Blogging the Logging! LEGO Komatsu

LegoMathijs is posting splendid additions to his Komatsu Forest Layout. What really draws my attention to these creations are his eye for detail. These models are created with such accuracy that they make you almost assume their creator is a logger (which I don’t know one way or another.) But even as you look at the whole scene, one realizes that they’re really looking at three separate mocs, each one worthy of note.


The trucks simplicity truly brings a realism to the display. No detail is overbearing, and as a whole; it completes a highly iconic vehicle.

And if that weren’t all, this new section works in harmony with an initial build that was created last year.

And even if your interests aren’t specialized to logging machinery, LegoMathijs over the years has built a range of awesome vehicles. A photostream definitely worth rummaging through!

Native American Indian; LEGO MOC

Nathaniel (The /\rchitect) has created a highly detailed American Indian. He uses a really nice combination of system, Bionicle/Hero factory, and even Duplo parts!

Here’s a closer shot so you can see the high level of attention he has put into this. From the Duplo bear rug, to the ultra tiny slices of teal flex tubing woven together into jewelry; everything comes together to bring this character to life.

 And even Chirrut Imwe’s head from Rogue One is incorporated well. Those prefabricated heads are so hard to use as anything other than Lego intended, so its especially nice when it’s done this well. My personal favorite details are the woven rope uniting the headdress, and the purposeful use of the frayed strings like in the tip of the spear.

All Aboard?! The LEGO Gingerbread Train

I know it isn’t even Halloween yet. But, this isn’t the repetitively overplayed stock Christmas song a season and a half too early… Koen (The Swan Dutchman), just created the most adorable winter gingerbread scene.

The build skill shows the most in the how well everything just seems to flow together. This looks as polished as an official Lego set. And even the light star twinkles make it look like it belongs on the next Lego Ideas project list.

I never would have guessed that a rainbow colored Fabuland-esque style build could so readily capture everything so yummy about a Gingerbread house.

And then yes… there is literally icing on the cake.

Fabulous details, for a wonderfully near edible model.

The Royal Academy; LEGO MOC

Markus Rollbühler creates an absolutely stunning medieval school which is jam-packed with loads of detail and unusual parts usages. The ‘Royal Academy’ is part of a forum based RPG world called ‘The Nine Kingdoms.’

But even without knowing the characters and history, this building has a visual story unto itself. I would be hard pressed to point out all of the imaginative connections and NPU (Nice Parts Usage), but note a couple of them like the hockey sticks and baseball bats. 

Even the color blocking grants this temple of knowledge a warm cozy vibe. This is the kind of place you could spend long late hours reading scrolls by candle light.

All I can say is; I wish I went to this school.

We Have Liftoff; LEGO Space Launch System

This model had me do a double take. The classic “Wait, that’s LEGO?” doesn’t happen all too often, but it’s amazing when it does. Lia Chan accomplishes this wonderfully with not only a pristine LEGO build, but an outdoor photography presentation, which sends the viewer straight to Cape Canaveral.

Here’s another angle of the build, showing the inclusion of a model Mobile Launchpad as well!

Glad those extra details and efforts were included. Many would have been content to say ‘It’s there, it’s just covered in the billows of smoke!’

Realism, action, education, and beauty, harmonized through LEGO bricks.