From Alarm Clocks to Pillows: Here Are Some Cool LEGO Movie 2 Products to Watch Out For

We’re just counting the weeks before the LEGO Movie 2 hit theaters and what better way to celebrate the film by having any of these TLM2 memorabilia. From Happy Meal toys to DK’s collection of books inspired by the film, it seems that there is still plenty of room for other LEGO Movie 2 products to join this year’s most brickstacular film. So while waiting for the film’s opening on February 8, let’s take a look at some of the cool TLM2 tie-in products that are out there. Clicking on the following affiliate links below will provide you with further details about each product.

Alarm Clocks

LEGO Movie 2 Emmet Light Up Alarm Clock (9003967)

Emmet Brickowski longed to be popular in his town of Bricksburg, but due to living his life by the book, no one ever noticed him. This all changed however, when Bricksburg came under attack and it was up to Emmet to save the town. Emmet showed that everyone is special in their own way and became a hero!

Help Emmet rescue his friends from the intergalactic invader Sweet Mayhem with this fantastic LEGO mini-figure clock and you too can become on of the great master builders!

  • Help save the people of Bricksburg with this LEGO Movie 2 Emmet mini-figure Kids Light Up Alarm Clock
  • Digital LCD Screen with 12hr display, Back Light colour: Orange, Height: 6 inches tall, Alarm and Snooze functions, Moveable parts: Arms, Battery Type: 2x AAA (included), Age:6+
  • Official LEGO Product


LEGO Movie 2 Wyldstyle Light Up Alarm Clock (9003974)

Wyldstyle is a tough and creative free spirit. She is streetwise master builder and doesn’t let people give her orders. Although she is tough as nails, she has a soft side and puts a lot of faith in those close to her.

It’s time to team up with Wyldstyle against Sweet Mayhem with this fantastic LEGO Movie 2 Mini-figure Alarm Clock and you too can become one of the great master builders!

  • Help save the LEGO Universe from Sweet Mayhem with this LEGO Movie 2 Wyldstyle mini-figure Kids Light Up Alarm Clock
  • Digital LCD Screen with 12hr display, Back Light colour: Orange, Height: 6 inches tall, Alarm and Snooze functions, Moveable parts: Arms, Battery Type: 2x AAA (included), Age:6+
  • Official LEGO Product.


Buildable Wrist Watch

LEGO Movie 2 Emmet Buildable Watch (8021445)

LEGO Movie 2 Wyldstyle Buildable Watch (8021452)

LEGO Movie 2 Unikitty Buildable Watch (8021476)



LEGO Movie 2 Emmet Buddy Pillow

LEGO Movie 2 Unikitty Buddy Pillow

LEGO Movie 2 Sweet Mayhem Buddy Pillow

LED Key Lights

LEGO Movie 2 Emmet LED Key Light


Emmet returns in The LEGO Movie 2. The full-length theatrical LEGO adventure opens in theaters February 2019. Emmet features a sensor on the chest which, when pressed, will illumiate his feet. Add a splash of fun to your backpack or bag with this delightful Emmet Key Light.


LEGO Movie 2 Batman LED Key Light

Batman returns in The LEGO Movie 2. The full-length theatrical LEGO adventure opens in theaters February 2019. Batman features a sensor on the chest which, when pressed, will illumiate his eyes. Add a splash of fun to your backpack or bag with this delightful Batman Key Light.


LEGO Movie 2 Unikitty LED Key Light

Princess Unikitty returns in The LEGO Movie 2. The full-length theatrical LEGO adventure opens in theaters February 2019. Starring as one of Emmet’s fellow travelers is Unikitty, a sweet, loveable member of the team with a powerful secret. Unikitty features a touch sensor on her face which, when pressed, will illumiate her horn. Add a dash of sass and sunshine to your backpack or bag with this delightful Unikitty Key Light.


LEGO Movie 2 Costumes

LEGO Movie 2 Lucy Deluxe Child Costume


Lucy is a no-nonsense determined kind of girl with a huge heart. You can look just like the amazing Master Builder herself in this Lucy Deluxe Costume! This costume is bold just like Lucy! Costume features a longsleeve top with an attached skirt, leggings, a pair of fingerless gloves, and a headband with attached hair extensions.


The Spider-Man: Far From Home Teaser Trailer Has Landed, and What LEGO Marvel Superheroes Tie-In Sets Can We Expect

Earlier today, Sony Pictures and Marvel Entertainment gave us a glimpse of how things will be like after our Marvel heroes overcome the post-Thanos, finger-snapping catastrophe that rocked the MCU to its core, and it looks like everything’s back to normal. It’s a breath of fresh air actually, especially after seeing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man crumble into dust as one of the casualties in Avengers: Infinity War, it’s nice to see the friendly neighborhood spidey back in action and just trying to appreciate his well-earned vacation. In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the Spider-Man: Far From Home teaser trailer, and let’s spend a few minutes talking about the possible LEGO Marvel Superheroes tie-in sets that LEGO has in store.

Like other MCU trailers in the past, the teaser trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home is full of hints and references to possible LEGO sets to be revealed sometime in May. Though there are a lot of rumors making its round over the internet regarding what LEGO tie-in sets we can expect, there are some scenes in the trailer that we would really love to see re-imagined as an official LEGO set.

The first minute of the trailer shows Peter Parker and his friends looking forward to a great summer vacation in Europe, and judging from the fact that this is the first time that Peter is getting his passport, the Far From Home subtitle may probably refer to his supposedly peaceful vacation time together with his high school buddies. When everything seems to be running smoothly as expected, Nick Fury enters the scene, knocking off Ned with a S.H.I.E.L.D.-grade tranq, and practically hijacking Peter Parker’s summer vacation, enlisting his aid to stop a series of never before seen threats.

First off, we see one of the first Elemental villains in the film, very much the same as that of the character of Sandman from the Tobey Maguire era. It is highly unlikely that this is a rebooted version of Sandman, but considering how the supervillain has recently appeared as a new LEGO minifigure in Spider-Man’s Spider Crawler (76114), then I’m open to the possibility that a LEGO tie-in set may arrive including this troublesome enemy.

Screengrab from Sony Pictures.

Next, we have this scene at the iconic Tower Bridge in London where the Elementals seem to be causing havoc, and where Spider-Man swings off to meet them head-on. Though we already have a similar LEGO set that portrays Spidey in action similarly located at a suspension bridge (Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle 76057), it will be great to have this scene from the trailer turned to an actual LEGO set. I know it’s a long-shot considering that historically among MCU films, it is only the Avengers titles that get to see a larger share of LEGO tie-in sets. But adding to this our wishlist of LEGO what-ifs is a welcomed one.

Screengrab from Sony Pictures.

There was also a very brief shot, given only a few frames of airtime, that shows another high-powered baddie that is highly rumored to be included in an official LEGO set. This towering, fiery hot and melting giant is said to be MCU’s version of Molten Man – one of Spider-Man’s first supervillain enemies which made his debut in 1965’s The Amazing Spider-Man #28.  Rumor has it that a certain LEGO Marvel Superheroes Molten Man’s Battle (76128) set will be released as one of the three LEGO tie-in sets slated to be revealed in May. With a price point that is said to be at $30, it will be interesting to see how this fiery colossus will look like when built using LEGO pieces. My guess is that it may follow the size and design of other big builds in the LEGO MCU genre such as seen with Ant-Man/Giant-Man in Super Hero Airport Battle (76051) and DCEU’s version of the God of War, Aries, in Wonder Woman Warrior Battle (76075).

Screengrab from Sony Pictures.

I’m not really sure what’s happening here, but this stealthy, alternate Spider suit seems to be a shout out to one of Spidey’s comic book roots, specifically to the gothic styled Spider-Man Noir from Earth 90214. For the record, LEGO has not yet released an official Spider-Man Noir minifigure, save for a digital version of the character as seen in the LEGO Marvel Superheroes video game released in November 2017. LEGO fans of this alternate version of Spider-Man will certainly love to see him rendered to an official minifigure, but we have to wait and see if LEGO intends to give us this character.

Screengrab from Sony Pictures.

This next scene, which is also shot near a bridge over a river (Paris, perhaps?), shows us another Elemental villain that Spider-Man has to contend with. If fighting against sand and fire monsters are not enough, then why not throw in a water elemental just for good measure? This teaser trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home will leave us guessing on the nature and character of this water golem, but again rumors circulating within the LEGO community points to the possibility that this character may in-fact be Hydro-Man from the comics, and that we might see him included in an official LEGO set as well. Rumored to be called as LEGO Marvel Superheroes Hydro-Man’s Attack (76129), this set is expected to sell for $40 and may likewise involve a big build of the Elemental villain.

Screengrab from Sony Pictures.

Finally, we get to see an all too familiar character and his fishbowl helmet that is kind of hard not to ignore. Jack Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio is kind of an ambiguous figure in Spider-Man: Far From Home. With Gyllenhaal already mentioning that the classic Spider-Man villain will be actually teaming up with Spidey as a ‘good guy’ in taking down these menacing elemental forces, it leaves one to think on how the MCU will actually pull this out since Mysterio has been, and will always be, one of Marvel’s formidable villains. It will surely be interesting to see how Mysterio will turn out as an official LEGO minifigure, and given what we see in the trailer, it is most likely that Mysterio’s minifig version will be included in the Hydro-Man’s Attack (76129) set.

Screengrab from Sony Pictures.
Screengrab from Sony Pictures.

Lastly, another LEGO set is rumored to be included in the Spider-Man: Far From Home subtheme and this one is most likely to raise even more questions until such time that we see Avengers: Endgame in cinemas. The LEGO Marvel Superheroes Stark’s Plane and Drone Attack (76130) is said to be the largest among the three sets, with a tag price of $70. I’ve watched the Far From Home trailer several times just to be sure that I didn’t miss out on any subtle details that may point out to an aircraft that Tony himself might have built. However, it is kind of intriguing to see that there was no mention or any scene whatsoever of any particular aircraft that may give a hint to this set. It leads to a lot of questions actually because we really don’t know if Tony Stark has survived the events of Avengers: Endgame, or will he even make an appearance in Spider-Man: Far From Home. In any case, it is possible that this rumored LEGO set will actually turn out to be just a rumor, or it could also be that Sony and Marvel are putting a very tight lid on these crucial details right now. I’m inclined to believe in the latter since it’s kind of odd to create a set that includes Stark’s plane without a Tony Stark minifig included with it.

So just to give a recap, here are some of the LEGO Marvel Superheroes Spider-Man: Far From Home sets that are rumored to be released in May:

  • Molten Man’s Battle (76128) – $30
  • Hydro-Man’s Attack (76129) – $40
  • Stark’s Plane and Drone Attack (76130) – $70

I’m not certain if these will be the actual set names for these, and we have to wait and see if they will include the characters and minifigures that we hope to have later on. For now, be sure to check for the latest LEGO Spider-Man sets. Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man: Far From Home will arrive in theaters on July 5, 2019.

A Look at the LEGO Movie 2 McDonald’s Happy Meal Promotions

This may not come as a surprise for most LEGO fans, since similar to previous McDonald’s promotions, it has not been once that LEGO has partnered together with the international fast-food chain in promoting their brick-inspired films. And from 2014’s LEGO Movie lenticular cups to the LEGO Batman Movie assorted toys from 2017, we now have the latest wave of LEGO Movie 2 McDonald’s Happy Meal promotions that you may want to check out.

The McDonald’s Happy Meal site has confirmed since the start of this year that McDonald’s will be giving away Happy Meal toys that are inspired by the upcoming LEGO Movie 2 film. However, the site has not revealed what these Happy Meal toys will be. If you recall, the first LEGO Movie Happy Meal promotional had a more uniform look with their series of lenticular cups, and this time around for the LEGO Movie 2 McDonald’s Happy Meal promotions, it looks like it will follow the same direction with their upcoming offers.

Tipped by a LEGO fan in Russia, Instagram user dscbricks has uploaded a photo that shows how these LEGO Movie 2 McDonalds Happy Meal toys will look like.

View this post on Instagram

The LEGO Movie 2 McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys First Look A few weeks ago we revealed McDonald’s plans to include The LEGO Movie 2 themed toys in next months Happy Meals. Now we have an image of what the toys will look like courtesy of a LEGO fan in Russia. The new LEGO Movie 2 Happy Meal Toys feature odd oversized LEGO Minifigure head keychains! From what we can tell each head will be able to open up to reveal a small storage space. There is no word yet as to what is inside (if anything). Some speculate that the heads include games and activities based on the new movie. We hope each head contains a Minifig, but we know chances of that happening are very slim. What do you think will be inside each McDonalds The LEGO Movie 2 Happy Meal Minifig head? Let us know in the comments below! #lego #legos #lego2019 #legonews #legoleak #legoleaks #mcdonalds #legoset #legosets #legoinstagram #legostagram #legominifigures #minifigures #legominifigs #legotoy #legotoys #mcdonalds #happymeal #happymealtoys #happymeals #happymealtoy #legomania #dscbricks

A post shared by dscbricks (@dscbricks) on

Based on a description by dscbricks, these are actually over-sized minifigure heads based on the characters from the sequel. We have Emmet, Lucy, Batman, Ultrakatty, Sweet Mayhem, Benny, Superman, Rex Dangervest, 2 Duplon Invaders, Wonder Woman, and Unikitty in her normal, cheery look. Furthermore, each minifigure head keychain is said to open up to reveal a small compartment to put on any knick-knacks that you might fancy. There is no confirmation if there will be anything inside as part of the promotional, but it’s most likely to include some small toys, games, puzzles, stickers and other similar stuff. It’s best not to expect any actual LEGO pieces though, and even minifigures for that matter.

There is no word yet if this LEGO Movie 2 McDonald’s Happy Meal promotions in Russia will also be the same in the US, but it’s not a long shot to consider the possibility that it will be likely the same. So what do you think about this selection of Happy Meal toys? Do you think it’s worth the buy? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

LEGO Life App Sees Additional 23K New Users Signed Up in Hong Kong

What happens when you mix a social media mobile app with the customization potential one might find in a LEGO video game? You get LEGO Life, a social media platform geared towards the younger LEGO and internet fan. Launched in 2017, it has become one of the most-favored kids’ social networks, with LEGO fans the world over waiting for when the app’s coverage eventually reaches their respective territories.

That much could be said for Hong Kong. LEGO Life launched its platform there (plus Macau and Taiwan) several months ago, and current user statistics show that there are plenty of LEGO fans in those regions.

You pretty much can’t argue with a recorded regular user base of around 23,000. Even better, a solid 90% of those users are all children between the ages of 5 and 10, which is the target range of LEGO Life as laid down by The LEGO Group itself. The 23,000 LEGO Life users from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan join the rest of the 5.8 million global users as recorded from 2017.

As LEGO Digital Marketing & e-Commerce Manager for Hong Kong and Taiwan, Candice Wong says, “We believe the unique proposition of the app which ties to local consumer insights is the key. Parents in Hong Kong are very conscious of kids’ digital consumption and are concerned about their children’s online privacy and safety. LEGO Life, adhering to the highest standard of child safety online, eases parents’ concern over privacy or safety issues.”

The LEGO Life social network helps enforce anonymity between users by having all user avatars based on minifigures with online aliases. This is welcome for parents whose children engage actively on the app. Furthermore, social community building is LEGO Life’s primary direction, not selling more LEGO products (beyond the “Product Registration” feature that creates virtual versions of real sets owned by LEGO Life users).

“We aim at making LEGO Life an extension of their play experience,” notes Wong, “rather than replacing physical play which we know is so important to children’s development and well-being.”

LEGO Files Restraining Order to Keep LEGO-like Zuru Toys Off Retailer Shelves

If one is to ask LEGO, they would say that theirs are the only true building-brick construction toy brand in the world, with every other company manufacturing any toy blocks with an interlocking-stud system being in violation of their original brick patent. LEGO has crusaded against such copycat toy rip-offs in China this year and previously. Now they have a new target in the U.S. in the person of Zuru Toys.

LEGO is taking exception to Zuru Toys, a company with a wide variety of products for kids that has recently rolled out two construction-brick lines, Max Build More and Mayka launched just this October. The Denmark-based global toy giant is filing a restraining order from their US HQ in Connecticut to keep MBM and Mayka products off the shelves of toy retailers such as Walmart.

In their RO filing, LEGO points out that not only do the Max Build More and Mayka toys from Zuru have the telltale LEGO-brick interlocking studs, plus similar-looking human minifigures, the deliberate marketing of MBM as having more brick pieces at affordable prices than LEGO sets is a “fair-play” violation.

In LEGO’s words, the cheaper rates for Max Build More brick products can do “irreparable harm” to the reputation of more expensively priced but high-quality LEGO sets, and also trigger consumer confusion during holiday shopping by exploiting their desires for bargains. Lastly, the toy giant is also playing the “copyright infringement” card on Zuru’s “inferior” products.

For their part, Zuru Toys has sent word via their representing attorney Thomas Dunlap of Dunlap, Bennett & Ludwig that LEGO’s complaint and restraining order filing is being reviewed by his clients, pending a response.

Publisher of “LEGO Star Wars” Magazine Runs into Trouble with UK Newsagents Regarding Sales Pilot

The Brick Show tries to cover news of LEGO in all of its possible components – the toys, the TV shows and movies, and even printed media. Several times before, we’ve covered releases of official LEGO magazines from various publishers, like Egmont which rolls out the official LEGO Star Wars mag.

Lately however, a pilot by Egmont to increase the circulation of LEGO Star Wars Magazine is drawing the ire of newsagents in the UK, particularly Federation of Independent Retailers. This is in response to Egmont starting to stock its mag not just with the newsagent outlets but on chain supermarkets.

The sticking point to the Egmont circulation move according to the NFRN is that not only will the supermarkets receive the latest issues of LEGO Star Wars Magazine ahead of the newsagents (four weeks ahead even), but the issues then given to the NFRN retailers will only be return issues unsold from the market chains.

NFRN national president Mike Mitchelson remarked that Egmont is treating their member newsagents as second-class retailers with the preferential treatment to chain supermarkets for magazine stock. A reply from Egmont in turn explains that their pilot project is committed to “testing a sustainable distribution model in the UK independents channel.”

In this matter, LEGO is taking the side of their publishing partner, as the ompany’s senior director of licensing and publishing Andrea Ryder tells NFRN, “We have been assured the practice in handling the distribution of LEGO Star Wars Magazine will be changed to allow all retailers to have the ability to order and also to receive the magazine without a differentiation in delivery timing.”

Here’s Another Guinness World Records Giveaway – the LEGO Creator Expert Wright Flyer (10124)

When Guinness Book of World Records featured LEGO sets in its 2019 edition, nobody might have expected them to offer a giveaway of one of those sets to those who answered a trivia question on their website. Then, it just ballooned as one by one the eight prominent “record-holding” LEGO sets from the 2019 book were promoted in the contest. Now, the Guinness World Records official website is holding one more trivia contest. On the line is the seventh – and probably the penultimate – LEGO set to be given away, not a record-holder itself but based on one iconic recorded event: the LEGO Creator Expert Wright Flyer (10124).

LEGO Creator Expert Wright Flyer (10124)

The rather uncommon LEGO Creator Expert Wright Flyer (10124) set is a model build of the historic Guinness record-holder of the first successful flight of a heavier-than-air powered aircraft. As anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of history knows, the Wright Flyer was built by the Wright Brothers Orville and Wilbur, who flew the pioneering airplane near Kitty Hawk on December 17, 1903.

Once again, the contest is valid only for Guinness website visitors from Canada, Ireland, and the UK. They just need to answer the trivia question on the LEGO Wright Flyer info page and add their contact information. The submission deadline will be on Friday, December 14 at around midnight GMT.

2018 LEGO Employee Christmas Gift (4002018) Revealed

Every year during the holiday season, LEGO employees around the world can always expect a treat or two from their company’s headquarters in Billund. And one of the perks of being a LEGO employee is that you don’t just to get to promote the LEGO brand itself, but you’re also rewarded for your love of the brick during the holidays in the form of a uniquely crafted, one of a kind LEGO Employee Christmas Gift. If you recall back in 2016, the 50 Years on Track (4002016) LEGO Employee Christmas Gift set is a shout out to LEGO’s half a century worth of trains and tracks. 2017, on the other hand, is a celebration of everything LEGO Technic with the gift of the Nutcracker (4002017) in line with the theme’s 40th anniversary. This time around, LEGO employees across the globe will be receiving their 2018 LEGO Employee Christmas Gift, and it definitely celebrates another milestone in the life of the LEGO Group.

Now out of consideration for those who are still to receive their share of this year’s LEGO Employee Gift, be aware that a majority of this sets were already rolled out to some parts of the globe. And as expected, there are some who are so happy with their gifts that they simply want to let the whole world know about the one of a kind gift that they received. Furthermore, images of this set are now starting to proliferate across secondary markets, particularly over at eBay. So if you’re the type that wouldn’t like to spoil the surprise of receiving such a nice gift, then you might want to hit that back button and browse the rest of our news articles here. But if you’re cool with this reveal, then you’re welcome to read on.

Much of what we have here is based on experiences shared by those who got their 2018 LEGO Employee Christmas Gift early on, and as I said earlier, this particular gift celebrates another achievement in the life of the LEGO Group. As you know, this year marks the 40th anniversary of the LEGO minifigure, and it’s not only through LEGO’s Collectible Minifigure Series 18 (71021) and the Minifigure Factory (5005358) promotional set that the company gets to commemorate it, but also through the Santa’s Sleigh and Reindeer (4002018) LEGO Employee Christmas Gift.

Shared by LEGO fan Dylan Chow over on Instagram, the 2018 LEGO employee gift comes in at 1,099 pieces and features a brick-built St. Nick, a reindeer, sled, and some wonderfully concealed gifts. I love how the reindeer turned out, but it was the brick-built gifts and what’s inside them that truly caught my attention.

Distinctively colored in white, blue, and green, these little boxes are not so plain looking once you see what’s inside of them: the blue gift contains a minifig that is a shout out to the classic Doctor minifigure that first appeared in 1986’s Town Minifigures (6301). The green gift comes with a classic Pirate minifigure that appeared in 1993’s Skull’s Eye Schooner (6286). The white gift box still remains a mystery and we have no idea yet on what could be inside this piece of gem.

The 2018 LEGO Employee Christmas Gift Santa’s Sleigh and Reindeer (4002018) is such a beautiful set that brings with it plenty of surprises. It may not be available to all fans of the brick, but it’s nice to know the kind, and thoughtful gestures that LEGO gives to its employees through this nicely designed set. Thanks again to Dylan Chow for sharing these images and for Candid Bricks for the heads-up.

So what do you think about this year’s LEGO Employee Christmas gift? To you think it sports a stellar design? What could be inside the white box? Share us what you think in the comments below and please do visit our Facebook page for more updates and interaction with fellow bricksters and fans.

New “LEGO Movie 2” Watches from Licensed Manufacturer Clictime

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is still some over two months away from cinemas, but anticipation is already up thanks to the trailers, and the reveal of the tie-in sets being released in 2019. But it’s not just the brick sets; the film has more merchandise than that.

For instance, there’s going to be a series of themed LEGO watches also tying in to the sequel for the surprise hit 2014 film. Even better, these watches will come out before this year ends, in late December. They’re manufactured by theme-watchmaker Clictime, a certified LEGO licensee for 18 years.

Thus far there have only been three variants of these Clictime LEGO watches, each depicting a prominent LEGO Movie character in both the face and as a minifigure ornament molded into the strap. We have Emmet (above), Lucy Wyldstyle and Princess Unikitty (below) available for franchise fans who want more stuff than another LEGO set.

Clictime already has a wide selection of LEGO watches for collectors, including series for LEGO City, Friends, Ninjago, its movie version, and The LEGO Batman Movie among so many others. The LEGO Movie 2 for its part will be premiering on February 8, 2019 with its tie-in sets also releasing around that same time frame.

LEGO Shop@Home Black Friday Deals Offer Hard to Find Sets

LEGO Shop@Home Black Friday deals have now kicked off and for those of us who are still holding on to those hard-earned bucks for the hope of landing that deal before the day ends, then you might think fast. As of this posting, we still have more than 200 discounted sets up for grabs at, and here’s a quick list of the best finds that we have so far starting with some of the hard to find sets on the market.

Just click on the links below to navigate directly to the LEGO Shop@Home page. And since these are affiliate links, any purchase that you will make through our blog site will mean a lot in keeping our site up and running. Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping everyone!


Hard to Find Sets

LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters (75827)


The LEGO Batman Movie The Joker Manor (70922)


LEGO Star Wars Slave 1 (75060)


LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Silent Mary (71042)


LEGO Creator Expert Brick Bank (10251)


LEGO Creator Expert Detective’s Office (10246)


LEGO Creator Expert Ferris Wheel (10247)


LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Station (10259)


LEGO Minecraft The Ocean Monument (21136)


Other Recommended Sets

LEGO Creator Modular Winter Vacation (31080)


LEGO Creator Modular Modern Home (31068)


LEGO Creator Space Shuttle Explorer (31066)


LEGO Creator Robo Explorer (31062)


LEGO City People Pack – Fun at the Beach (60153)


LEGO City Pizza Van (60150)


LEGO Marvel Superheroes Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown (76108)


The LEGO NInjago Movie garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON! (70656)


The LEGO Batman Movie The Bat-Space Shuttle (70923)


LEGO Minecraft The Waterfall Base (21134)


LEGO Minecraft The Farm Cottage (21144)


LEGO Speed Champions 2016 Ford GT & 1966 Ford GT40 (75881)


LEGO Architecture Buckingham Palace (21029)


LEGO Architecture Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (21035)


LEGO Architecture Skylines Chicago (21033)


LEGO Architecture Skylines Sydney (21032)