Blocks Magazine Loses Head Editor

Over the last few months, “Blocks Magazine”  has seemed to be growing in popularity across the world, and I know for sure it is a huge hit with LEGO fans in the UK. If you do not know what Blocks Magazine is, it  is a fan-based magazine dedicated completely to LEGO, bringing new set reviews, product comparisons, MOC techniques and behind the scenes details every month. I’m not being payed to say this, but it  sure is a great magazine. Therefore, it  saddens me to know that the magazine is losing it’s head editor.

It’s a sad sad situation…

Yes, Mark Guest – who LITERALLY  made Blocks Magazine from scratch – is leaving his creation very soon, and now this baby is left without its Father. They are now looking for  a head editor, so if  you would be at all interested in, well, owning a magazine (pretty cool right?) then you can contact them via their website.

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