LEGO Germany’s Sales Declined for 2 Straight Years.

While LEGO remains one of the pillars of international toy brands, that’s never completely ensured its success in terms of product sales everywhere that it’s available. In some parts of the world, LEGO products appear to be undergoing a bad patch in sales figures, like what’s happening in Germany now. read more

Get the LEGO Year of the Dog (40235) for Free on LEGO Shop@Home.

Friday is the first day of the Year of the Dog in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, and in China as well as countries with a significant Chinese community present, celebrations are starting to kick off as the world turns. Giveaways of good fortune symbols are going on as we speak. read more

Featured MOC: The Skull’s Eye Schooner Ship in a Bottle.

The LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313) is generally opined to be one of the most awesome sets to come out under the LEGO Ideas process and labeling. It’s certainly one of the most photogenic and fit for shelf-top display. But while there’s a lot of praise, there’s also criticism. read more

MIT Uses LEGO To Make Modular Microfluidics Lab Setup.

There have long been stories and news in the past concerning how LEGO bricks have been utilized in applications that went far beyond their original function as toys. Both engineers and scientists have occasionally used LEGOs in their work, often due to the precision and consistency of their component parts. read more

Newest 10-K Passer on LEGO Ideas: KevinTreeHouse’s “Treehouse”

The Brick Show has been following up on the LEGO Ideas platform in some recent updates, bringing you word whenever a particular fan submission has garnered the first step on its (not always completed) journey to official set status. We haven’t been disappointed yet with the project submissions reaching 10,000 votes of support. read more