Is Now Online!

If you’re a fan of Tyler’s work such as his LEGO UCS-style GOTG Vol. 2 Milano and Baby Groot MOCs, then you’ll be glad to know that you now have the chance to build one of your own. Due to an overwhelming response from fans and other LEGO enthusiasts, the building instructions for these masterpieces are now made available online via

As a way of showing support to Tyler’s work and maintaining the site, the instructions on how to build the UCS-style GOTG Vol. 2 Milano and Baby Groot MOCs will come with a minimal fee of $8 and $5 respectively. Do note that these are building instructions only, and you are, of course, expected to provide the LEGO pieces if you want your LEGO hobby room to be graced by these awesome creations.

So what can we expect from the site? Upon purchase of these guides via Betterbricks’ secure payment system, you will automatically receive a download link viewable on the confirmation page upon purchase, in your email’s inbox (the one which you used to create your Betterbricks account), and within your Betterbricks account every time you login. Upon download, you will receive the building instructions and parts list in crisp, PDF format. Quite literally, you now have access to these building guides wherever you are in the world.

The best part of it, we’ve taken the workload of identifying all the parts that you need to build these creations, and seamlessly integrating them as a file. This will allow you to easily import the parts list into Bricklink if you need to order some or all of the parts online. For more information about, you may visit their website right here.

We also hope to see the Tyler’s building instructions for the LOTR Prancing Pony MOC and his other cool creations very soon, so be sure to keep tabs with or here at the Brick Show.





Building Instructions for Tyler’s UCS GOTG 2 Milano MOC Now Available!

You saw and were amazed (as much as we are) with Tyler’s UCS-style Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Milano MOC. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check our previous review right here.

Since its public debut a month ago, our official YouTube channel was flooded with numerous requests, asking Tyler to release his MOC’s building instructions. This time around, our kind petitions are finally heard. You can now have a chance of building and making your very own Tyler-styled, UCS GOTG 2 Milano MOC by purchasing these instructions for a minimal amount of $8 via eBay. Here’s the specifics:

Custom LEGO Guardians of Galaxy UCS Style Milano Instructions PDF.

Designed by master builder Tyler Clites, these custom LEGO Milano instructions will give you a challenging building experience and a centerpiece to your LEGO collection. The model is over 1,500 pieces complete with instructions for the stand you see in the pictures. PDF format, 215 pages.

You will receive ONLY a pdf document with the instructions to build this model. No LEGO bricks or minifigures are included.

Please take note that the building instructions are in PDF, printed format which will be shipped to your location once payment is made. Currently, there are only 10 copies available so be sure to grab them while they are still around. For those who are asking for an electronic copy, be sure to keep tabs with us and watch out if Tyler will eventually release these instructions in digital format.

Happy building!