WATCH: Supanova ComicCon 2019 is Happening in Sydney

I guess everyone will agree that fan conventions are an awesome way to geek out and be proud of your inner child. It’s a rite of passage, a pilgrimage of sorts that ushers a true-blue fan in the higher echelon of one’s geekhood.  I should know, having covered much of our local LEGO fan conventions in the Philippines sponsored by the Philippine LEGO Users Group (PhLUG), and keeping tabs with LEGO’s upcoming sets as revealed during the renowned San Diego ComicCon (SDCC). Immersing myself in these fan conventions, and engaging with like-minded geeks, is a kind of life-changing experience. Now for our readers who are based in the great land down under, together with other Aussie comic book fans, it’s your turn to join the legion of the faithful who will flock the grounds of Sydney Olympic Park for Australia’s largest and grandest comic book convention ever. The Supanova ComicCon and Gaming will be held from June 21-23, 2019 at The Dome, Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park.

Even though this is not much about the LEGO brick, everything is still pretty awesome with Supanova Sydney 2019. Hailed as Australia’s largest comic book fan convention, Supanova is held annually at six key locations in the continent, and they’re now setting camp in Sydney this weekend. Similar to SDCC, the 3-day convention is jam-packed with guests, artists, panels, cosplayers and exhibitors that you don’t want to miss. As an added treat to the whole family, kids ages 12 years old and below are free to enter with an accompanying parent or adult. Here’s the TV spot for Supanova ComicCon Sydney 2019 for more info.

Be sure to download a copy of Supanova’s Event Program so you can plan your 3-day visit ahead. With more than a hundred exhibitors, retailers, and artists’ booth to visit, it’s very easy to be overwhelmed. Be sure to have the Event Program with you since it will be your constant companion throughout the convention.

Speaking of planning ahead, you may want to encircle one particular exhibitor in your checklist if you wish to capture your Supanova ComicCon moments in a handy souvenir format. You may want to check out Whizzy Bits at Booth 9006 near the Battlecry LARP Arena located at the Exhibition Hall. They have this promo where they can have your favorite Supanova moment printed and captured on personalized pillows, mugs, tiles, phone cases and much more at great discounts. It’s a fun and creative way of bringing home the Supanova experience.

To top it off,  they’re offering discounts of up to 15% if you will like and follow Whizzy Bit’s Facebook page, so be sure to avail this promo as well. So to all our comic book and brick fans in Sydney, be sure to get your tickets for Supanova ComicCon 2019 this weekend and don’t forget to wear your coolest comic book costume. Now if I could only find my LEGO brick costume and figure out how to travel again to Australia… 😅


A Glimpse At The New LEGO Star Wars D-0 Droid

After the official reveal of the LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga video game a couple of days ago, LEGO has finally given us a glimpse of the minifig version of their newest droid in town. We’re still 6 months away from the release of the last film installment in the 9-part Star Wars Skywalker saga, but this doesn’t stop LEGO from showing us the cutest droid that will follow the likes of BB-8 and R2-D2. From the way it seems, it definitely shows that the new LEGO Star Wars D-0 will be taking brick fans by storm.

LEGO Star Wars D-0
D-0 from Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker as revealed during Star Wars Celebration 2019.

D-0 made his first appearance alongside BB-8 in the teaser trailer for Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker released last April. He then made his first live, public appearance at this year’s Star Wars Celebration held in Chicago. We can very much expect that D-0 will be included in the next wave of LEGO Star Wars tie-in sets later on. Check out the following video where this latest droid is introduced to throngs of Star Wars fans.

Similar to BB-8, this LEGO version of D-0 also comes in as a single-mold minifigure. Though I feel that this video game version of D-0 is closer to his intended LEGO form, the actual minifig may have slight variations, the same way BB-8 appears in many LEGO Star Wars sets. Needless to say, I’m excited to see how this new droid will fare once additional info comes out about the LEGO Star Wars Rise of Skywalker sets sometime in August or September.

For the meantime, I would like to share this excellent LEGO Star Wars D-0 MOC created by hachiroku24. He was even kind enough to share at his YouTube channel how he built this awesome creation, including the LEGO pieces that he used. Check out his video below.

LEGO Friends Sea Life Rescue Encourages Young Builders to Care for Marine Life

In April, LEGO has revealed its next subtheme for its ever-growing LEGO Friends sets, and it carries a timely message for young and old builders alike. The LEGO Friends Sea Life Rescue subtheme will focus primarily on raising awareness among younger kids on what it means to take care of marine life and to show how a day in the life of a marine biologist looks like. There are four (4) specific sets that particularly shows care for our underwater buddies all rendered perfectly in LEGO bricks in collaboration with Nat Geo Kids.

These LEGO Friends Sea Life Rescue sets are all slated to launch this summer, with already listing them. Read on for LEGO’s complete press release and check these crisp, official images.


The LEGO Group partners with National Geographic Kids on campaign to raise awareness of ocean conservation

June 4: The LEGO Group this week released a new LEGO Friends theme “Sea Life Rescue” which includes four sets focussed on life-saving marine missions. To mark the launch, the brand is partnering with National Geographic Kids to develop a campaign designed to inspire children to take action to keep our oceans safe for all animals.

The LEGO Friends sets are inspired by real-life rescue scenarios and are designed to immerse young builders and explorers in aquatic adventures. They are:

Turtles Rescue Mission – jump into a cool amphibious vehicle and rescue stranded baby turtles from the island. Treat the turtles in the beachside clinic before releasing them back into the ocean.

Dolphins Rescue Mission – a submersible craft that will take you to rescue a dolphin caught in a shipwreck.

Lighthouse Rescue Center – do life-saving research in a lab which features a sea lion play area, rest area, office and an observation deck with a lamp that can be lit by pressing the lighthouse roof.

Rescue Mission Boat – waste no time transporting sick animals in this high-powered speedboat that includes a bay with a launching function, a swivelling crane with a stretcher and a lookout position.

Juliane Aufdembrinke, Senior LEGO Designer, shared her inspiration for the theme:“When I was young, dolphins were my favourite animal so this theme is a personal favourite of mine! Children today continue to love dolphins and sea life in general, but are also passionate about protecting ocean life. The Sea Life rescue theme is designed to inspire the marine biologists, engineers and conservationists of tomorrow – in a fun and playful way.

“We are grateful to have the support of National Geographic Kids on the important topic of protecting ocean animals and it was great to collaborate with a real-life submarine pilot Erika Bergman.”

The LEGO Group and National Geographic have combined forces to create a campaign which encourages families to think of daily actions which can make a difference to the environment. It will feature National Geographic explorer and Submarine Pilot Erika Bergman, who introduces children to her work, the value of play, and how important it is to think creatively if we are to solve the challenges facing our oceans.

Erika Bergman, National Geographic Explorer, said:“This campaign is designed to share with children the realities of caring for our fascinating and magical sea life. We want them to understand the challenges facing marine animals and be inspired to come up with new ideas to protect them. The LEGO Friends Sea Life Rescue sets offer a great platform for children to explore caring for sea life in a fun, creative way and the campaign encourages them to take action, including pledging to become official ‘Sea Life Friends’. We know kids of today are hugely committed to protect our planet and wildlife, so it’s exciting to team up with LEGO Friends to connect education, play, inspiration and action.”

The campaign will be featured on LEGO Group and National Geographic Kids platforms. To find out more visit

Turtles Rescue Mission (41376)

LEGO Friends Sea Life Rescue

Inspire animal-lovers to be the hero of the day with LEGO® Friends 41376 Turtles Rescue Mission island. This rescue set includes a cool amphibious vehicle that can sail out to sea to the stranded baby turtles on the island, then drive them back to the beachside clinic. With its examination bed and a medicine area, the clinic lets children express their nurturing side as they nurse the turtles back to strength. This building set for creative kids includes one mini-doll figure, a robot figure, plus four turtle figures.

Dolphins Rescue Mission (41378)

LEGO Friends Sea Life Rescue

Race to rescue a trapped dolphin and find the hidden treasure with LEGO® Friends 41378 Dolphins Rescue Mission. This dolphin rescue set allows kids to act out an underwater LEGO rescue mission as Stephanie dives in her cool submersible craft to free a stricken dolphin from a shipwreck. The shipwreck’s mast is hinged so Stephanie can lift it to free the dolphin with the grabbing arm of her craft. A hidden gem-filled treasure chest adds another dimension to the action, as does the textile pirate’s map which reveals secret information when brushed with water. The set includes two mini-doll figures, plus two dolphin figures for hours of imaginative play.

Lighthouse Rescue Center (41380)

LEGO Friends Sea Life Rescue

Young builders will be totally immersed in adventure play with LEGO® Friends 41380 Lighthouse Rescue Center. This set has a multitude of features, including a lab, sea lion play area, rest area, TV room, office and an observation deck with a lamp that can be lit by pressing the lighthouse roof. Rescued sea lions access the lighthouse clinic using a clever hinged pool that swings through 180 degrees to bring the sea lions into the clinic. Also included is a water scooter for rescuing the sea animals and a mini island where the sea lion is trapped in an abandoned shack, which has a fun button function your child can push to set the sea lion free. There is also a treasure map hidden there—the clever textile reveals its secrets when brushed with water. This lighthouse toy provides a raft of scenarios that allow imaginations to run free and ‘nurturing play’ to come to the fore. This fun set includes two mini-dolls, plus five animal figures.

Rescue Mission Boat (41381)

LEGO Friends Sea Life Rescue

Enjoy endless hours of animal rescue adventures with LEGO® Friends 41381 Rescue Mission Boat. Young explorers will be able to play out a multitude of animal-saving scenarios with this highly equipped boat. There is a speedboat bay with launching function, swivelling crane with a stretcher for transporting sick animals, lookout position and a cockpit area. The deck is removeable to allow access to the cabin, which includes a lab, kitchen and a bedroom complete with toilet. Extending the play further is a separate heart-shaped island where a hidden water-reactive textile map hides the location of the underwater treasure chest. This LEGO boat includes three mini-doll figures, plus a narwhal toy figure and a robot figure.

More Details on the IKEA BYGGLEK Line Revealed

Around this same month last year, IKEA has announced a working partnership with the LEGO Group to come up with storage solutions that are practical, while promoting creative play at the same time. Information was a bit sparse back then on how this partnership will specifically look like, and after more than a year, IKEA has shed light on what to expect from their collaboration with LEGO. To be clear, they haven’t revealed any specific product or storage line yet that is specifically made for LEGO, save for the fact that it will be dubbed as a BYGGLEK line of LEGO-inspired products. Thankfully, the press release below will somehow point us to the direction where these developments will take IKEA and LEGO. Read on for more details about this IKEA BYGGLEK line which will launch sometime next year, 2020.


IKEA and LEGO Group to Introduce BYGGLEK for More “Yes” to Play

Playing is crucial for the well-being of both adults and children. Together, LEGO Group and IKEA explore and develop solutions to stimulate play all around the home. The collaboration will result in BYGGLEK.

One year ago, IKEA and LEGO Group partnered up to be creative, exchange knowledge and experiment together with the ambition to develop new solutions to facilitate play in every corner of the home. Research from IKEA and LEGO Group has shown that there’s a demand among children for more playtime with their parents. At the same time, parents believe that playing is essential to their children’s well-being and happiness. Despite this, children and adults encounter several barriers and challenges when it comes to making play happen. Busy schedules and homework are a couple of obstacles, other restrictions like finding the space to play are more evident for adults than for children.

“There’s a conflict between how grown-ups look at organising and how children look at the creative play. Every grown-up has stepped on a LEGO brick at night time. But organising LEGO bricks the grown-up way also means ending the play sometimes. Adults sort by typology – socks going into one drawer and belts into another. Kids sort by story, clustering it into different pieces, where you can have a half-built space ship. And in that, you can find the one piece that you need. What if we could turn that perceived mess into something wonderful?”, says Rasmus Buch Løgstrup, designer at LEGO Group.

The different perspectives might lead to that children experience rules, carried out by their parents, stops them from being as creative and playful as they wish. Parents, on the other hand, feel that playing can be a bit too messy at home, making it harder to fulfil other commitments of the everyday. The overlaying ambition between the collaboration between LEGO Group and IKEA is to overcome these kinds of obstacles. The hope is to move away from “no” to “yes” to play, and at the same time show respect to duties of the everyday.

“To do this, systematic thinking becomes key. We know that children continue the story building in their minds long after they have stopped playing with their toys. So we asked ourselves, couldn’t pause and play be a way to enable quick play? We know that children are playing with screens because it’s easy to get started. So what if we could make the LEGO play continue? That would make quick play easier and then build on the play that is continuing in the child’s mind anyway”, says Andreas Fredriksson, designer at IKEA.

To enable playing throughout the home with pauses, a solution across generations is needed. Also, different rooms need different solutions that can change after different phases in life.

“Bringing people together over play and enable more play are things that are key for both us and LEGO Group based on our respective visions, missions and values. That is why we want to explore what can happen when we work together, trying to get more of the many people to say yes to play”, says Andreas Fredriksson, designer at IKEA.

The aim is to sale start the first BYGGLEK products during 2020.

Free LEGO Avengers: Endgame Art Print for VIP Members

LEGO VIP members are in for a treat starting next Monday, June 10. For every single receipt purchase of LEGO sets worth $35 USD and above, LEGO VIP members are entitled to a free LEGO Avengers: Endgame art print exclusively illustrated by artists Andrea Divito and Laura Villari. If you recall, LEGO VIP members also received a similar art print a few months ago in connection with the release of MCU’s Captain Marvel film and its LEGO tie-in set. Now that the spotlight is currently on Avengers: Endgame, this second VIP promotional offering marks the second among three exclusive art prints lined up by LEGO.

LEGO Avengers: Endgame Art Print

Though I can’t say that this LEGO Avengers: Endgame art print is 100% movie accurate, it is still a nice poster to be displayed in your LEGO playroom. Furthermore, LEGO VIP members can collect all three posters (the obvious guess is that the third LEGO-inspired art print will be dedicated to the last MCU Phase 3 film, Spider-Man: Far From Home) to combine into a single, collectible poster. Just be quick on that purchase trigger though if you’re on since this LEGO VIP promo will only run from June 10 until 16. Read on for the full promo mechanics.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes Captain Marvel Art Print 1 of 3 (5005877)
LEGO® Avengers: Endgame art print 2 of 3 (5005881)

VIPs: Free collectible Marvel art print with Marvel purchases of over £35/ $35/ $60 (AU)/ $65 (NZ)/ 35 € / 910 Kč/ 11435 Ft/ 40 CHF/ 260 kr. (DK)/ 335 kr (NO)/ 360 kr (SE)/ 155 zł/ $35 (CAD).*

Collect the second of three exclusive prints in a special collaboration between The LEGO Group and Marvel. The three prints can be combined to form one large custom print. The exciting colorful scene was created from the new LEGO® sets and includes minifigures based on the characters from the new film.

Free LEGO® Avengers: Endgame art print 2 of 3 (5005881) offer is valid for VIP purchases at, in LEGO Stores and LEGO Catalogue telephone orders from 10/06/2019 to 16/06/2019, or while stocks last. Qualifying purchase must be equal to or greater than £35/ $35/ $60 (AU)/ $65 (NZ)/ 35 € / 910 Kč/ 11435 Ft/ 40 CHF/ 260 kr. (DK)/ 335 kr (NO)/ 360 kr (SE)/ 155 zł/ $35 (CAD) in LEGO Marvel merchandise only. Bricks & Pieces orders are not valid for this promotion. One set per household. Cannot be applied to previous purchases or combined with any other discount, offer or free gift. If the qualifying LEGO purchase(s) is returned to us for a refund, the gift must also be returned to us together with the qualifying LEGO purchase(s). Merchandise totals calculated after VIP Point redemption; any applicable taxes, delivery charges, or value of gift cards purchased do not apply to merchandise totals. It cannot be purchased, exchanged or substituted for any other item or cash value. Offers not valid at LEGOLAND® Parks, LEGOLAND Discovery Centres, LEGO Certified Stores, and Mobile Retail locations. The LEGO Group reserves the right to cancel or modify this promotion at any time without prior notice. VIP Membership required.

Be sure to check out the rest of the LEGO Marvel Superheroes Avengers: Endgame sets by clicking on the following links.

Captain America: Outriders Attack (76123)

War Machine Buster (76124)

Iron Man Hall of Armor (76125)

Avengers Ultimate Quinjet (76126)

Avengers Compound Battle (76131)

LEGO Creator Expert NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander (10266) Officially Revealed

LEGO has finally unveiled its next LEGO Creator Expert set after several days of teasing it via social media. Just in time to celebrate 50 years of man’s historic landing on the moon, the LEGO Group is proud to announce the LEGO Creator Expert NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander (10266). This set comes in at 1,087 pieces and will retail for $99.99 USD at and at your local LEGO store beginning June 1st. Check out the images below and read on the for the full product description.

LEGO Creator Expert NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander (10266)
1087 pieces | Ages 16+
$99.99 USD | 139.99 CAD
Available June 1, 2019

NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander (10266)

Celebrate space exploration with the NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander!

Celebrate man’s first moon landing with this LEGO® Creator Expert 10266 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander building set—developed in cooperation with NASA to mark the 50th anniversary of a historical event that captivated the world. This collectible model features a highly detailed replica of Apollo 11’s Eagle lunar module, plus a depiction of the lunar surface, complete with crater, footprints and a U.S. flag. The descent stage comes with gold-colored landing pads and panels, opening camera and laser hatches, and a ladder, while the ascent stage has a detailed interior with room for 2 astronauts. Finished with an Apollo 11 Lunar Lander nameplate, this display model makes a great centerpiece for the home or office and provides a challenging and rewarding building experience full of nostalgia. Includes 2 astronaut minifigures with NASA decoration and golden helmets.

  • Includes 2 astronaut minifigures with NASA decoration and golden helmets.
  • This advanced LEGO® set features a detailed replica of the Eagle lunar lander with separate ascent and descent stages, plus a depiction of the lunar surface with crater, footprints and a U.S. flag.
  • Descent stage features new-for-June-2019 gold-colored landing pads and panels, opening camera and laser hatches and a ladder.
  • Ascent stage features a detailed interior with room for 2 astronaut minifigures.
  • Celebrate space exploration with this highly detailed display model.
  • Accessory elements include a brick-built video camera and laser reflector.
  • New-for-June-2019 decorated elements include an Apollo 11 Lunar lander nameplate and golden elements.
  • Measures over 7” (20 cm) high, 8” (22cm) wide and 7” (20cm) deep.

LEGO Ideas Space Rocket Ride (40335) Official Images Released

After making a brief appearance in April at a LEGO Certified Store in Croatia, we now have our first official images of the LEGO Ideas Space Rocket Ride (40335). If you recall, this particular set is inspired by the winning entry created by LEGO fan builder mjsmiley for the LEGO Ideas LEGO Moments In Space Contest. The contest intends to inspire LEGO fan builders to come up with their own version of LEGO’s next promotional set. Take a look at the following images.

LEGO Ideas Space Rocket Ride (40335)

The LEGO Ideas Space Rocket Ride (40335) is intended to be the next gift with purchase (GWP) set, though the promo mechanics on when and how to avail this set has not yet been disclosed by LEGO, though we can assume that this promotional item might be released next month. Perhaps as a GWP set when you purchase the LEGO Creator Expert Apollo 11 Lunar Lander (10266)? We just have to wait and see.

This set comes in at 154 pieces and in spite of its small size, features a couple of play features such as a rotating crank that allows the Space Rocket to move, a coin slot, and child minifigure with a classic LEGO Space logo printed on its torso.

My radar hasn’t picked up yet where this promotional item will be offered, but you can be sure that I’ll be giving you updates once more info comes in. As someone who collects exclusive GWP sets, this one is certainly on my must-have checklist in spite of the slight controversy that surrounded it a year ago. Special thanks to Promobricks for sharing these images.

********** UPDATE **********

LEGO has confirmed that as a Gift with Purchase set, LEGO Ideas Space Rocket Ride (40335) will be available starting June 5. No price points have been set yet for qualifying purchases as of this publication.


Rare $70 Commemorative LEGO Istana Set from 150th Anniversary Open-House, Reselling Online for Over $100

Just as April was ending, we reported on a most uncommon limited edition LEGO set in Singapore. A LEGO build of the Istana presidential palace was commissioned by the country’s president to celebrate the complex’s 150th anniversary. The set was launched at Istana’s open-house this May 1, with its limited numbers snapped up by collectors.

Visitors to the Singapore Istana this Wednesday could avail of the LEGO-brick version by donating $70 to the President’s Challenge community outreach. But there were only 500 sets prepared, in small plastic bags with inserted building instructions. They were gone in two hours. That’s that.

Or at least, that’s how it should’ve been as a one-day special tie-in. But some of those who bought the LEGO Istana mini-set were simply interested in reselling them online.  Several listings of the special-edition set on eBay and Carousell have mind-boggling prizes of $100-300.


There have been attempts by other LEGO fans to simply replicate the official Istana build on their own. Builders on Facebook such as Artisan Bricks and the SG AFOL Brick Marketplace have put forth their interpretations of Singapore’s presidential residence. In case of the latter, they’ve sold complete sets of their version for S$42, lesser than the official set price. Their sets used bricks sourced from Bricklink and Brickfinder; they sold out quite fast too.

As expected, the design for the limited-edition LEGO Istana commissioned by the Office of Singapore President Halimah Yacob was developed by a LEGO Certified Professional. In her speech during the set’s unveiling this May 1 she said, “The Istana is an iconic landmark in Singapore, having been an important part of our history and national identity. I hope Singaporeans will appreciate this special and unique keepsake, and through it, look back to our journey together as a nation with pride.”

Designer Video Released for LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV (75244)

How would LEGO hype its “Star Wars” Tantive IV set (75244)? Let us count the ways. We know its VIP release is on the day before May the 4th, its official availability date. We know it’s a prize for an ongoing LEGO Ideas contest. Some LEGO Stores are also offering a micro-scale Make and Take event, again on May 4.

And then there’s the stop-motion ditty the put up recently. But here’s one more little treat for “Star Wars” fans to digest before the set finally comes. It’s a major LEGO release, right? That means it’s getting a designer video.

Just so we know, our hosts this time are Model Designer César Carvalhosa Soares and Graphic Designer Maddy O’Neill from The LEGO Group. They are, of course, part of the team that conceptualized what became LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV (75244). We’ll get to hear their tales on how the project came together into this neat model set we’re sure “Star Wars” fans will adore.

Though it’s cramped inside for minifigures, the Tantive IV set (75244) comes with six anyway. In a way, that can help the model act for two periods of the “Star Wars” franchise. We have the prequels where the ship is commanded by Senator Bail Organa, and the original where it’s Princess Leia’s ship. The crew and droids even carry over from both of these timelines.

All told, this set is one of the highlights for the ongoing 20th Anniversary of LEGO Star Wars this 2019.

New LEGO Office Campus in Billund, Opening 2020, to Feature Giant LEGO Brick

As everyone who reads LEGO news knows, Billund in Denmark is LEGO-topia. The corporate town is the heart of the global toy brand, with related tourist attractions (LEGOLAND and LEGO House) alongside the headquarters and offices of The LEGO Group. It’s also, like other communities, a work in constant progress.

By that we mean that LEGO is currently overseeing the construction of a new office campus for their Billund workforce. They also seem to be following the convention of major companies with their new campuses, like Apple, in making sure the structure and facilities have a theme tying things together.

Senior LEGO Model Designer Mark Stafford cheekily shared details on the décor for the new LEGO Billund campus. On his Twitter page he posted the image of a truck hauling what appears to be a massive yellow 1×4 LEGO brick. However it might be installed on the buildings, set to open 2020, it’ll catch many eyes.

It’s just like The LEGO Group to design their workplaces to be fun tourist attractions themselves. The most recent place where they’ve done this is with their new Middle East offices in Dubai. Opened just this February, the place looks like a museum-playground, a place to work and have fun.