Best 2015 Movies in LEGO Stop-Motion

Perhaps for some of us, LEGO is, and will always be a child’s toy. Unless you’re a brick enthusiast, those fancy and often times pain-on-the-foot pieces will simply remain just another piece of coloful plastic. That does not seem to be case anymore as the brick company realized last year with the debut of its “The LEGO Movie”. With the potential of touching base with an older generation – who after all, shells out the bucks once their kids set eyes on these fancy bricks – LEGO-themed movie concepts might just do the trick in making die-hard fans and believers out of them. So you think ‘The LEGO Movie” is a great idea? How about doing remakes of our favorite 2015 movies sounds like?

This is exactly what the awesome people of Tuscano Bricks have in mind when they released a trailer featuring scenes from the most celebrated films of 2015 in LEGO form. There are some spoilers, especially for Star Wars fans. But the very premise of watching these cute minifigs perform as Hollywood superstars makes it an easily forgivable one. I’m not sure though if the brick version of F7 will demand the same respect that we have for the original film.

Watch this YouTube video from Tuscano Bricks and tell us if you can spot the movies they choose. Others are give-aways but some are pretty subtle.

Warning: Some scenes may not be appropriate for children.

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