Epic Exclusive for Star Wars Celebration Chicago and Target RedCard – LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Bust (75227)

When Lucasfilm held an event to celebrate the release of the first Star Wars prequel film in 1999, that one-off occasion became a regular fixture of Star Wars fandom. This year, the Star Wars Celebration will be happening in Chicago, and LEGO’s going to be there, with panels for media and merchandise in store. Speaking of merchandise, we’ve got a nice LEGO press release regarding a particular set appearing in the Star Wars Celebration. It’s a representation of the space opera franchise’s most iconic Sith Lord. The LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Bust (75227) consists of 327 pieces, very much similar to the designs from our good ol’ folks in Build Better Bricks.


Here’s the official LEGO set blurb:

LEGO®Star Wars™

75227– Darth Vader™ Bust

327 pieces | Ages 14+$39.99 (USD)

Available April 11, 2019 through Star Wars Celebration and Target REDcard

Turn to the Dark Side with the LEGO® Star Wars™ 75227 Darth Vader™ Bust! This exclusive Star Wars Celebration building set features incredible dome and faceplate details, including a brick-built respirator encased in iconic black armor. Vader’s helmet is adorned with raised ridges and studs, which adds to the dramatic effect, and the instantly recognizable Dark Lord of the Sith will always strike fear in his enemies.Darth Vader Bust Star Wars building set measures 262mm long, 282mm wide, and 59mm high.


Regarding the availability of this LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Bust (75227), limited quantities are going to be raffled off via lottery during the Star Wars Celebration Chicago, which runs next month, from April 11 to 16. The rest of them will be available only through Target’s RedCard program starting on the same date, and will last while supplies do. Needless to say, expect this to be a prize collector’s item among LEGO Star Wars fans.



Rare Unnumbered LEGO Exclusive Set Found at Singapore Changi Airport T3 LEGO Store

The thing about exclusive LEGO products is that you might need to be an international traveller to collect them all. That perhaps, or have online friends living where the exclusives are found. Among these uncommon LEGO products are the Architecture set (40199) of Billund Airport in Denmark, available only in their departure lounge LEGO Store.

Speaking of airports, there’s an unnumbered exclusive LEGO mini set that’s available for purchase only at the Terminal 3 LEGO Store of Changi Airport in Singapore. The packaging is pretty barebones: transparent sealable bag with instruction sheet and hand-packed LEGO pieces to build a scale model of Changi’s Airport Tower.


Information on this unnumbered LEGO bag set was provided to German LEGO news source Zusammengebaut, such as that the model was developed by LEGO Certified Builder Nicholas Foo. It has just enough bricks and pieces to form three main components – square base, tower shaft and control deck – that assemble to form the Changi Airport Tower.

The item was promoted on a Changi T3 LEGO Store flyer, which states that it’s free with any minimum LEGO purchase of 80 Singaporean Dollars. Each customer is also limited to 2 redemptions per day. Minimalist packaging hints that quantities are extremely limited.


The chances of this LEGO exclusive becoming available anywhere else is pretty slim. Thankfully the instruction sheet has been shared by Zusammengebaut, including a piece and element list that can be ordered from LEGO if so desired.

LEGOLAND California Has New LEGO Pod – “Creative Rings” (853922) for Customizing Accessories with Decorative Studs

No sooner have we caught word that LEGO was releasing a seasonal costumed minifigure in a pod (confirmed now too), than another pod set from them has been spotted. Shoppers at LEGOLAND California Resort has found this item in their LEGO Shop. No minifigures or brick constructs in it; rather, its contents are accessory-making stuff.

This LEGO pod, numbered 853922, doesn’t seem to have a name on its packaging. But based on the building elements it contains, online sources have dubbed it “Creative Rings.” That’s because the pink-colored pod has a number of plastic ring elements and a wide selection of plastic studs for “gems.”

For a small set that’s apparently marketed for girls, the Creative Rings (853922) seems smartly put together. It’s got a number of plastic rings (open-ended to easily facilitate finger size) with pegs on top to attach decorative pieces to. A lot of them are stud-pieces you might find in other sets – flowers, crystals, heart- and star-shapes. They even include colored circular bases that can go over the ring pieces. And the lid of the pod has a mirror on the inside for posing hands at.


Considering the packaging and the LEGOLAND logo at the back, we surmise that the LEGO Creative Rings pod (853922) is a LEGOLAND Resort exclusive that will (primarily) be available only at the LEGO Stores of the theme parks in question. Priced at $8.99, it’s about the same range as other LEGO pods already out there.

Judging from this and the upcoming Seasonal Easter Chicken pod (853958), it seems LEGO is putting a renewed focus on using the pod concept for more than minifigures and accessories. We’re curious as to what other LEGO pod products will come out in later days.

Select LEGO VIP Members Get Offer to Test Upcoming Digital LEGO VIP Card App

For a long time now, part of the LEGO purchasing experience in stores and online is their special VIP program. Who would say no to early availability of the most in-demand upcoming sets? The membership cards are pretty cool too, especially the “Star Wars” variant, and there’s lots of extras that get added on top.

But LEGO has decided that the VIP card was due for an update, to match this tech-heavy age. After considering how many people already use mobile devices to rack up purchase points via online-connected apps, the toy global giant has decided to do the same.

As of this writing, a number of active LEGO VIP members would have received emails from the company. This is an invitation to help test the new Digital VIP card system. These digital cards would most likely be electronically-generated bar codes and serial numbers displayed on a smartphone app.

A VIP member could download the LEGO VIP app and register to get their digital card, which when displayed on a phone can be scanned during purchase to top up points. This option is apparently immediately available already to Black VIP cardholders. When they use the digital VIP card app for the first time they’ll get asked to transition their physical card to a digital alternate.

LEGO’s Digital VIP Card app will be made available on both primary mobile OS platforms: Apple’s iOS and Android. With this, LEGO can also directly send updates about product info and launch dates on user’s phones and tablets. The app of course can show accumulated points for their users’ accounts.

It hasn’t been stated yet when the Digital VIP card app will be made available for general use, but it’ll be a big step up for the LEGO VIP program when the time comes. Above image is courtesy of Brickfanz.com.

First LEGO Marvel Superheroes Avengers: Endgame Official Images Released

I guess LEGO sets with titles such as this is quite hard to contain. To begin with, this is not a leak, but an official listing coming from, and thanks to, Amazon France. We’re just counting the weeks before we see Avengers: Endgame in theaters and now, thanks to Amazon’s regional portal in France, we now have our first official look at the LEGO Marvel Superheroes Avengers: Endgame tie-in sets. Minor spoilers ahead so view them at your own discretion.

We only have two sets listed for this matter, the first being the War Machine Buster (76124) coming in at 362 pieces which also includes four minifigures: 2 Outriders and Quantum Suit War Machine and Quantum Suit Ant-Man.

The second set to be revealed and listed by Amazon France is the Ultimate Quinjet (76126). It has 838 pieces, with 6 minifigures: Quantum Suit Hawkeye/Ronin, Thor wielding his Stormbreaker, Rocket Racoon, and Black Widow. Interestingly, we also see what seems to be 2 Chitauri minifigures which looks to me like a more faithful rendition to their MCU counterparts – a marked improvement from how they look like in Captain America’s Avenging Motorcycle (6865) and Quinjet Aerial Battle (6869). It’s already a sort of open secret that Avengers: Endgame will rely on a time travel plot so it will not come as a surprise if we’ll see these MCU bad guys in this culminating film.

Amazon France has not indicated any release date, but we can speculate that more images of additional LEGO Marvel Superheroes Avengers: Endgame sets will be released anytime soon within, perhaps within the next few weeks so stay tuned.

Thanks to Brick Heroes for the heads up.

The LEGO Marvel Collection Brings Together All of Your Favorite Marvel Heroes Under One Title

After the release of the LEGO Harry Potter Collection last October, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and TT Games have just announced that it will also offer three of its awesome Marvel-inspired video game titles into one convenient bundle. Dubbed as The LEGO Marvel Collection, brings together LEGO Marvel Superheroes 1, LEGO Marvel Avengers, and LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 into a single game compilation. The best part of this is that all of each game’s Season Passes or DLCs are likewise included. It’s a huge treasure trove of LEGO Marvel video game goodness that’s hard to resist.

The LEGO Marvel Collection will be available beginning March 12 for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It looks like Nintendo Switch and PC users must wait a bit if ever this bundle will arrive in their choice of platform. Here’s the full press release from Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games, The LEGO Group and Marvel Entertainment today announced the LEGO® Marvel Collection, bringing the top-selling videogames LEGO® Marvel™ Super Heroes, LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 and LEGO® Marvel’s Avengers together in one package. The three-game compilation will be available March 12, 2019 for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and the Xbox One family of devices.  

This colossal Marvel adventure also includes previously released DLC packs for the games, including Black Panther and Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War character and level packs for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 inspired by Marvel Studios’ hit films.

In LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, players take on the role of their favorite Marvel characters Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, Thor, Captain America and the Hulk, as they assemble in a completely original story. Players will battle against some of the most menacing Marvel Super Villains, including dastardly Doctor Octopus, the ghastly Green Goblin, the ruthless Red Skull, the vicious Venom, Thor’s vexing brother, Loki, as well as the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 picks up directly where LEGO Marvel Super Heroes left off featuring a completely original branching storyline co-written by award-winning comic writer Kurt Busiek. This story brings together a diverse roster of iconic Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains from different time periods and realities including Ant-Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Cosmo the Spacedog, Cowboy Captain America, Doctor Octopus, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, Green Goblin, Groot, Gwenpool, Hawkeye, Howard the Duck, Hulk, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel, Rocket Raccoon, She-Hulk, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man, Star-Lord, Thor, and many more. Players can roam and explore 18 different Marvel locations within the incredible Open Hub World of Chronopolis, from the vibrant jungle of Wakanda to the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, along with Asgard, Attilan, Knowhere, the Coliseum, Hala, Hydra Empire, Kang’s Citadel, K’un-Lun, Lemuria, Manhattan, Medieval England, Noir New York, 2099 Nueva York, Old West, The Swamp, and Xandar.

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers features storylines from the critically-acclaimed film Marvel’s The Avengers and its sequel Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron and players can unlock more than 200 characters, including Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk, Thor and Iron Man. The game features a unique take on open world gameplay, with eight different environments to explore within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the expansive streets of Marvel’s New York, as well as Asgard, Barton’s Farm, Malibu, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Base Exterior, Sokovia, South Africa and Washington, D.C. Players can freely roam around these open world locations in any way they’d like, such as super jumping off skyscrapers with Hulk, speed running over water with Quicksilver or even play as giant characters, like the menacing Fing Fang Foom, who can grow to the size of tall buildings.

Barnes & Noble Will Be Having a LEGO Movie 2: Make and Take Event

Barnes & Noble is giving its share of LEGO fun with a LEGO Movie 2: Make and Take Event happening on February 23, 2PM in all of its stores nationwide. This Make and Take Event is open to kids 12 and below, together with their parents or guardians. Participants will get to build a miniature version of Emmet’s Dream House/Rescue Rocket which they can bring home afterwards together with a free LEGO Movie 2 poster. Attendees are then encouraged to share images of their creations via social media using the hashtags #BNLEGObuild and #AwesomerAtBN. To participate, attendees may register and sign-up online through this link.

While you’re at it, be sure to check out the next wave of LEGO Movie 2 tie-in sets such as the Walmart exclusive LEGO Movie 2 BrickHeadz Emmet and Wyldstyle sets, and the Rexcelsior! (70839). The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part will arrive in theaters this Friday, February 8, 2019.

Read on for the full press release of this Barnes & Noble LEGO Movie 2: Make and Take Event.

Barnes & Noble Celebrates The LEGO® Movie 2 With Build Event at Stores Nationwide, February 23

Fans can Build Their Own LEGO Set Inspired by the Feature Film and Get Exclusive Giveaways, While Supplies Last.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE: BKS), the world’s largest retail bookseller, today announced a LEGO® build event at stores nationwide on Saturday, February 23, at 2 PM, to celebrate the new movie, The LEGO® Movie 2: The Second Part. Customers will have the opportunity to build and take home Emmet’s Dream House/Rescue Rocket, play activities, and get free giveaways, while supplies last. Customers can sign up for the event on BN.com.

“We are thrilled to welcome LEGO fans to our stores to celebrate the highly-anticipated film,” said Kathleen Campisano, Vice President, Toys & Games at Barnes & Noble. “This event will bring the movie to life by offering fans the chance to have a special, exclusive experience, as well as take home a 2-in-1 build of their very own, Emmett’s Dream House/Rescue Rocket.”

During the event, fans will be able to celebrate The LEGO® Movie 2, which premieres February 8, with a photo opportunity with Emmet’s Dream House/Rescue Rocket backdrop and a fun build event, and Barnes & Noble Cafés will offer a special $1 M&M® Blondie Blast for attendees.

Barnes & Noble is also carrying the new line of LEGO products based on The LEGO® Movie 2, including building sets and Young Reader books, on sale in stores and on BN.com.

Select stores may require customers to sign up for the event in advance. Customers should visit the Barnes & Noble Store Locator or speak with one of the knowledgeable booksellers for more information.

Attendees of the LEGO build are encouraged to share pictures of the event on their social media channels using the hashtags, #BNLEGOBuild and #BNAwesomerTogether.

About Barnes & Noble, Inc.

Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE: BKS) is the world’s largest retail bookseller, and a leading retailer of content, digital media and educational products. The Company operates 630 Barnes & Noble bookstores in 50 states, and one of the Web’s premier e-commerce sites, BN.com (www.bn.com). The Nook Digital business offers a lineup of popular NOOK® tablets and eReaders and an expansive collection of digital reading and entertainment content through the NOOK Store®. The NOOK Store (www.nook.com) features digital books, periodicals and comics, and offers the ability to enjoy content across a wide array of popular devices through Free NOOK Reading Apps™ available for Android™, iOS® and Windows®.

General information on Barnes & Noble, Inc. can be obtained by visiting the Company’s corporate website at www.barnesandnobleinc.com.

LEGO Movie 2 Building Events To Be Held At Select Target Stores

It looks like the LEGO Movie 2 hype lingers on even after the film’s debut in theaters this Friday. Select Target stores will be having their LEGO Movie 2 building events next week, February 16 from 11AM to 2PM CST. This Target in-store event is intended for kids where they will build a ship using LEGO pieces, participate in some in-store games, and as a reward for participating they get to bring home an exclusive vest similar to that of Emmet.

There’s no mention of what kind of ship will the children actually build, so it’s kind of interesting to see how it will look like. I’m not really sure if you need to pre-register for this, so if anyone has additional information regarding this, please do share in the comments below.

But before attending this event, be sure to catch the LEGO Movie 2 in cinemas on February 8, Friday and to check out the rest of the LEGO Movie 2 sets either in Target or at LEGO Shop@Home. Lastly for LEGO BrickHeadz fans out there, Walmart is exclusively offering the LEGO Movie 2 BrickHeadz Emmet (41634) and WyldStyle (41635) sets, and are now available for pre-order at their online store.

Reminder: Free LEGO Duplo Farm (30326) Promotional Polybag in US LEGO Stores

In case you missed it, this year marks the 50th anniversary of LEGO Duplo – those oversized large bricks designed specifically for younger, smaller hands. And to celebrate 50 creative years of nurturing future builders, LEGO offers a new promotional to accompany those big, building blocks that you plan to purchase for your tiny tot. The LEGO Duplo Farm (30326) polybag is yours free, for every single receipt purchase of LEGO Duplo sets worth $20 and above. This latest LEGO Duplo promotional began last January 29 and will end this Thursday February 7, so you still have a couple of days to avail of this promo.

Each LEGO Duplo Farm random blind bag contains 4 LEGO Duplo pieces: two 2×2 Duplo brick, one Duplo flower and a random farm figure which could be a farm boy, farm girl, goat, hen and calf. It’s a great way to build your farm inspired Duplo set, especially if you plan to get the LEGO Duplo Farm Adventures (10869)Farm Pony Stable (10868) or the LEGO Duplo Farm Animals (10870).

This promotion is currently available in all US LEGO brand stores and at the US portal of shop.LEGO.com until this Thursday only. LEGO Stores in the UK and the rest of Europe all offers a similar promotional with the LEGO Duplo Numbers (40304) polybag.

The LEGO Movie 2 BrickHeadz Walmart Exclusives Now Available for Pre-Order

I reported yesterday that LEGO has just released the building instructions for its series of the LEGO Movie 2 BrickHeadz, particularly those of Emmet (41634), Wyldstyle (41635), Benny (41636), and Sweet Mayhem (41637). It gave me the impression that these new series of LEGO BrickHeadz will be soon available at shop.LEGO.com. However, as this new info suggests, it looks like two of these will be exclusive to Walmart instead.  The following LEGO Movie 2 BrickHeadz Walmart exclusives are now available for pre-order and you may check on them by clicking the following links. Each set retails for $14.99, with the LEGO Movie 2 BrickHeadz Wyldstyle coming in at limited quantities only.  Both sets will arrive this Saturday, February 9.

The LEGO Movie 2 BrickHeadz Emmet (41634)

133 pieces; $14.99

Build LEGO® BrickHeadz™ 41634 Emmet with colorful LEGO bricks that recreate the iconic details of THE LEGO MOVIE 2™ hero, including his construction worker’s outfit. This fun creative toy stands on a buildable baseplate ready to display in your home, office or wherever you like.

  • Buildable LEGO® BrickHeadz™ model of Emmet from THE LEGO MOVIE 2™, featuring decorated eyes and authentic details including his construction worker’s outfit
  • Each LEGO® BrickHeadz™ construction character comes with its own buildable baseplate
  • Have fun growing your LEGO® BrickHeadz™ collection with THE LEGO MOVIE 2™ characters 41635 Wyldstyle, 41636 Benny and 41637 Sweet Mayhem
  • Emmet buildable figure stands over 3” (8cm) tall without baseplate
  • Baseplate measures over 1” (4cm) square


The LEGO Movie 2 BrickHeadz Wyldstyle (41635)

134 pieces; $14.99

Build and display LEGO® BrickHeadz™ 41635 Wyldstyle, featuring characteristic details of THE LEGO MOVIE 2™ hero including turquoise and violet hair streaks. This awesome construction toy includes a buildable baseplate for you to display your master-building creation in your home, office or anywhere you like.

  • Buildable LEGO® BrickHeadz™ model of Wyldstyle from THE LEGO MOVIE 2™, featuring decorated eyes and authentic details including turquoise and violet hair streaks
  • Each LEGO® BrickHeadz™ construction character comes with its own buildable baseplate
  • Wyldstyle buildable figure stands over 3” (8cm) tall without baseplate
  • Baseplate measures over 1” (4cm) square
  • Limited quantities available  – each set individually numbered 1 out of 5000 units