Building Instructions Available for LEGO Brand Store (40528), New GWP for Store Openings

LEGO gifts-with-purchase sets run the gamut from common and easily-acquired, to being uncommonly rare. The latter group goes beyond merely being in-store exclusive for instance, but rather because their availability becomes highly situational. Now, since 2012 LEGO’s been presenting GWP sets available only during the openings of their new Branded stores. The building set depicts, naturally, a brick-built LEGO Store as well, with new iterations introduced every few years. Given how uncommon new LEGO branded stores open worldwide, their accompanying GWPs are limited too. With the retirement of the most recent LEGO Brand Store set (40145), a new version was previewed at last year’s end.

And according to German LEGO news source Promobricks¸ building instructions for the new LEGO Brand Store (40528) are now available. They can be found, as usual, in’s Building Instructions portal. As you can see in the box image, we’ve a fully-enclosed build for the next GWP exclusive for new LEGO Store openings. It doesn’t even feature a single minifigure, but has a sticker sheet included for added details. The introduction of this LEGO Store (40528) GWP couldn’t come at a better time. The previous set 40145 was already in low quantity even before retirement this year.

In fact, 40145’s scarcity the reopening of LEGO’s branded store in Bonn, Germany used another LEGO Store set as GWP. Said micro-scale set (40305) is actually a retail version, still listed at (20% off) but currently sold out. For any new branded LEGO Stores opening this 2022 and beyond, GWP set 40528 is what to expect. Of course, those new stores should open near you if you want a shot at collecting this item. As you know, being a GWP it comes free with a minimum total LEGO purchase.

LEGO Finally Makes Spider-Man Art Print (5007043) Available on VIP Rewards

Back in September, LEGO teased a series of art prints that could be availed of through their VIP program. Of the four prints, three depicted the Disney Princesses Rapunzel, Elsa and Belle. The fourth was a LEGO Marvel art print featuring Spider-Man. Following the reveal, the LEGO Disney Princess prints got packed into a special set bundle (5007204) for UK. That was in addition to being available on LEGO VIP’s Rewards the normal way. But for some reason the Marvel Spider-Man art print didn’t follow them to the latter as intended. Was it cancelled?

The Brick Fan says no. Be informed that the LEGO Spider-Man Comic art print (5007043) can now be redeemed at the VIP Rewards Center. If you need a refresher, this print shows LEGO Spider-Man rescuing J. Jonah Jameson from the super-villain-besieged Daily Bugle. Yep, it’s pretty much an artsy rendition of the epic LEGO Marvel 18+ set, Daily Bugle (76178). Considering what transpired this past weekend, we might understand why LEGO held off on launching this print with the Disney Princesses. It neatly piggybacks on the premiere hype of the MCU’s “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” which released on December 17.

Even better, LEGO VIP members only need 450 VIP points to redeem this print from the Rewards Center. We’re talking 200 points less than for the Princesses’ art prints. About the only shortcoming we might find is that no LEGO bundles for the Spider-Man print and Daily Bugle (76178) exist. The aforementioned LEGO Marvel set is also temporarily out of stock at at present. But hey: LEGO-Marvel fan? Are you VIP program member too? Then what are you waiting for? Get this sweet print.

LEGO Creator Skiing Santa Still Active In-Store GWP in UK, Europe Until Dec. 24

When it came to special offers in the vein of GWPs, the December 2021 LEGO Store Calendar was…sparse. Only one item was listed there, and only available in-store instead of online. That would be a Creator polybag with the figure of a jolly Skiing Santa Claus (30580). It could be earned free for every in-store LEGO purchase over $40, from December 1 to 14. Well, that promo period has come and gone since last week, at least in the US. As Brick Fanatics tells it however, Skiing Santa Claus is still around in Europe. And he’s staying until Christmas Eve.

Indeed, it can be seen as such in the Offers & Sale page of for GB. Creator Skiing Santa Claus (30580) remains active in-store GWP not just in the UK but Europe too. As with the now-ended US edition, the buildable figure polybag is earned with in-store LEGO purchases over 40. That’s in pounds or euros depending on where. It also goes hand-in-hand with the full seasonal set Santa’s Front Yard (40484). This similarly long-running GWP goes for both in-store and online orders over £170/€170. Both it and Skiing Santa are available right until December 24, quite appropriate enough.

Last Reminder of LEGO Cyber Monday Deals

The craziness of Black Friday weekend finally winds down with Cyber Monday, this November 29. While some of the Black Friday Deals are still on, one-day Cyber Monday offers are in the forefront now. We covered some of them before going into the weekend. Now, let’s review what to expect this Cyber Monday, as well as new stuff we learned.

  • LEGO Fleece Blanket – GWP with VIP purchases over $200
  • $5 discount voucher – get with redemption of 455 VIP points (usual rate at 650 points)

Here’s something else, but only if you’re a LEGO VIP member:

Most other deals from Black Friday still apply until today: GWPs Santa’s Front Yard (40484) and Seasonal Holiday Tree (in-store). And let’s not forget the VIP sweepstakes with a million VIP points at stake. Go get that last bit of LEGO shopping in before Cyber Monday winds down.

LEGO Black Friday Deals Revealed for VIP Weekend

We all know this is coming. With us now in the middle of November, Black Friday draws ever nearer. With that highly-anticipated event come the expected special deals and new releases courtesy of LEGO. In fact, some of those surprises are already known. LEGO’s got big sets like the Star Wars UCS AT-AT (75313) accompanied by multiple GWPs. But the rest remain unknown; or at least they were. Australia revealed even more deals for Black Friday this past weekend according to Brickset. We make note of them even as the other portals officially list the same by now.

Officially, the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period runs November 26-29. But if you’re a LEGO VIP member then the fun starts earlier for you; one weekend earlier in fact. VIPs can get these special deals from November 20 to 21. They will rerun for everybody on the weekend after that. Here’s what LEGO’s got lined up:

  • Doubled VIP Points (naturally)

  • VIP GWP: Retro Tin Sign (evoking old LEGO box covers) – collectible with LEGO purchases over $309

  • GWP Early Access: Santa’s Front Yard (40484) – collectible with LEGO purchases over $229
  • VIP Reward Center Sale (discount VIP points on rewards)

  • Vintage Camera set – 2,000 VIP point redemption, while stocks last

See how advantageous LEGO VIP membership can be? You get a shot at these deals early before everyone else storms in on Black Friday. If you miss it then, there’s always November 26-29. That’s when the LEGO Star Wars UCS AT-AT (75313) launches.

LEGO x Target Collection, Coming December 4

We all know that LEGO is an old hand at cross-promotional partnerships. Their team-ups with brands like Adidas give their partner some neat LEGO-themed merchandise. In return, they get to develop some sweet tie-ins. Aside from clothing labels The LEGO Group also collaborates with retail brands. Usually that nets some exclusive deals on LEGO products, if the retailer is something like Target. But this latest partnership between the two promises to be one of the biggest yet. After several teasers last month, the LEGO x Target Collection looks ready to go with a launch date.

Brick Fanatics tells us that the limited-time  is due to release on December 4. It consists of a wide variety of LEGO-themed merchandise, from clothes to accessories to plastic house-ware. Signature brick aesthetics can make future owners believe they’re using 1:1 scale LEGO pieces. The entire collection boasts no less than 300 individual items with an average price of $30. Is that too steep or too cheap? There are LEGO x Target Collection items going as low as $1.50 and up to $120. You’re sure to find something for every member of the family, even pets.

Sip your drinks from minifigure mugs sized just right for your hands. Go to the beach or playground sandbox with a sand-building kit including sand-brick molds and shovels. LEGO collectors probably could never have enough minifigure-head storage containers. And of course, the bright and cheery LEGO x Target clothes are all snazzy, if you like that fashion. You can get them all exclusively from Target stores and online starting December 4. They’ve even kept the promo open-ended, so save up and get ready for them.

Gryffindor Dorms (40452) GWP Still On Until November 19

It feels like only yesterday at times, when LEGO Harry Potter collectors thought they missed out on a GWP. That October 2021 LEGO Store calendar offered two LEGO Harry Potter items as GWPs. The key set of the two was Hogwarts – Gryffindor Dorms (40452). It was a modular set that also doubled as a display space for Wizarding World tiles. These were included in all 20th Anniversary LEGO HP sets. But as it stood, the GWP period for Gryffindor Dorms (40452) ran from October 25 to November 7. That was despite being “removed” from the second October store calendar. At least, that was the GWP period before it came back.

Brick Fanatics tells us that LEGO’s online store has brought back LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts – Gryffindor Dorms (40452). That’s great news for those who missed it as a GWP. It would be like the promo period never stopped. Collectors now have until November 19 to claim this nice little set featuring Harry and Ron in their rooms. The deal remains the same too. LEGO Harry Potter purchases over $100 (also £ and €) will net you the Gryffindor Dorms (40452). As far as GWP goes, this is one of the best among the recent offerings.

Santa’s Front Yard Set (40484): Possible Black Friday GWP Revealed

We’re counting the days until Black Friday for all those sweet LEGO deals only available this time of November. Of course, that means waiting for the 15th of the month when LEGO would make its official announcement. Keeping the details out of the November 2021 store calendar must make for more suspense, perhaps. Already we have some clue as to what to expect, such as a new LEGO Star Wars UCS set. We learned that from a leak, and now LEGO Store in Australia may have revealed another Black Friday deal. It’s a seasonal gift with purchase, according to Brickset.

What we have here is called Santa’s Front Yard (40484). A neat Yuletide-themed mini-set, its 317 pieces makes it just big to be a GWP. Similarities to LEGO Harry Potter Gryffindor Dorms (40452) can also be seen in having a wall backdrop. The included buildable reindeer is also quite adorable. We’ll probably know more about this set this mid-November.

Santa’s Front Yard (40484) – 317 pieces

Celebrate the winter season with the LEGO® building kit Santa’s Front Yard (40484). It’s an icy, moonlit night in Santa’s front yard, where an attentive elf is feeding a cute reindeer by the cold, clear stream with a carrot. This delightful scenery includes a snow-covered North Pole shield and trees, as well as a hand lantern for the elf. An inspiring gift for children aged 9 and over and festive building fun for LEGO fans of all ages.

  • LEGO® Santa’s Front Yard (40484) includes an elven minifigure, a reindeer and an icy, moonlit environment with a stream, snow-covered trees and the North Pole shield, as well as a hand lantern and a carrot element.
  • With this 317-part construction kit, the Christmas spirit comes up. Festive fun for children aged 9 and over and LEGO® building fun for the whole family.

LEGO November 2021 Store Calendar Released

With barely a week’s worth of days left in this month, you know what that means LEGO-wise. The next Store Calendar’s going to drop. Here’s a big shout-out to The Brick Fan, for noting the November 2021 LEGO Store Calendar on LEGO’s servers. Several days back, we were expecting some GWPs that “disappeared” from the October calendar to reappear here. They don’t need to anymore, but as a result the November activities/specials appear minimal. Black Friday deals should be marked down, but we’ve been informed LEGO’s saving them for November 15. Anyway, have a look at the calendar down below.

Special Activity: LEGO Rebuild the World
  • #BuildToGive – Build a Christmas Star using LEGO pieces and share on social media with LEGO via #BuildToGive; LEGO will donate a LEGO set to a child in need for every Christmas Star thus shared, with a target of 1.5 million children (total value $150 million). Participating children under 13 need parental consent.
Gift with Purchase
  • LEGO Creator Coffee Cart (40488) – with purchases $65 and up; November 8-14 or while supplies last

November 1 Product Releases
LEGO Ideas
Others (Sampler)

LEGO Harry Potter GWPs Launch Despite Store Calendar “Removal” (Thank Goodness)

Ever had those days when you get worked up over an event you’re anticipating being cancelled, except not really? That must have been some LEGO collectors/”Harry Potter” fans this month following the official LEGO Store calendar’s…alterations. In mid-October LEGO released another version of their October 2021 store calendar without its LEGO Harry Potter GWPs. They were supposed to go live later this month and carry on over to November. The Hogwarts Gryffindor Dorms (40452) was “new” enough (actually a reimagining of an early LHP mini-set) to warrant attention. Just when we thought we’ll have to wait until next month…they launch. confirms with us that come October 25, the apparently-removed LEGO Harry Potter GWPs kicked off as originally scheduled. You can see them now in Shop@Home’s promos & discounts page. Hogwarts Gryffindor Dorms can be yours for any LEGO Harry Potter purchase of $100 and above. If you’re buying from a LEGO Store you can also get Hermione’s Study Desk (30392) for $40 and up. Both offers, as the saying goes, remain available while supplies last. But if these gifts-with-purchase sets were going to be around anyway, then why the second, LHP-less store calendar? LEGO hasn’t explained. And while we can be relieved, we understand if some are still annoyed at the fake-out(?).

As for other territories, the minimum spend for Hogwarts Gryffindor Dorms (40452) are as follows: The UK and Europe are both 100 (£ and €, respectively), while Australia has AU$200.