Build Your Very Own LEGO God of Fortune to Celebrate the Chinese New Year

Today marks the beginning of the Year of the Water Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac. And LEGO Singapore joins in the celebration by offering a regional exclusive promo LEGO God of Fortune brick-built mini statue.

Thanks to information provided by the Brickfinder, we get to see the intricacies of this miniature collectible. As it is, the LEGO God of Fortune is a gift-with-purchase set offered at Suntec City Mall in the famed Lion City. For every single-receipt purchase made at Suntec City Mall worth SGD $388 and above, you get to bring home this 132-piece giveaway. Some other conditions are attached to this promo, as you can see below.

Image courtesy of the Brickfinder.

Frankly, the purchase price point for this set might be a bit high. But as the Brickfinder mentions, this is a stackable promo. This means you also get to bring home for free other LEGO promos (such as the LEGO Year of the Rabbit and the LEGO Lunar New Year VIP Add-On Pack) during this time if you buy LEGO in Suntec City Mall.

And if you’re on the other side of the globe now, you can also have the chance to build your very own LEGO God of Fortune. You may download the building instructions here and check if you have the necessary parts to recreate this freebie. There seem to be no exclusive elements on this set, so you can check with your current LEGO collection if you have the parts available.

Image courtesy of the Brickfinder.

If you’re unfamiliar with this deity, this Chinese God of Fortune also comes by the name Caishen. He is said to bring good luck and prosperity to celebrate the new year.

New LEGO Promos and GWP Sets Now Up!

In case you missed it, several LEGO promos and GWP or gift-with-purchase sets are now over at LEGO’s home shopping portal and all LEGO stores. Now that the LEGO Icons Blacktron Cruiser (40580) promotional set has finally concluded, we can expect 2 additional GWP sets to be around (until supplies last) starting January 15 to 25, 2023.

The LEGO Year of the Rabbit (40575) can be yours for a minimum single-receipt qualifying purchase of any LEGO products worth $85 and more. This LEGO promotion is the 9th Chinese zodiac-inspired set from the seasonal series, so if you’re a completionist and wish to collect all these brick-built collectibles, you better not miss out on this one.

If you’re a LEGO VIP member, you are also in for another exclusive treat. Starting this week until the end of the month, there are two promos and GWP sets that you can bag for free with qualifying purchases. The LEGO Houses of the World 1 (40583) is presumably the first in the series of several culturally inspired brick-built home dioramas. Coming in 348 pieces, this LEGO VIP-exclusive set comes with a rather high price point in order to claim. For a single-receipt purchase of any LEGO products worth $250 and more, this freebie will be automatically added to your bag as well.

And to continue the Lunar New Year festivities, LEGO VIP members can also expect to have the  LEGO Lunar New Year VIP Add-On Pack (40605). This LEGO promotion features an awesome selection of seasonal LEGO pieces offered in variant colors such as recolored lantern pieces, and minifigures accessories, including a couple of rabbit figures. You can have this freebie automatically added to your cart for a minimum single-receipt LEGO purchase worth $50 or more.


I have to admit that getting LEGO Houses of the World 1 (40583) may prove to be a bit pricy if you’re looking forward to collecting and completing its series. But if you have your LEGO budget ready for this month, then it’s still nice to see this collectible added to your cart for free.  And since LEGO has already confirmed that there will be three more sets under this theme, then we better be ready for some serious LEGO spending.

For more info about these LEGO promos and GWP sets, be sure to visit

Build and Take Home a Frankenstein Head at LEGO Branded Stores Next Week

We’re just about to wind up the month of October, and followers of holidays know what that means. Yep, Halloween 2022 is just a mere two Mondays from now. And while LEGO already has some Halloween-themed goodies lined up, there’s still more in store. Ah, “in store”. Speaking of which, LEGO Brand Stores all over have their own little event to celebrate All Hallows’ with. As The Brick Fan would have it, this is another in-store free-build opportunity for young LEGO builders. And the “spooky” build for this year will be the head of a famous and classic movie monster.

Next week on Wednesday and Thursday, October 26-27, build a LEGO Frankenstein’s Monster to take home! Starting at 5PM local time on LEGO Branded Stores near you, get a chance to create Frankie with your kids. Yeah, that late afternoon timeslot makes for a Halloween-y feel before October 31 itself. These LEGO Stores will have limited materials each day to provide visitors for building Frankenstein’s Monster. Only those who have completed their builds can take them home, and the freebies can’t be conventionally purchased. It also means participating guests are first come, first served at their local LEGO Branded Store.

LEGO House-Exclusive Dinosaurs (40366) Now Available on, But…

As a global brand, LEGO has always strived to make its products available to children (and parents) around the world. Any newly released set can be counted on to be available anywhere after launch. But even LEGO has fallen into the habit of product exclusivity, with some sets available only by region or even by location. It’s true that the company has taken steps to really make their products generally available globally, but some items remain stuck to their places. The LEGO House Dinosaurs (40366) set exclusive only in the Home of the Brick, Billund is one example. Or at least that was the case until a recent LEGO announcement.

From Brickset we learned that LEGO is finally making its LEGO House Dinosaurs exclusive (40366) available at online shop. This could come as great news for collectors who still can’t plan for travelling to Billund, Denmark. But here’s one detail to knock the wind out of our sails. The LEGO House Dinosaurs can only be purchased online at the Denmark, UK and Ireland shops. No way to phrase it gently: that availability is still limited. American and Asian LEGO enthusiasts look to be out of luck, for now.

If you happen to live in the above three markets, then you’re in for a treat. LEGO House Dinosaurs (40366) went live in UK/Ireland and Denmark this Thursday, October 20. The price seemingly hasn’t been set yet, though its 599DK unit price in Billund could be converted to £70/€80.

LEGO October 2022 GWP Ray the Castaway (40566) Gets Product Listing Too

At last, September 2022 is drawing to a close. We can look forward to yet another blitz of new LEGO set launches next month. This includes other extras like the usual gifts-with-purchase items available at minimum purchase limits. One particular GWP set we’re already aware of is Ray the Castaway (40566). This item won its spot from a LEGO Ideas contest challenge. While we got an advance glimpse of the set last week, this time LEGO’s got an item listing for it. This bit of news is brought to us by The Brick Fan. We’ll let the LEGO Shop page speak further about this GWP.

Ray the Castaway (40566)

Age 18+ | 239 pieces | 1 minifigure | worth $19.99 but is a gift-with-purchase

Escape the everyday and join Ray the Castaway on a brick-built desert island with this LEGO® Ideas set (40566). Build palm trees, a shelter and a raft, and bring the scene to life with the Ray minifigure, plus parrot, crab and 2 fish figures. This competition-winning model was created by LEGO fan designers and makes a delightful gift for adults or any LEGO enthusiast.

  • Colorful desert island model (40566) for play and display – Build a life on a brick-built desert island for Ray the Castaway with this LEGO® Ideas competition-winning model, created by fan designers
  • Realistic details – The desert island model features a buildable shelter, raft and palm trees, plus a Ray minifigure and parrot, crab and 2 fish figures

The GWP promo period for Ray the Castaway (40566) runs from the 1st to 16th of October. Collectors need only a minimum total LEGO purchase of $120 to get this mini-set.

LEGO House Skaerbaek 2022 Gives Away 3D-Printed Mini-Wooden Duck Piece

Before developing the plastic building bricks synonymous with its name today, the LEGO company had an earlier iconic “face” toy. Founder Ole Kirk Christiansen was a carpenter; thus, LEGO’s original products were traditional wooden toys. One item in particular stood out in historical memory: a wooden duck on wheels. Pull it along and the wheel mechanism makes the duck’s beak open and close ala “quacking”. LEGO certainly remembers this early toy fondly enough to give it an official LEGO-brick set. True, it’s only exclusive to LEGO House Billund, but it’s there. And this year it even got a limited-edition miniature.

Brick Fanatics reports to us that LEGO “released” another LEGO House exclusive based on their classic wooden duck. Actually, the item was a giveaway at the recent AFOL event Skaerbaek Fan Weekend at LEGO House Billund. On Friday, September 23, event-goers who bought exclusive AFOL Day 2022 minifigures received a minifig-sized plastic duck accessory. This unique LEGO piece came to be thanks to 3D-printing, a LEGO first for plastic pieces. Amazingly, even for its size the plastic duck replicates its larger original’s quacking function when rolled along flat surfaces. It even features a front handle fitting a minifigure’s hands for posing.

This LEGO minifig-scale duck toy is bound to become a new rare find after this one-off event. Will it come back in future occasions? We can always believe in possibilities. A Minifigure Factory created the Skaerbaek AFOL 2022 limited minifigures. Maybe other LEGO locations with the Minifigure Factory could offer the duck as an accessory. Only time will tell.

LEGO Bricktober 2022 Images Hit Social Media

We here at The Brick Show are pretty sure there are still some readers out there who remember Bricktober. Yep, that nice LEGO collaborative event with Toys R Us used to be a highlight of the LEGO reporting year. Then came 2017 and TRU folded in North America, the UK and Australia. True, it came back in 2019, and has been fighting to stay around even with the pandemic. But the LEGO Bricktober tradition has yet to return…at least in those areas. But in Asian Toys R Us stores, Bricktober never kind of ended. In fact, we’ve got some teaser news for this year’s edition.

According to Brickset, the first images of Bricktober 2022 just landed on social media. They got the scoop from South Korean Instagram user idonggy9541. If last year’s theme was fairy-tale books, this year it’s coin-operated children’s rides. Throughout October 2022 four exclusive LEGO Bricktober sets will be available in TRU Stores throughout Asia. As can be seen in the post image, collectors can get a rocket ship, pirate ship, unicorn and dragon coin-op. Like 2019 and 2020, this Bricktober collection will come in a nifty box. Asian LEGO collectors can go ham next month at their local Toys R Us.

Unfortunately, Bricktober fans in the US, UK and Australia will have to go another year without. They could try their luck with the secondary LEGO market. But again, it’s at times like this when the loss (or reduced state) of TRU is felt the most. We wish collectors in the west the best of luck in hunting these neat brick-built coin-op rides in the future. Stay tuned for further updates.

September LEGO VIP Reward: Retro-Ad Tin Lunchbox

LEGO collectors who haven’t signed up for their VIP program might ask: why join? Those in the know might answer: why not join? Being able to accumulate VIP points to invest in a future LEGO set makes for one advantageous perk. And there’s also the matter of rewards the program gives out. Products exclusively available on LEGO VIP are major points of pride for serious collectors. After all, some of them aren’t even brick sets but cool LEGO-themed merchandise to broadcast your FOL-ness. It just so happens that LEGO VIP has got a new reward coming for its loyal membership.

According to Brickset, next on the LEGO VIP Rewards block is a cool retro-style tin lunchbox. Now that’s one item to fancy yet another sector of the collectors’ community. The lunchbox art evokes 1965, since it’s an advertisement for Basic Building Set in Cardboard (050), released that year. That “Today in 2065” blurb must’ve seemed like the distant future so long ago. The actual box art for Basic Building Set is even replicated on the tin. LEGO and lunchbox collectors with VIP membership can get this reward for 2500 VIP points starting on September 1.

Walmart Exclusive Offer: Mini Castle Celebrating 90 Years of LEGO

LEGO might have its own exclusive online Shop and global Store chain to get its products to collectors. Still, major toy retailers around the world have been arm in arm with LEGO for decades now. And these partnerships have been putting out some great promo offers every now and then. Last week we had the buzz regarding LEGO purchases at Target stores being eligible for earning VIP points. Other times retail regulars might get chances at retail-exclusive LEGO sets. As you may have surmised, there’s an exclusive celebrating 90 years of LEGO available now. And you get it at Walmart.

The Brick Fan has it that Walmart is helping LEGO celebrate its milestone anniversary with this exclusive set. If you’re a longtime collector who knows of the classic Yellow Castle (375), this is a miniature version. It also comes with a special red tile with the “90 Years of Play” LEGO anniversary logo. Starting August 10 until 24, Walmart shoppers can get the Mini Castle by buying $50 worth of LEGO sets there. However, they must be from a list of qualifying products detailed here. Like with the Target VIP points, buyers must upload an image of their receipt to LEGO’s dedicated Walmart promo page. They have until August 31.

According to LEGO, once an August 10-24 Walmart receipt is uploaded, it’ll take 24 hours to process. The Walmart Mini Castle will then be shipped to a sender’s provided physical address, except for PO boxes. Of course, the offer’s only good until supplies last. But hey, any commemorative 90 Years of LEGO set’s worth aiming for if you’re a LEGO faithful.

Build a Red Brick in LEGO Stores, July & August

Quite a few years ago, a possible surprise awaiting customers at a LEGO Store are brick-building events. You get to sit at a worktable and given several LEGO bricks along with instructions to assemble simple builds. You complete the exercise and you get to bring your build home. These activities not only hype up the kids, they can also serve as sources for extra LEGO bricks. Of course, in-store building events went quiet for a couple years due to the pandemic. Now however, they’re returning to a nice regularity, if this new activity is indication.

Brickset brings us word of this cool in-store building event at LEGO Store branches this month and next. In yet another part of “Celebrating 90 Years of Play”, store customers can build a big Red LEGO Brick. The event kicked off in US and UK LEGO Stores this July 20, lasting until the 21st. And it’ll recur this coming August, this time from the 10th to 11th. The Big Red Brick looks fairly impressive and can be built from Ages 6 and up. If nothing else, the red and black pieces could be added later to one’s loose LEGO-brick stock.

Local LEGO Store customers will be able to participate in the Red Brick build, first come first served. Each store will also have limited quantities of LEGO bricks for building in all event days. Furthermore, only one Red Brick can be assembled and brought home per person. Lastly, this simple set can’t be bought conventionally. You miss the building event period this week however, and you’ll have to wait for August 10-11 for another chance.