LEGO Unveils Fairground Mixer Carnival Set, Pictures

At the Brick Show Sydney LEGO unveiled the latest in the larger scale Creator series, the Fairground Mixer (10224). Really, it’s a carnival scene that includes an impressive 12 minifigures and 1,746 pieces. As you’ll see in the pictures and designer video the Fairgrounds comes in on two trucks which then convert into a dunk tank, strong man exhibit and the mixer complete with rotating seats and glow in the dark pieces. read more

LEGO SuperHeroes Dynamic Duo: Funhouse Escape Set Retired

lego funhouse escape retired

The very popular and what we would consider a classic, LEGO Super Heroes Dynamic Duo: Funhouse Escape set has been retired. We noticed this morning that the Retired Product label was added to the page. We bring this to your attention because we believe that this is one of the best (if not THE best) LEGO Super Heroes set ever released. Now, the funhouse was exclusive to the LEGO Store and Toys ‘R Us. If you still want to buy it, you may want check your local stores ASAP before they sell out. read more

Six New LEGO Minecraft Set Names Surface has listed 6 new LEGO Minecraft sets. Interestingly, many are speculating that these are the highly anticipated minifigure scale sets that LEGO has said is coming later this year. The names and price points lead us to believe that these are those minifigure scale sets and not more microscale sets. Here are those names: read more