LEGO Ninjago: The Visual Dictionary Minifigure is Zane

DK has revealed the limited edition minifigure in the LEGO Ninjago: The Visual Dictionary, Zane Rebooted. Zane won’t be an exclusive minifigure but one that we’ve seen before in the Destructoid 70726 set. It’s disappointing that there won’t be an exclusive minifigure for the book but at least you can get this version of Zane without buying the fairly expensive set.

Blocks Magazine – On Sale in the UK now

The first issue of Blocks magazine has been released at WHSmith stores in the UK today priced at £5.99, and as such, I thought it might be worth bringing you a quick overview of it. Brickjournal is the only other LEGO magazine available on Newsstands, which is run predominantly for the US market, so the creation of a magazine for the UK is very welcome.


There are so many aspects to collecting LEGO that it must have been very challenging to condense it all into a single magazine. Despite the difficulty however, there is a wide spread of articles to suit any LEGO related interest, and a few of the highlights are detailed here:

  • Introductory Features – There are some features included for those new to LEGO as a hobby, including a timeline of the company’s history, a glossary of common terms and a useful flowchart on how to get started with LEGO.
  • Blocks Showcase – A look at some of the best MOCs from around the world accompanied by interviews with their creators, including Peter Reid and Mark Borlase in this edition.
  • Future Classics – A section featuring some of the recently, or soon to be, retired sets that might one day qualify as ‘classics.’
  • Reviews – There are ten reviews in this edition of some of the flagship sets from the last year or so, including 10236 Ewok Village, 75059 Sandcrawler and 21108 Ghostbusters Ecto-1. There are also brief reviews of a few of the books which have recently been released, including titles by DK and more specialist books written by fans.

The magazine is well written throughout and each contributor seems interested in their subject matter, so there can be no faulting the information included or the quality of the magazine as a whole.

I do not want to give away every detail here as there is a huge amount to cover in this 131 page volume, but sufficed to say your £5.99 will be well spent by purchasing a copy of Blocks magazine in my opinion. Whether there will be further issues is currently unknown, but I certainly hope so.

If you are in the UK, Blocks magazine is only available at WHSmith, but if you live overseas, you can order a copy by phoning 0044 7858 892859.

New 2014 LEGO Legends of Chima Polybags

There are some new LEGO Legends of Chima polybags that will probably be showing up at your local Toys R Us stores in the near future. The first one Gorzan’s Walker 30262 which includes 34 pieces and goes for $3.99.

LEGO Legends of Chima Gorzan's Walker (30262)

The other polybag is which is a new entry in Brickset’s database, Fraz’s Phoenix Flyer 30264. There’s no word yet on the piece count or how this polybag will be distributed at this time.

LEGO Legends of Chima Frax's Phoenix Flyer (30264)

Finally, we now know the exclusive minifigure for the LEGO Legends of Chima: Character Encyclopedia that will be released this August. Hoth Bricks is reporting that it will be a character from the Phoenix Tribe named Firox.

(Hat Tip: The Brick Fan)

LEGO Star Wars: The Dark Side Book Will Include Exclusive Emperor Palpatine Minfig!

Details surrounding what minifigure will be in the coming LEGO Star Wars: The Dark Side book have surfaced that an Emperor Palpatine minifigure will be included. As you can see on the german cover the words ‘Imperator Palpatine’ is display under the missing minifigure. Pre-order the book today!

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