Toys R Us France “Solo” Tie-In Make & Take Event May 19: Build the Millennium Falcon

You probably haven’t forgotten, but just in case we won’t fail to remind you: the second Star Wars Story film Solo, is premiering next week (after its world premiere last week). LEGO and its retailers have already made plans for the hype, like in Europe with Les Ateliers de Geoffrey, aka Toys R Us France. read more

Make Your Own LEGO Star Wars Porgs With These Building Instructions

Star Wars Day celebrations may all well be over, and in case you missed out on one of the LEGO Store highlights during May the 4th which is the Porg Make and Take Build Event, you’ll be pleased to know that here’s your chance to build one of your own. Thanks to Brickset, the building instructions to create this Porg are now available online for everyone to try. So while we’re waiting to see if the UCS-like Porg (75230) will really happen in October, try to see if you have the necessary parts to build this portable avian cutie. read more

First Images of the New LEGO City Passenger and Cargo Trains

It looks like it’s not just the LEGO Technic Rough Terrain Crane (42082) that was revealed earlier during the Russian Toy Fair, but we also have a first look at the new LEGO City train sets that will be available this August. If you recall, we first made mention of these sets back in January when they were first announced during the Nuremberg Toy Fair. However, same as with any other exclusive toy fairs, LEGO has been quite firm in preventing any unwanted leaks. But this time around LEGO seemed to have relaxed on the restrictions, and has allowed fans and visitors of the toy fair to take some pictures and to share them to the rest of the LEGO fan community. read more

The Submarines Have Arrived At LEGOLAND California Resort!

After the successful, grand opening of LEGOLAND California Resort’s LEGOLAND Castle Hotel, it looks like the brick-inspired, family-centered theme park has now set its sights in adding a new, underwater twist. Starting this July, families and visitors at LEGOLAND California Resort will be treated to a unique, underwater adventure that includes an Interactive Treasure Hunt together with 2,000 real sea animals aboard 8 submarines that were inspired by actual LEGO City sets. Entitled as the LEGO City: Deep Sea Adventure Submarine Ride, the submarine itself features a touchscreen where passengers get to find gems and lost sunken treasure within a humongous 300,000 gallon tank. read more

First Look at The New LEGO Technic Rough Terrain Crane (42082)

As early as December last year, we already reported a bunch of new LEGO Technic sets that will soon hit toy shelves this summer. These were eventually unveiled at this year’s New York Toy Fair but during which, photography was strictly prohibited with particular instructions to media not to post any of them in their sites or any other similar medium. This time around, LEGO may seemed to relax the embargo a little bit, and we’re now getting our first look at one particular set from this summer wave of LEGO Technic set. read more