from January 15 until February 9, 2018 at 6AM EST. Entries should be able to fit on a 16 X 16 stud LEGO baseplate, using around 300 standard LEGO pieces and elements coming from themes such as LEGO City, CMF, and Creator. As the contest title suggests, entries must capture that space exploration or adventure vibe. Entries using LEGO Digital Designer are also accepted.

Of course, what’s a LEGO contest without those sweet, sweet prizes? The Grand Prize winner will have the bragging rights to have his original creation featured as the next LEGO GWP sometime in 2019, a $250 LEGO shopping spree over at, and a collection of past exclusive LEGO GWP sets, including:


Ten (10) Runner Ups will also be selected and each of them will receive a $125 worth of LEGO shopping spree also on plus the Mini Piggy Bank (40251), Snowglobe (40223) and Christmas Build Up 2017 (40253).

Be sure to check with the LEGO Ideas Moments in Space Contest website for the complete list of rules and guidelines to be observed. I am personally excited to see how this contest will turn out. I’m a fan of some of these smaller, vignette type sets so I am particularly curious how a Space-themed GWP set will turn out. Just be sure to submit your entries on or before the said deadline. Happy building!



From the Leaking Faucet: More 2018 LEGO Star Wars Set Descriptions.

Just when you thought that LEGO called in the plumber to fix those persistent LEGO Star Wars leaks, we now received info on three possible LEGO Star Wars sets that are set to be released this August. Tipped to us by an anonymous source, the information that was forwarded to us matches closely what we already know about these remaining 2018 Summer LEGO Star Wars sets. Again, we will not be showing images, but will just describe them as they were relayed to us. Here’s what we know so far.

Republic V-Wing Torrent Fighter (75217)

Expected retail price between $80-100. This looks like to be the largest among the three sets mentioned here considering its expected price range. Minifigures include:

  • Clone Pilot – same as we got the in Republic Attack Gunship (7676) a few years back.
  • Captain Rex – new helmet design and comes with 2 blaster pistols and a new dark blue/black colored pauldron.
  • Commander Cody – new helmet mold and has an orange colored bar onto the helmet and looks very odd. He has orange arms and various orange lines on his torso and legs. He also has a blaster.
  • Plo Koon – new alien head mold with dark brown robes and a dark brown material skirt like piece, similar to Rex’s kama piece. He also has a blue lightsaber.
  • Obi Wan Kenobi – same face as previous version and short darker orange hair. He has a white torso with tan robes, while the robe design continues to the legs and has white 2 folded boots and a blue lightsaber.
  • Battle Droid – exactly the same like in any other Star Wars sets.
  • Droideka – fully brick built similar to previous versions, but this time comes equipped with a stud shooter.

The vehicle itself is predominantly white accented with many dark red pieces for a striking contrast. The three wings of the V-Wing can be folded up and down, comes with spring-loaded missiles on all of its wings, and are adorned with insignias of the Republic, very much the same with 2008’s V-19 Torrent (7674). There is also a brown speeder bike which has a rail like design at the bottom, and can fit into the brick built rack on the Torrent which has a rather large slot. The brown speeder bike looks very similar to how it looks like in the Republic Attack Gunship (7676), also from 2008.  The last smaller build is a bright blue and dark blue STAP which can hold a Battle Droid and has a transparent rod and clear pieces to look as if it is hovering above the ground similar to how it seen in the AT-TE Walker (7675), and again from 2008.

Will LEGO have it like a combined re-release of some of the bits and portions of these sets, especially that it has been 10 years ago since we last saw them? We can only speculate.

The Throne Room Duel (75216)

Expected retail price between $40-60. This set comes straight from the throne room battle scene between Rey and Kylo, against Supreme Leader Snoke from The Last Jedi. Minifigures include:

  • Rey – her minifig version in this set is similar to that in the First Order Heavy Assault Walker (75189).
  • Kylo Ren – nothing new to the overall look as compared to his previous minifigure iterations, except for a new angry face (well, he IS always angry after all) with sweat or tear drops.
  • Snoke – we only have the First Order’s Supreme Leader in minifigure form in the First Order Star Destroyer (75190), and it looks he’ll have another LEGO set with him in it this time, with an angrier and more sinister looking face print.
  • Praetorian Guard #1 – this one has a new molded helmet in red with printed fine black lines on his face section and has a Technic brick built weapon in red and transparent red, which is quite odd looking according to our source. Frankly, I find it difficult to imagine how a minifig-scaled weapon can be built using Technic pieces. We just have to wait and see.
  • Praetorian Guard #2 – comes with a different helmet as compared to Praetorian Guard #1, and has a shortened rope climbing piece in black and has 1×1 red transparent clips on half of the climbing folded plastic sections. Again, this new minifig scaled accessory seems very different than anything LEGO has offered before. If you’ve seen The Last Jedi already, you can easily recall this Throne Room fight scene where this particular Praetorian Guard wields a somewhat whip-like weapon that also converts into a pointed staff, like the one on the extreme right side of the image below.

About the set itself, it comes in a similar shape and build like that of the Death Star Final Duel (75093) from 2015. The left side has a large cloth piece in red with a small black platform below and has a jumping function and a Praetorian Guard that can be placed on top to jump in and join in the fray. On the cloth piece is a ragged looking hole, almost placed at random. The opposite side has the same exact idea, but includes a TIE Fighter style translucent cockpit piece with a new looking print, and a computer console piece connected to it. This particular side does not have the same rugged hole design as mentioned before. The middle section has a dark gray and black brick built angular shaped section with a chair very similar to the Emperor’s. It has white 1×2’s, 1×1’s and a few of the new quarter circle pieces in white placed around the chair which I don’t know if this is a function or some sort. There is a small pod-like build which is almost identical to the one found in Superman: Black Zero Escape (76009). It is in dark gray, dark red detail and a trans clear windshield with a dark gray sticker applied onto it. There seems to be printed (or stickers, were not quite sure) 1×2 curved pieces on the throne where Snoke is seated. All in all, the set may have this kind of a vibe as seen in the image below.

Resistance Transport Ship (75215)

Expected retail price between $30-40. Minifigures include:

  • General Leia Organa – comes with a new outfit and face design, with a dark gray cape similar perhaps to how she is depicted in the Hot Toys action figure below.

  • Kaydel Ko Konnix – uses Princess Leia’s hair mold from the 2007’s Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon (10179) colored in dark tan, and has a new torso design and a blaster.
  • C-3PO – almost the same as his versions found in LEGO Star Wars A New Hope sets, except with no silver printing.
  • Nien Numb – finally a new LEGO Star Wars alien minifigure head. He has a black jacket with red shirt printing and red arms. He also has a blaster accessory.
  • Resistance Soldier – it looks to be a bearded, male version of the Resistance Trooper found in the First Order Heavy Scout Walker (75177).

As the smallest set among the three, it comes in as a very compact transport in dark gray and tan. It is kind of stubby, but almost pointed in shape. It has 2 windows on either side of the set and can be opened to reveal a quite spacious interior size (for a minifigure to be exact). It also comes with spring loaded missiles on either side, transparent blue screens inside the build similar to computer monitors and two weapons racks for thermal detonators. All in all, this set is said to be in the same scale as that of the A-Wing Starfighter (75003) from 2013.


Stay tuned here in at the Brick Show for more updates!


Join the Pursuit in LEGO Rebrick’s The Great Mountain Chase Photo Contest!

LEGO Rebrick is back with another contest that will challenge your LEGO City building skills. Based on its latest LEGO City Mountain Police subtheme, LEGO Rebrick calls out the City hero in you, to join in a classic cops and robber chase in the mountains. Prize at stake is the entire line of LEGO City Mountain Police sets – yep, all seven of them. Click on the set names below to watch our review on these sets.

Not only that, but the Grand Prize winner will also have the chance on a shopping splurge over at worth $800, enough to even buy the largest LEGO set ever made. Two Runner Up winners will be selected and each of them will receive the LEGO City Mountain Police Headquarters (60174) and a $300 shopping spree also on, and a Bonus Winner which will bring home the abovementioned set. Check out the Contest Description and other details below. Last day to submit your entries is on February 8, 2017 at 10AM EST. For more information, visit LEGO Rebrick’s Rules page.


LEGO City crooks are fleeing to the mountains, and we invite you to capture the great chase between them and the LEGO City mountain police! Show off your photography and building skills in a classic tale between cops and robbers.


Bad guys are on the loose again and heading for the mountains, which means the LEGO City Mountain Police are on the case! Use LEGO bricks and clever Minifigure photography to showcase the great chase between the officers and the crooks in the mountains. It’s the classic tale of good and bad in LEGO City, here’s your chance to show us your photography and building skills!

Before you start please check out the entry guidelines and how to enter in the RULES.

Entry Deadline

Submit your entry no later than February 8th at 2018 at 10:00AM EST. If you’re not sure what time zone you’re in here’s a time zone converter.


A panel of judges from the LEGO City team will select one grand prize winner and two runner up winners. They will judge entries upon:

– Overall coolness and originality: 25%
– Image Quality: 25%
– Relevance to contest theme: 25%
– Most inspired details: 25%

In addition, one other bonus prize winner will be selected at random, please see the prizes section for further details.

How to enter

Photograph or screenshot your LEGO City mountain chase. Take up to five photos of your creation and submit them to the contest Use the description field to tell us about your entry to – then hit “submit”. When you receive a “Success!” pop-up notification after clicking “submit” on the entry submission page, your entry has successfully been submitted. Our moderation team will review it within 1-3 working days to make sure it fits all the contest rules.

LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi DJ Minifigure (40298) Is Now Available at Toys R Us.

Last week, we reported that the next LEGO Star Wars minifigure freebie will be available as a Toys R Us promotional in the US. Based on Benicio Del Toro’s code breaker character in The Last Jedi, the LEGO Star Wars DJ minifigure (40298) is now currently available at all Toys R Us stores in the US as free collectible minifigure that comes with qualifying purchases of any LEGO Star Wars sets worth $30 and above.

Valued at $5.99, the said promotional is available only in-store, which means the LEGO Star Wars DJ minifigure will not appear in your cart upon checkout if you will opt to do your purchase online. The promotional will also have a limited run starting today, January 9, until this Sunday January 13 or until supplies last.

So if you want to add the rogue hacker to your collection of LEGO Star Wars minifigs alongside R3-M2 (40268) and Scarif Stormtrooper (40176) from the previous years, then you better hurry to your nearest Toys R Us store. Thanks to The Brick Fan for the tip.

A Closer Look at the LEGO Star Wars DJ (40298) Minifigure Polybag.

Since the latest LEGO Star Wars collectible minifigure is now reportedly out in some parts of the world and over at Toys R Us stores, it is somewhat common that we now see this minifigure iteration of Benicio del Toro’s code breaker character in Star Wars: The Last Jedi strewn all over the Internet. The LEGO Star Wars DJ (40298) minifigure polybag is the next Star Wars collectible minifig in a similar vein such as that of the R3-M2 (40268) and Scarif Stormtrooper (40176) polybags which all comes with a connectible stands and background cards, each representing the most recent Star Wars films that were released. Frankly speaking, I am not very much impressed with DJ’s LEGO minifigure rendition, nor his character in the big screen. Nevertheless, the most dedicated LEGO Star Wars fan will probably appreciate taking a look at this latest LEGO SW collectible. Check out the official image below.

As we can see, the minifigure is at its best, a faithful rendition of DJ’s costume as seen in The Last Jedi, having the same brown-over-black color scheme, particularly on his threadbare trunk coat. The minifigure face printing also tries to capture the rogue code breaker’s rugged, unkempt look. Truth be told, I am not that excited with LEGO’s choice of having DJ as a collectible minifigure considering that there is a lot of candidates in the film that has greater potential as a collectible minifig.  I have in mind Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo (since we only have her in the Resistance Bomber (75188) set) or old man Luke Skywalker now that he is officially deceased from the Star Wars galaxy, or even better, perhaps a minifigure rendition of the Vulptex: one of those Crystal Foxes on planet Crait which was instrumental in the escape the remaining Resistance Forces.

In any case, if you’re out to collect all LEGO Star Wars minifigures that there is (just like Stephen’s 1,400 LEGO minifigure wall), then adding DJ in your roster is definitely a must.


How “The LEGO Batman Movie” Was Made to Sound Really Good.

It just goes to show how powerful and popular The LEGO Batman Movie is when, despite having premiered way early in the year that’s gone by, it still continues to enjoy a steady stream of new LEGO products in its own dedicated thematic line: minifigures, play sets and polybags galore.

Seeing as there are some new LEGO Batman stuffs to collect this 2018 now seems like a good time to have a look back at the movie that started it all. A spinoff of 2014’s The LEGO Movie, LEGO Batman built up its own following; Rotten Tomatoes rated it 91%.

One of the main draws of  the film, according to critics, was the 3D CGI animated film’s impressive sound design. Musical soundtrack aside, The LEGO Batman Movie was audibly brilliant with some impressive sound effects courtesy of the Warner Animation Group’s expert sound designers.

The secret to the film’s awesome audio according to supervising sound editor and designer Wayne Pashley, was the choice to treat the production like it were a live-action film. Real sounds were sampled, such as the ground and flight modes of the Batwing being from a jet engine and F-1 car.

But LEGO Batman also involves LEGO constructs in action (and crashing together), and that level of “realistic sounds” applies to the brick and minifigures too. Pashley noted that they recorded “Lego, Duplo and many other plastic props, all varying weights, utilizing the plastic world to enhance the comedy when required.”

Collectors looking for the latest LEGO Batman sets can certainly appreciate the big-budget film treatment that director Chris McKay tendered to the source material of their favorite LEGO items. Surely when building and playing with their latest acquisitions, they’ll hear the film sounds in their heads.

Summer 2018 LEGO City Arctic Set Names and Numbers Revealed!

UPDATED (02/12/2018): It seems that I have overlooked this one. I intend to say ‘set numbers’ and NOT images. However, to make up for this error, here are the ‘images’, though insufferably blurred so we can have a narrow escape from the brick police.

Last month, we reported on how things will look like this summer as far as the LEGO City theme is concerned. With this year’s LEGO City Mining sets just coming in, and the Mountain Police still enjoying some relative degree of following since it was made available last December, it looks like LEGO has already mapped out the LEGO City landscape for 2018.

After the tease published by LEGO on the January to May LEGO Catalog, we now have confirmation that the next wave of Summer LEGO City sets is indeed an Arctic themed one.

We were able to gather some intel on these upcoming LEGO City Arctic set names and numbers for your reference. I will try to describe these sets later on, but in the mean time, you might be interested to know that the LEGO City Artic theme is made up primarily of orange and blue pieces, with a set having a nice, new mammoth bigfig.

Here’s the set names and images.

60190 Arctic Ice Glider

60191 Arctic Exploration

60192 Arctic Ice Crawler

60193 Arctic Air Transport

60194 Arctic Scout Truck

60195 Arctic Mobile Exploration Base


Cool, right (no pun intended)? Stay tuned for more Summer 2018 LEGO City updates.

LEGO Offers Seasonal Chinese New Year Set in the US with Year of the Dog (40235).

Hey, we’re now two days into the year 2018 – at least in the Western or Gregorian calendar sense. To those who observe or at least join in with the celebration of the Chinese New Year, it won’t be until February 16 next month for the Year of the Earth Dog.

Leave it to LEGO to prove itself as a truly international brand by including a seasonal brick set to celebrate the new Dog Year. The 2018 Seasonal Year of the Dog (40235) depicts a smiling brown and white dog sitting at attention with its red tongue visible and tail wagging.

This seasonal consideration was started by LEGO back in 2013, when they announced building its first factory in China, geared to their Asian market. That had been the Year of the Snake (10250). Since then, Sheep (40148), Monkey (40207) and Rooster (40234) have gotten Seasonal sets of their own, and Dog (40235) won’t be long coming.

Originally available in Asian LEGO Stores, Seasonal Year of the Dog (40235) is going to be the first to be offered internationally, with one free for every minimum LEGO purchase of $88. The number 88 represents fortune and good luck in Chinese culture. It’s an appropriately symbolic promo price limit.

If you or anybody you know was born in the Year of the Dog (2006, 1994, 1982, 1970) then the LEGO Seasonal Year of the Dog (40235) will make for a wonderful Chinese New Year gift. The set is available from February 16 – Chinese New Year – to the 28th.

First Details from 2018 February LEGO Store Calendar Revealed.

It’s never been too early to plan for tomorrow, or the next month. Just as LEGO kicked off their 2018 Store Calendar last December of the recently-concluded year of 2017, so now in January of 2018 their schedule of LEGO store activities for February has just been put up online.

The Brick Fan has gotten the first images of the February page for the 2018 LEGO Store Calendar, and given us this rundown of what to expect in terms of special promos and seasonal treats. Some of the listed freebies and events also carry over from their beginnings last January.

  • January 19 – February 13: LEGO City Mining Play Event, still ongoing at LEGO Stores until the day before Valentine’s.

  • January 28 – February 14: Free 60 Years of the LEGO Brick (40290) with a purchase of $125 or more. The giveaway ends this month, or while supplies still last.

  • February 6 – 7: LEGO VIP Monthly Mini Model Build – Car and Gas Pump, available to LEGO VIP members.
  • February 14: Free LEGO Friends Sunflower with a product purchase of $20 or more. Like the 60 Years of the LEGO Brick (40290), this is only for while supplies last.
  • February 14 – March 4: Our next LEGO City Event at LEGO Stores, the Mountain Police Building.

  • February 15: For grownup LEGO enthusiasts, there’s an Adults-Only Valentine Themed Building Night at LEGO Stores on this date. All interested participants need to register for the event.
  • February 16 – 28: Celebrate the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Earth Dog LEGO-style by getting a free LEGO Seasonal Year of the Dog (40235) with a purchase of $88 or more. This too has limited supplies so act fast. However, you may also opt to build one of your own since the building instructions for this set has already been released.

  • February 17 & 24: LEGO Life Meeting

LEGO will follow up their image uploads of the February 2018 Store Calendar with a PDF version soon. We will bring you any additional details about this update as soon as it’s made available.