LEGO Teases The New LEGO Creator Expert NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander Set

LEGO is definitely looking forward to revive the LEGO Space theme in one form or the other. After the successful launch of the new LEGO City Space sets, LEGO has now teased via social media another large set that caters to LEGO and NASA enthuasiasts. Now if you’re actively involved among LEGO fan forums and sites, chances are, you have an encountered already what this mystery set is. In fact, LEGO has given out some images of this set to several European retailers for marketing purposes. Though taken down already, eagle-eyed LEGO fans were quick to capture a snapshot of the new LEGO Creator Expert NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander in all its golden glory.

However, LEGO is still holding on to its horses pending a full reveal of this next Creator Expert set. Check out this 5-second video clip that highlights the first giant leap for LEGO minifigs in space.

I love how the small minifig print appears on the surface of the moon, imitating mankind’s first moon landing. The LEGO Creator Expert NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander is expected to be available sometime next month, with an official reveal to happen any time next week. As a Creator Expert set, this new real world set is expected to consist of more than a thousand pieces and will retail for almost a hundred US dollars. The fact that this new LEGO set is set to be released in June celebrating the 50th year anniversary of NASA’s moon landing, makes this set more appealling to fans.

It is also said that this set will be accompanied with a special promotional item in the form of a commemorative patch, similar  to what LEGO did when when it released a limited edition promotional keychain that accompanied the LEGO Creator Expert Ford Mustang (10265).

Be sure to stay tuned and subscribe to our blog site for more news about the official reveal of the LEGO Creator Expert NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander any time soon.


Barnes & Noble Restocks LEGO Bricktober 2018 4-Minifigure Set for Harry Potter (5005254)

It’s like a story retold to tedium, about last year’s LEGO Bricktober 4-piece minifigure sets. Originally slated for Toys R Us, they had to be made available elsewhere in the US for obvious reasons. For instance, the Bricktober for LEGO Harry Potter (5005254) was to be made available in major bookstore chain Barnes & Noble.

That announcement came to pass. Collectors managed to acquire the LEGO Bricktober Harry Potter set (5005254) in B&N stores before October 2018 was done. We’d thought that that was the end of it, that any further 5005254’s will be found online. But there are still more left at B&N apparently.

The official Barnes & Noble website has once again put LEGO Harry Potter Bricktober 2018 (5005254) up again for listing. If any Potter-fans haven’t gotten this then now’s the time. Granted, quantities for the set seem limited. It’s already marked “temporarily” out of stock online.

If you’re planning to grab your 4-piece minifigure collection, its current price is at $14.99 and it might be available on B&N stores instead. LEGO Bricktober 2018 Harry Potter (5005254) consists of Madame Hooch, Professor Horace Slughorn, Dolores Umbridge and the “Prisoner of Azkaban” Boggart in the form of Snape.

“LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary – New Edition” Releases “Platinum Anniversary Version” with Extra Goodies

Earlier last May, LEGO Star Wars fans were able to acquire a big new reference book for their product line. That was when Dorling-Kindersley (DK) released the “LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary – New Edition.” This book is significantly updated with info on more recent LEGO Star Wars products, plus an exclusive minifigure on the cover.

If LEGO Star Wars fans haven’t purchased the new visual dictionary yet, then perhaps they’d like this alternative version instead. While the New Edition came out before the date, DK also has the 20th Anniversary of LEGO Star Wars in mind. That’s why they also brought out a “Platinum Edition.”

This is a version of the new “LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary” that ties into the product line’s 2-decade milestone. New LEGO-Vader dominated slipcase aside the contents are the same as the baseline “New Edition,” including the Bacta-suit Finn minifigure. But this one has extras.


You might recall the gift-with-purchase ($35 min) LEGO Star Wars art print for May the Fourth. This 20th Anniversary version has two such art prints, tucked in the slipcase with the book and minifigure. Those posters would make great additions in the walls of a LEGO Star Wars collector’s room.

So far, the special “LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary Anniversary Edition” is listed only on Shop@Home UK. The basic “New Edition” book that came out in April is still available on Amazon US and UK.

LEGO Welcomes May the Fourth Early with “Star Wars” Sets and Promotions

This coming Saturday, the “Star Wars” fandom gets to go crazy in an awesome good way again. After all, it’ll be May the Fourth, and there are plenty of related “Star Wars” events, stuff and goodies waiting. For instance, LEGO has a few promotions in honor of this fandom occasion. Even better, they’re starting early.

Let’s reiterate what’s available for LEGO Star Wars fans and collectors on May the Fourth:

  1. LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV (75244) – are you a LEGO VIP member? Rejoice! It’s on right now before the rest of the fans can get their hands on it Saturday
  2. LEGO Star Wars Battle of Hoth – 20th Anniversary Edition (75244) – size and scale shouldn’t matter as you recreate one of the highlights of “The Empire Strikes Back” with this set; it’s yours with a minimum of $75 in LEGO Star Wars products, while supplies last
  3. LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniversary Art Print – why gaze on digital-format artwork when you can have a physical media to display in your room? If you spend at least $35 on LEGO Star Wars products starting this weekend, this art print can be yours; if you have the Battle of Hoth (75244) you already have this; again, while supplies last
  4. Selected LEGO Star Wars products 2x VIP points – for VIP members, this needs no explanation

May the Fourth be with you on this new moment for celebrating all things “Star Wars.” We need something to keep ourselves busy until “The Rise of Skywalker” premieres December.

Official Images of LEGO Chinese Seasonal Set Dragon Boat Race (80103)

One thing notable about the regional-exclusive LEGO sets for the Chinese market is the number of minifigures included. It can be said as characteristic of China, where there are a lot of people. Whether it’s an extended family gathering for New Year’s Dinner, or a team of dancers, these LEGO sets evoke strength in numbers.

That character is at its strongest with the third seasonal Chinese LEGO set, the Dragon Boat Race (80103). As stated, it depicts a competition between two dragon boat teams witnessed by onshore onlookers and a contest judge. With five members to each boat plus extras, there are 15 minifigures total.

We first got to see this set thanks to images from an online Macau retailer. Its official release is on May 1 but for disappointed collectors bemoaning its market-exclusivity, worry no more. LEGO has announced a scheme to make regional exclusives released after a certain period to be generally available after 3 to six months.


While it no longer includes its earlier-released brother sets, LEGO Dragon Boat Race (80103) will surely fall into the first batch of exclusives to see wider availability. It’s certainly a nice set, a great commemoration for the June 7 date of the 2019 Dragon Boat Festival for which the race is done as a highlight.

We can also thank Brick Set and eBay for these official images with which we can finally see the finer details of this seasonal set.

US Promotions to Expect on “Star Wars” May the 4th

The months of April and May are said to be given over to large-scale “Star Wars” fan festivities. Earlier this month we had the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. Next Sunday, The global fandom will again be engaging in a pun-ny “Star Wars” extravaganza once more, with May the Fourth.

As one of the major brands making “Star Wars” merchandise, LEGO has always taken advantage of its celebratory fandom events. Whether it’s an exclusive set or a gift with purchase, leave it to LEGO to have something for the occasion. In fact, Shop@Home just put up their May the 4th specials for customers’ easy reference.

Here’s a list of what treats to expect from LEGO on May the 4th 2019:

  • LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV (75244) – regularly available on the day itself, but LEGO VIP members can get it earlier on May 3

LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV (75244)

  • Double VIP on Selected LEGO Star Wars Products – yeah, speaking of VIPs they’ll have a chance to double their point acquisition on particular items; so if that 2x-point LEGO SW set’s not yet in your collection, enjoy getting it for the points


  • 20th Anniversary Gifts with Purchase – for a minimum $35 total purchase of LEGO Star Wars stuff, customers will get a special Art Print for the line’s anniversary; but at least $75, and LEGO will throw in a free Battle of Hoth – 20th Anniversary Edition (40333) micro set too


And of course, we can’t forget the LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniversary – and new-for-2019 – sets that are available now on Shop@Home, along with LEGO-themed “Star Wars” merchandise from alarm clocks to minifigure key-chains. These at least you can start with right now, before May the 4th arrives.

Limited-Edition LEGO Model of Istana Presidential Palace in Singapore to be Revealed by President on May 1 Open-House

Limited-edition (and unnumbered) LEGO sets seem to be becoming a thing with Singapore. Recall that last month their LEGO Store in Changi Airport had an exclusive micro-build set of the Airport Tower. Next, LEGO Singapore offers 22 LCP-designed “Avengers: Endgame” Hero (minifigure) Display Station at a local Toys R Us.

But the piece de resistance will be coming this May 1, on International Labor Day. Singapore is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Istana, former residence of the British colonial governor that is now the Singaporean Presidential Palace and Prime Minister’s Office. On an open-house event during that day, Singapore President Halimah Yacob will be launching a special-edition LEGO set.

If you haven’t figured it out, it’ll be a scale model of the Istana in LEGO. While no images of this set have been shared, it has been stated that the LEGO model was commissioned by the Singaporean President’s Office as a commemorative item for the actual presidential palace’s anniversary.

Descriptions of the LEGO Istana limited-edition notes that it also renders the surrounding grounds and verandas aside from the main palace structure itself. Attention is pointed at the neo-Palladian architecture from its completion in 1869.

Sets of the model will be offered at the Istana open-house celebration Wednesday next week, when the presidential palace will be open to visitors from 8:30 AM to 6 PM Singapore time. Singaporeans and permanent residents can enter for free while others have a $2 entrance fee.

The LEGO Istana comes at $70 (Singaporean) each. All proceeds will go to charity via the President’s Challenge. This is another unnumbered Singaporean LEGO exclusive set that will be a collector’s rare prize.

LEGO Singapore’s Exclusive “Avengers: Endgame” Set – Hero Display Station – is a Local Contest Prize

Earlier this week, we saw the first hint dropped by LEGO Singapore about a potential exclusive set. It was also a tie-in to Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame” which premieres earlier in Asia than the US. We’ve been waiting for further details about how this might be gotten when in Singapore.

At last we have the answer, courtesy of the official Instagram page for fandom website Geek Culture. It turns out this is another unnumbered limited-edition set, designed by a LEGO Certified Professional. Called the “Super Heroes Display Station,” this set is actually a contest prize in the Toys R Us of Suntec City mall, Singapore.

Being a contest prize, the LEGO Super Heroes Display Station is going to be extremely rare, at only 22 copies. According to the flyer snapped by Geek Culture, the Super Heroes Display Station can be gotten by shoppers at the Suntec City Toys R Us who buy $150 worth of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets.

Posted by LEGO on Sunday, April 21, 2019

But that’s only to gain raffle entries. Contestants need to send their name, mobile number, and $150 sales receipt number from Suntec City Toys R Us via SMS to 73333. LEGO Singapore would then announce the 22 winners on their Facebook page on May 10, following the May 6 draw.

This is something to ponder for travelers to Singapore up until May 5. Is it worth buying LEGO Marvel stuff at the Toys R Us there just to snag this rare LEGO set? You decide. The LEGO Super Heroes Display Center opens up via hinges to reveal the LEGO Avengers as they look in “Avengers: Endgame.” Each character compartment also has see-through LEGO minifigure art.

LEGO to Make Regional Exclusives Widely Available Eventually, Starting with Sets Released Post-May 1

One of LEGO’s recent initiatives to drum up sales in specific markets around the world has been regional exclusives. These special sets would only be available for purchase in the markets they’re targeted to release in. That means avid collectors often had to jump hoops to get LEGO sets only available “there but not here.”

Needless to say, some of these customers are not pleased and have brought their concerns to LEGO. The LEGO Group has considered this and announced that pretty soon, regional exclusives sets need not remain exclusive forever. It will only be so for a given period before becoming generally available elsewhere.

To be specific, LEGO intends to implement this new regional exclusivity rule after May 1. That means all market-exclusive LEGO sets coming out after that date will stay regionally exclusive anywhere from 3 to 6 months. After that, they become fair game for collectors worldwide.

From this ruling, a number of LEGO regional exclusives earlier this year won’t make the cut. These include the Star Wars Celebration-only Darth Vader Bust (75227), plus the Chinese-market New Year’s Eve Dinner (80101) and Dragon Dance (80102). There’s a third Chinese set, the Dragon Boat Race (80103) that’s coming May 3. That could well fall under the new rules.

If so, collectors the world over can expect the LEGO Chinese Dragon Dance (80103) between August and November, once the regional exclusivity period runs out. Here’s hoping it is included, seeing as it was marketed with the earlier, non-eligible, two.

“Avengers: Endgame” Limited Set Hinted at by LEGO Singapore

In the LEGO Asian regional markets, the natural focus would be in China. After all, they have the LEGO factory, and the big-name seasonal set exclusives come from there. But Singapore is no slouch in doing exclusives either. Their LEGO Store in Changi Airport had an exclusive micro-build offered recently.

But now, LEGO Singapore itself is ready to do something bigger. Their official Facebook page just teased a limited-edition set. And this looks like something that won’t be placed on store shelves for conventional purchase. Finally, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what franchise this set ties to.

We only have this single image shared by LEGO Singapore to work with. As surmised by LEGO news sources like Brick Fanatics, this is likely a minifigure-prominent set, judging from the faint pictures on the sides. The box with the Avengers logo is a buildable carrying case, apparently hinged to allow access to the minifigs.

Singaporean LEGO collectors won’t have to wait too long for this exclusive. The “Avengers: Endgame” movie that this set ties into will be premiering this week after all. This minifigure box should arrive on the heels of the Avengers Tower (40334) promotional set, which is free with a minimum LEGO purchase of 75, be it in dollars, pounds or euros.