Budget Buying – Avengers : Age Of Ultron

Budgets. Nobody likes them. Budgets can ruin your day. Budgets can ruin your week. Budgets can make it that you can’t get that new LEGO set that you so desperately want. However, there is always a way to navigate around those dreaded spending caps. With the new Age of Ultron sets arriving, it seems only too appropriate to do an article on how to get your favorite Marvel Super Heroes, even with those tricky price restrictions. Jay and Stephen have been doing reviews of all the Age of Ultron sets, so be sure to go check them out first if you haven’t already. A fairly common price limit, or at least to me anyway, is around £55 or $55 ( I know they aren’t the same value but Lego doesn’t seem to know the word “exchange rate”, so…).  This isn’t buying a whole wave and it isn’t only getting one or two sets, which is why I have chosen this price. Now some of you may be thinking “The Avengers Tower, Quinjet and Hydra Fortress are all above this, how can we possibly buy anything worth-wild with this amount?!” Well, I’ll tell you how… First thing’s first, you go with the HulkBuster Smash. This set is amazing on so many levels, with a highly detailed Ultron figure, an exclusive Scarlet Witch, the MK 43, the cheapest way of getting the Hulk, and an all-round awesome mech with tons of posses available. As Stephen says in the review, there really is nothing bad to say about this set. Facebook-20150228-110139

It compliments a small Iron Legion quite nicely too…

So, that 3/5 of your money gone. Now, how to spend that extra 25… Well that is a matter of preference. If you want Thor and Hawkeye, go for the Avengers Hydra Showdown. A small, action-packed set with 2 out of the 9 2015 Avengers. Or, if you want a small army of Ultron drones and the MK45, you get 2 of the Iron Man Vs Ultron. Which is exactly what I did. The set is small, quick to build, contains all exclusive mini-figures and is cheap enough to get multiples of. You could probably just pick this set up with that bit of cash in the back of your wallet. Facebook-20150228-110103 Facebook-20150228-110132

£50 well spent…

Don’t forget, this is just my opinion. If you wanna just go out and get the Hydra Fortress Smash and blow it all in one go, then by all means do it. To each there own. Be sure to check back frequently for more LEGO news and articles!

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