Here’s Your Chance to Build Your Own LEGO 60th Anniversary Commemorative Pen Holder

If you recall from last July, the LEGO Store in Taiwan offered a promotional gift to celebrate the brick’s 60th year anniversary. The limited edition LEGO 60th Anniversary Commemorative Pen Holder is a nice brick-built table or desktop  accessory that you can flaunt to show your love for the iconic LEGO brick. Designed by Hongkong’s only LEGO Certified Professional Andy Hung, this set was given away for free at the LEGO Store in Taiwan together with a qualifying purchase.

Commemorative Pen Holder

If you are impressed about this set as much as I do, and you are not fortunate enough to be located at this side of the globe, then you might be glad to know that you now have a chance to make your very own commemorative pen holder to deck any AFOL’s workspace. Thanks to the efforts of the Brickfinder and the support of generous LEGO fans, we now have access to the set’s building instructions.

Commemorative Pen Holder

You may download the building instructions for the LEGO Red Brick Stationary and Mobile Phone Stand right here. Though there is no parts inventory included, it is relatively easy to determine the parts you need. Just be sure to check each individual page for the exact parts needed. As a last note, be sure to check out the Brickfinder’s blogpost for the rest of the building instructions for other limited edition LEGO heritage builds.

Happy building!



Create Your Armada of Custom LEGO Pirate Ships With These Building Instructions Now On Sale at Build Better Bricks

What do you get when you bring all the masters of the high seas together aboard a micro-fighter version of their iconic ships? You’ll get no less than a whirlpool of brick-building fun, and now on a much lower cost. Yep you heard it right – Build Better Bricks is currently running a sale where you can get all the building instructions to recreate these chibi-styled custom LEGO pirate ships inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean films, all for a lower price. You can get all four high quality building instructions of these micro-fighter styled ships for a discounted price of up to 20% off. To learn more about this offer, click here.


Get all four of our custom designed LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean ships instructions and parts lists at a lower cost them buying them all individually.

Ships include:

  • The Queen Anne’s Revenge
  • The Black Pearl
  • The Flying Dutchman
  • The Silent Mary

Other than the building instructions to recreate these custom LEGO pirate ships, this bundle also includes a parts list and a file for easy uploading and ordering of parts via Bricklink. On the other hand, if you wish to have one of the custom ships delivered at your home without going out of your way of ordering them, then you may want to check out B3’s custom LEGO The Flying Dutchman set complete with the necessary LEGO parts to build it. Happy building!

Build Your Own Mini LEGO Star Wars Imperial AT-Hauler (30498)

This piece of news has been floating around for quite some time already, and in case you missed this, or more specifically the retailer exclusive LEGO Star Wars Imperial AT-Hauler (30498) polybag, then you still have this chance of building one of your own. This particular polybag comes as the second polybag offering belonging under the LEGO Star Wars Solo subtheme following the likes of the similarly packaged Imperial TIE Fighter (30381). However this mini version of the Imperial AT-Hauler seems to be a Walmart exclusive in the US and is now currently out of stock via Walmart’s website.

The LEGO Star Wars Imperial AT-Hauler (30498) comes in at 49 pieces and is relatively easy to build, thanks to the polybag’s building instruction now uploaded at the LEGO customer service portal. This mini version of the Imperial AT-Hauler comes with the usual LEGO pieces that you may already have at home save perhaps for the reddish brown Technic rotor 2 blades and the 1×2 plates with horizontal snap. Check out the building instructions below, and see if you have all the parts needed to build your own mini Imperial AT-Hauler.

Though the LEGO Star Wars Imperial AT-Hauler (30498) polybag is now out of stock and nowhere to be found at other major online retailer portals, there has been some rumor circulating that this polybag might turn out to be the next LEGO Star Wars promotional in relation to the slated release of the LEGO Star Wars Betrayal at Cloud City (75222) on September 13. This is speculative as of the moment but it will be nice if LEGO can offer this directly to consumers both in-store and online. Being a fan of these LEGO polybags, I’m really looking forward to seeing this in my local LEGO store and to add this to my polybag collection. For now, let me see if I can build this thing.

Cast Your Most Powerful Brick-Building Spell with this Lize-Sized LEGO Harry Potter Magic Wand

A few weeks ago, LEGO brand stores in the UK and in some parts of Europe began their LEGO Harry Potter Build and Take events to celebrate the recent release of the LEGO Harry Potter sets. Children were given the opportunity to make their own LEGO Harry Potter Magic Wand in-store and to take them home as well. Though this event is still on-going, with some stores running the event until September 1, some places have eventually concluded it already. So in case you missed out in this freebie, or is still waiting for this Build and Take event to happen in your local LEGO store, Promobricks were good enough to share the instructions for this relatively simple, 26-piece brick-built Harry Potter Magic Wand.

This build comes in regular LEGO brick pieces, just 26 pieces in total, consisting mostly of reddish brown and black circular bricks with axle holes. The only unique pieces are the long technic axle and the two 4x2x2 Rocket Step pieces, with the latter found only in recent sets such as the LEGO Classic Build Bigger Thinking Mission to Mars (10405), LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V (21309), and The LEGO Batman Movie The Bat-Space Shuttle (70923). Even if you don’t have these specific parts, I’m sure that you can find alternative pieces to replace these and to give your LEGO Harry Potter Magic Wand its unique look and feel.

Thanks again to Promobricks for sharing these building instructions.

Build Your Own LEGO BrickHeadz Geoffrey (40316) With These Building Instructions

Earlier this month, we reported on a LEGO BrickHeadz set that we never had in the form of the LEGO BrickHeadz Geoffrey (40316). Since Toys R Us’ bankruptcy a few months ago, it seems that there were some LEGO and TRU promotional tie-in sets that never saw their day on store shelves. In particular, the LEGO BrickHeadz Geoffrey (40316) set never came to be and was only made known to the public when its building instructions appeared on’s building instructions service. From the looks of it, LEGO already has another set in the works to celebrate its partnership with TRU, but unfortunately, because of the latter’s demise, we’ll never be able to have our hands on it.

LEGO BrickHeadz Geoffrey (40316)

Moreover, as of this writing, the link for the LEGO BrickHeadz Geoffrey (40316) building instructions was already removed from LEGO servers. So if you didn’t download these instructions back then such as myself (I only downloaded its parts list), well, here’s some piece of good news. Our friends over at The Brick Blogger managed to download the building instructions before it was taken down by LEGO. You can view the pages individually as you can see from the gallery below, or you may also opt to download the entire building instructions in PDF format.

Save for the unique printed pieces such as the 1×1 and 1×2 bricks with star pattern, and Geoffrey’s printed eyes, the rest of the pieces may easily be located in your existing LEGO sets. You may also try using Bricklink’s services referring to the parts list below to recreate this piece of childhood nostalgia.

I’m not really sure if LEGO was able to actually roll out some LEGO BrickHeadz Geoffrey (40316) sets out in the market, given that the building instructions were once uploaded in LEGO servers. Perhaps only time can tell if we will eventually spot this set on eBay or anywhere in the web.


Hold On To Your Bricks and Check Out These Custom LEGO Nintendo Super Mario Boxes From B3

You have probably heard already how Nintendo may have unofficially “ended” the careers of brothers Mario and Luigi when they made a brief appearance for this year’s Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate promotional videos. However, it is still open to debate whether or not this will be a part of Nintendo’s canon, or they are just there floating around somewhere across the Nintendo universe. Though these turn of events may leave Nintendo fans scratching their heads in bewilderment, I really hope that this plot twist is not for keeps – after all, Mario and Luigi is has been an integral part of Nintendo for decades, that its quite difficult to imagine the Nintendo world without them. So while hopefully waiting for their return, let’s gather our LEGO bricks shall we, and recreate some of the most memorable and nostalgic blocks that Mario and Luigi have ever stepped or smashed on. Inspired by Nintendo’s classic Super Mario Bros. video game, Tyler and Sean over at Build Better Bricks have come up with the coolest, custom LEGO Nintendo Super Mario Boxes that I’ve ever seen so far. Check out Sean’s video below for a better look.

What I like about these custom LEGO Nintendo Super Mario Boxes is the fact that they are functional to even carry small items. The Question Box for example, comes with a red, power-up mushroom and a green, 1-UP mushroom – both of them fitting snugly inside the box. The POW and Music Box are sizeable enough to become mini utility boxes, while the Brick box serves as cool (though less secure) way of keeping those extra change.

They’re not too difficult to build as well since it seems that these custom LEGO Nintendo Super Mario Boxes does not come with any ultra rare or unique parts to be built. If you want to give these custom brick-built boxes a try, then be sure to visit Build Better Bricks for their respective building instructions and parts inventory to see if you have the necessary parts to build them. Alternately, you can also click on the links below. Be sure to check out the rest of B3’s Nintendo-inspired, LEGO custom sets and be on the lookout for more awesome custom LEGO Super Mario mocs from B3. Happy building!

Custom LEGO Red + Green Mushrooms with Question Box (building instructions only)

Custom LEGO Nintendo Super Mario Boxes


Custom LEGO POW Box (building instructions only)


Custom LEGO Brick Bank Box (building instructions only)


Custom LEGO Music Box (building instructions only)


This Micro-Scaled LEGO Ideas Voltron Is The Cutest Defender of the Universe

I have to admit: while Lendy Tayag’s LEGO Ideas Voltron (21311) is mightily flying all across the globe, I am still waiting patiently for my wallet to recover and say yes to my next LEGO wish list which of course, includes the LEGO Ideas Voltron set on the top of the list of this nerdy 80’s fan boy. The good thing is while waiting for my wallet to wake up from its brick slumber, Lendy was kind enough to share a mini, or more accurately, a custom micro-scaled LEGO Ideas Voltron set that any true-blue fan can assemble and will surely adore.

Over at his Facebook page, and as his way of saying thanks to all who have supported his LEGO Ideas set, Lendy shared this simple, yet overly cute micro-scaled LEGO Ideas Voltron model of the iconic defender of the universe, complete with building instructions and parts inventory.

Micro-Scaled LEGO Ideas Voltron

A quick overview of the inventory shows that this brick-built custom micro model of LEGO Voltron consists of common elements that may just be sitting around in your own LEGO collection. I’m quite sure that I have these pieces on hand, save for the gold star symbol. A visit at Bricklink will surely cover all these needed parts and much more.

Thanks Lendy for this share and I will surely look forward to have my LEGO Ideas Voltron box signed anytime soon.

Here’s How To Build The LEGO Hogwarts Express From Barnes & Noble’s Build and Take Event

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of J.K. Rowling’s first Harry Potter book in the US, and the eventual release of LEGO’s new Wizarding World sets, Barnes & Noble has launched a LEGO Build and Take this Saturday at select bookstore branches in the US. And just recently, fans who attended the event have now shared several images of this mini LEGO Hogwarts Express and the instructions that go along with it.

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#LegoHarryPotter build at Barnes & Noble

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I didn’t notice it back then when the event was still being promoted via social media, but thanks to avid LEGO Harry Potter fans, they’ve correctly pointed out that this version of the Barnes & Noble LEGO Hogwarts Express is exactly the same build that can be found in the now discontinued LEGO Dimensions Harry Potter Team Pack (71247).

This particular mini-build comes in at 43 pieces and can easily built using any LEGO pieces that you have. Though the Barnes & Noble’s mini LEGO Hogwarts Express build and take event set was not exactly an exclusive build so to speak, it’s still cool to bring home a piece of the LEGO Harry Potter magic. If you missed out on this event and would still like the make your own mini LEGO Hogwarts Express, you may download the building instructions for the 71247 which you can find from LEGO’s customer service portal. The parts list is also made available so having the right pieces should be a snap.

So what do you think of this promotional set, brick fans? Were you there during the yesterday’s B&N build and take event? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Take A Look At This LEGO BrickHeadz Geoffrey (40316) Set That We Never Had

Toys R Us in the United States are no more, but this recent find by Brickset member RonnyNhas may tug a heartstring or two among LEGO fans who grew up with the brick and mortar store. As it turned out, LEGO still has TRU in mind when a recent discovery of a LEGO BrickHeadz Geoffrey (40316) set was stumbled upon via LEGO’s servers in the public domain, or more specifically, the building instructions to create the famed TRU mascot in LEGO BrickHeadz style.

LEGO BrickHeadz Geoffrey (40316)

From the looks of the parts inventory, it seems that this LEGO BrickHeadz Geoffrey (40316) set does not contain any special parts or elements except for a few unique printed bricks showing the recognizable star patterns on Geoffrey. Check out the parts inventory below and see if you have the necessary parts to build our most favorite giraffe. You may also download the set’s building instructions while it is still up at LEGO’s public servers.

Now it is possible that LEGO may have actually intended to release a LEGO BrickHeadz Geoffrey (40316) set, and everything was already in place for the grand reveal. However, due to the eventual, heart-breaking closure of all TRU stores in the US, this particular BrickHeadz may have been placed on hold. It could also mean that since there are still other TRU stores in countries outside of the US, then it is likely that we may still see this set as a local promotional in their respective countries.

So what do you think about this LEGO BrickHeadz Geoffrey (40316) set that we never had? Do you think this will really happen? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Here’s How You Can Build Your Very Own Custom LEGO Iron Giant

If you’ve already seen Ready Player One, then I’m pretty sure that you didn’t miss that big fight scene including the iconic Iron Giant – that endearing piece of 90s pop culture produced by Warner Bros. Back then, the innocent charm and appeal of the mysterious space robot quickly caught the hearts of children and adults alike. Up until now, the Iron Giant has remained a cult classic among fans, and has even caught the attention of devoted AFOLs and builders in recent years. You may, or may not be happy on how Ready Player One referenced the beloved metal robot (with some reviews criticizing the fact that Spielberg’s recent film only exploited these pop culture symbols), but seeing a brick-built version of the Iron Giant will surely put a smile on any AFOL’s face.

Back in 2016, in honor of this award-winning classic animation, I featured a particular LEGO Ideas Iron Giant project by BrettCUV that renders his love for the gentle giant using the best medium that we ever have – in LEGO bricks. I love the idea of having a LEGO Iron Giant set, and together with other 10K supporters we rallied to support this project. Unfortunately, it never passed through the scrutiny of the LEGO Ideas Team during the Third 2016 LEGO Ideas Review Stage. Needless to say, the thought of recreating this piece of animation icon is something that I wanted to see for a very long time.

If you’re one of those brick-building folks such as myself that couldn’t hardly wait to see a LEGO Iron Giant become a reality, then you might be glad to know that Build Better Bricks (or B3) gives you the opportunity to build this intergalactic space robot. Master builders Sean and Tyler now offer their latest creation – a 818-piece, custom LEGO Iron Giant. Check out the video below.

B3’s custom LEGO Iron Giant is expertly built using more than 818 LEGO pieces that are predominantly gray in color. Standing in at an impressive 13 inches tall, this highly articulated MOC comes with a total 23 points of articulation, allowing for an impressive number of movement and a variety of poses.

You can even add an optional Superman ‘S’ sign on his chest as you can see from the film. Alternatively, he can also turn out to be a seriously overpowered weapon of destruction especially with his blaster on hand.

This custom LEGO Iron Giant can be a hero…
…or a foe.

The 800-plus pieces needed to build this custom LEGO Iron Giant is estimated to cost at around $80 – a fair deal if ever LEGO will turn this to an actual set. Choosing the parts needed for this version of the Iron Giant, as well as any other B3 projects, are carefully selected to ensure that they are readily available when needed. Couple it with B3’s creatively fun building instructions, then making your own custom LEGO Iron Giant is a snap. The building instruction to make this project comes in at 115 pages, available in digital, PDF format. Build Better Bricks is now offering these instructions for $12, and is quite a bargain already considering the size of this brick-built Iron Giant.

If you wish to make this set, just head over to B3’s website and check out how to buy the building instructions for this custom LEGO Iron Giant. Your purchase includes the building instructions itself, a parts list, and a handy file that you easily import to Bricklink.

Now, I just need to figure out how to put that dent on his head. Happy building!