2018 LEGO Ninjago Pods Revealed.

It seems that we’re getting our first wave of 2018 LEGO minifigure pods quite early. Just recently, LEGO has uploaded via its servers, several official images of 2018’s LEGO Ninjago Masters Spinjitzu Sons of Garmadon Jay (853758) and Cole (853759) Dojo Pods. If you recall, we have our first LEGO Ninjago Dojo Pod with a Kai minifigure (5004916) last July, and it seems that LEGO is adding more characters to these collectible line of minifigs.

As you can see from the official images below, these pods come in blister type packaging, with each pod featuring a prominent lenticular sticker that shows the character’s ninja mask and designated element. The inside of the pods also features a kendo helmet, training accessories and signature weapons. It should be noted that though Jay and Cole may have the same minifigure torso and legs, the prints on them are new to these series. Frankly, I hope that their actual minifigs are different from one another in terms of color scheme. That will be better and adds more variety to them.

LEGO Ninjago Masters Spinjitzu Sons of Garmadon Jay Pod (853758)

LEGO Ninjago Masters Spinjitzu Sons of Garmadon Cole Pod (853759)

Given that we already have their official images uploaded, we can expect these pods to appear at shop.LEGO.com and in LEGO Brand Stores anytime soon, with a retail price of $8.99 each.

Love Is In The Air With These Latest LEGO Seasonal (40187) and Wedding Souvenir (40197) Sets.

We’re not past Christmas yet, but it seems that LEGO is already setting up the mood for all love-struck AFOLs out there. LEGO has recently uploaded official images of the new seasonal and souvenir sets via its servers, and we now have our first look at the LEGO Valentine’s Day Seasonal Flowers (40187), and the Wedding Favor (40197) sets.

At 100 pieces, the Valentine’s Day Flowers  (40187) is expected to retail for $10 and may also come for free when you purchase any LEGO sets from February 7 to 14, 2018 together with the LEGO Wall Calendar’s Voucher #2. Though I like the idea of brick-built flowers as a gift for your special someone, I do hope that LEGO will continue the release of its seasonal vignettes similar to this year. I would love to see a redesign of the Romantic Valentine Picnic (40236) for that matter.

LEGO Seasonal Valentine’s Day Flowers  (40187)


The LEGO Wedding Favor (40197) set comes in at 132 pieces, and is by far the best designed iteration of this souvenir. LEGO released two wedding giveaways prior to set 40197, with the first released in 2011 with the Minifigure Wedding Favor Set (853340) and again just last year with a rehash of the Minifigure Wedding set (40165). The latest version is a welcomed one since it incorporates more details and accessories for the minifigures. It is expected to retail for $10 as well.

LEGO Wedding Favor Set (40197)


We’ll keep you posted when this will be available, but my best guess is sometime during the second half of January. Thanks to our friends from Bouw Steentjes for the tip.

A Closer Look at the 2017 LEGO Employee Gift Nutcracker (4002017).

Last week, we caught a glimpse of this year’s LEGO Employee Gift which is exclusively given to all LEGO Brand Store employees at this time of the year. This year, LEGO opted for a more holiday vibe with its complementary set, LEGO Store Employee Gift Nutcracker (4002017). I also remember saying in that post that this particular holiday gift set is probably the least attractive of all the employee gifts that LEGO has released thus far. However, after seeing several unboxing images from AFOL Bartlett via Chinese internet media giant, Sohu.com, I felt that corrections are in order. I am glad that I was wrong with my initial impression since I never had the chance to see the actual set built nor tried out – I just based my comments on its rather unsightly box art.

Thanks to these images shared by Bartlett, we now have a better appreciation of this latest LEGO Store Employee Gift. If you wish to see a full account of how the set is build – from it’s unboxing to the set’s play features – just head over to Bartlett’s post over at Sohu. Just don’t forget to use Google Translate to have a better idea on the finer details of this Nutcracker set. Credit goes to Bartlett for sharing these images, and to Ms. Norma Fernandes for sharing the clip below via Instagram.

The 2017 LEGO Employee Gift Nutcracker (4002017) box as compared to other sets.

An inside look at the box’s contents and building instructions.

 The Nutcracker (40002017) set completely built, including an exclusive 2×4 printed tile.

The entire range of LEGO Nutcracker sets so far.


Official Images of 60 Years of the LEGO Brick (40290) Commemorative Set Now Up.

Earlier this month, the LEGO Store January 2018 Calendar has revealed a promotional, commemorative set that celebrates the 60th patent anniversary of the 2×4 LEGO brick. The 60 Years of the LEGO Brick (40290) is the next gift with purchase set that is expected to be popular among faithful LEGO set collectors. Coming in at 421 pieces, this free promotional set is expected to be available in the US starting January 28 until February 14, 2018, for a minimum single receipt purchase of any LEGO products worth $125 and above. I think it should be noted that there is a bit of a typo error in this portion of the calendar, since it mentions that this promotional will be available starting January 28, 2017 so I hope LEGO will clear this one up.

The 60 Years of the LEGO Brick (40290) set highlights four mini versions of some of the most iconic LEGO sets such as Airport Shuttle (6399), Castle (375), Black Seas Barracuda (6285), and Space Cruiser and Moonbase (928). To cap it off, LEGO is also throwing in the highly collectible, commemorative 60th Anniversary Tile which is basically a white 2×4 tile printed with the 60th anniversary logo. Check out these official images which LEGO has recently uploaded to its servers.  This set is expected to be very popular among AFOLs so be sure to take advantage of this promotional once it goes live in the US on January 28, 2018.

60 Years of the LEGO Brick (40290)


More LEGO Seasonal BrickHeadz Slated for 2018.

After LEGO recently announced and created some buzz around the latest BrickHeadz to watch out for with the Valentine’s Bee (40270), it left me with a distinct impression that it will not be the last in the series. Revealed as a seasonal set, it is somehow expected that more similar sets will be introduced later on from this particular subtheme of BrickHeadz.

As it seems, it looks like LEGO is intentionally showing us what’s next after the Valentine’s Bee BrickHeadz for 2018. The back side of the set’s box art reveals five additional LEGO seasonal BrickHeadz, each of which is expected to be released alongside the traditional seasonal vignettes throughout the year.

#30 Easter Bunny – available in March


#31 Halloween Witch – available in September


#32 Thanksgiving Turkey – available in October


#33 & #34 Mr. and Mrs. Claus – available in November

Truth be told, I wish LEGO could have followed its usual BrickHeadz silhouette teaser rather than revealing the whole nine yards. As a LEGO enthusiast, I appreciate a certain degree of excitement and sense mystery on what LEGO has in the works for its future sets. So revealing all the LEGO Seasonal BrickHeadz all in one swoop kind of put a damper on it.

Nevertheless, these are still lovely sets, and will be a great addition to your ever growing BrickHeadz collection.