LEGO Dimensions Beetlejuice Gameplay Shown At The Final Leg of E3 2017

Though the final day of the LEGO video games presentation at this year’s E3 confirmed our suspicions that nothing really new is slated for LEGO Dimensions, it was quite exciting to see how the latest Wave 9 characters will play out on screen. During Day 3 of WB Games’ live coverage, we now get to see how the iconic Beetlejuice is transported in LEGO Dimensions. Arthur Parsons (TT Games’ Head of Design) and James McLoughlin (Game Director at LEGO Dimensions) shared some exciting details on what can be expected from the Beetlejuice Adventure world.

We also get to see the different places and location in Beetlejuice’s realm, including the Deetz Residence, the model town in the Deetz’ attic, and the classic Waiting Room. Playing as Beetlejuice, you can get to explore the model town in the attic as seen in the 1988 film. Parsons also shared a bit of a trivia, revealing that the Beetlejuice Adventure World was copied from an actual physical model which was later on scanned into the game. The show concluded with a Beetlejuice cosplay contest where the winner gets home to bring a LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack and a Beetlejuice Fun Pack (71349), two months earlier of Wave 9’s release date in September 12. Watch the gameplay video below.



18-Inch LEGO Marvel Medusa Brick Statue Revealed At E3.

Day 3 of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles finally revealed the mystery prize of the LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 sweepstakes, which we reported a few days ago. The mystery prize is an 18-inch LEGO Marvel brick-built statue which was hinted to be that of a ‘formerly frightful’ Marvel character. Today, Arthur Parsons (TT Games’ Head of Design) and Ryan Penagos (VP and Executive Editor of Marvel Digital) were so excited to reveal not just the winner of the sweepstakes, but also the who was this LEGO Marvel mystery figure. Valued at $2,875, the prize was none other than the brick-built figure of Medusa, straight from Marvel comics.

As one of the members of the villainous Frightful Four in the Marvel comic books, Medusa now comes in her digital minifigure form in LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2. During the demo gameplay, Parsons highlighted some of the cool things about Medusa’s abilities and the length that the game animators went through to give life to her iconic character. Her signature, giant hair and sleek moves were all brought to life in LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2, and the level of animation involved is fantastic. Check out this gameplay video below.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 is now available for pre-order and slated for release on November 14, 2017. It also comes with a Deluxe Edition that includes the Classic Guardians of the Galaxy Character Pack which features playable classic GOTG characters including Charlie-27, Yondu, Major Vance, and Starhawk among others.




LEGO Worlds Will Now Come With a Paid, Classic Space DLC Pack.

In another exciting segment of WB Games’ live presentation at Day 1 of this year’s E3, we now have information on some of the new stuff going on with the sandbox game, LEGO Worlds. Chris Rose, Associate Producer at TT Games took to the floor the newest addition to the ever-growing LEGO Worlds content. After confirming the recent release of the Nexo Knights and Castles free DLC, it was announced that LEGO’s 70s and 80s Classic Space theme will also be well represented in the LEGO Worlds through a new and exciting, paid DLC pack which will come out soon.


The Classic Space DLC features some of the most loved LEGO Space-themed sets from the 70s and 80s, including the Galaxy Explorer (497), One Man Space Ship (918), Lunar Rocket Launcher (6881), and even a Space version of the PUG-Z.

There is no word yet about the DLC’s pricing and availability. LEGO Worlds is available in all major gaming platforms including the Xbox, PS4, Steam (PC), and Switch retailing at $29.99.

Stay tuned here at the Brick Show for more LEGO Worlds update tomorrow on WB Games’ Day 2 coverage of E3 2017.




LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 Will Feature A Host of New and Classic Comic Book Characters.

Day 1 of WB Games’ live stream of the events happening at E3 is in full swing, and we now have confirmation of what fans can expect from their highly anticipated sequel, LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2. Earlier today, we saw its very first gameplay via YouTube Gaming where Arthur Parsons, TT Games Head of Design, gave us a glimpse of how the game will play out with the Guardians of the Galaxy battling head on with the game’s main antagonist, Kang the Conqueror.

Additional content was later revealed at the WB Games booth when Parsons, together with Executive Producer Phillip Ring, showed Chronopolis City, which acts like Kang’s gateway hub to other places and dimensions. The demo also featured a host of new comic book characters such as Spider Man Noir, Captain America 2099, and even Lockjaw from the Inhumans.


Famous Marvel comic book locations like Wakanda, Sikaar, Lemuria, Attilan, and No Where just to name a few, will also be featured in LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2. By far, this is the biggest and most ambitious open world we ever had in a LEGO game, according to Parsons.

We still have 2 days of exciting new content waiting to be revealed about LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 right at WB Games’ booth at E3. So be sure to come back again tomorrow for updates. You may now pre-order the game which will be released on November 14, that also comes with a Deluxe Edition that features playable classic GOTG characters including Charlie-27, Yondu, Major Vance, and Starhawk among others.



WB Games Launches LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 E3 Sweepstakes.

Here’s another reason to be excited for this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Warner Bros Gaming has just announced on its official E3 LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 Twitter page that it will be giving away an exclusive, 18-inch LEGO Marvel build valued at a whopping $2,875 via an electronic raffle. You can enter the sweepstakes raffle by simply following and retweeting their post with the hashtag #LEGOMarvelE3Sweepstakes. For the finer details of their contest rules, you may check it right here.

I absolutely have no idea who or what this brick-built mystery character is, save for the hint that it is ‘formerly frightful’. My quick guess is that it could be any of the members of the classic Frightful Four namely, Madame Medusa, The Wizard, Paste-Pot Pete, and the Sandman. First introduced in Marvel comics in 1965, they specifically banded together for the sole purpose of defeating the Fantastic Four.

This is just my guess by the way, but everything will be revealed eventually on Thursday, June 15. For the rest of WB Games’ E3 programming schedule, you may want to check my previous post. Be sure to keep tabs with us as we bring you the latest happenings in the world of LEGO gaming as revealed at this year’s E3.

Thanks to The Brick Fan for the heads up.



Celebrating Philippine Independence Day with the Awesome LEGO MOCs of Abrickadabra 2017 (Part 2).

As you may know, today marks the 119th anniversary of Philippine Independence. This is a day when Filipinos all over the world look back to what their ancestors did in order for us to attain the freedoms that we now enjoy. Being a Filipino citizen and a LEGO fan, I couldn’t help but appreciate the freedom that I and the rest of the Filipino AFOL community are now enjoying that allows us to show our passion for the LEGO brick. I guess the best expression of this freedom is the capacity of our local LEGO Users Group – the Philippine LEGO Users Group or PhLUG – to organize the country’s grandest LEGO fan event. Coined as Abrickadabra 2017, I once featured this LEGO fan event several weeks ago and this is my follow-up on my first LEGO fan convention experience. Held last May 27 at the Promenade Hall in Greenhills, Manila, this LEGO fan event is by far, the largest gathering of like-minded LEGO fans and curious folks who would like to start their budding LEGO hobby.

I was fortunate enough to be a part of this once in a year, local brick fest and it seems that a single day is not enough to fully appreciate the 100 plus individual builds that were put on display. PhLUG’s various sub-branches which they call SIGs or Special Interest Groups, all have their awesome MOCs to share on the convention floor: from huge Castle dioramas to Sci-Fi, out of this world builds, every LEGO enthusiast and attendee surely found something that caught their fancy. I personally love the dioramas from the Kingdoms and Urban Builders: the former, for the sheer size and crazy cool details of their MOCs, while the latter for their faithful representation of several famous Philippine landmarks. Other highlights of the event include fan builder Sascha Ollik’s 11,000-piece SDF-1 Macross and many vintage LEGO sets from 1960s to 80s.

Here are some images that I managed to snap at Abrickadabra 2017. They’re not that comprehensive but if you wish to see more, a simple Google search will certainly yield results.


By far the Kingdoms SIG has the largest and highly detailed dioramas on display at Abrickadabra. The total footprint of their exhibit is roughly equivalent to a staggering 100, 48×48 baseplates, featuring various elements coming from LEGO’s Castles, LOTR, and Ninjago themes.



Urban Builders

Featuring the most popular historical cities of the Philippines, the Urban Builders’ exhibits focused on houses and buildings that reflect a combination of Philippine architecture and way of living during the Spanish period and modern times.


Sci-Fi and Mechs

Fans of mech builds surely had a blast with all the cool exhibits under this theme. Featured also is Sacha Ollik’s stunning SDF-1 Macross based on the popular 80s anime, coming in at more than 11,000 pieces.




Those who are into collecting Speed Champions sets will find this corner interesting. Previous and latest Speed Champions sets were put on display on a brick-built race track, together with a host of minifig spectators.



One of the MOCs that caught my attention was these eye-catching Marvel Classic X-Men and Avengers BrickHeadz. My favorites were Cyclops with his optic blast, and Thanos flaunting his LEGOlized Infinity Gauntlet. Featured also under this theme are MOCs of budding LEGO artists with their own vision of brick-built superheroes.


Star Wars

Truth be told, it was my first time to see these many Star Wars UCS sets under one roof: the Death Star (75159), Slave I (75060), TIE Fighter (75095), B-Wing Starfighter (10227), Red Five X-wing Starfighter (10240), and the Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon (10179).

In stark contrast to the Ultimate Collector Series on display at Force Legion’s booth, are microscale versions of several Rogue One scenes. I’m a fan of microscale versions, so I love how Rogue One’s AT-ACT was represented using only a few LEGO pieces.

Also on display were several pieces, of what you may call, LEGO history. I am thankful to have the opportunity of seeing in person, for the first time, the 1978 LEGO Classic Yellow Castle complete with its Knight minifigures and working drawbridge.

There were also several talks provided by experts on the basics of toy photography and MOCing that were attended by AFOLs, other LEGO enthusiasts. We also have fun in waiting anxiously on the next name that will be called during the raffle draws held every hour or so. To top it off, I had a blast browsing through myriad of LEGO sets for sale by various retailers. Most of these are hard to find sets, polybags and minifigs that serious collectors will be delighted to stumble upon. Needless to say, I’m happy with my own polybag and minifig haul after the event. Mental note: I need to save as early as now if I wish to get the sets that I want in next year’s Abrickadabra.

PhLUG envisions Abrickadabra to be a yearly fan event that grows bigger and grander each year. I will surely be back for next year’s Abrickadabra, and if ever you’re planning to visit the Philippines next year, be sure to add this one-of-a-kind LEGO fan event in your itinerary.


Special thanks go to PhLUG’s lead man and LEGO Ambassador Piper Protacio, and Pascual Amatong for introducing me to Abrickadabra. More LEGO power to you guys and to the rest of the cool builders behind PhLUG. ‘Til we see each other again!





Here’s What To Expect From LEGO and WB Games at Next Week’s E3.

It has been a quiet week over at our Brick Show blogsite, and I’m glad to be back with several bits of info that we may have missed during the past days. So I’ll be trying to filter these things to bring you the most important ones that best suit our LEGO fancy.

First off, we now have official confirmation that LEGO will definitely make its presence felt at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, California slated next week from June 13 to 15, thanks to Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. For the first time ever, WB Games will be broadcasting live from the heat of the action at the E3’s show floor, specifically from its E3 Booth #1023. We will get a firsthand look at what lies ahead for the latest LEGO video game releases, including LEGO Worlds, LEGO Dimensions, and its most recent offering, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. Frankly speaking, what interest me the most is WB Games’ expected announcement on the future of LEGO’s toys-to-life genre – LEGO Dimensions. It has been rumored heavily in the past that Dimensions may have probably reached the end of its line and is now close to being cancelled as a series. Hopefully, the events at E3 next week will finally shed light on this matter once and for all.

WB Games’ live broadcast may be viewed starting on June 13 at 9PM (BST) at their official site. They’ve also included a calendar where you can find specific time slots on when these video games will be featured. I’ve summed them up below for easy reference, followed by WB Games’ official press release courtesy of GamePress and Gamasutra.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2

  • Day 1, June 13 – 4:15AM – 4:35AM MPST
  • Day 2, June 14 – 2:45AM – 3:05AM MPST
  • Day 3, June 15 – 2:45AM – 3:05AM MPST

LEGO Worlds

  • Day 1, June 13 – 4:35AM – 4:55AM MPST
  • Day 2, June 14 – 3:05AM – 3:25AM MPST
  • Day 3, June 15 – 3:05AM – 3:25AM MPST

LEGO Dimensions

  • Day 1, June 13 – 4:55AM – 5:15AM MPST
  • Day 2, June 14 – 3:25AM – 3:45AM MPST
  • Day 3, June 15 – 3:25AM – 3:45AM MPST


First Ever WB Games Live! E3 Streaming Event Lets Fans Everywhere Join the Fun

This year, fans everywhere are invited to tune-in to the WB Games Live! streaming event from the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) show floor. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announced that for the first time it will be broadcasting live from its E3 booth, South Hall, #1023, for its first ever WB Games Live! event. Coming straight from the Los Angeles Convention Centre, the event will be streamed throughout the days of the show, 13th-15th of June, and can be viewed at

WB Games Live! will give gamers and fans who are not able to attend E3 the chance to join in and take part in the excitement of the show. Those who tune-in will be treated to live gameplay demos, discussions with world renowned game developers and surprise guests, as well as cosplay contests.  They will also be able to enter for online giveaways and prizes.

WB Games Live! will stream during the dates and times below. Fans can visit now for a full schedule of events.

  • Tuesday, 13 th June:       9:00 p.m. – 1:40 a.m BST
  • Wednesday 14 th June:  7.30 p.m. – 12:40 a.m BST
  • Thursday 15 th June:      7.30 p.m. – 12:40 a.m BST

The video game titles that will be featured in the WB Games Live! show include:

Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™

Injustice™ 2

LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2

LEGO® Worlds

LEGO® Dimensions


Will keep you posted on the latest LEGO video games updates and happenings once E3 finally kicks in next week, so be sure to keep tabs with us here at the Brick Show.




Here’s What To Expect From The Largest LEGO Fan Convention in the Philippines – The Abrickadbra 2017 (Part 1).

Here at the Brick Show, one of our aims is to offer our followers a glimpse of the best and most creative use of the LEGO brick both in the US and across the globe. The appeal of creating something new using LEGO seems to be universal to say the least as evidenced by locally arranged LEGO fan conventions and brick festivals all around the world. Last March, I mentioned in one of my previous posts that the Philippines is getting ready for its largest LEGO fan convention spearheaded by the Philippine LEGO Users Group, or PhLUG. Dubbed as Abrickadabra, the LEGO fan convention showcases the most creative MOCs, both from kids and adults alike, that also cleverly conveys the unique Filipino culture.

Frankly speaking, since the inception of Abrickadabra in 2015, I never had the opportunity of visiting this LEGO fan event for various reasons. So imagine my excitement when I was invited to PhLUG’s mini press event a couple of weeks ago to have an early look at what we can expect from the country’s largest gathering of LEGO fans.

The PhLUG is currently steered by its captain and founder Piper Protacio, who also happens to be the Philippines’ LUG Ambassador. His passion for the LEGO brick is seriously contagious! Speaking in behalf of PhLUG during the mini press event, Piper gave the attendees a glimpse of what will take place on the 27th as Abrickadabra 2017 kicks in.

First off, a little background about Abrickadabra. Now on its third year, it is PhLUG’s annual LEGO fan convention where original LEGO MOCs, building events, and informative LEGO building techniques are shared and discussed all in an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie. It is by far, the largest LEGO fan convention in the Philippines, followed only by BRICKXhibit which is also organized by PhLUG and held usually in December. Every year, PhLUG strives to make Abrickadbra even better by adding more interactive, hands-on activities that cater not only to children and AFOLs, but to the general public as well. Its overarching goal is to promote the LEGO brick as a medium to channel one’s creativity and to see it not just a mere toy made of ABS plastic.

Piper went on to introduce the cool guys behind PhLUG’s SIGs or sub-interest groups, and on display during the press event were some of the MOCs that will be showcased during Abrickadabra. There are five SIGs under the PhLUG umbrella, namely:

  • Force Legion, which specializes in Star Wars builds and other vehicles from the galaxy far, far away.

  • Kingdoms, where medieval kings, pirates, and samurais rule.

  • Sci-fi, where LEGO artisans give life to sci-fi characters, mechs and Steampunk creations.

  • Urban, when it’s an urban jungle of LEGO bricks out there.

  • Versus, where all the brick-built superheroes converge and clash.

Other than the creative minds behind this amazing MOCs, what caught my attention was how dedicated PhLUG is in giving budding LEGO MOCers (if I used the term correctly) a chance to show their creations. I’m glad to hear that more than just being an AFOL event, Abrickadabra also encourages children to create and take pride in their MOCs. Here’s a special shout out to Zion, Manuel and Gero for taking time to share and say something about their original LEGO builds. These kids will be a part of Abrickadabra’s Junior Builders where children age 12 and below will a have a spot in sharing their original LEGO creations. Here’s a sampling of what these kids can do.

To my surprise, present also during the press event was builder Mark Gotidoc whose LEGO Ideas entry, the LEGO Brickheadz Inside Out, was once featured in our list of 7 LEGO Brickheadz MOCs that will win your hearts. It was a pleasure chatting with him and learning more about his LEGO Ideas project. If you wish to support him as well as I do, you may head over at the LEGO Ideas website and cast your vote.

Other event highlights include a Vintage LEGO Corner where well preserved, LEGO classic sets from the 60s till the 80s will be put on display.

Sascha Olik, one of the most prolific LEGO builders in the country, will also be adding fun to the event by exhibiting his original Super Dimension Fortress Macross LEGO creation. The sheer scale and accuracy of this build – weighed in at 11,000 pieces of LEGO bricks – is absolutely stunning.

If these fascinating LEGO creations have piqued your interest for Abrickadabra 2017, then you might be thrilled to know more about the rest of the activities that PhLUG has lined up for this event. I’ll be covering that in my next instalment so be sure to keep tabs with us. So if you happen to be in Manila as you’re reading this, you might as well block your calendar this Saturday and pay a visit at the Promenade Hall in Greenhills, San Juan, Manila. Tickets will be sold at the venue for Php100, or roughly $2 each, and you may follow PhLUG’s official Facebook page for more updates leading to the event.


Special thanks to Piper and Chestnut for the rest of the photos.




LEGO Launches the LEGO World of Creativity Tour.

Remember that time during the late 90s when LEGO introduced the concept of its LEGO Imagination Celebration Tour? Loaded with more than a half million LEGO bricks and pieces, the Truck Show was LEGO’s bearer of good tidings and was very much welcomed across 25 US cities during its brief stint. It was done, in part, to celebrate LEGO’s 25th anniversary in the US. LEGO fans, adults and children alike, experienced a unique building experience where they got the chance of participating in a variety of brick-building activities, the most memorable of which is the Ultimate LEGO Creation Building Contest. The LEGO Imagination Celebration Tour was so endearing to the LEGO Group that they eventually decided to immortalize the Truck Show as an actual complimentary LEGO set for those who participated in last year’s LEGO Inside Tour.

This time around, the tradition of sharing joy and spreading creative fun is very much alive again thanks to another ‘bricktastic’ adventure from LEGO. LEGO Systems Inc. has announced a similar tour to launch in North America beginning on July 7. Dubbed as the LEGO World of Creativity Tour, the brand new LEGO play experience promises tons of activities geared towards the entire family. The said tour will make five stops across the US and tickets are now available for purchase. Check out the LEGO Group’s official statement below.

LEGO Systems, Inc. Announces New Interactive Experience Tour – the LEGO® World of Creativity

-Show Will Travel to Five Cities in 2017, Beginning in Savannah, Georgia July 7-

ENFIELD, Conn. (May 10, 2017) – Kids and adults alike are in for a “bricktastic” adventure as LEGO Systems, Inc. kicks off the LEGO® World of Creativity tour. This new, hands-on LEGO building experience will tour the United States offering creative adventures for families across the country. LEGO World of Creativity will make five stops in 2017, launching in Savannah, GA July 7-9. Additional tour stops include: Albuquerque, NM (August 4-6), Tacoma, WA (September 8-10), Boise, ID (September 29-October 1), and Madison, WI (October 13-15). Tickets on sale now at The tour will continue in 2018, with markets and dates to be announced at a later date.

Packed with innovative activities all centered around the endless possibility of the LEGO brick, LEGO World of Creativity gives children and parents a chance to imagine, build and play together. Featuring new interactive building activities, as well as proven family-favorite experiences, LEGO World of Creativity is designed for the whole family to explore the world through imagination and creativity. Families will be captivated by the variety of build and play experiences available in hands-on building zones, such as The Big City, where they can build custom LEGO vehicles and test them down race ramps, The Ocean, where they are invited to build sand castles on a LEGO brick beach, and Outer Space, where customized LEGO creations are put to the gravity test. Other building activities, games and challenges will round out each stop.

“We can’t wait to be back on the road to bring a brand new LEGO building experience to families,” said Vince Rubino, senior manager, event marketing for LEGO Systems. “We know how much families enjoy the time they spend together at our brand-in-hand events. The LEGO World of Creativity tour combines some of the most popular official LEGO event experiences with a new slate of interactive activities centered on open-ended creative building that are sure to surprise and delight kids and adults alike.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with LEGO Systems on the LEGO World of Creativity tour and we’re excited to bring the classic LEGO brick building experience to families across the country,” said Eddie Newquist, EVP and chief creative officer for global events company, GES. “With GES’ long history of connecting brands with the families who love them, we are sure that the LEGO World of Creativity tour will be a wonderful addition to the roster of official LEGO experiences.”

Seven sessions – each three hours in length – will be held at each tour stop over three days. The event requires a timed-entry ticket and visitors are encouraged to purchase their tickets early to ensure entry during their desired date and time.

Information regarding show schedule, venue, directions, event information, and tickets can be found at



LEGO Store May Calendar Now Up!

The LEGO Store Calendar for the month of May has now been released, and it is a fitting tribute for that month where legions of the Star Wars faithful gather and celebrate, especially that this year marks the 40th anniversary of the Star Wars saga. Check out the highlights for next month’s LEGO Store events.


May 2 to 3: FREE VIP Monthly Mini Build.

For the month of May, the next FREE mini build will be the Car (40243). To reserve a spot, visit starting April 15.



May 4 onwards: Get the new D2C exclusive, LEGO Star Wars UCS Snowspeeder (75144) available only in LEGO Stores and at

This latest UCS set is slated to be the highlight of LEGO’s May the 4th celebrations. The LEGO Star Wars UCS Snowspeeder (75144) has already been revealed and will be available to all, starting of course, on May 4. The next Ultimate Collector Series hailing from the Resistance comes in at 1,703 pieces and will retail at $200.


May 4 to 7: Free R2-D2 (30611) polybag set with a LEGO Star Wars Purchase of $50 + Double VIP Points.

The highly sought after buildable R2-D2 polybag set is the Star Wars promotional highlight for next month, in line with the movie franchise’s 40th anniversary. A healthy amount of interest surrounded the most popular droid on the planet, especially now that he comes as a sought after, brick-built collectible. For me, it is a better deal as compared to previous years’ SW minifigure promotional. It is also wise to assume that this polybag set will go out fast because of the very limited window of opportunity in which it will be offered.

To spice things up, LEGO is throwing in another round of Double VIP points throughout the week on ALL LEGO Star Wars sets, plus discounts on selected ones. On a side note, the UCS Snowspeeder is not included on the list of sale items. However, if you’re holding back on your purchase of the Battle of Scariff (75171) and Y-Wing Starfighter (75172), next month is the best time to get them since both sets will earn you 50 bonus VIP points if you purchase them in May.


May 4: Special Star Wars Events in Stores!

Throughout the whole day, children ages 6-14 may visit any LEGO Store dressed up in their favorite Star Wars character and join in the Search & Find activity where participants can receive a pair of collectible Yoda ears (not sure how it will look like though, maybe a cap of some sorts?). In the afternoon at 5PM, participants will also get a chance to participate in a minifigure speed build challenge where the fastest builder will receive a free minifigure. Participation in the minifig speed build challenge may require registration so be sure to ask a Brick Specialist.


May 8 to 21: Free Mini Milano With Purchases of $35 or More!

Right after the buildable R2-D2 promotional, comes the FREE LEGO Marvel Supeheroes GOTG Vol. 2 Milano (30499) polybag. Though this polybag set will be available for a longer promotional period as compared to R2, better expect this one to fly out of the shelves quickly as well.


Whole Month of May: Receive a Special Star Wars passport stamp when you download the LEGO Life App.


April 24 to June 25: Help the Rebel Alliance Build a Base Camp.

Take part in the Rebel Alliance by building vehicles, aircrafts or droids for the base camp at your local LEGO Store. Snap a photo of your creation and upload it to the LEGO Life app to receive a pair of wearable Yoda ears while supplies last. This building activity is for children ages 6-14 only.


May 13 and 14: Mother’s Day Weekend Building Event.

On Mother’s Day, come in and build a spring inspired Tulip (40039) mini build that you get to take home for FREE. This event is for VIP members and intended for ages 6 to 14 years old. Registration is required so be sure to inquire at your nearest LEGO Store.


Interestingly, the LEGO Store May Calendar also gives us a peek at some LEGO Duplo sets (Flo’s Café 10846 and Thunder Hollow Crazy 8 Race 10744) dedicated to Disney’s Cars 3, just before it debuts in cinemas in August. Starting May, several Minecraft, Elves, Star Wars, and Marvel Superheroes sets will also be available so be sure to check them out.