WB Games Launches LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 E3 Sweepstakes.

Here’s another reason to be excited for this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Warner Bros Gaming has just announced on its official E3 LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 Twitter page that it will be giving away an exclusive, 18-inch LEGO Marvel build valued at a whopping $2,875 via an electronic raffle. You can enter the sweepstakes raffle by simply following and retweeting their post with the hashtag #LEGOMarvelE3Sweepstakes. For the finer details of their contest rules, you may check it right here.

I absolutely have no idea who or what this brick-built mystery character is, save for the hint that it is ‘formerly frightful’. My quick guess is that it could be any of the members of the classic Frightful Four namely, Madame Medusa, The Wizard, Paste-Pot Pete, and the Sandman. First introduced in Marvel comics in 1965, they specifically banded together for the sole purpose of defeating the Fantastic Four.

This is just my guess by the way, but everything will be revealed eventually on Thursday, June 15. For the rest of WB Games’ E3 programming schedule, you may want to check my previous post. Be sure to keep tabs with us as we bring you the latest happenings in the world of LEGO gaming as revealed at this year’s E3.

Thanks to The Brick Fan for the heads up.




Create the Coolest Brick-Built Robot With LEGO Rebrick’s Superbot Contest.

No, this is not a Real Steel kind of contest where LEGO expects you to create the most awesome robot to pit against other robotic combatants. On the contrary, LEGO is calling on all LEGO Mindstorms fans (ages 13 and above) to show off their grandest, most ambitious, LEGO robotic creation to join in the search for the ultimate LEGO Rebrick Superbot.

Based primarily on the LEGO Mindstorms system (though not limited by it if you wish to submit entries later on), LEGO Rebrick’s Superbot contest challenges you to create the coolest, smartest, and most useful robot around using any existing Mindstorms set, or LEGO power functions. Take a video of your superbot (15-30 seconds) solving a dilemma or chore and send it to LEGO Rebrick on or before August 18, 2017 to get a chance of winning any of the following:


One (1) Grand Prize Winner

  • A trip for two to LEGO World Copenhagen 2018 in February, including transportation and hotel room stay
  • 31313 MINDSTORMS EV3 signed by a LEGO MINDSTORMS designer


Two (2) Runner-Ups

  • 31313 MINDSTORMS EV3 signed by a LEGO MINDSTORMS designer


Three (3) Bonus Winners

  • A LEGO Notebook and brick key chain


Here’s the rest of most important Contest Rules and Description. You may visit LEGO Rebrick’s contest page to see the full details, and to view other entries.


LEGO Rebrick’s Superbots

Contest Description

Show us what makes your LEGO robot a SuperBot in a short video– and what dilemma, challenge, or chore it rescues you from! The greatest SuperBot will send his or her creator on a super-duper trip to LEGO World Copenhagen 2018!

Before you start please check out the entry guidelines and how to enter in the RULES.

Entry Deadline

Submit your entry no later than August 18th 2017 at 10:00AM EST.


A panel of judges from the LEGO MINDSTORMS team will select one grand prize winner and 2 runner-ups. They will judge entries upon:

  • Super-factor originality: 25%
  • Attention to contest theme: 25%
  • Innovative building technique and functions: 25%
  • Innovative use of LEGO elements: 25%

In addition, three bonus prize winners will be selected at random. See prizes for details. 


How to Enter

  • Create a robot using LEGO bricks and your LEGO MINDSTORMS robot (EV3 or earlier model) or power functions to solve an everyday challenge of your choosing. 
  • Create a video under 30 seconds showing your creation in action.
  • Upload your video to the video hosting site of your choice, such as YouTube.
  • Enter the contest by going to the “submit entry” page on LEGO Rebrick and submit maximum 5 screenshots from your video. Make sure to also add the link to your video before you submit.
  • Use the description field to describe your robot and its features. 
  • When you receive a “Success!” pop-up notification after clicking “submit” on the entry submission page, your entry has successfully been submitted. Our moderation team will review it within 1-3 working days to make sure it fits all the contest rules.


So if you’re into LEGO robotics, and would like to earn the bragging rights to visit the LEGO World in Copenhagen plus an exclusive, designer-signed, LEGO Mindstorms EV3 (31313) set, then the LEGO Rebrick contest might just be the break that you’re waiting for.


Do you think you have what it takes to become a Superbot creator? Prove your mettle and pick up your bricks and join in the search for LEGO Rebrick’s Superbot!



LEGO Launches the LEGO World of Creativity Tour.

Remember that time during the late 90s when LEGO introduced the concept of its LEGO Imagination Celebration Tour? Loaded with more than a half million LEGO bricks and pieces, the Truck Show was LEGO’s bearer of good tidings and was very much welcomed across 25 US cities during its brief stint. It was done, in part, to celebrate LEGO’s 25th anniversary in the US. LEGO fans, adults and children alike, experienced a unique building experience where they got the chance of participating in a variety of brick-building activities, the most memorable of which is the Ultimate LEGO Creation Building Contest. The LEGO Imagination Celebration Tour was so endearing to the LEGO Group that they eventually decided to immortalize the Truck Show as an actual complimentary LEGO set for those who participated in last year’s LEGO Inside Tour.

This time around, the tradition of sharing joy and spreading creative fun is very much alive again thanks to another ‘bricktastic’ adventure from LEGO. LEGO Systems Inc. has announced a similar tour to launch in North America beginning on July 7. Dubbed as the LEGO World of Creativity Tour, the brand new LEGO play experience promises tons of activities geared towards the entire family. The said tour will make five stops across the US and tickets are now available for purchase. Check out the LEGO Group’s official statement below.

LEGO Systems, Inc. Announces New Interactive Experience Tour – the LEGO® World of Creativity

-Show Will Travel to Five Cities in 2017, Beginning in Savannah, Georgia July 7-

ENFIELD, Conn. (May 10, 2017) – Kids and adults alike are in for a “bricktastic” adventure as LEGO Systems, Inc. kicks off the LEGO® World of Creativity tour. This new, hands-on LEGO building experience will tour the United States offering creative adventures for families across the country. LEGO World of Creativity will make five stops in 2017, launching in Savannah, GA July 7-9. Additional tour stops include: Albuquerque, NM (August 4-6), Tacoma, WA (September 8-10), Boise, ID (September 29-October 1), and Madison, WI (October 13-15). Tickets on sale now at worldofcreativity.lego.com. The tour will continue in 2018, with markets and dates to be announced at a later date.

Packed with innovative activities all centered around the endless possibility of the LEGO brick, LEGO World of Creativity gives children and parents a chance to imagine, build and play together. Featuring new interactive building activities, as well as proven family-favorite experiences, LEGO World of Creativity is designed for the whole family to explore the world through imagination and creativity. Families will be captivated by the variety of build and play experiences available in hands-on building zones, such as The Big City, where they can build custom LEGO vehicles and test them down race ramps, The Ocean, where they are invited to build sand castles on a LEGO brick beach, and Outer Space, where customized LEGO creations are put to the gravity test. Other building activities, games and challenges will round out each stop.

“We can’t wait to be back on the road to bring a brand new LEGO building experience to families,” said Vince Rubino, senior manager, event marketing for LEGO Systems. “We know how much families enjoy the time they spend together at our brand-in-hand events. The LEGO World of Creativity tour combines some of the most popular official LEGO event experiences with a new slate of interactive activities centered on open-ended creative building that are sure to surprise and delight kids and adults alike.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with LEGO Systems on the LEGO World of Creativity tour and we’re excited to bring the classic LEGO brick building experience to families across the country,” said Eddie Newquist, EVP and chief creative officer for global events company, GES. “With GES’ long history of connecting brands with the families who love them, we are sure that the LEGO World of Creativity tour will be a wonderful addition to the roster of official LEGO experiences.”

Seven sessions – each three hours in length – will be held at each tour stop over three days. The event requires a timed-entry ticket and visitors are encouraged to purchase their tickets early to ensure entry during their desired date and time.

Information regarding show schedule, venue, directions, event information, and tickets can be found at worldofcreativity.lego.com.



First 2017 LEGO Ideas Review Qualifiers Announced – Eleven Projects Qualify!

The LEGO Ideas blog site has announced the first projects to qualify for 2017’s LEGO Ideas Review Stage, consisting of eleven exciting builds depicting several retro-themed sets from the 80s and 90s. The qualifying period ended Monday morning, May 1st at 12AM CET signifying the end of a long journey for most of these projects. These projects represent potential LEGO set concepts that garnered the needed thumbs-up votes from 10,000 supporters between the months of January until early May of this year. I have a few personal favorites from among these projects, particularly the SEGA Classic Arcade Machines by SpacySmoke, and Venetian Houses by McMarco.

Here are the rest of the LEGO Ideas projects that made it to this year’s first Review Stage in no particular order.


The Blues Mobile by Eini (Kai Einfeldt) 

Sega Classic Arcade Machines by SpacySmoke 

Quest Builder by Ymarilego 

Red Arrows Hawk by M4 CUS & RAFRed10 

Venetian Houses by McMarco 

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon​ by ck80 

NBC’s The Office by Lego The Office 

Tron Legacy Light Cycle (by BrickBros UK) 

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by bruceywan 

Surf Rescue by LegoSurfRescue 

Medieval Watermill by fishingtwister


The results of the Third 2016 LEGO Review Stage are still on its way, with 13 awesome projects waiting for the coveted thumbs up signal from the LEGO Ideas Design Team.

Among these projects, is one that I’ve been cheering on from the sidelines since it qualified last 2016. I’m still crossing our fingers for Voltron: Defender of the Universe by Lendy Tayag and hopefully we’ll here words from the LEGO Ideas Review Team by June or July.

The Exclusive LEGO Star Wars Detention Block Rescue Can Be Yours via LEGO’s Twitter Page!

Star Wars Celebration 2017 in Orlando has begun, and LEGO is definitely not missing out on the excitement of the occasion.  A few days ago, LEGO has unveiled this year’s Star Wars Celebration exclusive which is a fitting nod to the very first Star Wars film ever made 40 years ago. The LEGO Star Wars Detention Block Rescue is a special-edition exclusive inspired by the Detention Block AA-23 from the original 1977 film Episode IV – A New Hope. However, this unnumbered set is not that easy to acquire. LEGO has made this so exclusive that you have to be physically present at the SW Celebrations, and even having the chance of purchasing it there must be raffled off (which have started already by the way).

So for those who cannot make it in Orlando and is still hoping to have a piece of the Star Wars Celebration with them in LEGO, there is good news. LEGO, via its Twitter page, has just announced another raffle where you can get the chance of owning the LEGO Star Wars Detention Block Rescue. You can go through the lengthy rule book right here, or you can just simply retweet this post from the official LEGO Twitter page as you can see below. No purchase is necessary to enter the raffle.

To enter the Prize Giveaway, follow the instructions on the LEGO Twitter Website www.Twitter.com/LEGO_Group. To enter, simply RT (ReTweet) clearly designated competition tweets posted by @LEGO_Group during the entry period. Potential Winners will be chosen by random draw from among all eligible entries received, to be conducted by members of the LEGO Social Media Team. Random Drawings occur daily during the entry period.


May the Force be with us (and bring home the prize)! Star Wars Celebration 2017 in Orlando is now happening at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida and runs until Easter Sunday on the 16th. For everything awesome built out of LEGO bricks, be sure to stop by the LEGO booth (#2630) and for other cool Star Wars toys and stuff, be sure to check out Wildcard Toys’ booth near the stage of the Convention Center.


Check Out These 10 Finalists of the LEGO Ideas Test Lab Fourth Build Challenge.

Since the launch of the LEGO Ideas Test Lab last January, fans of the LEGO Creator 3-in-1 sets took to the Internet their fond affinity for the theme. A sort of a hybrid between the LEGO Ideas and Rebrick platforms, the LEGO Ideas Test Lab seeks to find out the most creative and ingenious use of LEGO’s 3-in-1 sets to come up with what they refer to as a ‘Fourth Build’. The idea is to come up with your own MOC using only the pieces provided in the following 3-in-1 sets: Super Soarer (31042)Green Cruiser (31056)Air Blazer (31057), and Mighty Dinosaurs (31058).

More than 570 entries were submitted by site members from February 1 to March 7, and from this pool, 10 finalists were eventually selected by an expert panel from the LEGO Creator team. The expert panel evaluated each entry in terms of buildability and creativity. Other things that they looked into are how easy the model is built, stability, originality and cleverness, functions, and creative use of LEGO elements. The 10 finalists then went on to the Brick Voting phase where community members will have the chance of voting for their favorite build to come up with the Fan’s Choice Winner.  The Brick Voting stage is currently over and we’re just waiting for the results to be announced.

In case you haven’t seen these impressive entries yet, here are the Top 10 finalists of the LEGO Ideas Test Lab, Fourth Build Challenge, including an entry from LEGO Ideas Maze (21305) creator, Jason Alleman. Jason was even kind enough to share his entry’s building instruction in case you want to re-create it using your own LEGO pieces. Who do you think will emerge as the very first winner of the LEGO Ideas Test Lab Fourth Build Challenge?


Scary Scorpion! by rjhanson36


Mighty Dinosaurs – Green Ankylosaurus by Lord_Mithrandir


Aquatic Bird by James Zhan


Waterside Animals by deviltanaka


ChameLéon by Madhok


Mighty Dragonfly by BuildFiend


Dino Island Recon Plane by jjrailton


Parrot by TMunz


Mountain Goats and Vulture by JKBrickworks


Locust /Grasshopper by autoreverse