LEGO House Tree of Creativity (4000026) Exclusive Retail Model Announced.

Back in July of last year, we featured 2017’s LEGO Inside Tour commemorative gift set which was a fitting tribute to the colossal Tree of Creativity that stands tall at the middle of LEGO Square. If you recall, each year’s LEGO Inside Tour (LIT) is capped off with a very unique gift set that only participants of LIT is fortunate enough to receive. For 2017, it was the LEGO House Tree of Creativity (4000024) that were given away as a token and souvenir to all those who participated in the tour. It is so ultra exclusive, that only 175 individually numbered boxes were made. read more

Collectible LEGO-60th Booklet Free from Purchase of Bricks on a Roll, Now Shipping

After its final promotional set became available over two weeks ago, we’ve not heard anything new about the 60th Anniversary promotion between LEGO and Wal-Mart. It can be assumed that the LEGO Classic sets they made available have run out, along with the special Bricks on a Roll (10715) set. read more

COMMENTARY: Expectations vs Reality – What LEGO Had Us Believe During the 2018 New York Toy Fair.

Quite frankly, I’ve intentionally placed this on the back burner for quite some time carefully thinking things through. I have to go to the motion of sifting my motives all throughout just to be sure that I am not making a complete fool out of myself, out of fear of trivializing matters that are not really worth mentioning. read more

LEGO DK Books to Watch Out For This Year.

LEGO partners once again with book publisher Dorling Kindersley for another wave of excellent books that also comes bundled with free, exclusive minifigures and sets. Here are some of the best ones which I hope to have during the next few months. Though LEGO and DK  have not revealed these exclusives minifigs yet, two of these LEGO DK books comes with a great pre-order deal (as much as 22% off) so purchasing them now via Amazon will save you as much as $10. Just click on the titles below for more information. read more

LEGO Unikitty Sets Confirmed – Five Rumored Sets Named.

Since LEGO’s confirmation of the upcoming, standalone LEGO Unikitty theme during the recently concluded New York Toy Fair, information was quick to surface on what these sets may actually be. The announcement about this next LEGO sets even came a day earlier when LEGO gave its official press release on what fans can expect before the New York Toy Fair began last Saturday. According to the announcement, read more