LOOK: The LEGO Chinese New Year Temple Fair (80105) Officially Revealed

Following the reveal of the first 2020 regional-themed, seasonal set in the form of the LEGO Lion Dance (80104), LEGO has also revealed another set that celebrates 2020’s new Lunar Year festivities. The LEGO Chinese New Year Temple Fair (80105) has been officially unveiled and is a great addition to any existing collection that marks these festivities.

LEGO fans who are keeping track of these sets will notice that the same minifigure family included in the LEGO Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner (80101) comes back to continue their journey of celebrating the Spring Festival.  If I may say, this set is the most elaborate of all the themed set under this category and even includes a huge number of detailed minifigures – 14 in total to be exact. I also appreciate the thoughtful design process that went through the creation of the LEGO Chinese New Year Temple Fair (80105), including that of the Lion Dance (80104). According to LEGO Product designer Markus Rollbühler, they’ve intentionally designed the sets to be as authentic as possible. “We were incredibly thorough with our research when designing the sets. For the Chinese New Year Temple Fair, we looked closely at the types of things vendors sell in the market stalls and all of the various goods on offer.”

Together with the LEGO Lion Dance (80104), the LEGO Chinese New Year Temple Fair (80105) will also launch in China and the Asia Pacific region on December 26, 2019 and will be offered to the rest of world on January 10, 2019. Read on for LEGO’s official description for this set, and be sure to check with LEGO Shop@Home during these dates.

LEGO Chinese New Year Temple Fair (80105)

Chinese New Year Temple Fair (80105)

The Chinese New Year Temple Fair set captures a beloved event often seen in towns and cities throughout China around the lunar new year. The set includes stalls displaying a vast, colorful array of LEGO versions of authentic items you would find at a Temple Fair. Everything from barbecue dishes to candy, toys, vases and dough figurines are lovingly re-created ion LEGO form. The set also includes 14 minifigures. Eagle-eyed LEGO fans will notice that the family from last year’s Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner set make an appearance, continuing the story of their Spring Festival celebrations.


New LEGO Lion Dance (80104) Set Officially Revealed

LEGO is further gearing up its roster of 2020 sets, and this next one will certainly be appreciated across Asia and the rest of the world. A new, Chinese New Year inspired set has now been officially revealed – the LEGO Lion Dance (80104).

Similar to its first collection of regional-themed sets such as the LEGO Chinese New Year Eve’s Dinner (80101), Dragon Dance (80102), and Dragon Boat Race (80103), these new-for-2020 sets continue the journey of our family Chinese New Year Eve’s family as they welcome the new lunar year.

The LEGO Lion Dance (80104) showcases five, colorfully decorated brick-built lion figures used in the traditional Lion Dance performance. It also includes 8 minifigures, and I guess plenty of minifig legs for the dancing lion figures, lol. This set is expected to be released in China and in the Asia Pacific region earlier just after Christmas on December 26, 2019 and to the rest of the world on January 10, 2020. I’ll keep you posted on the retail price and piece count of this set any time soon. For now, here’s how the LEGO Group describes the LEGO Lion Dance (80104) set.

LEGO Lion Dance (80104)

The Lion Dance set vividly reproduces a well-loved scene of the Spring Festival and is sure to evoke fond memories of the traditional festival. The set features 5 beautifully decorated small lion figurines and a percussionists’ stage with an awesome drumming function. An accompanying temple gate is decorated with LEGO tiles featuring traditional patterns. The set also comes complete with 8 minifigures including lion dancers and a man in rat costume to mark the Year of the Rat. Additional accessory elements such as the red ‘best wishes’ scroll, red orb, cabbage, calligraphy brush and a rocket firework are included to inspire unlimited role-play.

LEGO Batman 1989 Batmobile – Limited Edition (40433) Official Images Released

After the first public appearance of the next LEGO direct-to-consumer set in the form of the LEGO Batman 1989 Batmobile (76139), it looks like LEGO is throwing a freebie as a form of incentive for those who are planning to purchase this. Promobricks has recently shared several official images of the LEGO Batman 1989 Batmobile – Limited Edition (40433) set that may come as our next promotional or gift-with-purchase set.

LEGO Batman 1989 Batmobile - Limited Edition (40433)

We don’t know yet the terms and conditions on how to obtain this set, but from the looks of these images, I think most will agree that it is something equally impressive to have like its larger counterpart. The LEGO Batman 1989 Batmobile – Limited Edition (40433) has a certain premium feel to it, offered as a typical box set, and has a flair of exclusivity. Based on the set’s schematics at the back, this exclusive gift comes in at 366 pieces and proudly measures in at 29 centimeters long – almost a foot long or at 11 1/2 inches. It is quite impressive for a freebie considering how it looks. It also comes with its own fact sheet that can be displayed alongside the set, giving it a UCS kind of vibe. It simply looks gorgeous very much the same as its bigger brother.

We can expect more details to be made available about this collectible set by next week once LEGO gives its official press release about the LEGO Batman 1989 Batmobile (76139), so stay tuned.

November 2019 LEGO Store Calendar Promos and Highlights

LEGO has already released its November 2019 LEGO Store Calendar giving us an overview of the promos and events that will happen this month. The calendar highlights the shop by interest feature of LEGO Shop@Home, which is a helpful kind of filter especially for those new in LEGO. Same as before, let’s take a closer look at some of the things that we can expect from our local LEGO store this month.

Free LEGO Creator Reindeer (40434) With Purchases Over $35 USD

November 2019 LEGO Store Calendar

This free polybag is basically a rehash of 2016’s seasonal freebie which is the Reindeer (30474), so if you missed out on this one now is a great time to get it. This free LEGO Creator Reindeer (40434) will automatically appear in your shopping cart from November 4 to 17 once your LEGO purchases reach $35 and above.

Free Exclusive LEGO Christmas Tree (40338) With Purchases Over $120 USD

November 2019 LEGO Store Calendar

Last September, it was revealed that this holiday season’s gift-with-purchase (GWP) set will be in the form of the LEGO Christmas Tree (40338). It is now finally confirmed that this GWP set will be an incentive for those who will be making their LEGO purchases during this year’s Black Friday sales from November 29 to December 2. Expect this 392-piece set to be added to your cart during these dates when your LEGO purchases reach $120 and more.

#BuildtoGive Holiday Campaign

November 2019 LEGO Store Calendar

LEGO is bringing back its charitable campaign from last year, in the form of #BUILDTOGIVE. The idea is basically straightforward: the LEGO Group will donate one LEGO set to charity for every #BuildtoGive ornament that is built either at home with LEGO bricks and shared via social media with #BuildtoGive, or in a participating store. The LEGO Group aims to donate a total of one million LEGO sets (estimated at $10,000,000 USD) to children in need around the world. It’s a great way to share our love and passion for the LEGO brick this holiday season.

Pick & Build Wall Holiday Gifts

From November 11 until Christmas Eve, the LEGO Store’s Pick & Build Wall will feature holiday-themed builds that you can purchase as a gift or as fun, stocking stuffers for the little kiddos. Be aware though that this unique building experience may only be limited to select LEGO Stores so be sure to ask your LEGO Brick Specialists for details.

2019 Black Friday Sales

Be sure to check with your local LEGO Store or at LEGO Shop@Home for this year’s LEGO Black Friday deals. We don’t have info yet on which sets will have the Black Friday tag so be sure to check with us for more updates.

LEGO Stores Opening This Fall

LEGO fans will be pleased to know that LEGO is opening or has already opened additional LEGO Stores across the US. If you’re living near these areas, then be sure to check the following LEGO brand stores.

  • St. Johns Town Center, FL
  • Town Center at Boca Raton, FL
  • Destiny USA, NY
  • Smith Haven Mall, NY
  • CF Rideau Centre, ON


The November 2019 LEGO Store Calendar also puts the spotlight on this month’s release of the LEGO Ideas Dinosaur Fossils (21320) set. Retailing for $59.99, this set comes in at 910 pieces and features three, museum-worthy prehistoric builds. You may also want to check LEGO’s recommended holiday gifts that sell for $9.99 such as select LEGO Star Wars Microfighters, the LEGO Movie 2 Unikitty’s Sweetest Friends EVER (70822), and the LEGO City Arctic Exploration Team (60191) to name a few.

LEGO Batman 1989 Batmobile (76139) Spotted at the LEGO Store in Billund Airport

For those who are in the know on the latest LEGO scoop, you might already be aware that this next D2C set is slated to be announced anytime soon. However, it looks like LEGO fans in Denmark, or more specifically for those who will be arriving or departing from Denmark’s Billund Airport, might catch a glimpse of the highly anticipated LEGO Batman 1989 Batmobile (76139). Instagram user Dylan Chow managed to obtain our very first in-store image of this direct-to-consumer set. Take a look.

Since this image was obtained from an actual LEGO set prominently displayed from a LEGO brand store, then sharing this with you is all fair game. Based on the images shared by Dylan, we can see that this set will weigh in at 3,306 pieces, with a height of 5.8 inches and a length of almost 2 feet. That is one head-turning, display-worthy D2C set if you ask me! It will make a cool LEGO display set alongside LEGO’s upcoming DC Collectible Minifigures (71026) series.

LEGO Batman 1989 Batmobile

LEGO Batman 1989 Batmobile

LEGO is staying true with the 80s vibe on this one with the inclusion of three minifigures together with this set: we have Vicki Vale played by actress Kim Basinger, Joker as brought to life by Jack Nicholson, and a radically different minifigure iteration of Batman (played by Michael Keaton in the film). What LEGO Batman fans will quickly notice is that this latest minifig version of the Dark Knight is significantly different in such a way that both his cowl and cape are made of a single piece of soft plastic. This is a clear departure from previous LEGO variants where LEGO opted to include a piece of fabric for its minifigure capes. I feel its a proper design choice for our latest LEGO Batman and gives these minifigures a more premium feel. I guess the set’s designers would like to stay true and consistent with the original designs of the 1989 film. This is one of the things that I truly love with LEGO – the extra mile that they go through to give us those subtle, but very important details.

The LEGO Batman 1989 Batmobile (76139) is expected to retail in the US somewhere between $249.99 to $299.99 USD given its size and piece count. We don’t have any info at this time regarding its exact release date, but considering how the set has officially appeared at this particular LEGO store may suggest that its official release will be anytime soon. So be sure to stay tuned here on our Brick Show blog site for more updates. Share us what you think about this set in the comments below.

With special thanks to Promobricks for additional info.

LEGO Originals Wooden Minifigure (853967) Officially Revealed

The LEGO Originals Pop Up Store and Gallery has opened today in Covent Garden in London, and with it comes the official reveal of a new kind of LEGO collectible – the LEGO Originals Wooden Minifigure (853967). The upscaled 5:1 wooden minifigure display piece is a nod to one of LEGO’s most recognizable pop-icon symbols that began in 1978. LEGO Originals is the company’s new line of products that intends to celebrate the legacy and humble beginnings of the LEGO Group.

Wooden Minifigure (853967)

The LEGO Originals Wooden Minifigure measures at over 7 inches tall and is handcrafted from genuine FSC-certified oak, and features a pair of adjustable hands. It also comes with 29 LEGO elements and building instructions to create 5 fun models to personalize your wooden minifigure display piece. You can also dress this up and further customize it in any way you like, as you can see from the sample images below.

It will retail for $119.99 USD and will be available globally at all LEGO brand stores and at LEGO Shop@Home starting November 3.  Read on for the full product description followed by the LEGO Group’s official press release.

LEGO Originals Wooden Minifigure (853967)

Wooden Minifigure (853967) Wooden Minifigure (853967)

US $119.99 – CA $154.99

Iconic Wooden Minifigure model for creative customization!

Celebrate a true icon of play with this beautiful, posable LEGO® Originals Wooden Minifigure (853967). A 5:1 upscaled version of the classic minifigure, it is carved out of oak and has adjustable plastic hands. It is presented in a premium gift box with a leaflet featuring inspirational ideas for owners to customize the model in their own ways, plus instructions to build 5 cute items using the included LEGO bricks.

  • A beautiful, 5:1 upscaled, posable wooden version of the classic LEGO® minifigure introduced to LEGO sets in 1978, for display as it is or for ‘make-it-your-own’ customization.
  • Reflecting LEGO® origins as a producer of handmade wooden toys, this premium-quality model is handcrafted from FSC-certified oak, with adjustable plastic hands just like today’s LEGO minifigures.
  • This set also includes a 28-page leaflet featuring the history of the minifigure and the development of this wooden model, plus inspiring examples of how LEGO® creatives personalized their models.
  • The leaflet also has instructions on how to build 5 fun little models for the minifigure to hold using the included 29 LEGO® elements.
  • Presented in a premium gift box, this set makes a fantastic birthday, Christmas or nostalgic present for LEGO® fans and any creative person.
  • Owners can unleash their creativity to dress up, paint or do whatever they want to customize the minifigure in unique ways and then show off their creations via social media using #LEGOOriginals.
  • Measures over 7” (20cm) tall, 4” (11cm) wide and 3” (8cm) deep.

Wooden Minifigure (853967)


Wooden Minifigure (853967)

Igniting nostalgia and celebrating brand heritage – new LEGO® Originals™ series launches with a 5:1 upscaled wooden minifigure

Making its entrance for the first time in 1978, the LEGO® minifigure has become one of the biggest pop-cultural icons of modern times and continues to renew itself – this time paying homage to its heritage in a decorative wooden 5:1 upscaled version

London, November 1st: Launching with the LEGO® Originals Wooden Minifigure 853967, the LEGO Group and design specialists Room Copenhagen are introducing a new range of products dedicated to fans who love a bit of LEGO nostalgia and playful interior design. The product was revealed today at a unique LEGO Originals Pop Up Store and Gallery in Covent Garden, London where fans can drop by for a chance to pick up this rare and limited-edition model before it goes on sale more widely to LEGO VIP-members on LEGO.com from November 3rd to 7th, then globally from November 8th.

Founded in 1932 by master carpenter Ole Kirk Kristiansen, the first LEGO toys were hand crafted from wood. His craftsmanship and attention to detail secured a high level of quality for the products, but when wood supplies became scarce in the aftermath of the second World War, Ole started supplementing his production with plastic toys and the rest is history…

Speaking in 1950, Ole Kirk Kristiansen said: “I have always been committed to making the nicest and most robust objects, and just like other carpenters I believe the best type of advertising is when the product promotes itself. Our purpose is to produce a really good, solid and finely crafted piece of work, and ensure LEGO products always be known for their exceptional quality”.

Respecting our heritage as a producer of high-quality handmade wooden toys, this premium model is handcrafted from FSC-certified oak, with adjustable yellow plastic hands just like today’s LEGO minifigures. The model measures over 7” (20cm) tall, 4” (11cm) wide and 3,5” (9cm) deep. The last LEGO product to combine both wood and plastic was the 1130 Bedford firetruck 60 years ago in 1959.

This 5:1 upscaled version of the classic LEGO minifigure is presented in a premium gift box with a 28-page booklet featuring the history of the minifigure and the story behind the development of this wooden model. Also included are inspiring examples of how LEGO designers personalized their models, as well as inspiration for accessories fans can build using the included LEGO bricks. A number of LEGO designers have already given their take on how to personalize the model, and the results will be exhibited for a limited time at the LEGO Originals Pop Up Store and Gallery in London.

Since its arrival in 1978, there have been over 8,000 different minifigures launched, not to mention the many versions children have created themselves. This new edition is no exception. Owners are encouraged to unleash their creativity to decorate and customize the minifigure in unique ways, display with pride at home or the office and share their creations via social media using #LEGOOriginals.

“It has been a privilege for us to expand our collaboration with The LEGO Group and contribute to the world premiere of a new series of design classics,” explains Jacob Eberhard, CEO of Room Copenhagen. “Going back to the roots of the company and helping to bring back some of the original LEGO toys in new creative ways is an exciting journey to be part of.”

Limited Edition LEGO Mini Gingerbread House (40337) Arriving This Christmas Season

Here’s another reason to be jolly this holiday season. It has been revealed that we will have another limited edition, gift-with-purchase (GWP) set just in time for Christmas. An image has been shared via Brick and Bricks’ Facebook page that shows the arrival of a limited edition, LEGO Mini Gingerbread House (40337) GWP set anytime soon. This freebie is a nod to its larger replica which is the LEGO Creator Expert Gingerbread House (10267).

Mini Gingerbread House (40337)

This is a great addition to the recently announced LEGO Christmas Tree (40338) set which will also be offered as a seasonal gift-with-purchase set at the end of November. Other than this first look, we don’t have further info as of now regarding its release date nor its piece count. Though the 2019 LEGO Christmas Tree (40338) freebie comes at a higher purchase price point of $120 USD because of its higher piece count, we can expect the LEGO Mini Gingerbread House (40337) to be somewhat lower. In any case, it will be great to see both of these sets on display beside that LEGO Winter Village MOC that you might be working on.

If you recall, this smaller version of the Gingerbread House is somehow reminiscent of 2015’s similar freebie which is the LEGO Gingerbread House (40139). It was offered back then during 2015’s Black Friday sales in November, with qualifying LEGO purchases worth $99 and more. So I guess it’s not far-fetched to consider that LEGO might be doing the same for this new Gingerbread House iteration.

To be completely honest, between this year’s version of the Mini Gingerbread House (40337) and that from four years ago (40139), I have to say that I prefer the latter. But in any case, I’m not the type to really complain especially considering the fact that this is a free set. I just hope that LEGO will offer this new freebie at a relatively low qualifying purchase point.

Thanks to Stone Wars for the heads up.

LEGO to Launch a Collectible Wooden Minifigure

A couple of weeks ago, LEGO VIP members in the UK received an email invitation to participate in the opening of a LEGO Originals Pop-Up Gallery that will be held from November 1 to 2 in Covent Garden in London. Details were still a bit sketchy on what will be the highlight of the event, until today. A report from Campaign Live reveals that the LEGO Pop-Up Gallery will also be a venue for LEGO to launch on what seems to be a collectible wooden minifigure. This wooden collectible pays homage to the LEGO company’s roots as a wooden toymaker in the 1930s.

Collectible Wooden Minifigure

To be precise, the news item does not specify exactly what this exclusive collectible will be. But based on the images (and online leaks by the way), it seems that LEGO is implying that this LEGO exclusive will be a collectible wooden minifigure. Furthermore, this offering also hints on the fact that this will belong under the line of LEGO Originals products which first appeared as VIP rewards in the VIP rewards center. As a subtheme, LEGO Originals does not exactly fit the category of the typical brick and caters more to adult fans of LEGO that celebrate the heritage and legacy of the LEGO Group. If you recall, LEGO started hinting on this line of LEGO Original products a few months ago, with several prints of the brick’s technical drawings and designs offered as a form of VIP reward. Included also in these prints are schematics of their first wooden toys.

The report from Campaign Live also mentioned that this collectible wooden item will retail for £109.99 giving the impression that it will be a sizeable, limited-edition collectible or wooden display piece. Though the launching event will probably cater more to LEGO fans based in the UK, we can surely expect that this new product will be offered globally in the next few days.

I’ll be giving you more updates on this so stay tuned.


With additional info from Brick Fanatics.

This is Probably Your Last Chance to Get the LEGO Hidden Side Newbury Juice Bar (40336)

If you missed out on LEGO’s freebie last September, then this might be your last chance to add this promotional to your LEGO shopping cart. The LEGO Hidden Side Newbury Juice Bar (40336) is now back as a free item over at LEGO Shop@Home in the US, but you only have until today at 11:59 PM EST to do so.

Newbury's Juice Bar (40336)

Just in time for Halloween, the Newbury Juice Bar (40336) returns as a complimentary set to add more ghost hunting adventures to the LEGO Hidden Side theme. Valued at $12.99 USD, this 127-piece building set is added to your shopping cart automatically when your LEGO purchase reaches $50 or more. However, you have to be quick since this offer is only running for 2 days and will end soon in the next few hours.

Needless to say, it’s nice of LEGO to offer this treat once again this Halloween and in case you haven’t decided yet on that next LEGO purchase then this is a nice incentive to do so now. While you’re at it, you may also want to check the rest of the LEGO Hidden Side sets currently offered at LEGO Shop@Home.

LEGO Hidden Side
LEGO Hidden Side Newbury Haunted High School (70425)

New 2020 LEGO BrickHeadz Seasonal Sets Spotted

It looks like LEGO still has plans for its collectible BrickHeadz line for next year. Eurobricks member Dreamshade shared several images of what seems to be a batch of new 2020 LEGO BrickHeadz seasonal sets that were spotted in the wild. These three new LEGO BrickHeadz sets were seen on an undisclosed store shelf, all of which celebrates the seasonal highlights of the first half of the year.

First off, we have the LEGO BrickHeadz Bear (40379) just in time for Valentine’s Day. Similar to this year’s LEGO BrickHeadz Puppy (40349), next year’s Hearts’ Day LEGO BrickHeadz comes with a heart-shaped plate and several heart-shaped tiles. Plus the build is just adorable and would easily pass as a brick-built substitute for an actual teddy bear.

2020 LEGO BrickHeadz

A couple of similarly inspired LEGO BrickHeadz sets were also spotted – the LEGO BrickHeadz Bride (40383) and Groom (40384). From what we can see from their box art, it seems that this couple can be customized with several shades of skin tones similar to the LEGO BrickHeadz Go Brick Me (41597). It comes with plenty of extra parts and accessories to allow for further customization.

2020 LEGO BrickHeadz

It was also revealed at the back of the LEGO BrickHeadz Bear box art that two more seasonal sets are lined up for 2020. We see a LEGO BrickHeadz Lucky Cat (40436) in celebration of the Chinese New Year, and a LEGO BrickHeadz Sheep (40380) as one of LEGO’s Easter-inspired sets.

Since the LEGO BrickHeadz Bride (40383), Groom (40384), and Bear (40379) have now appeared in some stores, we can assume that they are all included in LEGO’s repertoire of 2020 releases. The Lucky Cat (40436) may also have a January street date in time for next year’s Chinese New Year celebrations, and February for the Sheep (40380) as part of LEGO’s easter releases. I’m quite certain that this is just the initial wave of 2020 LEGO BrickHeadz releases, and we can expect more to come as revealed earlier this year by LEGO BrickHeadz Lead Designer Marcos Bessa.