LEGO Ideas Project Spotlight: “SpaceX – The Ultimate Collection”

For LEGO fans who like to keep up with LEGO Ideas, we’re currently in the middle of the First 2018 Review Phase. In the meantime, no word has gone out yet of any submission on the Ideas platform gaining 10,000 supporters. But there are some set proposals that warrant supporting.


Here’s a relatively new submission done by Ideas member Matthew Nolan, with additional input from Valerie Roche. It’s a branded set, carrying the name of a private aerospace service company founded by Elon Musk that’s been in the news in recent times: SpaceX. This set is “SpaceX – The Ultimate Collection”.

As its name implies, SpaceX – The Ultimate Collection is a giant multi-model set encompassing the most prominent space vehicles created by SpaceX Corporation, in a similar vein as the venerable LEGO Ideas Saturn V rocket (21309). But this package has two SpaceX rockets, plus a multitude of other tech options.

The two rockets on this collection are from SpaceX’s Falcon series, one Falcon 9 (Block 5 variant) and the larger Falcon Heavy, all of them with rocket cores that detach and land after launch, the gimmick that helped SpaceX make sci-tech headline news. The brick details are all remarkably accurate.

Aside from the Falcons, the Ultimate Collection also has the Transporter/Erector/Launcher (TEL) system to deploy the rockets. Then there are the optional components such as the Dragon 2 capsule, a satellite, and even Elon Musk’s personal Tesla Roadster sent up to space. Sticker decals include SpaceX and optional ESA markings.

Nolan and Roche have only posted SpaceX – The Ultimate Collection on LEGO Ideas on the 10th of May, and already it’s garnered over 3,500 supporters before the month is even out. Should the trend continue, it might make it just in time to join a prospective Second 2018 Review Phase.

LEGO Ideas First 2018 Review Stage Begins with Ten Candidates

It has been an event that’s been hyped so many times before in previous posts here on The Brick Show. For every instant that a new submission on LEGO Ideas achieved the coveted 10K support milestone, we reminded you of what’s coming. And finally, it has. The candidates are assembled.

As the LEGO Ideas Third 2017 Review Stage finally winds up its work and makes ready to announce a new official Ideas set (if any), the deadline for the First 2018 Review Stage has finally elapsed, automatically starting the assessment period of the 10K-supported Ideas submissions that made the cutoff.

To sum things up, there are ten entries on LEGO Ideas that got the support of 10,000 members on the platform, that’ll be included in the First Review Stage for this year. The Brick Show has covered most if not all of the lucky submissions that we’ve listed down below.

Embraer A-29 Super Tucano

SR-71A: The Final Flight


Disney’s Stitch

Modular Arcade

I am Amelia Earhart

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Star Wars Acclamator-Class Assault Ship

The Flintstones

The Vintage Motorcycle of BMW R60/2

In a surprising turn of events, the last entry, a LEGO build of a BMW motorcycle, managed to get on the list despite BMW previously being included in a list of “restricted licenses” by the toy company. It can be assumed that restriction is no longer in effect.

Meanwhile, we still have to wait on the official announcement by the LEGO Ideas Review Panel as to which submission in the 2017 Third Review Stage will make the cut. Even further, there’s still no word as to the Ideas winner “Voltron – Defender of the Universe” set which passed review in August 2017. If LEGO is keeping the release date secret, the best time to reveal it would be on the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con.

From May the 4th Comes a LEGO MOC Diorama of a “Force Awakens” Scene by Grant Davis

LEGO and Star Wars have long been in a strong partnership that has resulted in some epic things. By epic we mean the huge models of spaceships LEGO released for the franchise, from the more recent LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192) to Super Star Destroyers (10221). Even LEGO Ideas is full of Star Wars-themed project submissions.

Now, in the wake of the Star Wars weekend celebration of May the 4th (and Revenge of the 5th), a new and jaw-dropping LEGO MOC has appeared courtesy of builder Grant Davis. In honor of the unofficial holiday he created a diorama of a famous scene from The Force Awakens.

Surely anyone who’s seen the Star Wars sequel trilogy thus far would remember the establishing scene of Force-sensitive scavenger Rey spelunking inside the hulk of a Star Destroyer wreck on the planet Jakku. Davis put his mad building skills to work recreating the gutted interior, using lots of bricks (naturally).

The result is a magnificent rendition of the scene with Rey roping down from the Star Destroyer wreck’s ceiling. And this was only enhanced further by Grant Davis’ insane photography skills.

All in all, it’s a nice punctuation to May the 4th. Aside from the above video, you can check out more LEGO works from the hand of Grant Davis on his official YouTube channel.

One More Lego Ideas Set with 10-K Support: “The Flintstones”


From the town of Bedrock, the Modern Stone-Age Family (and their next-door neighbors) are coming forward to us now…in LEGO form. At least that’s what’s going to happen, officially, once this new 10K-support passer of a proposal in LEGO Ideas can impress enough in the Review Phase up next.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Joining the ranks of this already impressive lineup of LEGO Ideas submissions that have recently gained the preliminary 10,000 support, is an animation nostalgia gesture from Andrew Clark: a beautifully detail recreation of the main setting and characters from Hanna-Barbera’s iconic series The Flintstones.

This Ideas set by Clark is composed of the familiar stone-slab residence of the Flintstone family, a driveway (with mailbox) where the family “foot-car” is parked, and a welcome sign for their hometown, the prehistoric Town of Bedrock (pop. 2,500).

And then we get to the included minifigures. Even somebody with a passing familiarity on The Flintstones might easily name Fred and Wilma with their daughter Pebbles, and the neighboring Rubble family: Barney, Betty and their boy Bam Bam. One glaring detail is that the Flintstone family pet Dino is absent, though Clark says a future update might fix that.

Everything in the Ideas proposal is as cartoon-accurate as can be. The house interior has stuff like a boulder-TV, horn telephone and parrot-beak turntable. The yard also has a lawnmower with an herbivore dinosaur! And the foot-car has an optional “dino-steak” prop, just like the one shown in the credits.

If that weren’t enough, Andrew Clark also put up this sweet video showing how his LEGO-brick prototypes come together, tangibly showing fans what to expect. It’s no wonder now how the Ideas Flintstones set got its 10K support, and we wish it well for the upcoming First 2018 Review Stage.

Philippine LEGO Fan Convention: ABRICKADABRA 2018 on May 26-27

Never let it be said that we here at The Brick Show does not provide an equal coverage to all news and special events of import to the LEGO fan community, wherever they may be. Aside from happenings on both sides of the Atlantic, we also look to the Pacific.

In the Philippines, the local LEGO fandom organization Philippine LEGO Users Club (PhLUG) is organizing an event next month that is being billed as the biggest LEGO fan gathering and exhibition in that country this year. This is the AKBRICKADABRA 2018, to be held at Makati City in Metro Manila.

As is the standard with LEGO fan events such as these, the ABRICKADADBRA convention is planned to have a major MOC showcase, with PhLUG’s various builder teams working to design over a hundred LEGO MOCs for exhibition. This primary display will be joined by those of invited guest LEGO builders.

But there’s more in store for visitors and enthusiasts to the ABRICKADABRA 2018. In addition to the LEGO display, there will be contests such as MOC building competitions and LEGO videogames, a raffle with LEGO set prizes, and even a children’s play area and workshop to encourage their LEGO interest.

For buyers and collectors, the convention will also bring together a selection of choice LEGO deals for rare and uncommon product items. Both LEGO’s official Philippine distributor LAJ Marketing and highly-regarded resellers from the Manila area will be offering some sweet discounts and deals for sets, minifigures, rare bricks, etc.

The ABRICKADABRA 2018 Philippine LEGO Fan Convention will run for two days in the weekend, from May 26 to 27 (Saturday-Sunday), at the Century City Mall in Makati. For more information you can check the official PhLUG website at, write them online at, or visit philippinelegousersgroup on Facebook.

Chris Miller Does Advanced Promo of LEGO Movie 2 by Riding On The Hype Of “Ready Player One”

Not long after it was announced that Tiffany Haddish is joining the cast for The LEGO Movie 2, direct sequel to the 2014 surprise hit animated film, one of its producers (and co-director of the original LEGO Movie) decided to do some advanced promotion… at the humorous expense of another film.

Chris Miller, part of the directorial tandem with Phil Lord for The LEGO Movie in 2014, posted on his Twitter page to build hype about a movie filled with characters from different films, TV series and videogames in one shared universe. It sounds like Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, right?

Ha-ha, but no. It runs out Miller was actually plugging The LEGO Movie 2, which he notes as “coming this February”. But as this year’s February was last month, he of course means February of 2019 next year, a cheeky reference to the massive schedule delay in the movie’s premiere.

Then again, there are some similarities in both the LEGO Movie franchise and Ready Player One, particularly the numerous licensed franchises that pop up in their respective narratives. The original source of RPO’s story, the 2011 novel by Ernest Cline, was a love letter to 1980s-90s geek culture after all.

Scant information has been given away on the nature of The LEGO Movie 2’s plot, but there are hints that it involves the differences in LEGO play between boys and girls. Most of the original film’s voice cast is reprising their roles. Lord and Miller shift from co-directors to producers.

The LEGO Movie 2 Gets Tiffany Haddish in Voice Cast

When The LEGO Movie hit cinemas back in 2014, it sort of opened the door for LEGO-themed animated productions to go beyond just direct-to-video releases and get their own spot in the limelight by premiering in theaters too. Since then, the LEGO Batman Movie and LEGO Ninjago Movie graced the silver screen.

But if you thought that these films were sequels to the original LEGO Movie, they’re actually spinoffs building up to a larger LEGO movie-verse. A direct sequel to the 2014 film is in development, with most of the voice cast set to reprise their roles, with one prominent new addition.

Actress and comedienne Tiffany Haddish has now been revealed to be joining the LEGO Movie sequel. She has been billed to be a new “key character” for the film which puts her at equal footing with the main characters and Master Builder couple Emmet Brickowski (Chris Pratt) and Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks).

Other returning voice cast includes Will Arnett as Bruce Wayne and Batman from both the first LEGO Movie and the LEGO Batman spinoff; Channing Tatum as Superman and Jonah Hill as Green Lantern. Original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are producing this time, with Mike Mitchell directing this time.

No plot details have been divulged thus far, other than that The LEGO Movie 2 will come out on February of 2019. Tiffany Haddish had a breakout role in 2017’s Girls Trip and has been part of The Carmichael Show since 2015. She’s also authored The Last Black Unicorn (2017).

“Sustainable” LEGO Pieces Made of Plant-Based Material to Start Being Used in 2018

When you’re a toy brand that been around for as long as LEGO has been, then you’ve had plenty of time to establish many advantages for your products that would draw consumers in. LEGO has done it from the beginning with its educational bent, but now they’ve another: environmental sustainability.

LEGO has recently announced its plan to begin, as of this year, to produce a certain line of building elements not out of regular plastic, but of plant-based material. And what better place to start making LEGO elements out of plant-plastic derivatives than with “botanical” pieces like LEGO trees, and other plant elements.

We’ve seen several LEGO sets with building pieces that make plants and flowers, like in the BrickHeadz Valentine’s Bee (40270) or the LEGO Friends Friendship Flower (30404). Both have pieces that, put together, make plants and blossoms. Future elements of that vein, according to LEGO, will be made of green.

To be precise, the new alternative material for these pieces is polyethylene plastic, made out of ethanol extracts from, believe it or not, sugarcane. The resulting material from this process is, while not entirely biodegradable, will most definitely be recyclable according to LEGO, and is as sturdy as ordinary plastic.

The LEGO Group’s vice-president of environmental responsibility, Tim Brooks, noted that this initiative was natural on the part of the company, constantly trying to make “positive change” in the world. “This is a great first step in our ambitious commitment of making all LEGO bricks using sustainable materials,” he adds.

Warner Bros’ “The Billion Brick Race” Loses Director For The Second Time.

The LEGO Movie, a co-production between the Warner Bros. Animation Group and LEGO, was one of biggest animated film franchises to start up in this decade. After all, from its success, we owe other titles such as most recent The LEGO Ninjago Movie and the stupendously popular LEGO Batman Movie with both films launched in 2017.

It has also been announced that WAG and the LEGO Group have set its sights on offering another brick-built film slated for release in 2019. The Billion Brick Race is a sequel to 2014’s LEGO Movie and another spinoff in the vein of Batman and Ninjago, tentatively set for a May 24, 2019 debut. However, the ambitious sequel seems to be going through rough waters as problems akin to Lucasfilm’s Solo, has been plaguing it recently particularly with two directorial changes.

Jason Segel and Drew Pearce were originally named back in 2015 to be co-directors of The Billion Brick Race. In 2017 however, they were replaced by Jorge R. Gutierrez, who was at the helm for Fox Animation’s The Book of Life. Earlier this month, unfortunately, Gutierrez announced his departure from the project as well. Here’s his parting words as expressed in his Twitter account:

“I would like to publicly and from the bottom of my heart thank everyone I worked with at Briksburg, LEGO and WAG. These last 9 months were a rollercoaster of thrills to say the least. I met so many amazing new people and learned a ton from all these incredible artists, directors, writers, editors, producers and execs. I leave a better filmmaker and it’s because of you all. May our paths cross again. Gracias mis amigos. And as I toasted on my first day there, ‘May we slip n slide on the blood of our enemies!!!’”

Well, that’s quite a bummer. Now that The Billion Brick Race has lost a director for the second time, doubts have clouded the film’s otherwise bright future. With just more than a year to bring things in order, we really don’t have the faintest idea how Warner Bros. Animation will turn things around specially that the film giant hasn’t yet named a successor to Gutierrez. We can only hope for the best at this point.

Thanks to the Flickering Myth for the heads up.

LEGO Store Calendar for March 2018 Now Available.

Hey, it’s the second day of February. You know what that means? LEGO fans and followers of The Brick Show would. It’s that time of the month when LEGO would’ve put up the schedule for their important promotions and events in their LEGO Store calendar, for the month following this.

If the January banner topic is the LEGO Creator Downtown Diner (10260) and February is LEGO City, March gets LEGO Ninjago: Spinjitzu Masters.

Here’s a lowdown on the important dates for all those cool promos and special events LEGO will be having in its stores, starting from the 1st of March all the way to the 31st.

  • March 1 to 15: Free LEGO Ninjago Zane Training Pod (5005230) with a purchase of $35 or more (while supplies last).
  • March 3 to 4: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes new sets and special offers.
  • March 5 to 31: Free LEGO DUPLO Learning Numbers with a DUPLO purchase of $25 or more (while supplies last).
  • March 5 to April 22: Garmadon Temple Take Down Event. Participants get an event-specific sticker in the LEGO Passport.
  • March 6 to 7: VIP Monthly Mini Model Build – Sheep.
  • March 15: LEGO DUPLO Learning Through Play Class. Sign up needed.
  • March 16 to 31: Free LEGO Seasonal Easter Bunny minifigure (5005249) with a purchase of $35 or more (while supplies last).
  • March 19: Minifigure Swap Monday
  • March 24, 31: LEGO Life Meeting

There’s more info on what LEGO’s offering for March and onwards besides what’s been listed up there. Check for when the online version of this March 2018 store calendar comes up, to get more details on what they have in store for next month.