You Can Still Catch Up With Build Better Bricks Black Friday Deals

The clock is ticking fast,and in case you haven’t notice because of the stellar Brick Friday deals that LEGO Shop@Home is now offering, Build Better Bricks is also running its Black Friday deals in all of its building instructions and kits. All items – as in EVERYTHING – in the B3 website are absolutely at 25% off from their original price. From their latest custom LEGO Nintendo sets, to new holiday themes such as a custom Santa and Grinch busts and other custom LEGO parts, this is the best time to get those building projects up and ready. Needless to say, it’s a great time to finish that MOC you’re working on with Build Better Bricks Black Friday deals.

Simply head over to Build Better Bricks website and enter the code BLACKFRIDAY upon checkout. Or for a more convenient brick-shopping spree, simply click ACTIVATE to enable the automatic 25% discount on n all purchases. The only catch is you have to hurry until supplies last throughout Black Friday.


It’s Time For Minifigure Candies With These Sweet Custom Creations from Build Better Bricks

Who says that candies and trick or treats are just for kids? Well, I guess our LEGO minifigs will disagree specially with this latest line of custom LEGO bricks and pieces from Build Better Bricks. Just in time for your latest Halloween trick or treat MOCs, this latest creation of minifigure candies from B3 will make any minifig’s mouth water.

These incredibly detailed, high quality custom printed 1X2 tiles include a dash of LEGO humor with such names as mr. Goodblock, 3MOCateers, and my personal favorite Pieces Last Brick. They’re so irresistibly good to look at, one might mistake them for the real thing. The printing on these minifigure candies are so accurate that they will make a fine display on any candy store MOC that you’re working on.

If you’re craving for these little sweet temptations, then you might want to know that B3 is running a promo for its first series of Candy Pack which you can avail for a discounted price of $16 – 20% off from its original price. You may want to check B3’s website for more info on each of these little temptations, and for several new releases that they have including the Nintendo-inspired Red Mushroom Pack.  Be sure to follow B3’s Facebook page for more upcoming custom LEGO creations.

Keep building!


Create Your Armada of Custom LEGO Pirate Ships With These Building Instructions Now On Sale at Build Better Bricks

What do you get when you bring all the masters of the high seas together aboard a micro-fighter version of their iconic ships? You’ll get no less than a whirlpool of brick-building fun, and now on a much lower cost. Yep you heard it right – Build Better Bricks is currently running a sale where you can get all the building instructions to recreate these chibi-styled custom LEGO pirate ships inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean films, all for a lower price. You can get all four high quality building instructions of these micro-fighter styled ships for a discounted price of up to 20% off. To learn more about this offer, click here.


Get all four of our custom designed LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean ships instructions and parts lists at a lower cost them buying them all individually.

Ships include:

  • The Queen Anne’s Revenge
  • The Black Pearl
  • The Flying Dutchman
  • The Silent Mary

Other than the building instructions to recreate these custom LEGO pirate ships, this bundle also includes a parts list and a file for easy uploading and ordering of parts via Bricklink. On the other hand, if you wish to have one of the custom ships delivered at your home without going out of your way of ordering them, then you may want to check out B3’s custom LEGO The Flying Dutchman set complete with the necessary LEGO parts to build it. Happy building!

Hold On To Your Bricks and Check Out These Custom LEGO Nintendo Super Mario Boxes From B3

You have probably heard already how Nintendo may have unofficially “ended” the careers of brothers Mario and Luigi when they made a brief appearance for this year’s Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate promotional videos. However, it is still open to debate whether or not this will be a part of Nintendo’s canon, or they are just there floating around somewhere across the Nintendo universe. Though these turn of events may leave Nintendo fans scratching their heads in bewilderment, I really hope that this plot twist is not for keeps – after all, Mario and Luigi is has been an integral part of Nintendo for decades, that its quite difficult to imagine the Nintendo world without them. So while hopefully waiting for their return, let’s gather our LEGO bricks shall we, and recreate some of the most memorable and nostalgic blocks that Mario and Luigi have ever stepped or smashed on. Inspired by Nintendo’s classic Super Mario Bros. video game, Tyler and Sean over at Build Better Bricks have come up with the coolest, custom LEGO Nintendo Super Mario Boxes that I’ve ever seen so far. Check out Sean’s video below for a better look.

What I like about these custom LEGO Nintendo Super Mario Boxes is the fact that they are functional to even carry small items. The Question Box for example, comes with a red, power-up mushroom and a green, 1-UP mushroom – both of them fitting snugly inside the box. The POW and Music Box are sizeable enough to become mini utility boxes, while the Brick box serves as cool (though less secure) way of keeping those extra change.

They’re not too difficult to build as well since it seems that these custom LEGO Nintendo Super Mario Boxes does not come with any ultra rare or unique parts to be built. If you want to give these custom brick-built boxes a try, then be sure to visit Build Better Bricks for their respective building instructions and parts inventory to see if you have the necessary parts to build them. Alternately, you can also click on the links below. Be sure to check out the rest of B3’s Nintendo-inspired, LEGO custom sets and be on the lookout for more awesome custom LEGO Super Mario mocs from B3. Happy building!

Custom LEGO Red + Green Mushrooms with Question Box (building instructions only)

Custom LEGO Nintendo Super Mario Boxes


Custom LEGO POW Box (building instructions only)


Custom LEGO Brick Bank Box (building instructions only)


Custom LEGO Music Box (building instructions only)