LEGO Ideas Dinosaur Fossils Skeletons Will be Our Next Official LEGO Ideas Set

After the thrilling announcement of the LEGO Ideas 10 Years Anniversary Fan Vote where we see our little, blue brick alien making a comeback as a possible LEGO Ideas set, host Ali Plumb and LEGO Ideas Associate Engagament Manager Hasan Jensen, have just announced the next official LEGO Ideas set that will hit store shelves this year. If you’re a dino fan and would love to have your very own brick-built dino museum, then be sure to watch out for Jonathan Brunn’s (aka Mukkinn) LEGO Ideas Dinosaur Fossils Skeletons.

The Dinosaur Fossils Skeletons topped the rest of the five finalists in the LEGO Ideas Third 2018 Review Stage, besting entries such as the Chemical Plant, Food Stand Diners, Queen Victoria Cruise Ship, and the Playable LEGO Piano.  Though there is no confirmed pricing and piece count as  of the moment, this upcoming LEGO Ideas set is slated to be launched this year so we can bet that we’ll hear some words from the LEGO Ideas Design Team very soon.

LEGO Ideas Dinosaur Fossils Skeletons

Same as in previous reviews, we have a wildcard of a set so to speak in the form of Donny Chen’s (aka SleepyCow) spot-on, brick-built replica of a Playable LEGO Piano. This intricate model of a Grand Piano is still possible to become an official LEGO set, so let’s cross our fingers and see if it will eventually receive the thumbs up from the review board.

So what do you think of this choice for a new LEGO Ideas set? Do you think its a good call? Personally, I was hoping that the Food Stand Diners will make it to the cut since it would look great besides the LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster (10261) or together with the new People Pack – Fun Fair (60234) minifigure pack for that awesome fairground themed park. Anyways, still our heartfelt congratulations to Jonathan Brunn and for his excellent LEGO Ideas Dinosaur Fossils Skeletons!


Here’s Another Chance to See That LEGO Ideas Stitch Happen!

This is a great way to start the morning (coming from this side of my world, that is)! Just saw this on my Twitter feed where LEGO Ideas just recently opened another round of voting for previously chosen LEGO Ideas projects as part of their LEGO Ideas 10 Years Anniversary – Fan Vote. Since its debut in October 2016, Tyler’s LEGO Ideas Stitch product idea has caught my attention being a fan of Disney’s little blue alien. After actively campaigning for Lendy Tayag’s LEGO Ideas Voltron, I wouldn’t have second thoughts on seeing an official LEGO Ideas Stitch standing beside my prized brick robot. However, it seems that the LEGO Ideas may have shot down my brick dream when the design team opted for the The Flintstones and The Treehouse as the winning sets for the Second 2018 LEGO Ideas Review Stage.  Imagine the agony of not seeing Stitch in all of his LEGO glory! Well truth be told, I somehow felt this coming not because that I don’t believe will turn out to be a great LEGO Ideas set, but because it might be potentially at odds with the contest platform’s product idea guidelines.

I guess my fears have been finally slayed when this time around, we can have another chance of seeing LEGO Ideas Stitch happen! Check out what the LEGO Ideas Review Team has to say.

LEGO Ideas Stitch

Why the Special Review?

This all started as we reminisced on these past years, the product ideas that had been turned into official sets and all those that hadn’t. It led to the realization that we definitely wanted to celebrate those past product ideas that hadn’t made it, for one reason or another, even more and thereby to give them a second chance. All these thoughts kickstarted the special anniversary review, where we had to determine which product ideas still had the potential to become an official set based on our usual review criteria that encompasses aspects such as brand fit, build quality, feasibility, licensing possibilities, expected demand, current and future LEGO products and much more.

The internal review of these previous product idea entries resulted in 4 finalists: we have the International Space Station by XCLD, SEGA Classic Arcade Machines by SpacySmoke (which is also one of my favs), Small YELLOW by LEGO Certified Professional Nathan Sawaya, and (drum roll please) LEGO Ideas Stitch by our very own Tyler Clites (aka legohaulic).

International Space Station

SEGA Classic Arcade Machines



LEGO Ideas Stitch

LEGO fans have until June 4 to vote which among these four can become an official LEGO Ideas set. The product idea that gets the most votes (cast through secret balloting) during the fan voting stage will qualify for the product development phase until we see it as an official LEGO product. What is great about this second chance is the fact that it is now entirely on the hands of the LEGO fan community to see which among these four entries will land on LEGO Store shelves.

If you desperately need to see that LEGO Ideas Stitch happen as much as I am, then let’s do Tyler a favor and head over to the LEGO Ideas page and cast your vote. If you do not have a LEGO Ideas account, then creating one is as easy as doing the Thanos Snap. Just have a valid email address ready, and then follow the on-screen instructions at the LEGO Ideas website, and please help us spread the word for LEGO Ideas Stitch by following us on Facebook and Twitter. Ohana!


LEGO-Volvo Ideas Contests Reveals Winning Construction Vehicle Design: the Rottweiler

LEGO collaborations with vehicle manufacturers are awesome. We’ve got some Technic sets and the Speed Champions line to prove that. You think the LEGO-Bugatti team-up that led to the Technic Chiron (and its life-sized version) was sweet? Volvo, specifically its Construction Equipment division, has done great things with LEGO too.

The encapsulation of this collaboration is the Technic ZEUX Concept Wheel Loader (42081). LEGO and Volvo CE then held a contest on LEGO Ideas last year. Contestants were asked to build their vision for the future of heavy equipment vehicles, using Technic. The winner would see their creation being considered for possible testing by Volvo.

Architect Vida Andras, age 27 from Romania, presented the winning design. It’s a multi-purpose construction vehicle with short quadruped legs ending in tracked feet. The manipulator arm has a 3D-printer, allowing it to literally make the materials needed for construction. Andras calls it the Rottweiler.


LEGO and Volvo seem to like it well enough, out of a pool of 122 entries for the Ideas contest. One factor perhaps is that the Rottweiler’s design concept was similar to that of the LEGO-Volvo ZEUX: self-driving capability. If that weren’t a futuristic vehicle element as the contest rules asked for, then what is?

For his efforts, Vida Andras won a LEGO Technic ZEUX (42081) plus several more Technic sets depicting heavy equipment vehicles. His build, along with nine other Ideas submissions, were exhibited at the London Transport Museum. Display lasted until May 16.

Snelson42’s UCS Space Shuttle Atlantis Makes LEGO Ideas First 2019 Review Stage

Looking at the product ideas making up the LEGO Ideas First 2019 Review Stage, you’d think they were “matching pairs.” About two groups of sets at once share similarities, whether thematically or location-wise. There’s a pair of “historical South American” landmarks and three “TV show” sets. Now, the lone space-themed product idea gets a “friend.”

Ideas member Snelson42 has just succeeded in getting his Space Shuttle build to 10-K support. Said shuttle is the Atlantis OV-104 orbiter, the fourth operational of the NASA shuttle fleet. Snelson42 designed his shuttle Atlantis to be of UCS-level build intricacy. Whether LEGO does label this as UCS should it pass review is anyone’s guess.


But as a UCS product idea, this LEGO shuttle Atlantis has all the expected jazzy details. We have opening payload-bay doors, moving landing gear, adjustable flight surfaces, and detailed cockpit. The payload-bay has the CANADARM robot arm. Speaking of arms, the build comes with a display stand, with a sturdy arm to support the weight.


Interestingly, Snelson42 notes he was inspired by “Star Trek” to build the shuttle. He was even originally going to call it Enterprise (orbiter OV-101). That plan was scrapped after discovering the shuttle Enterprise (named after the starship) never got space-borne.


All that said, the UCS Shuttle Atlantis is now the latest addition to the LEGO Ideas Second 2019 Review Stage. Now the more modern SpaceX BFR / Starship & Super Heavy by Albinolan won’t be the only-spaced themed product idea.

LEGO Ideas Flintstones (21316) Creator Andrew Clark’s Other Submission: “Thunderbirds are Go” Needs 2-K More Support, with 80+ Days Left

Last year, LEGO Ideas member Andrew Clark hit a home run. His product idea for a LEGO Flintstones set got support, passed review, and became an official set released this March. What might be next for him? Well, Clark has another product idea close to 10-K support. But it’s got less than 100 days left.

This other submission is based on “Thunderbirds are Go.” That’s the CGI-animated remake of the iconic 1960s British sci-fi “Supermarionation” series “Thunderbirds.” Clark’s product idea is a micro-scale multi-vehicle build set. Its central feature is the Thunderbird 2 carrier, able to transport any of 2 smaller vehicles in its pod.


Said sub-vehicles are the search-and-rescue mini-sub Thunderbird 4 and the Mole tunneling driller. Clark’s LEGO Ideas images include the Elevator Car from the original 1960s show. He has retained that despite its not appearing in the “Thunderbirds are Go” reboot.


Also included are micro-figures of the Scott brothers: Scott, Virgil (Thunderbird 2 pilot), Alan, Gordon (Thunderbird 4 pilot) and John. Later updates by Andrew Clark add retro-style International micro-figures including support member Brains. Then there’s the bonus Virgil Tracy minifigures (in retro/remake styles) plus an adjustable Thunderbird 2 cockpit chair for him to sit on.



Extra bits include some 1×3 LEGO bricks printed with the International Rescue acknowledgement call-sign “FAB.” Next are variable 2×3 printed tiles for Thunderbird 2’s carrier pod: 3 for Elevator Car and 4 for Thunderbird 4. Clark’s submission stands at 7,960 supporters with 87 days left.


New “Activities” Section on Beta Test for LEGO Ideas

If you’ve visited the LEGO Ideas website often enough, you know they do more than showcase aspiring “LEGO set” builds. When not allowing submissions to gain support for review, they also hold contests for sweet LEGO prizes. Now, the Ideas platform is expanding further with another additional activity for guests.

And in a rather plain naming convention, the new activity available for regular members of LEGO Ideas is…”Activities.” The Ideas team announced this section recently, as a simpler and regularly-held alternative to Contests, which are only held occasionally. Furthermore, it’s not a competition format and there are no prizes awarded.

In their blog post, LEGO Ideas explained that their new Activities segment is an informal challenge requiring warm-up building skills. They’d post a challenge activity for any Ideas member to work on. These submissions will then be featured on the Activity page. And while no prizes will be won here, Ideas will show off really great submissions on social media.

Seeing as this is a new thing for LEGO Ideas they are introducing Activities on a Beta basis. It’ll be available only to registered members and only then to a select number. Once the first few Activities prove to be hits, it’ll be made available to the whole Ideas platform.

To start them off, LEGO Ideas’ first challenge in Activities is this: “Build your finest Micro Modular Building.” This will run from now until next Monday, May 13. If you’re an Ideas member and can acces the Activities beta, why not give it a shot?

LEGO-NimbleBit’s “LEGO Tower” Mobile Game Ready for Pre-Registration; Free Minifigure Accessory for Registrants

It’s always exciting when a new mobile game of a theme you fancy starts building up for its release. Last March, LEGO announced its partnership with developer NimbleBit for “LEGO Tower,” launching this summer. It even has a LEGO Ideas contest tied to it, making possible DLC after its release.

But first, there’s the mobile game itself. “LEGO Tower” may not have come out yet on the major mobile platforms for iOS and Android. However, both the App Store and Google Play respectively are now allowing pre-registration. Mobile gaming veterans would know what that means: various bonuses are given to pre-registrants when they start playing.

For “LEGO Tower,” that pre-registration bonus looks to be a special minifigure accessory. LEGO collectors might recognize this helmet from Collectible Minifigures Series 15, the Flying Warrior. It doesn’t seem much, but every new piece of equipment in a soon-to-launch game is a welcome addition.

“LEGO Tower” is a tower building game developed by NimbleBit. It’s essentially their hit app “TinyTower” but with a distinctive LEGO skin and thematic elements. Players can construct LEGO skyscrapers with each floor design taking after some product line theme or other. The towers are also populated with minifigures that can be customized with accessories.


We can expect the mobile game to launch as early as this summer. Meanwhile, the “Design a Virtual Floor” LEGO Ideas tie-in contest is currently on its judging phase. No less than 590 entries were submitted, with the winner having his creation become an official floor design for “LEGO Towers.”

New LEGO Ideas 10-K Passer for First 2019 Review Stage: DDBDR’s Machu Picchu

Okay, it’s shaping as if the shared themes between the 10-K product ideas awaiting the First 2019 Review Stage are turning into a tangled dodecahedron. Sets of buildings? Check. Several TV show set designs? Check. Now we’re getting a new ready-for-review LEGO Ideas submission that’ll add the shared themes of “historical structure” and “South America.”

Ideas member DDBDR created a nicely-rendered LEGO Architecture-esque build of one of the iconic landmarks in South America. That would be the Incan mountain city-fortress of Machu Picchu in Peru. In 511 pieces DDBDR managed to capture all pertinent details of the 15th-Century estate of the Emperor of the Incas.

From the stone buildings, to the terraces that were once used for farming, and the mountain peak looming behind the whole complex, one might think they’re viewing a 3D image of the real Machu Picchu site when they see this landmark product idea by DDBDR.


The other 10-K submission with the most commonalities to this Machu Picchu set is Maxakalisaurus’ Museu Nacional – Rio de Janeiro. Both are South American historical structures (the latter being in Brazil). It’s going to be a strong competition between the two when it comes down to it, especially as the Museu burned down recently, giving it a potential sympathy push.

Aside from those two, there are already seven more competing submissions for the LEGO Ideas First 2019 Review Stage. There’s The Office – NBC, 123 Sesame Street, Anatomini, SpaceX Starship and Super Heavy, The Pirate Bay, Addams Family Mansion and Kakapo.

123 Sesame Street by Ivan Guerrero Finally Makes 10-K Support on LEGO Ideas

To have a LEGO Ideas submission that we have endorsed on The Brick Show getting 10-K support eventually is uncommon. When it does happen, we’re probably as happy as the creators in proving interest in the subject as a set. This one also happens to match about two prevalent themes in the latest Review batch.

What’s expected to be the LEGO Ideas Second 2019 Review Stage is full of either building sets or TV settings. 123 Sesame Street by Street Ivan Guerrero/bulldoozer21 covers both. It’s both an apartment build and a location for one of the world’s best-known children’s shows.


Recall, we first covered this product idea in November of 2017. A follow-up on its support-gathering progress was posted early last month. By then it had over 8,000 supporters with over 200 days left for completion. By April’s end, it achieved the goal it took over a year to reach.

Perhaps interest on bulldoozer21’s project was sparked anew by his updated design (leaving it at 55 short of 3,000 pieces). Maybe it’s because “Sesame Street” is turning five decades old this 2019. Whatever the case, 123 Sesame Street is now awaiting Review from LEGO Ideas.


Still, even if it did make it past the Second 2019 Review Stage, it probably won’t be until later this year. And then production and release might not be until 2020. Considering that, this set’s situation might be similar to Steamboat Willie (21317). It was created to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th Anniversary in 2018, but released the year after instead.

Tired of Conventional Car Submissions to LEGO Ideas? Try Supporting pfunkadunk’s Speed Champions-Scale Tesla Model 3

LEGO Ideas has had its fair share of submissions concerning automobile builds. They can range from complex Creator or Technic-level large-scale models, to the smaller versions similar to the Speed Champions line. It’s for the latter that this fresh new product idea is being submitted, and unlike the gas-guzzlers of the past, this is electric.

You read that last word right. Ideas member pfunkadunk just made a Speed Champions-sized build of the Tesla Model 3. First released in 2017, this was Tesla’s first serious attempt at creating an affordable e-car for the general market. The actual story’s a bit complicated.


In any case, pfunkadunk totally knocked the ball out of the park with designing his LEGO Ideas Tesla Model 3. In a solid black color scheme, the brick-built model copies the contours of the real electric car. Details include a visible battery back from the bottom and touchscreen interior display.


The set also comes with a buildable Tesla Supercharger unit, which can actually connect into a port on the car. The LEGO Model 3 has room for two minifigures, and comes with one by default. Aside from his LEGO Ideas listing, afol777 also has an official webpage for his great submission, with more available images.


From its 227 supporters and 370 days remaining, this is likely as newly-uploaded as LEGO Ideas submissions can be. If you’re a Tesla fan, other factors notwithstanding, then this LEGO Tesla Model 3 by afol777 needs all the help it can get to make 10-K.