LEGO Ideas Dinosaur Fossils Skeletons Will be Our Next Official LEGO Ideas Set

After the thrilling announcement of the LEGO Ideas 10 Years Anniversary Fan Vote where we see our little, blue brick alien making a comeback as a possible LEGO Ideas set, host Ali Plumb and LEGO Ideas Associate Engagament Manager Hasan Jensen, have just announced the next official LEGO Ideas set that will hit store shelves this year. If you’re a dino fan and would love to have your very own brick-built dino museum, then be sure to watch out for Jonathan Brunn’s (aka Mukkinn) LEGO Ideas Dinosaur Fossils Skeletons.

The Dinosaur Fossils Skeletons topped the rest of the five finalists in the LEGO Ideas Third 2018 Review Stage, besting entries such as the Chemical Plant, Food Stand Diners, Queen Victoria Cruise Ship, and the Playable LEGO Piano.  Though there is no confirmed pricing and piece count as  of the moment, this upcoming LEGO Ideas set is slated to be launched this year so we can bet that we’ll hear some words from the LEGO Ideas Design Team very soon.

LEGO Ideas Dinosaur Fossils Skeletons

Same as in previous reviews, we have a wildcard of a set so to speak in the form of Donny Chen’s (aka SleepyCow) spot-on, brick-built replica of a Playable LEGO Piano. This intricate model of a Grand Piano is still possible to become an official LEGO set, so let’s cross our fingers and see if it will eventually receive the thumbs up from the review board.

So what do you think of this choice for a new LEGO Ideas set? Do you think its a good call? Personally, I was hoping that the Food Stand Diners will make it to the cut since it would look great besides the LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster (10261) or together with the new People Pack – Fun Fair (60234) minifigure pack for that awesome fairground themed park. Anyways, still our heartfelt congratulations to Jonathan Brunn and for his excellent LEGO Ideas Dinosaur Fossils Skeletons!


Here’s Another Chance to See That LEGO Ideas Stitch Happen!

This is a great way to start the morning (coming from this side of my world, that is)! Just saw this on my Twitter feed where LEGO Ideas just recently opened another round of voting for previously chosen LEGO Ideas projects as part of their LEGO Ideas 10 Years Anniversary – Fan Vote. Since its debut in October 2016, Tyler’s LEGO Ideas Stitch product idea has caught my attention being a fan of Disney’s little blue alien. After actively campaigning for Lendy Tayag’s LEGO Ideas Voltron, I wouldn’t have second thoughts on seeing an official LEGO Ideas Stitch standing beside my prized brick robot. However, it seems that the LEGO Ideas may have shot down my brick dream when the design team opted for the The Flintstones and The Treehouse as the winning sets for the Second 2018 LEGO Ideas Review Stage.  Imagine the agony of not seeing Stitch in all of his LEGO glory! Well truth be told, I somehow felt this coming not because that I don’t believe will turn out to be a great LEGO Ideas set, but because it might be potentially at odds with the contest platform’s product idea guidelines.

I guess my fears have been finally slayed when this time around, we can have another chance of seeing LEGO Ideas Stitch happen! Check out what the LEGO Ideas Review Team has to say.

LEGO Ideas Stitch

Why the Special Review?

This all started as we reminisced on these past years, the product ideas that had been turned into official sets and all those that hadn’t. It led to the realization that we definitely wanted to celebrate those past product ideas that hadn’t made it, for one reason or another, even more and thereby to give them a second chance. All these thoughts kickstarted the special anniversary review, where we had to determine which product ideas still had the potential to become an official set based on our usual review criteria that encompasses aspects such as brand fit, build quality, feasibility, licensing possibilities, expected demand, current and future LEGO products and much more.

The internal review of these previous product idea entries resulted in 4 finalists: we have the International Space Station by XCLD, SEGA Classic Arcade Machines by SpacySmoke (which is also one of my favs), Small YELLOW by LEGO Certified Professional Nathan Sawaya, and (drum roll please) LEGO Ideas Stitch by our very own Tyler Clites (aka legohaulic).

International Space Station

SEGA Classic Arcade Machines



LEGO Ideas Stitch

LEGO fans have until June 4 to vote which among these four can become an official LEGO Ideas set. The product idea that gets the most votes (cast through secret balloting) during the fan voting stage will qualify for the product development phase until we see it as an official LEGO product. What is great about this second chance is the fact that it is now entirely on the hands of the LEGO fan community to see which among these four entries will land on LEGO Store shelves.

If you desperately need to see that LEGO Ideas Stitch happen as much as I am, then let’s do Tyler a favor and head over to the LEGO Ideas page and cast your vote. If you do not have a LEGO Ideas account, then creating one is as easy as doing the Thanos Snap. Just have a valid email address ready, and then follow the on-screen instructions at the LEGO Ideas website, and please help us spread the word for LEGO Ideas Stitch by following us on Facebook and Twitter. Ohana!


LEGO-Volvo Ideas Contests Reveals Winning Construction Vehicle Design: the Rottweiler

LEGO collaborations with vehicle manufacturers are awesome. We’ve got some Technic sets and the Speed Champions line to prove that. You think the LEGO-Bugatti team-up that led to the Technic Chiron (and its life-sized version) was sweet? Volvo, specifically its Construction Equipment division, has done great things with LEGO too.

The encapsulation of this collaboration is the Technic ZEUX Concept Wheel Loader (42081). LEGO and Volvo CE then held a contest on LEGO Ideas last year. Contestants were asked to build their vision for the future of heavy equipment vehicles, using Technic. The winner would see their creation being considered for possible testing by Volvo.

Architect Vida Andras, age 27 from Romania, presented the winning design. It’s a multi-purpose construction vehicle with short quadruped legs ending in tracked feet. The manipulator arm has a 3D-printer, allowing it to literally make the materials needed for construction. Andras calls it the Rottweiler.


LEGO and Volvo seem to like it well enough, out of a pool of 122 entries for the Ideas contest. One factor perhaps is that the Rottweiler’s design concept was similar to that of the LEGO-Volvo ZEUX: self-driving capability. If that weren’t a futuristic vehicle element as the contest rules asked for, then what is?

For his efforts, Vida Andras won a LEGO Technic ZEUX (42081) plus several more Technic sets depicting heavy equipment vehicles. His build, along with nine other Ideas submissions, were exhibited at the London Transport Museum. Display lasted until May 16.

“LEGO Masters Australia” Finals Marred by Judge-Audience Dissonance on Winning Team

“LEGO Masters” from the UK’s Channel 4 has proven itself as a popularly entertaining reality show. Seeing LEGO-building teams compete in elimination until one is crowned is a surprising audience magnet. Endemol Shine must’ve realized the potential when it licensed the show for overseas adaptation, Australia’s Nine Network among them.

 “LEGO Masters Australia” has finally concluded its inaugural season this week on Nine. The finale which aired Tuesday, May 14, saw the final three teams go head to head. Their final task was to create their own brick build, with all the tech skill and visual storytelling they can muster.


In the end, the best-mate duo of Henry and Cade, both in their mid-thirties, triumphed. They created a diorama of a robot-Greek God Poseidon attacking a ship in a stormy sea. Their work was praised by judge Ryan “Brickman” McNaught, Australia’s top LEGO Certified Pro (LCP). Unfortunately, some viewers dissented.

On social media, these “LEGO Masters Australia” fans expressed their opinion that runners-up David and G (officemates) should’ve won. Their team created a large theme-park build with rides and attractions that moved via LEGO mechanics. They also flooded an opinion poll in Nine Network’s Twitter, up-voting David-G over Henry-Cade and the third-place team of Jordan-Miller.

As for David-G’s “theme park” final challenge, Brickman did have a significant criticism regarding the overuse of green LEGO elements. As for team Henry-Cade, he described them as playing to their strengths with impressive brick-sculpting.

While the decision is final, to the critics’ disappointment, the incident hasn’t been controversial enough to endanger “LEGO Masters Australia.” Nine Network has already renewed the reality LEGO-building program for season 2, with Brickman McNaught and host Hamish Blake returning.

“LEGO Masters Australia” Gets Air Date, Has Contestants

Last year, the UK reality competition series “LEGO Masters” began to branch out worldwide. Two international editions were announced for Germany and Australia. The latter was picked up by the Channel Nine network, with host Hamish Blake and a panel of judges headed by Australian LEGO Certified Professional Ryan McNaught.

Up until this week the only known info on the premiere for “LEGO Masters Australia” is that it’s this year. Thankfully, Channel Nine has finally broken silence on the date. A new trailer for the program reveals it’s only going to start two Sundays from now. That means April 28.

The teaser rehashes certain scenes from the first full trailer of the show from last month. We get another look at the big brick, minfigure and element depository for the 2-person teams’ use. We also see snippets of either the builds by the contestants or set pieces created by judge “Brickman” McNaught. The space rocket in on scene’s probably his.

Viewers also got to see more screen-time on the part of the teams in competition, from married couples to friends and more. One particularly prominent team is that of a teenager and his grandma. In one scene she reacts funnily to her grandson’s mild oath.

This “LEGO Masters” is brought to Channel Nine courtesy of Endemol Shine Australia. The winning pair that survives all challenges thrown their way will win a cash prize of AUS$100,000.

LEGO Ideas Contest Winner Gift-w/-Purchase Set “Space Rocket Ride” (40335) Found in Croatia

Over a year ago, a certain challenge was held for members of LEGO Ideas. The winner of the “LEGO Moments in Space” would’ve had his creation be turned into an official LEGO set that is “gifted with purchase.” The winner was announced in March 2018, though the actual set production won’t be until this year.

Just when it seemed like Ideas member and challenge Grand Winner mjsmiley’s coin-operated “Cosmic Rocket Ride” may have been forgotten, the official set’s finally been spotted. German LEGO news source Promo Bricks originally reported last month that the LEGO “Space Rocket Ride” (40335) may have surfaced in a Croatian LEGO Certified Store. Now however, they have tangible proof of it.

Promo Bricks has gone to Croatia and actually gotten one of set 40335 from there, as seen in their Instagram page. Interestingly, they made no mention of it supposedly being a gift with purchase. Perhaps they actually bought it over-the-counter?

As can be seen between the original contest build by mjsmiley, and the official set numbered 40335, LEGO expanded on the design. The Space Rocket Ride has a bigger platform base. While likely still operated by a crank in the back, the base also includes a “functional” coin slot to insert LEGO coin elements in.

If this isn’t a region exclusive then hopefully collectors outside Europe can soon find LEGO Space Rocket Ride (40335) on their Shop@Home or local shop. Maybe then we can have definitive knowledge on whether or not it’s a GWP promo or a conventionally purchasable set.

LEGO Ideas Announces Another Contest: The Greatest “Star Wars” Battles Built by You

Now surely, none of us have forgotten that 2019 is the 20th anniversary of the LEGO Star Wars product line. We’ve already covered the anniversary-edition sets for this year, but there’s more LEGO has in store. For instance, mere days after announcing a LEGO Ideas contest for their upcoming mobile game app, there’s now one for LEGO Star Wars too.

The theme for this LEGO Ideas contest is one of the most vital cinematic elements of the “Star Wars” franchise: big space-opera battles. From the ground-pounding encounters at Kasshyk, Hoth’s Echo Base and Endor, to the space dogfights of Coruscant and Yavin IV, all are celebrated in this building competition.

Interested contestants need only to recreate their favorite battle scene from any “Star Wars” film or TV show, whether in real LEGO bricks or through computer applications like LEGO Digital Designer. They must send their work, documented in only five images, to the LEGO Ideas contest page before May 3.


Exclusive prizes in store for the Grand Winner of “THE GREATEST BATTLES BUILT BY YOU!” include the following:

  1. Uncommon 2007 Chrome Gold C-3PO Minifigure (4521221), one of only 10,000 ever made!
  2. Tantive IV (10198) 10th Anniversary collection

For the two runners-up they’ll exclusively get:

  1. R2-D2 (10225) 2012 Collection
  2. Ultimate Collector’s Series Slave 1 (75060) 2015 Collection

And all winners will receive:

  1. Anakin’s Podracer (75258) 20th Anniversary collection
  2. Snowspeeder (75259) 20th Anniversary collection
  3. Slave I (75243) 20th Anniversary collection
  4. Assorted LEGO Star Wars merchandise

Winners for this LEGO Ideas contest will be announced by May 29. Now go and build your favorite “Star Wars” battle scene and join the fun!

LEGO Ideas Launches “LEGO Tower” Floor Design Contest

When we announced the new LEGO-themed mobile app “LEGO Tower” this Monday, we also said a related contest is coming. Said competition is to be hosted on LEGO Ideas, and involves creating custom content that developer NimbleBit can add later. The announcement was to be made “later;” that meant now.

LEGO Ideas finally opened their official contest page in relation to “LEGO Tower” on Tuesday, March 26. Effective immediately, all interested contestants need only to use their digital LEGO construction tool of choice to design a themed floor that could be implemented in the NimbleBit app before its launch date.

“LEGO Tower,” based on NimbleBit’s “TinyTower,” has players acting as developers of their own multi-story skyscraper complex, with each floor occupied by minifigure residences or businesses, all paying rent to enable further construction of more floors and extra building facilities.


Six contest winners will be chosen to each win a $200 Shop@Home spree, a LEGO Creator Expert Corner Garage (10264) and LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313). Their custom “LEGO Tower” floor will be an option in the game app, and they’ll also get a “special unlockable feature” when they play the game themselves.

For more details and in-depth contest rules, visit the official “LEGO Tower” Contest Page on LEGO Ideas. The final submission of entries is on May 2. Judging takes place from that date up to May 10, and the winners will be announced on May 22.

Online Prize Draw on “Fantastic Beasts” UK Website Offers LEGO Tie-In Sets and Promotional Niffler Build, to Celebrate Home Video Release

The second installment of J.K. Rowling’s “Fantastic Beasts” film series, “The Crimes of Grindelwald,” premiered worldwide in November last year. It was the 10th highest grossing film of 2018, and served to set up the Wizarding War that the original “Harry Potter” series referenced. Only in this year did it finally arrive for home media.

First, “The Crimes of Grindelwald” was made available for digital download last February. For those who prefer their media on physical copy however, the film’s Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD versions will arrive March 18 in the UK. To celebrate the occasion, Warner Bros. is partnering with LEGO to offer some nice goodies to “Fantastic Beasts” fans this week.

Back when the movie premiered in the UK, The LEGO Group helped with promotion by scattering large brick-builds of the surprisingly popular Niffler critter around London. One of these Niffler statues can soon belong to a lucky winner visiting the official “Fantastic Beasts” UK website.

This LEGO Niffler build is one of the prizes for the current “Wizarding Wednesdays” online contest. Those who enter the draw will stand a chance to win that, plus two major LEGO tie-ins released for “Crimes of Grindelwald” last year: Grindelwald’s Escape (75951) and Newt’s Case of Magic Creatures (75952).

While the Ultra HD, Blu-Ray and DVD media release for “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” is on the 18th in the UK, it’ll be coming earlier for the US, next week at March 12.

Build Your Own LEGO Mustang Model to Win the Creator Mustang (10265) Set in this LEGO Ideas Contest

This week we waxed admiration for the recently revealed new upcoming LEGO Creator set, a beautiful brick construct of the iconic Ford Mustang (10265). No doubt LEGO is going all-out in hyping this set to fans of LEGO, cars, and both, if the promotional keychain to be simultaneously given out during the first ten days of the Creator Mustang (10265) set’s release is any indication.

In fact, even LEGO Ideas is getting in on the LEGO Ford Mustang bandwagon with their new contest. The prize is, of course, the LEGO Creator set (10265), an earlier Mustang set from Speed Champions, and a Shop@Home shopping spree.

The contest mechanics are simple: using real LEGO bricks (including variants like Duplo and Technic) or a digital LEGO building tool, contestants need to assemble a model of their favorite model of the Ford Mustang. Bear in mind, the Ford Mustang models have been around from 1965 to this day.

Once a contestant’s entry Mustang model is finished, they must take up to five photos of it to showcase its contours and features. Background is also encouraged, whether similarly LEGO-built or a real setting, a place “where you’d want to take your Mustang for a ride” according to contest rules.

After the pictorial, the submission only needs a title and description before it gets sent on to LEGO Ideas. The entry deadline is on April 3, and the winner plus two runner-ups will get a LEGO Creator Ford Mustang (10265) as well as the Speed Champions 1968 Mustang Fastback (75884). The Shop@Home shopping sprees are worth $500 for the winner and $300 for the runners-up.

For more details on this prime opportunity to get the LEGO Creator Mustang (10265), please check their official LEGO Ideas Contest page here. Do remember the “Acceptable Entry Content” to ensure your build gets accepted.