2017 LEGO Architecture NYTF Images.

Two particular LEGO Architecture sets under the Landmark Series have also been showcased at the New York Toy Fair. The Guggenheim Museum (21035) will be in stores on April 1, while the Arc de Triomphe (21036) is expected to be released on August 1.


21035 Solomon Guggenheim Museum


21036 Arc de Triomphe 

2017 NYTF LEGO Minecraft Images

We also have two LEGO Minecraft sets that made their debut here at the 2017  New York Toy Fair. However, LEGO seems to be holding back on the surprises since we haven’t seen yet the LEGO Minecraft Mountain Cave (21137). Keep tabs with us as we give you more updates later on.


21136 The Ocean Monument


21135 Crafting Box 2.0

2017 LEGO Creator Set NYTF Images!

The most recent LEGO Creator sets were also revealed at the NYTF. If you recall, they were already showcased at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany last month, and its great that we can finally see the sets up close.


31066 Space Shuttle Explorer


31067 Modular Poolside Holiday


31068 Modular Modern Home


31069 Modern Family Villa


31070 Turbo Track Racer