Student in Andorra Creates Working Artificial Arm with LEGO Technic

What we will feature here might well be the LEGO MOC to end all LEGO MOCs. It’s one thing to build stuff out of LEGOs to put up for display as a testament to one’s skill. It’s another to construct an MOC that fulfills a specific function, on one’s body. read more

MOC Spotlight: Modififed Hulkbuster Ultron Edition (76105) By chubbybots Addresses Articulation Issues

MOCs we feature here at The Brick Show run the gamut from wholly original builds (some of which might be entries on LEGO Ideas), to alterations of official sets. The latter might be like turning a diner into a car showroom or replacing the ship model inside a bottle display. read more

LEGO Ideas Voltron (21311) May Be The Most Expensive LEGO Ideas Set That You’ll Buy

For most AFOLs, LEGO may have seemingly bombed at the New York Toy Fair in terms of the relatively disappointing reveals that they had over at their booth, but it doesn’t mean that LEGO news isn’t getting more and more exciting. Though LEGO has already announced or teased on the arrival of the LEGO Ideas TRON: Legacy Lightcyle (21314) sometime next month, there is still one particular set that LEGO has completely placed under wraps for a considerable time now. Though it was quite disappointing not to see the much awaited LEGO Ideas Voltron (21311) set at the NYTF, it looks like we virtually have our piece of relevant information about this upcoming set. read more

Stolen LEGO Duplo Statue’s Head in UK Store Has Now Been Returned

It’s that time once again for “weird LEGO stories”. Today we go to the UK, one of LEGO’s major markets, for a one-and-done tale of a strange act of vandalism involving everyone’s favorite brick-building toy brand. I followed this when it started; now that it’s ended, I’ll report its entirety. read more

Check Out These 10 LEGO Easter Treats Under $20

Easter is just around the corner, and with roughly three weeks to go before that much awaited Easter Egg Hunt, why not take some time and check out these 10 suggested LEGO sets all under $20 to fill up that basket of LEGO goodies. Now cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean that these sets are ought to be desired less, especially considering the relative advantage that these sets have in terms of price per piece ratio. In any case, LEGO is LEGO and the timeless appeal of a any LEGO set is sure enough to bring out those warm Easter smiles. So, if you haven’t finalized yet your LEGO Easter Basket, then why not take a few minutes to go over this list. Just click on the links below and see more of these sets via Amazon. read more