Exclusive LEGO Classic Walmart Sets Are Only Limited to 5,000 Copies Each.

Yesterday we touched on the fact that, less than a week after their initial introduction to buyers, two of the LEGO classic 60th Anniversary mini-build sets have already run out of stock on Wal-Mart, which carries them exclusively. The LEGO House (4000028) and Windmill (4000029) are now sold out online. read more

60 Years of the LEGO Brick (40290) Now Out of Stock At LEGO Shop@Home.

If you’re still expecting to get the commemorative 60 Years of the LEGO Brick (40290) set as a free gift with purchase, then you’ll be a bit disappointed to know that the highly in-demand promotional set is no longer available at shop.LEGO.com. In just less than a week, it seems that LEGO has ran out of stock of this commemorative set, even weeks before the end of its planned promotional period from January 28 to February 14. It is now replaced with the very rudimentary LEGO City Dragster (30358). read more

A Look at the LEGO Marvel Superheroes UCS Hulkbuster Ultron Edition (76105).

You might have already heard about this from Brick Show Brian, but unfortunately, his video about the upcoming LEGO Marvel Superheroes UCS Hulkbuster (76105) has been taken down by the Brick Police from Brick Show’s YouTube channel. Well, I guess it is expected at some point. So, even before LEGO’s corporate censorship machine comes knocking at our doorsteps, allow me to share this leaked image once more about this latest Marvel UCS from LEGO, or to be more precise, the Hulkbuster Ultron Edition (76105). read more

LEGO Black Card VIP Members Will Receive Double-Points for LEGO Star Wars Purchases This February.

LEGO and Star Wars together have done so many wonderful things together in several decades of licensing partnership. Look no further than the epic UCS Millennium Falcon (75192) that’s been a sought-after prize for collectors. The fact that it comes with a black LEGO VIP membership card is a bonus. read more

LEGO Unikitty Collectible Minifigures (41775) Confirmed at the 2018 Nuremberg Toy Fair.

Earlier last January, we reported that a new LEGO theme will be released this June following the debut of Unikitty’s TV series over at Cartoon Network. This time around, the titular unicorn/slash posh kitten will now have a Collectible Minifigure Series of her own, as announced during this year’s Nuremberg Toy Fair. Thanks to Zusammengebaut, who has been covering the event of Germany’s grandest toy fair, we now have a firsthand account that LEGO has indeed confirmed the availability of the LEGO Unikitty Collectible Minifigure series (41775). read more