LEGO Shop@Home UK Discounts the Technic Line

The Holidays are almost upon us, and in LEGO online shopping that means special discounts on particular sets and the release of seasonal ones, usually added free with minimum purchases. And each Shop@Home has their own schedule as to when these special offerings start. These ones are for Shop@Home UK.

First, it looks like Shop@Home UK has put all their LEGO Technic sets on the discount list, each of them getting 20% off their regular prices. This is a prime opportunity to snag some of the Technic sets that have been labeled “Retiring Soon”; there are seven by last count.

Here are some of the best LEGO Technic sets to get by this 20% discount:

  1. Bugatti Chiron (42083) – £329.99 £263.99 HARD TO FIND
  2. Porsche 911 GT3 RS (42056) – £259.99 £207.99 HARD TO FIND
  3. 6×6 All Terrain Tow Truck (42070) – £219.99 £175.99
  4. Bucket Wheel Excavator (42055) – £189.99 £151.99 RETIRING SOON
  5. Extreme Adventure (42069) – £139.99 £111.99 RETIRING SOON


Just the purchase of any one of these LEGO Technic sets mentioned above will be enough to get the seasonal LEGO Christmas Carousel set (40293), which goes with the minimum purchase price of £85. This seems to be the first Shop@Home to definitely tell how 40293 will be available for the Holidays, as Shop@Home US hasn’t announced anything yet.

Missed LEGO’s Black Friday Deal for Retiring Ideas Set Old Fishing Store (21310)? Amazon Still Has Sale for It

November 23 – Black Friday 2018 – has come and gone, though some of the sales and discounts may have carried over the weekend. LEGO certainly took advantage of that fact by offering great prices for a selection of sets that have been announced for retirement by next year, jumping up interest.

One such retiring set given the spotlight during Black Friday on Shop@Home was the LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store (21310). The price cut wasn’t only welcome; it was still large enough to qualify for a free LEGO Christmas Gift Box (40292) by itself. Too bad it was just one day.

By now, the Old Fishing Store (21310) is marked as sold out on LEGO Shop@Home, and with the retirement announcement done we can’t be sure if it’ll be restocked over there. Fortunately there are other places to look for it, like Amazon. They’re also offering nice price cuts for it.

With a 23% off courtesy of Amazon, the LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store (21310) can be had for just about $114.99 over there. Granted, it doesn’t come with a free Christmas Gift Box (40292); but when you’re racing against time to get one before its retirement becomes effective with “sold-out” listings, then you’ve got to get it when you can.

You Can Still Catch Up With Build Better Bricks Black Friday Deals

The clock is ticking fast,and in case you haven’t notice because of the stellar Brick Friday deals that LEGO Shop@Home is now offering, Build Better Bricks is also running its Black Friday deals in all of its building instructions and kits. All items – as in EVERYTHING – in the B3 website are absolutely at 25% off from their original price. From their latest custom LEGO Nintendo sets, to new holiday themes such as a custom Santa and Grinch busts and other custom LEGO parts, this is the best time to get those building projects up and ready. Needless to say, it’s a great time to finish that MOC you’re working on with Build Better Bricks Black Friday deals.

Simply head over to Build Better Bricks website and enter the code BLACKFRIDAY upon checkout. Or for a more convenient brick-shopping spree, simply click ACTIVATE to enable the automatic 25% discount on n all purchases. The only catch is you have to hurry until supplies last throughout Black Friday.

LEGO Shop@Home Black Friday Discount Page Now Up

Happy Black Friday shopping to the avid readers of The Brick Show. By now, all promo and discounts we have detailed in past articles to happen of Black Friday are in effect. Whether they might be on retailers, LEGO Stores or Shop@Home, it’s your choice now for the best LEGO bargains you can go for. The LEGO Shop@Home Black Friday discount page is now up, and the featured set on top is the LEGO Iconic Chess Set of 2017 (40174), easily one of the most impressive brick-builds for actual gameplay, be it chess with the LEGO-designed pieces or with checkers.

The Iconic Chess Set (40174) sees its $54.99 price cut down to $38.49, no better deal perhaps for one of the best-rated sets on Shop@Home. For LEGO Stores on the other hand, the elusive LEGO Ninjago Bricktober Minifigure set (5005257) is ready for the buying. Don’t let this day pass.

Like the Shop@Home banners say, discounts for Black Friday on selected items can go up to 30%; one exception however is the retiring LEGO Creator Expert Detective’s Office set (10246). The advertisement we covered yesterday saying 20% off for it got changed somehow. Discount is only 10%; but better than nothing.

For easier reference, here’s the listing of all Shop@Home LEGO sets with Black Friday discounts. Feel free to browse and shop to your hearts’ content. Remember, it’s only one day.

Retiring LEGO Creator Detective Office Set (10246) Being Kept in Reserve Until Black Friday Sale

If you’ve been keeping up with LEGO news here with us on The Brick Show, you may recall an update detailing the first wave of announcements on LEGO sets soon to retire. One of them is the LEGO Creator Expert Detective’s Office (10246), which is also currently listed as being out of stock on Shop@Home.

But wait. According to this other report, the Detective’s Office (10246) is supposed to be one of the spotlight sets for LEGO’s Black Friday Exclusives and Sales; specifically, it’s to be discounted by 20% from November 23 to 26. How’s that going to happen when it’s out of stock not just online but reported at LEGO branded stores as well?

The answer’s rather simple: LEGO’s holding units of 10246 from being sold. All sets announced as “retiring” have in fact already stopped being manufactured; so LEGO believes they may not have enough “Detective’s Office” sets left to keep from selling out with Black Friday’s discount.

Considering 20% off means the LEGO Creator Expert Detective’s Office (10246) is going to be worth $127.99, that’s a major markdown for a set that’s going to be running low. If collectors miss it now, they might miss it forever.

Alternatively, one might find that Amazon has its own stock of Detective’s Office (10246) that can be gotten via Prime shipping. It doesn’t seem to have a discount here, but it’s probably better than nothing.

Shop@Home Now Discounts All 2018 LEGO Advent Calendar Sets

November is coming to a close and the first Sunday of Advent is drawing near. But well before all that, LEGO’s already gotten their 2018 Edition Advent Calendars sets out to their ever thankful and excited fandom. With themes ranging from cities to girl-friends to Star Wars, there’s an Advent Calendar just right for everyone.

In fact, several online retailers that offer LEGO on their platform has already given nice discounts to some of these Advent Calendar sets. This time LEGO Shop@Home takes its turn to making these products even more within reach, or at least for the UK market.

LEGO shoppers in Great Britain can now avail of the LEGO City (60201), LEGO Friends (41353) and LEGO Star Wars (75213) Advent Calendars at reduced prices online. To list them:

  1. LEGO City Advent Calendar (60201) – £22.99 £18.39
  2. LEGO Friends Advent Calendar (41353) – £22.99 £18.99
  3. LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (75213) – £24.99 £19.99

There hasn’t been any word on if this 2018 LEGO Advent Calendar discount at Shop@Home would also find its way stateside. Well, at least UK patrons who haven’t scored any of these seasonal sets yet will already be getting better deals for them.

New Amazon Sale on One LEGO Set, and More Discounts for the UK on Smyths’ Black Friday

It goes from one LEGO discount sale to another over at Amazon lately. Not long after the most popular new alien creature from Star Wars got reduced prices on both there as well as Walmart, Amazon is now slashing the tag on one particularly old LEGO Creator set, a car.

No, it’s not the recent Aston Martin DB5 – like we said, it’s an old set. Rather, the Creator Mini Cooper (10242) is being discounted by 19% on the world’s largest online retailing platform. It’s amazing, considering its age, that the Mini Cooper (10242) hasn’t been retired yet. Still, this is the cheapest offering for the LEGO Creator set on Amazon so far, perfect for collectors who might want the classic car favored by Mr. Bean and Britain of the Sixties.


Speaking of Britain, the Smyths retail chain has initiated a massive discounting of some of their prominent LEGO sets on stock. This seems to be their advanced listing of sales as the world approaches Black Friday week. Here’s a list of stuff; it’s quite long:


  1. Passenger Train, £120 £90
  2. Arctic Expedition, £65 £60
  3. Cargo Train, £180 £160
  4. Hospital, £55 £50
  5. Arctic Supply Plane, £50

LEGO Friends

  1. Heartlake City Resort, £65
  2. Heartlake Friendship House, £60 £45.49
  3. Mia’s Camper Van, £50 £35
  4. The Big Race Day, £40 £33
  5. Spinning Brushes Car Wash, £25 £17
  6. Heartlake City Stephanie’s House, £65 £50

LEGO Ninjago

  1. Stormbringer, £30 £24
  2. Firstborne Dragon, £55 £45
  3. Dragon Pit, £90
  4. Dieselnaut, £80 £70

LEGO Classic

  1. Large Creative Box, £40 £30

LEGO Technic

  1. Mack Anthem, £140 £93
  2. Bugatti Chiron, £330 £283
  3. Rough Terrain Crane, £230 £185

LEGO Fantastic Beasts

  1. Newt’s Case of Magical Creatures, £45 £36
  2. Grindelwald’s Escape, £20 £16

LEGO Creator

  1. VW Camper Van, £85 £70
  2. Tower Bridge, £200 £175
  3. Carousel, £150 £125

LEGO Star Wars

  1. Death Star, £400 £300

Visit the Smyths official website listing all their LEGO Black Friday deals here.

LEGO Star Wars Porg (75230) Set On Discount in Both Amazon and Walmart

Perhaps it bears some repeating that Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which premiered in the 2017 Holidays, ended up being one of the most significantly divisive installments of the space opera saga. That extends to the movie’s specific elements, say for instance the Porg. Some critics would say it’s the stupidest alien life-form ever designed for Star Wars, with others believe it’s just hilariously cute.

LEGO certainly thought so, if the great detailing on their Star Wars Porg set (75230) is any indication. Who could say no to those big beady eyes and widely opening mouth? If you think the price is a bit too much however, check Amazon now.


Normally priced at $84.95, Amazon has listed a 20% discount for LEGO Star Wars Porg (75230) to put it at $55.99 per set. We’d say that open-mouthed Porg in our featured image is a perfect reaction for this great news.

But wait, there’s more. Walmart isn’t going to lose out on Amazon where the LEGO Porg (75230) is concerned. They too have knocked down their price to the same $55.99 that the online retail giant’s offering. That’s even better news as it offers two options to get this set at lower than the usual rate. Sometimes some sweet deals come before the actual holiday period.

Early LEGO Black Friday Offers Coming This Weekend

News and details of LEGO Black Friday offers are slowly coming in ahead of the year’s super sale event next week. LEGO has sent out word via email that LEGO VIPs are in for a treat this Friday with its early Black Friday shopping event at all LEGO Stores and at LEGO Shop @Home. During the weekend from November 17 to 18, LEGO VIP members will earn double points on any LEGO purchase made during the upcoming weekends.

LEGO is also throwing in the seasonal gift-with purchase set, LEGO Christmas Box (40292) for free, for every single receipt purchase of any LEGO products worth $99 and more. This is a great head start if you wish to add to those sweet double VIP points while being one of the first of those to bring home the Christmas Box (40292) freebie.

Of course, it’s a matter of weighing in your choices between the nice incentives that LEGO will be offering this weekend, and between the insanely great discounts that LEGO has in store come Black Friday. Either way around, you’ll still have the better end of the best deals that LEGO has to offer. Be sure to visit for more details.


LEGO Store Black Friday Free Exclusives Revealed

A couple of months ago, we reported that the LEGO Bricktober 2018 minifigures will now be made available at LEGO Stores following the demise of toy retail giant, Toys R Us. The availability of these highly-sought after collectible minifigures was confirmed by LEGO over through an email send to querying fans . Afterwards, LEGO was quite mum about the details, and it eventually turned out that book store retail king Barnes and Noble, will exclusively offer one of the LEGO Bricktober minfigures as a promotional gift the day after the release of the Fantastic Beasts sequel, Crimes of Grindelwald.  This time around, it looks like LEGO is now staying true to its promise of offering one of the LEGO Bricktober 2018 minifigure sets as a LEGO Store Black Friday free exclusive.

If you recall, we also shared some prior rumor that the LEGO Ninjago Bricktober 2018 minifigure set (5005257) will be across LEGO Stores as part of LEGO’s Black Friday deals. Thanks to a report shared by The Brick Fan, we now have confirmation that is indeed the case. One of the readers of The Brick Fan’s blogsite shared the an image of the LEGO Store flyer, revealing what’s in store on LEGO Store Black Friday.

First off, we now have confirmation that the LEGO Ninjago Bricktober 2018 minifigure will now be available as a free, in-store LEGO Store Black Friday exclusive, with any single receipt purchase of any LEGO product worth $50 and above. This promotional is available only in-store so you might want to take the extra effort of locating the nearest LEGO Store nearest you.

One of my personal favorites and much-awaited LEGO GWP set for the holidays is the new LEGO Christmas Gift Box (40292). The set has already found its way in Europe and China, and its glad to hear that it will now be available in the US, from November 23 to 26, or until supplies last. Unlike the LEGO Ninjago Bricktober 2018 minifigures, the Christmas Gift Box will be available both in-store and online over at This cute, little holiday build will be available to all LEGO fans with a purchase of $99 or more.

Other than these LEGO Store Black Friday freebies, select LEGO sets will be on great discounts on Black Friday, with more LEGO sets placed on 30% discount from November 23 until 26. The deals continue until Cyber Monday where selected LEGO sets will still be offered at 20% discount.

The above mentioned LEGO Store flyer also tells us that the LEGO Creator Expert Detective’s Office (10246) will also be on a 20% discount from November 23 to 26. This modular set is now listed as out of stock over LEGO Shop@Home, so if you ever bump on this one at your local LEGO Store from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, then this might be the only time to get this set at a great discount. Alternatively, you may get the Detective’s Office (10246) roughly on its same regular price over at Amazon.

Be sure to stay tuned here on our blogsite for more LEGO Store Black Friday offers. We’ll update the site as more info comes in.