Problems with Misalinged Coloring of Printed Pieces in some LEGO Creator Expert Ford Mustang (10265) Sets

When the LEGO Creator Expert Ford Mustang (10265) came out on March 1, it was positively received by car enthusiasts and collectors. Anyone who did as little as look at the set’s preview images, would agree that it’s a sweet brick-built model. But days after release, some clouds have appeared in the LEG Mustang’s horizon.

Our fellow LEGO news source from Germany, Promo Bricks, has noticed that the LEGO Creator Expert Ford Mustang (10265) they got for review have noticed some inconsistency in the pieces with color prints. For one, the white stripes on the sides of the car aren’t in a straight line from brick to brick (as seen above). The same goes for the hood’s blue central stripe.


Promo Bricks contacted LEGO customer service in Denmark itself regarding the badly-aligned printed pieces. Their response wasn’t very encouraging; they say the misaligned stripes across the consecutive bricks in the assembly were not actually misprinted.

LEGO Customer Service has however presented the problem to their Quality Department according to their reply to Promo Bricks. No actual solution has been given yet, though they have proposed a possible reprint of pieces with straight stripes and even stickers to cover the earlier bad coloring job. The company has promised to publicly announce an update to the situation on their website, but nobody knows how long to wait.

Many of the commentators at Promo Bricks have expressed some frustration at their printed set pieces for the Creator Expert Ford Mustang (10265) too. For now the only “solution” they have was swapping and rotating parts to achieve the greatest level of alignment they could. Hopefully an official answer to this problem will come soon.

Anniversary Dance Party with New Minfiigure Mascots for 20 Years of LEGOLAND California

Before going into a period of accelerated expansion in the current millennium, the LEGOLAND theme parks were a rare sight. While the original resort in Billund, Denmark was opened in 1968, it wasn’t until the nineties that more were built. LEGOLAND California in 1999 was the third, and the first in the US, outside Europe.

Next week, LEGOLAND California Resort will be two decades old. While special treats have already been announced, like free admission to children aged 3-12 on their 2019 birthdays, the Merlin Entertainments-run theme park has only just begun. More attractions for the anniversary are still coming.

For example, starting this weekend on March 16 until September 1, there’s going to be a special dance party attraction in LEGOLAND California. Even better, it’s going to be headlined by two new minifigure character mascots for the resort. They’re a pair of everyday minifigure teens named Jake and Emily.

Jake and Emily are, as stated, young LEGO minifig characters wearing “I *L-brick representing a heart* LEGOLAND” shirts. Their names are taken from a survey of the most popular children’s names in the US from 1999, when LEGOLAND California opened.

The 20th Anniversary Dance Party will see Jake and Emily leading a troupe of dancers in a medley of musical numbers, complete with bubble showers and a 7-foot tall anniversary cake made out of LEGOs. Oh, and on March 20 (opening anniversary date), the first 1,000 children to visit there will receive a set of minifigure costume hands absolutely free.

For other events being added to LEGOLAND California, there will be a new “LEGO Friends: Better Tomorrow” show as well as another movie for the 4D cinema, “LEGO City 4D – Officer in Pursuit.” For more details on all these, visit LEGOLAND California Resort’s official website.

Australia Getting New LEGO Store Certified in Sydney

With LEGO such a big toy brand the company has been able to flex its corporate muscle by not solely relying on toy retailers to move their products. At present they have over a hundred LEGO Stores around the world, reaching every major regional market.

In Australia, there are already two LEGO Certified Stores open to serve fans of the brand in that country. Both are in major cities: Brisbane the capital of Queensland state and Melbourne the capital of Victoria. The latter is even part of a LEGOLAND Discovery Center, a mini-LEGOLAND theme park.

This month a new addition to LEGO’s retail footprint will open in New South Wales’ capital, Sydney. The upcoming LEGO Certified Store will occupy two floors of space at the Westfield Bondi Junction shopping center.

It will be launched on March 21 by Alceon Group, the shareholding firm that has been awarded by The LEGO Group the rights to operate LEGO Certified Stores not only in Australia but New Zealand too. Unlike with the majority “branded” LEGO Stores, customers at LEGO Certified Stores can’t avail of the global LEGO VIP program. Fortunately, its LEGO product offerings are of the full range plus applicable exclusive items.

Features of this Sydney LEGO Store, which will be 302 square meters in total area, include the signature “Pick a Brick” building wall and a possible LEGO Minifigure Factory unit. Decorating the store are the expected brick-built models of local landmarks, so shoppers can expect the Sydney Opera House and nearby Harbour Bridge beautifully replicated.

The Alceon group adds that their store will also have an activity area that can be booked for children’s parties, plus a service to personally engrave LEGO bricks for identification. Sydney LEGO fans can rest assured that the Westfield Bondi Junction’s LEGO Certified Store will be all that is awesome when it opens March 21.

New “LEGO Movie” Airline Safety Video for Turkish Airlines Voted Top PR Campaign for February 2019

In August last year, LEGO and Warner Bros. partnered with Turkish Airlines to hit two targets with a single shot. The last one needed an invigorating airline safety video for their passenger planes; the former two wanted an early promotion to the now-long premiered “LEGO Movie 2.” The result of that collaboration was comedy gold.

Starkly contrasting the struggle of “The LEGO Movie 2” itself on the box office, the film’s LEGO set tie-ins and other promotional extras fared better. Turkish Airlines decided a second run was well earned and thus got WB and LEGO to make a follow-up airline safety video with added characters and extras from the sequel.

As you can see, the new video includes Queen Watevra, Sweet Mayhem, Rex Dangervest and even first-film characters who didn’t figure much in the original production like Metalbeard and Benny. It also features several location changes across major international cities reached by Turkish Airlines, all rendered in crisp CGI LEGO. Oh, and LEGO Batman is the director. Absolute hilarity ensues.

The new LEGO Turkish Airlines safety video was released online just last week, and already public relations analysts are gaga over it. PR Week has listed five of their favorite recent campaigns in the industry. There’s no prize for guessing what the top PR gig was on their February list.

For their online survey with 1,202 respondents, 939 of them voted overwhelmingly for the latest LEGO Turkish Airlines video. That’s not bad, and a balm for the “LEGO Movie” franchise that, through the dismal performance of “LEGO Movie 2,” has been speculated to be concluded as a WB film franchise.

LEGO Stop-Motion Animator Jared “Gold Yeller” Remakes 2018 Buzzer-Beater of Michigan’s Jordan Poole in Bricks and Minifigs

Jared Jacobs, known on Twitter as Gold Yeller, has cemented his rep as LEGO builder and stop-motion animator with his online stock-in trade. He has recreated a lot of awesome game moments from a wide variety of sports and competitions, using LEGO sets in stop-motion and recorded actual play-by-play commentary.

We’ve seen his creative genius ourselves when we covered his stop-motion recreation of a highlight in US College Football, the “Kick Six” which led to Auburn beating Alabama in 2013. He’s since released more awesome videos on his Twitter page, and this is his latest.

Serving as something of a pick-me-up for the University of Michigan following their falling out of contention for the Big Ten this past weekend, Gold Yeller recreated one high point of the Wolverines from the previous year. This was an impressive buzzer-beating 3-point shot delivered against Houston by Jordan Poole.

In the same fashion as his “Kick Six” sequence, we see the March 2018 Michigan-Houston game for the NCAA Tournament’s second round. In the last seconds, the Wolverines launch a determined drive to the Houston side of the court. A pass puts the ball in Poole’s hands, and he launches it in a fade-away that leaves him on his back, but sinking the basket for three as the bell rings.

Additional touches to the stop-motion sequence include animated facial expressions to depict the crowd’s and benches’ reactions. Also caught was the defeated posture of a Houston player who flopped on the floor as Jordan Poole is mobbed by his teammates. And was that Harry Potter?

While Michigan this year will miss the Big Ten, at least they’ll have this Jared Jacobs mini-production to remind the team that they’re still awesome.

LEGO at 2nd Place on “RepTrak 100” 2019 List of World’s Most Reputable Companies

The Reputation Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts has for some time been keeping track of how the world perceives its businesses. Their annual ranking of the reputation levels of major companies in both regional markets and the world has been invaluable to many quarters, and factors into these businesses’ future success.

LEGO undoubtedly is uber enough among multinational brands to be part of the Reputation Institute’s “RepTrak” lists. Last year they were the top reputable company in Europe, and the second in the world. This March, RI has publicized its 2019 RepTrak 100 list, and LEGO is revealed to still be going strong at second place.

Needless to say, The LEGO Group is pleased that they’ve maintained their record for impeccable corporate reputation in the eyes of the world. Their CEO Niels B. Christiansen says in a statement that their high public regard is due to the dedication of their employees to make LEGO the most trusted toy name for children.

Christiansen also made sure to mention how the company bounced back from an uncertain 2017 to become solid again in their latest annual results. He thus shared this momentous triumph will all LEGO employees for making the brand the best for many children, regarding toys.

Reputation Institute works out their RepTrak lists by considering respondents’ opinions on companies’ products/services, innovation, workplace, governance, citizenship (how well they work with their respective home nations’ governments), leadership and performance (obviously). Public respondents for RI come from 15 countries.

While LEGO is 2nd on the 2019 RepTrak 100, watchmaker Rolex is at the top spot. Following LEGO in ranking order for the top ten are Disney, Adidas, Microsoft, Sony, Canon, Michelin, Netflix and Bosch.

New “Build a LEGO Church” Fundraising Event for Washington National Cathedral Earthquake Damage Repairs

LEGO has long been an uncommon but effective partner with drives for charity. They’re either given away as donations by charitable organizations, or actively used in raising funds. An example of the latter was the campaign by St. Edmundsbury Cathedral in the UK last year. A similar charity drive is now open in the US, specifically in the national capital.

The Washington National Cathedral was built in the early 20th Century and is part of the National Register of Historic Places. It sustained damage during a 2011 earthquake, necessitating repairs that are ongoing to this day. But funds are drying up and more is needed.

Much like what happened in St. Edmundsbury Cathedral, the WNC is in turn spearheading a LEGO building campaign. Visitors to the cathedral will be given the privilege of adding a brick to the scale replica of the WNC for every $2.00 donated to the repair fund. LEGO volunteers would supervise the model’s construction, guiding donors where to put their pieces.


In an interview with DCist the Cathedral’s communications chief Kevin Eckstrom relates that the 2011 Virginia Earthquake caused them $34 million worth in damages. So far only $15 million have been successfully repaired, hence the idea for the LEGO campaign.

We suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise why the Washington National and St. Edmundsbury LEGO campaigns are similar; both were initiated with assistance from the UK-based LEGO group Bright Bricks. The WNC charity project, when finished, will have 400,000 LEGO pieces (potentially making $800,000 in donations), 13 feet long and 1,400 pounds heavy – the size of a minivan in estimate.


The charity campaign began last Friday, March 1. For the occasion, the mascot of the Washington Nationals MLB team Teddie placed the LEGO-brick cornerstone on the model. This commemorates Teddie’s origin, President Theodore Roosevelt, doing the same for the actual WNC way back in 1907.

Florida LEGO Store Owner Makes MOC Roller Coaster, Soon to Be Declared World’s Biggest by Guinness

While LEGO has long been producing brick sets based on roller coasters like the Creator Expert one (10261) from last year, creative builders have strived to do custom builds, as big as they could with all the bricks they might have on hand. One toy store owner in Florida may have just created an MOC worth a Guinness World Record.

Said LEGO roller coaster MOC was the brainchild of James Burrows, who runs The Brick University in Spring Hill. Using over 300,000 different LEGO pieces and elements, Burrows erected a monstrosity comprised of more than 91 feet of coaster track. With Power Functions, he can send his brick-built coaster along its course at scale speeds of 68 miles an hour.


The MOC coaster setup dominates a tabletop display that takes up most of the center space of Burrows’ store. But aside from this main attraction, he also built an amusement park around the coaster itself to really complete the package.

Featuring rides like a drop tower and other facilities like a mini golf course and cinema, the LEGO theme park and the roller coaster in the middle is then populated by close to 2,000 minifigures, some of which are riding on the coaster of course. Info on that powered brick-built ride has already been sent on by James Burrows to Guinness, which will soon certify it as the largest LEGO roller coaster in the world.


Following the Guinness recognition, Burrows will make his titanic MOC available to LEGO expositions for display. He’s already got such events lined up in Indianapolis, Charlotte and Asheville. To facilitate its transport, he says he needs to divide it all into four main sections to fit inside three shipping crates.

Burrows will accompany his soon-to-be-record-holder LEGO coaster on its expo displays. After all, it makes for great promotion for his store The Brick University, to help sell his stock of LEGO products at the events. “I get to play with Legos in front of thousands of people,” he says regarding his livelihood. “I enjoy what I do for a living.”


LEGO Re-Promotes LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book (21315) in Hilarious Ad Parodying Samsung Galaxy Fold

Last month, the South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung presented a prospective new mobile device of theirs. They’re keen on seeing it revolutionize the development of smartphones and tablet computers. Why? Because their Samsung Galaxy Fold is a smartphone that can “unfold” into a tablet, thanks to a foldable AMOLED display.

This bit of news seems out of place where LEGO is concerned. At least, that’s how it was until LEGO suddenly made an April Fools’ joke weeks early. On their Twitter page they put a promotional image for the “LEGO Fold,” in a hilarious rip of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

LEGO’s ad is an obvious parody of the Korean folding phone-tablet. Playing the role of the Galaxy Fold was last year’s LEGO Ideas set, the Pop-Up Story Book (21315). The toy brand’s Twitter caption boasted the set’s “5-inch cover unfolding into an 11-inch pop-up storybook.”

For tech-heads, that pronouncement was a send-up to the specs of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which had a 4.6-in phone display and the 7.3-inch folding tablet-screen. Also gaining chuckles was LEGO’s assertion that its own Fold never runs out of battery charge. Lastly, the Ideas Pop-Up Book (21315) is more affordable at $69.99 than the Galaxy Fold’s alleged $2,000 price.

We’re not quite sure what inspired LEGO to do a parody of Samsung. It is a funny tweet for all intents and purposes. And perhaps they’re advertising that the LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book (21315) is still available for purchase in retailers and online at Shop@Home.

Designer Video for LEGO Creator Ford Mustang (10265) and Other Extras to be had with Purchase

It was a time for LEGO and retro automobile fans to rejoice last Friday as the LEGO Creator Ford Mustang (10265) was finally released. Not only was the set itself made available, it also came with the sweet collectible keychain (5005822) that works great to show off their owners’ “new” LEGO car.

Hopefully there’s enough stock for that extra goody in stores and on Shop@Home to last until March 10. Apparently over the weekend the keychain (5005822) failed to show up on customers’ purchase carts at Shop@Home despite picking up the Creator Mustang (10265). It has happened a few times with extras before, and should be back to normal now.


Moving on, there’s also another related event that always comes in the heels of major LEGO set releases. There’s no prize for guessing right; the designer video for the LEGO Creator Ford Mustang (10265) online. The video is hosted by the Creator Mustang’s chief designers, Carl Merriam & Mani Zamani.

But there’s more, essentially proving that Creator 10265 is easily one of the biggest products brought out by LEGO this year. If customers bought the set from a store, their purchase will come with yet another freebie: a bumper sticker.

This extra gift, like the keychain (5005822), is totally geared for AFOLs in general and car owners in particular. You’ve got to love the sassiness of a statement like “My other car is a Mustang,” as shared by fellow LEGO news source Avenue of Bricks.


LEGO has even launched an informal promo campaign to have Creator Mustang (10265) buyers that got the sticker to post a photo of it on their cars and share it on social media (LEGO’s pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Add the LEGO Ideas contest and it’s a promotional extravaganza.

So there you have it. Nothing more needs to be said about how the LEGO Creator Ford Mustang (10265) is one priority purchase for LEGO fans, car enthusiast or otherwise.