Huge 2018 LEGO Friends Set Images Revealed!

Never let it be said that LEGO products are mostly for boys. The best-selling Women of NASA (21312) set makes that old notion very much outdated. This time, LEGO has revealed new sets coming out in 2018 for their LEGO Friends theme. Noted for their larger, more detailed minidolls that are distinct characters in the setting, we’re seeing more LEGO Friends sets that offer more play features that may prove attractive not just for girls, but for all LEGO enthusiasts and builders alike.

Our last set of reveals for today features an impressively huge wave of new LEGO Friends play sets coming out in 2018. Once again, Swiss website World of Games managed to get the inside scoop on what these sets are, along with photos and the lowdown on which of the five LEGO Friends cast is the star of each set.

From buildings to bedroom layouts, to businesses and vehicles, interested builders will be well on their way to making a town with these new sets from LEGO Friends. Check these out.

Mia’s Bedroom (41327)

Features bed and storage space for Mia, w/ pet rabbit.

Stephanie’s Bedroom (41328)

With bed and dresser for Stephanie, w/ pet dog and indoor kennel.

Olivia’s Bedroom (41329)

Features a bed, computer workstation and coffeemaker for Olivia.

Stephanie’s Sport Park (41330)

With goalpost, ball with launching machine for Stephanie, w/ pet dog.

Emma’s Art Stand (41332)

Features Emma’s mobile artwork exhibit, and her pet cat.

Olivia’s Mission Vehicle (41333)

Features a tech van for Olivia, w/ her pet dog,

Andrea’s Park Performance (41334)

Features outdoor stage, park benches and hotdog stand for Andrea with Steve and baby Diana, w/ pet parrot.

Mia’s Tree House (41335)

With tree-house hangout for Mia with Daniel, also includes assorted pets.

Emma’s Art Cafe (41336)

Features an art-deco style snack bar for Emma with Ethan.

Stephanie’s Sports Arena (41338) 

With assorted sports facilities and grandstand for Stephanie and Vicky.

Mia’s Camper Van (41339)

Features a lovely, and colorful mobile home for Mia and Stephanie, including their horse.

Friendship House (41340)

The ultimate LEGO Friends apartment, includes Andrea, Olivia and Emma.

Images Out Now for LEGO Technic 2018 Set: Mack Anthem Truck (40278)

LEGO would like very much to be able to follow their child builders as they grow, and over the years they have developed several product lines that increasingly scale in complexity for older ages. Perhaps the most prominent line in this trend is LEGO Technic, with its new additions of gears for moving mechanics, and even motors to power said mechanics.

Much like with their other products, LEGO has made deals with certain motor companies to have actual vehicles replicated as LEGO Technic models. The latest of these to add its name is none other than Mack Trucks Inc., and their first king of the highway to get a Technic set is none other than their very latest too, the 2017 Mack Anthem.

The newest in a proud line of heady-duty haulers, Mack’s new Anthem is the successor to their Pinnacle sleeper on-highway tractor, most specifically the Axle back model. The LEGO set version, numbered 40278, is easily one of the beastliest large vehicle kits you can assemble out of LEGOs, especially in Technic.

When LEGO says authentic Technic replicas, they sure mean it. The Mack Anthem 40278 is packing some of the most impressive mechanical functionalities ever designed for a Technic vehicle model. From support struts to mechanical cranes and arms, this kit’s got it all, and its sleek color scheme of black, grey, white and green is very eye-catching.

However you might customize it, from container hauler to garbage collector, the Anthem 40278 from LEGO Technic will look snazzy all the same. It’s set to become available in January 2018, and is already available to order right now on the UK Lego Shop online, for €142,99.

End-2017 Retiring LEGO Marvel Helicarrier (76042) Set Already Gone on UK LEGO Shop@Home

When movie audiences saw it for the first time in Marvel’s The Avengers back in 2012, the airborne SHIELD Helicarrier was a thing of beauty, a remarkably feasible-looking design of how a flying aircraft carrier would look like built in our world. Since then, the wondrous flying vessels would figure in two more MCU movies (and cameo unnamed in Fox’s “Deadpool”).

But somehow the awe once commanded by the Helicarrier has long faded, and much quickly than they did in the original Marvel Comics versions. Life imitates art; or rather, merchandise imitates media, since LEGO put their SHIELD Helicarrier set (76042) on their end-2017 retiree list back in July.

In fact, the Hellicarrier 76042 is now officially retired for British LEGO buyers, as they can see for themselves in their LEGO UK Shop@Home. For the stateside version, Shop@Home US says that the Helicarrier is currently sold out due to being a highly sought-after set in LEGO VIP’s Black Friday promo.

Outside of the LEGO Shop, LEGO Marvel fans might still be able to snag 76042 on Amazon, at its regular retail price in Prime Shipping. Of course, going by that option means your Helicarrier purchase will get no LEGO points and additional promo giveaways. Still, it at least ensures you’ll have the best of SHIELD in the MCU before the end of 2017, when the set really will say goodbye for good.

The LEGO Marvel SHIELD Helicarrier (76042) runs almost 3,000 pieces with five minifigures included. There’s been no word if Shop@Home US will restock their set or mark it as retired just like in the UK. It’s too bad; while Agents of SHIELD will start its season 5 on ABC this December, the agency has not been relevant in the MCU film corner for so long.

Set Descriptions for LEGO Marvel Superheroes Avengers: Infinity War Revealed!


Thor: Ragnarok is done, so the next chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is the third team movie, Avengers: Infinity War. How exactly that’s going to work following the still-ongoing fallout of Captain America: Civil War is a question for dedicated MCU film buffs, but what is certain is one thing: it will have merchandise, and it will include LEGO sets.

News has been coming out from multiple sources from Europe and Russia, particularly from a Russian toy store, regarding some of the sets coming out from LEGO that will play out key scenes from the upcoming superhero film. Six set numbers with information on price (in Euros) and included minifigures have been listed, although the numbering scheme hints that there are at least two more that haven’t been named.

The following LEGO Marvel Avengers: Infinity War play set names are not finalized, but amply describes what’s supposed to be happening and therefore can spoil what will happen in the movie itself. If you’re not into spoilers, then read at your own discretion.

So with that out of the way, let’s get started. Please take note that most, if not all, of the set descriptions here are from the Russian toy store, These are rough Google translations so please take this with a pinch of salt. Special thanks to The Brick Fan for capturing these translations, since any references to these sets were already removed from Exoforce’s website as of this writing.

It seems that the brick police have already arrived.

Attack of Riders (76101)

Set price: €14.99
Minifigures include: Captain America, Black Widow, Outriders, Space Stone

Unite with Captain America and the Black Widow to protect the kingdom of Wakanda from the invasion of foreigners.

Avoid the fire from the thorns of the landing ships, restrain the attacks of six-armed enemies and attack, using the shield of Captain America. Pounce on the enemies with the truncheons of the Black Widow and get the cosmic stone of infinity!

The Search for Thor’s Weapon (76102)

Set price: €24.99
Minifigures include: Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Thor, Unknown Infinity Stone

Join the Avengers, who are trying to find the ax-thunderbolt for Thor. Sit down in the cab of the rescue capsule with Rocket, Thor and Groot and go into space.

On the way to Nidavellir you will meet many enemies, you can be protected from them by shooting from the thorns. Land on the red planet to charge Tor’s power plants in the space forge.

Find the stone of infinity, untwist the energy ray and create an amazing ax-thunderer!

Corvis Glaive Attacks (76103)

Set price: €39.99
Minifigure s include: Corvus Glaive, Vision, Black Panther, Shiri, Mind Stone

Protect the Wall of the Wakid from Corvus Gleiv and his thresher!

Shoot at the threshing machine of double guns-thorns and a disk shooter. Quickly open the gate so that the Black Panther can enter the battle. But do not forget to close them immediately, so that the enemies do not break in. Help Shuri to remove the infinity stone that controls the mind from the head of the Vision.

Can you do this before the thresher crushes the wall and destroys the diagnostic setup?

The Hulkbuster Fight (76104)

Set price: €34.99 
Minifigures include: Proxima Midnight, Falcon, Hulk/Bruce Banner, Soul Stone

Danger! Proxima Midnight captured the shooting tower and shoots on Hulkbuster Bruce Banner!

Smash the missile installation of the shooting tower with the powerful fist of Hulkbuster and crush the six-armed enemy. Reflect the punches of the Proksima Midnight.

Order the Falcon to dive down to take away the stone of infinity of souls.

Thanos: The Last Battle (76107)

Set price: €79.99
Minifigures include: Thanos, Iron Man, Star Lord, Gamora

Together with the Avengers, start the fight for the Glove of Infinity!

Shoot at Thanos from the ship’s thorns. Open the cockpit and attack the space bike along with Star Lord and Gamora.

Avoid the blows of Thanos’s huge sword and use the Iron Man’s power units to defeat Titan’s supervillain. Having won, grab the golden glove of infinity and fly away.

The Battle in the Sanctum Sanctorum (76108)

Set price: €99.99

Minifigures include: Cull Obsidian, Ebony Maw, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Spider-Man

Emergency! Kull Obsidian and Ebony Mo are attacking the Holy of Holies of Dr. Strange!

Together with the Spiderman, jump off them from the roof. Unite with the Iron Man and Dr. Strange and use their powers to repel super villains. If Ebony Mo is able to penetrate the bedroom of Peter Parker, lead him from there through the secret hatch.

You must stop the evil invaders before they blow up the wall of the Holy of Holies Dr. Strange and get the stone of infinity of time. After defeating your enemies, order pizza and celebrate it with Peter Parker!


As you can see, there’s no word of any sets numbered either 76105 or 76106, but you never know. And the list of included minifigures can give away a lot about the characters involved in Avengers: Infinity War. Now the question is whether LEGO Captain America will be sporting a fine beard like he does in the revealed poster art thus far. We will find out soon enough.

LEGO Announces “Build Your LEGO Ideas Logo” Contest.

Back in 2008, The LEGO Group and Cuusoo, a Japanese website, entered into a collaboration that opened a beta website. There, aspiring LEGO modelers can submit their MOCs in the hope that online fan support and LEGO staff reviews can see their work become a commercially available set.

If it did, the creator even gets a 1% royalty payment. The site was known as LEGO Cuusoo until 2014, when it was transferred onto the Chaordix online platform and got its present name: LEGO Ideas.

Since then, a number of ideas have been submitted to the site; 21 have been announced to be official and 19 of these have been released commercially. As LEGO Ideas gets ready to celebrate its first decade, they are holding a contest: Build Your LEGO Ideas Logo. As plainly stated, contestants need to create a new logo for LEGO Ideas, the medium being actual LEGO bricks, LEGO Digital Designer (LDD), or any LEGO CAD software.

The lucky winner who gets his new logo picked will receive the crème de la crème of the most popular LEGO Ideas sets released throughout the years. These are but a sampler:

  1. Yellow Submarine (21306) 
  2. Caterham Super Seven (21307)
  3. Adventure Time (21308)
  4. NASA Apollo Saturn V (21309)
  5. Old Fishing Store (21310), all signed by their respective LEGO designers.
  6. Women of NASA (21312), signed by the LEGO designer and fan designer.

Runner-ups who were “close, but no cigar” will receive the Saturn V and the Women of NASA sets as consolation, so their efforts will still be rewarded.

Criteria for the logo entries are the following:

  • Overall coolness and originality: 25%
  • Most inspired details: 25%
  • Relevance to contest theme of LEGO Ideas: 25%
  • Best use of LEGO elements: 25%

The deadline for entries is on December 15, exactly 10 AM EST. Hurry and join in on this page!