The Bells of LEGO Notre Dame Des Prairies!

Caleb Flutur brings to life a sea of bluish grey greebles. All of his statues, gargoyles, and little Lego elements, come together to create a build inspired by one of the most iconic buildings in France.

One of my favorite shots is this upward angle. It shows the grandeur of the building as if from the perspective of a minifigure wandering the streets of Paris.

One of Caleb’s favorite details himself are the statues towards the top.

There’s something majestic about the craftsmanship and architecture of the time, and further more how Caleb has translated that into Lego. More simply put; Quasimodo would be proud.

A spot of tea? LEGO Tea Dragon

It is rare that tea and dragons ever cross my mind in the same thought. So I most definitely took note when I stumbled across Anthony Wilson’s Bionicle ‘Tea Dragon’ on display at BrickFair VA this year. It strikes me as something that would come right out of an Alice in Wonderland/Tinkerbell mash-up.

You’ve simply got to love how the face ridges slope down into the nose so seamlessly. And while the strong features of a Dragon are there, the reverse sea horse curl, gives it a softer more refined tea-friendly vibe.

I Personally love the blossoming and twisting ivy horns the most.

It’s Hammer Time! LEGO Gate of Rogatino

Letranger Absurde caught our attention today with his clean and clever vignette entitled ‘Gate of Rogatino.’

Clearly using an abnormal number of Mjolnir for the main stonework worked out wonderfully. But in addition to this; my favorite touch is the subtle placement of light grey ingots on each crenelation. The additional grout line and angle it gives to the 1×2 brick brick is sublime.

LEGO Gates of Rogatino

And yet still, if you look even closer you’ll find the three horizontal trim pieces are more than meet the eye as well. A most puzzling piece to be able to span detail across two plate layers.

How to Build a LEGO Parking Meter, Maid Mobile – LEGO City Minis!

We are embarking on a new small series called City Minis! Essentially the goal is to create short instructional videos for the lego builder to populate his or her city with. Between the houses and towers, and around the streets and walkways are a multitude of mini build options to personalize your cityscape with. It’s like the mortar between the bricks, or the small details where it often counts the most. So we’ll be building a wide range of things from park benches and parking meters, to bus stops and construction barricades.

So today we are starting our series off with Parking Meters! Check out the video on how to make your very own. Build lots of little meters to place streetside, and even the enforcing Metermaid Mobile!

LEGO Parking Meter

LEGO Parking Meter Maid