If you’re an adult fan of LEGO and you’re reading this post, then I guess I will not be doing any much of an explanation. However, for our much younger readers out there, this excellent collection of ‘Masters of the Universe’ build entirely out of LEGO by expert Swedish builder LegoJalex, requires a brief introduction.

Masters of the Universe (MOTU), or sometimes referred to as He-Man, is an early 80s TV animated series that revolves around the story of Prince Adam – who transforms into the mighty He-Man by the help of his magically imbued sword – and his fight to defend the planet of Eternia against the evil Skeletor. Originally created by Mattel, MOTU spawned a variety of products including action figures, four animated TV spin-offs, several comic books, and a feature film.

MOTU was credited for the vast array of memorable characters that it created during the 1980s, and if you still remember that time when you drool over the latest action figures released by Mattell over these series, then you’ll probably get the idea.  Here are some of LegoJalex’s renditions of MOTU’s lead characters, together with how they actually look like on screen.

He Man build  he man solo


Man At Armsman-at-arms

Sorceress mu-sorceress-models

Skeletor Skeletor animated

Hordak Build 

Horde Trooper 

I have to put on my wish list an Orko and Battle Cat (aka Cringer) build. It might be a little different and perhaps more complicated than the standard humanoid build, but it will be kind of cool to have one on display. Here’s the rest of his LEGO MOTU builds.

He Man Large

Be sure to check out the rest of LegoJalex’ creations on his flickr page like his retro classroom build and 1970s office. So, what you think about these LEGO MOTU mock ups? Hit the comments button and tell us what you think.



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