More LEGO Seasonal BrickHeadz Slated for 2018.

After LEGO recently announced and created some buzz around the latest BrickHeadz to watch out for with the Valentine’s Bee (40270), it left me with a distinct impression that it will not be the last in the series. Revealed as a seasonal set, it is somehow expected that more similar sets will be introduced later on from this particular subtheme of BrickHeadz.

As it seems, it looks like LEGO is intentionally showing us what’s next after the Valentine’s Bee BrickHeadz for 2018. The back side of the set’s box art reveals five additional LEGO seasonal BrickHeadz, each of which is expected to be released alongside the traditional seasonal vignettes throughout the year.

#30 Easter Bunny – available in March


#31 Halloween Witch – available in September


#32 Thanksgiving Turkey – available in October


#33 & #34 Mr. and Mrs. Claus – available in November

Truth be told, I wish LEGO could have followed its usual BrickHeadz silhouette teaser rather than revealing the whole nine yards. As a LEGO enthusiast, I appreciate a certain degree of excitement and sense mystery on what LEGO has in the works for its future sets. So revealing all the LEGO Seasonal BrickHeadz all in one swoop kind of put a damper on it.

Nevertheless, these are still lovely sets, and will be a great addition to your ever growing BrickHeadz collection.

First Look at New Seasonal LEGO BrickHeadz Valentine’s Bee (40270) Set.

LEGO could always be counted on to have some set or other ready to be released or made available throughout the various seasons of the year. For the coming New Year however, they appear to be expanding from the expected general minifigure collections, play sets and models, and expanding into some of their more recent product lines.

One such theme that has begun showing seasonal trappings is LEGO BrickHeadz, the line featuring super-deformed depictions of numerous franchise characters from various brands. I need not remind you of the BrickHeadz sets coming out for Rey and Kylo Ren (41489), and the Justice League, and Darth Vader (also for next year).

Well, here comes the first – and likely not the last – seasonal BrickHeadz set to be released by LEGO, this one being for Valentine’s Day 2018. It’s the Valentine’s Bee (40270), a black-and-yellow bee with antennae, beady eyes, rosy cheeks, white wings, and carrying a honeycomb and heart.

BrickHeadz set 40270 has 140 pieces in all, assembling not only the Valentine’s Bee and its handheld accessories, but also its platform which can be decorated by LEGO-brick rose bushes, sunflowers and white buds. It will come out next year, naturally, and will likely cause about $9.99, the same as other BrickHeadz sets. That’s something to look forward to for a cute Valentine’s gift.

Marvel HQ Presents All Episodes of “Marvel LEGO: Guardians of the Galaxy – The Thanos Threat”.

Back in May, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 came out in cinemas courtesy of Marvel Studios, engaging fans anew in another adventure with the intergalactic mercenaries set to awesome oldie music. A couple months later, in July’s D23 Expo, Marvel announced another collaboration with LEGO for a special animated miniseries. The two companies are old hands in this sort of cross-promotion after all, like below.

Said special was to be entitled Marvel LEGO: Guardians of the Galaxy – The Thanos Threat. A few months after that, apparently, no word has come out on whether or not the miniseries has already started showing. As it turns out, The Thanos Threat actually is showing now.

That’s because the Marvel LEGO miniseries is currently uploaded as videos in the Marvel HQ channel on YouTube. The first episode was actually put up last month, November 24. And the reason we’re covering this now is because the fifth and final episode of The Thanos Threat was uploaded last Saturday, December 9.

Now fans of Marvel and LEGO can enjoy this awesome yet quirky animation in the LEGO style online, because apparently Marvel isn’t putting these up on actual TV channels like Disney XD anytime soon.

Do note however that Marvel LEGO: Guardians of the Galaxy – The Thanos Threat has not been made available in all countries around the world. If you can watch the videos below, then have fun!

A Look At the 2018 LEGO Wall Calendar Vouchers.

It has been customary for LEGO to release its yearly wall calendar and most fans look forward to them not just for their aesthetic appeal as a keepsake, but also for the vouchers that go along with them. Though 2017’s LEGO Wall Calendar was released around this period of time last year as announced in the December 2016 LEGO Store Calendar, it’s quite puzzling that LEGO has not made any official announcement until now on its availability in the US. However, LEGO fans in Europe were on to an early treat when LEGO Brands Stores in the region finally released their 2018 LEGO Wall Calendar as an in-store gift with purchase, with a price point of 20 Euros.

Thanks to Promobricks who managed to get a copy of their own, we now have an idea on how next year’s LEGO Wall Calendar may look like. Now for the record, I’m not sure if this is already available in the US since I haven’t heard of any reports that this calendar has been released and distributed to fans and store visitors. Any tip from our readers will surely be appreciated. Unlike that from last year, Europe’s 2018 LEGO Wall Calendar has a more regional vibe into it, with the LEGO London Store’s very own Lester minifigure being part of the cover, featuring a creative gang of minifig artists.

Same as last year’s wall calendar, its most attractive part will be the collection of nice, little vouchers that go with them for every month of the year. Again, the vouchers and their respective redemption dates may be specific only to LEGO Brand Stores in the European region, and may all be entirely different than that in the US, so this is something that we will keep our radar on.

Voucher #1 – January 1 to December 31, 2018

Happy Birthday! Bring this voucher to a LEGO Store during the week of your birthday and get your present.

Voucher #2 – February 7 to 14, 2018

Treat your loved ones to a LEGO Valentine’s Day Flower when you buy any LEGO building set.

Voucher #3 – March 23 to 31, 2018

Free Easter Gift with any purchase of over 20 Euros (roughly $20).

Voucher #4 – April 12 to 22, 2018

Free 100 VIP bonus points with any purchase over 30 Euros.

Voucher #5 – May 17 to 21, 2018

Free LEGO Star Wars Rebel A-Wing Pilot (5004408) with any Star Wars purchase over 35 Euros.

Voucher #6 – June 11 to 17, 2018

Celebrate Father’s Day! Come to a LEGO Store with this voucher to receive your free gift.

Voucher #7 – July 25 to 30, 2018

Celebrate Friendship Day! Come to a LEGO Store with your friend and you’ll both receive a free gift.

Voucher #8 – August 1 to 31, 2018

Come and collect your LEGO Passport and get an exclusive special stamp.

Voucher #9 – September 27 to October 1, 2018

Mystery Voucher! Visit to discover your surprise!

Voucher #10 – October 29 to November 3, 2018

Visit a LEGO Store for a Halloween Special Building experience and walk away with a FREE gift!

Voucher #11 – December 1 to 9, 2018

Secret Prize Draw!

LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigures Series 2 (71020) Official Display and Blind Bag Images.

We already saw the entire range of 20 minifigures included in The LEGO Batman Movie CMF Series 2 (71020) a couple of days ago, and this time, we now have a closer look at its box art and display, including the official image of its blind bag. It looks like we still have the same number sets available similar to the first series. Having the entire box up front will guarantee 3 complete sets of all 20 minifigures, so you still have 2 sets to spare and to share.

I have to say that seeing the official blind bag image somehow gives me a change of heart. I previously deplored the design and color scheme of TLBM’s Series 2 blind bag based on some that were spotted in the wild – but looking at the official image below, it seems that the packaging is not really that bad after all.

Though it is in stark contrast with the predominantly yellow color scheme seen from the 1st Series’ blind bag design, Series 2 still has that fun and playful feel. Here’s the rest of the TLBM minifigure  characters  included in this current series in case you missed them.

1) Friends are Family Harley Quinn; 2) Friends are Family Alfred; 3) Clock King; 4) Professor Hugo Strange; 5) Mermaid Batman; 6) Swimming Pool Batman; 7) Tropical Joker; 8) Vacation Robin; 9) Vacation Batgirl; 10) Vacation Alfred; 11) Soccer Mom Batgirl; 12) Killer Moth; 13) Wonder Twin (Jayna); 14) Wonder Twin (Zan); 15) Apache Chief; 16) Jor-El; 17) General Zod; 18) Doctor Phosphorus; 19) Black Canary; 20) Black Vulcan.


Thanks to Zusammengebaut for the tip.

LEGO Employee Christmas Gift 2017 Revealed

If I will come up with my own list of the Top Ten Coolest Jobs in the world, then being a LEGO Store Employee will surely sit in the top 3 spots on my list – the second and first being a LEGO Master Designer, and LEGO Senior Designer respectively. Having the coolest job in the world also follows that you are entitled to some of the best company perks and gifts that may be offered, and those working under the umbrella of The LEGO Group surely know the perks.

It has been customary with LEGO to share the Yuletide cheers among its employees during the holidays by giving a uniquely designed LEGO set that each LEGO Brand Store employee is fortunate enough to receive. Last year, we saw the LEGO Store Employee Gift 50 Years on Track (4002016) as the perfect holiday gift for those who are privileged to work inside the premises of the LEGO Store. The 50 Years on Track (4002016) set, coming in at 1,141 pieces, represents some of the best-loved LEGO train sets that the company designed in the span of 50 years. It was an absolute microscale masterpiece that only LEGO employees are very fortunate to have.

This 2017, it seems that LEGO is still keeping the tradition of sharing its blessings in the form of an uber-exclusive set that LEGO Store employees can expect. Similar to last year’s 50 Years on Track, the first images of this year’s LEGO employee gift have been spotted over at eBay. Listings for the LEGO Store Employee Gift Nutcracker (4002017) have been quite numerous recently on the secondary market, with some selling for as much as $300. Coming in at 732 pieces, this year’s LEGO employee gift seems to borrow some design ideas from the recent LEGO holiday promotional set bearing the same name – Nutcracker (40254). Here are some images of set 4002017 posted over at eBay and Instagram.

The LEGO Store Employee Gift Nutcracker (4002017) sits as the next holiday gift that LEGO has offered to its ever-reliable store employees since 2010. However, I have to say that it could be the least appealing as well. By far the best gift that LEGO designers came up with was last year’s 50 Years on Track set which also happens to be the largest employee gift set made up of more than 1,000 LEGO pieces.  I also couldn’t help but notice that the box art and design could have been improved further to make it more aesthetically appealing. I am not really sure if I’ll bring myself to like that coffin-looking box for our little tin soldier.

Of course, I may be wrong in all of these since I am just giving my initial impression based on how the box art looks like rather than seeing the actual build. I just hope that we can have some kind, LEGO Store employees that will share how this gift looks like when it is finally built.

Thanks to Bouwsteentjes for sharing the above images.

LEGO Wins Its Very First Case Against Knock-Off Brands in China.

Since the very first LEGO production line began its work in China a couple of years ago, the unholy work of Chinese knockoff brands have also increased exponentially. Thankfully, China has given the LEGO brand the legal protection that it so rightfully deserves when the Beijing Higher Court passed a ruling early in November, that designates the LEGO logo and brand as a “well-known trademark”.

As a result, it looks like LEGO finally has leverage against all counterfeit brands that originate from the Asian giant. Yesterday, LEGO has just announced that it received a favorable decision from China Shantou Intermediate People’s Court, indicating its first landmark victory against LEGO knockoff brands. According to The LEGO Group, this decision in favor of TLG against BELA Products in which the latter has infringed upon the copyrights of LEGO, has strengthened its resolve to pursue legal remedies against other counterfeit brands that proliferate in the country and other parts of the world.

Additionally, the Chinese court also decided that the LEGO Group should enjoy the protection under Chinese anti-unfair completion laws for its unique designs and aesthetic aspects, which BELA violated when it marketed its LEGO Friends-like sets. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but we are definitely not happy about it. Take a look at some of BELA’s ‘flattering’ approach of imitation.

Here’s LEGO’s complete press release regarding this legal triumph.


The LEGO Group has received a favorable decision from China Shantou Intermediate People’s Court in September holding that certain BELA products infringed upon the copyrights of the LEGO Group and that manufacturing and selling of those products constituted acts of unfair competition. It is the first time the LEGO Group has filed and won an anti-unfair competition case against imitators in China.

The case was filed against two Chinese companies, which had been manufacturing and selling products that were almost identical to LEGO®products. The decisions come into effect in November 2017.

The court decided that the two Chinese companies must stop copying the packaging and logos of LEGO products in the future, as this constitutes copyright infringement. The court also decided that the LEGO Group enjoys protection under Chinese anti-unfair competition laws for the distinctive and unique appearance of certain decorative aspects of its packaging across particular product lines (in this case, LEGO Friends), which serves the purpose of making consumers immediately recognize and associate the products with the LEGO Group.

Peter Thorslund Kjær, Vice President, Legal Affairs in the LEGO Group, said: “We are pleased with the ruling by Shantou Intermediate People’s Court, which we see as a strong indication of the continued focus on proper intellectual property protection and enforcement by the Chinese courts and responsible authorities. We think this is very important for the continued development of a favorable business environment for all companies operating in the Chinese market.”

“We will continue our efforts to ensure that parents and children are able to make informed choices when they are buying toy products, and that they are not misled by attempts by irresponsible companies to make toy products appear as something that they are not.”

The LEGO Group takes the protection of its intellectual property very seriously and takes the necessary steps to ensure that its copyrights, trademarks, patents or intellectual properties are not being violated.

The LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigure Series 2 Now Officially Revealed!

This piece of news may have been floating around lately, especially considering that a leaked image of its checklist has surfaced as early as the first week of November. Nevertheless, nothing beats the crisp, clear images that LEGO has shared over social media regarding its highly anticipated LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigure Series 2.

In case you missed it, check out these official images and the names of each of these characters. It is also interesting to note that like other CMFs or collectible minifigures, most of these sets also include a variety of new pieces, unique and sometimes odd looking dual-sided face printings, and a well-balanced number of Justice League heroes and Rogues from Gotham.

I am personally excited to have my try with the Swimming Pool Batman and Tropical Joker minifigs; and if you’re excited for these TLBM collectibles as much as we do, then better start practicing how to feel them inside their challenging blind bags once January 1 comes in. For the meantime check out these images courtesy of LEGO’s official Facebook account.

Friends are Family Harley Quinn


Friends are Family Alfred

Clock King


Professor Hugo Strange


Mermaid Batman

Swimming Pool Batman

Tropical Joker

Vacation Robin

 Vacation Batgirl


Vacation Alfred

Soccer Mom Batgirl


Killer Moth


Wonder Twin (Jayna)

Wonder Twin (Zan)


Apache Chief



General Zod


Doctor Phosphorus

Black Canary


Black Vulcan

Inside Look at the Mechanics of Building the Shanghai Centre Tower on LEGO Architect Shanghai (21039) Set

While the official worldwide release of the LEGO Architecture Shanghai (21039) building set won’t be until January 1st of 2018, residents of the city in question will already have a head start in acquiring this superb example of brick building design. LEGO stores in Shanghai and in Shanghai Disneyland will have already started carrying set 21039 since Saturday, December 2.

To those who need a refresher, LEGO Architecture Shanghai (21039) replicates six well-known structures in the iconic Chinese port city. Four of them are veritable skyscrapers, the tallest of which is the unique Shanghai Centre Building with the twisting shape.


If you’re curious as to how the twist of the Shanghai Centre Building was translated into interconnecting LEGO bricks, the mechanics were revealed online by builder NateV, who posted screenshots of the building process for the skyscraper, of which the real structure is the third tallest in the world, behind only the Tokyo Skytree and Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

LEGO Architecture simply needed to copy the building design for the Shanghai Centre Building, which are actually nine building segments stacked atop each other. As seen above, the ground-level structure is a base for support pillars wherein the flat blocks representing each of the 127 floors is then threaded and stacked. Every boundary of the building segment is represented by a light-colored brick.

After the floor blocks are stacked, the builder only needs to twist the structure to replicate the actual building.

It’s an impressive mechanical design that will surely fire up the imaginations of anyone buying the LEGO Architecture Shanghai (21039) building set, whether in Shanghai now, or later globally at the start of the New Year.

LEGO Seasonal Year of the Dog (40235) Set Revealed – Building Instructions Now Available Online.

A few moments ago, I reported that LEGO has recently uploaded a new stash of building instructions for this month of December, including the last to be revealed LEGO Nexo Knights set, Lance’s Hover Jouster (72001). Brickset took the liberty of gathering them in one place so you can have a quick overview of what LEGO has made available on its servers. To our surprise, LEGO has also revealed its next seasonal, commemorative set to celebrate 2018’s Lunar New Year. This year, we saw the Year of the Rooster (40234) as 2017’s seasonal set, and for 2018, we have the Year of the Dog (40235) seasonal set to look forward to. Here’s how the set looks like based on its building instructions as uploaded by LEGO.

Coming in at 155 pieces, it is interesting to note that since 2016’s Year of the Monkey (40207) seasonal set, LEGO seems to have been observing a common design for these Lunar New Year commemorative sets – each of them following a straightforward build, resting on a circular baseplate as pointed out by Brickfinder. Will this be a regular thing from LEGO? I guess only time can tell. The Year of the Dog (40235) may likely come as another LEGO Store promotional (a gift with purchase set) that comes with a minimum purchase amount of any LEGO set. I’ll give you updates as soon as more news comes in, and for the meantime, you may want to check out the parts list for this set below and see if you can build this little puppy using the LEGO bricks that you have.

Thanks you once again to Brickset for the tip.