This Fan-Made LEGO Fallout Video Teaser Trailer Is Eerie Cool

LEGO fans have longed for the day when their favorite video game titles may be rendered as actual LEGO sets. We already saw this feat achieved with the ground-breaking LEGO Overwatch theme. Many saw this as a positive sign of great things to come, with many fans being hopeful of more LEGO-video games collaboration in the future. While there are still a lot of seemingly impossible licensing obstacles that LEGO needs to hurdle before much of these become a reality, one LEGO fan, in particular, took upon himself to recreate another classic PC role-playing game, giving it a LEGO twist. We featured a pretty accurate MOC based on the game’s recent iteration, and this time around we now have this video trailer with a certain LEGO Worlds vibe, highlighting a custom-made, LEGO Fallout video teaser. See the video for your self.

YouTube video creator Bearly Regal made the video to conceptualize how a LEGO Fallout video game by, say, longtime LEGO game developers WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales might look. He expressed this in the video’s accompanying caption paraphrasing the Fallout series slogan: “LEGO, LEGO never changes.”

Rendering of the Fallout environment for the video was done through the WBI-TT sandbox game LEGO Worlds, available across current video game platforms. The game recently got a “Wild-West” themed DLC.

It seems that the trend of rendering popular film and video game trailers into LEGO bricks is here to stay. We’ve seen some recent sweet productions on this side of YouTube land such as next year’s Avengers: Endgame, Pacific Rim Uprising, and even Bohemian Rhapsody. All these teaser trailers were animated using actual stop-motion techniques using LEGO pieces, and for a video game such as Fallout, it is quite ingenious to see how Bearly Legal managed to use LEGO Worlds as its platform and go full 3D to make some fun vignettes to upload online.

So what to do you think of this fan-made LEGO Fallout video teaser trailer? Sound-off your thoughts in the comments section below.


LEGO Movie 2 Emmet’s ‘Piece’ Offering (30340) Polybag Spotted in Target

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is only about two months away from its premiere, and already a lot of the big set tie-ins have been revealed in past months. Now, the tie-in polybags are getting their turn on the spotlight, with the recent showings of Mini Master-Building MetalBeard (30528) and Star-Stuck Emmet (30620). Now, there’s one other LEGO Movie 2 set priced as a polybag that’s longlisted on the Eurobricks forum, one with the set number 30340. A reader of LEGO news source The Brick Fan has found the said polybag being sold in Target, and has given its name: Emmet’s ‘Piece’ Offering (30340).

Emmet's 'Piece' Offering (30340)

Coming in at 44 pieces, the pun-worthy Emmet’s ‘Piece’ Offering (30340) is a multicolored brick-built heart, ostensibly made by Emmet, which also comes as a minifig included in this polybag.

As with most LEGO polybag sets, we might expect Emmet’s ‘Piece’ Offering (30340) to be likely priced at $3.99 – the Eurobricks listing being at €2.99 in turn. We hope to eventually get further details on this little set very soon.

LEGO Jurassic World (5005255): Last LEGO Bricktober 2018 Set to Be “Conventionally” Available in the US, Now on Shop@Home

If any of our readers has watched Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in cinemas lately, then they’ll get the statement “All right, let’s do this one last time”. We’ve talked about the 2018 LEGO Bricktober 4-minifigure box sets so many times before, as they became available (save for one). Now, the last of these has come.

After seeing the Harry Potter Bricktober (5005254) in Barnes & Noble, and the Ninjago (5005257) in LEGO Stores, now the 2018 Bricktober of LEGO Jurassic World (500525) is up on Shop@Home US. Note that supplies for this set, supposed to only be for the Toys R Us Bricktober event, is limited. That might explain the high $99 minimum LEGO purchase to get one of these.

The fourth 2018 Bricktober set showing LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (5005256) is apparently never coming stateside due to being an exclusive offering at Toys R Us Canada. That’s too bad.

One major draw for this particular LEGO Bricktober minifigure set is the fact that it has one new minifigure version of Jurassic Park/World franchise character Dr. Ian Malcolm. And apparently LEGO hasn’t mentioned that the LEGO Jurassic World Bricktober set (500525) will come to LEGO Stores, so the only recourse for collectors is at Shop@Home.

Chris Pratt Reveals New LEGO Rex Dangervest Minifigure

It looks like the LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is getting a marketing boost now that we’re just a couple of months away from the film’s debut. After the reveal of more additional names in the LEGO Movie 2 tie-in repertoire, we now have actor Chris Pratt taking a hand (pun intended) in revealing the new LEGO Rex Dangervest minifigure.

Shared via social media, Chris gave us a glimpse on one of the first physical minifigure that will accompany Emmet, Lucy and the rest of the Bricksburg gang. In his usual comic antic, he also revealed that a new LEGO Movie 2 trailer will be streamed over the Internet tomorrow Tuesday at 11AM (EST). The LEGO Movie 2’s official Facebook page has also set a reminder for its next big trailer, so you may want to turn on your notifications for that.

What do you think about this new LEGO Rex Dangervest minifigure? What new adventures will this newest character bring in the lives of our brick heroes? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


Justin Timberlake Family’s Minifigure Costumes Win Internet and Acknowledged by LEGO

As we know, there are several possible ways by which somebody might dress up in a LEGO themed costume for say, Halloween almost two weeks ago. They can either be humanoid LEGO bricks or minifigures. Some costume manufacturers have these LEGO costumes available, but sometimes nothing beats a homemade creation.

Really, anybody who’s seen photos from Halloween of pop star Justin Timberlake on social media has to give him props for his LEGO minifig costume design. He, wife Jessica Biel and their son Silas just blew everyone away at what Halloween party they attended in October 31, dressed as LEGO Batman, Robin and Harley Quinn.

Said Halloween photo of the Timberlakes as LEGO DC minifigures was a hit on social media. It was quite viral to the LEGO fandom, in fact, that The LEGO Group itself would repost the photo on their official Instagram account. Their very impressed caption read as follows, “You’ve nailed it!”

By now, well after Halloween has passed, LEGO’s repost of the image has been given over 83,000 likes and more than 300 comments from LEGO fans everywhere. Even Disguise, the costumer maker that created the Halloween costumes we mentioned earlier, might learn a few things.

Awesome costumes for Halloween are something of an old hat for Justin Timberlake and family; last year they were dressed up as Toy Story characters.

2018 LEGO Ninjago Bricktober Minifigure (5005257) Rumored to be a Black Friday LEGO Store Promo

October has come and gone, and the Toys R Us Bricktober event has gone off without significant problems in the countries and markets that still have TRU stores. Stateside, LEGO collectors had to wait for other retail partners to carry the Bricktober LEGO minifigure sets, like with Barnes & Noble. Aside from the LEGO Harry Potter Bricktober minifigures (5005254) which were available on B&N, the other Bricktober sets were supposed to arrive in the US anywhere from this November to December; but when? At least we now have an idea on the general arrival time for the LEGO Ninjago Bricktober minifigure (5005257).

The latest word, as shared with fellow LEGO news source The Brick Fan, is that the LEGO Ninjago Bricktober minifigure (5005257), an assortment of four collectible minifigs, will be available on LEGO Stores as part of the expected Black Friday promotion. It is said to come free for every minimum LEGO purchase of $50, or while supplies last.

The LEGO Ninjago minifigures included in the Bricktober 2018 box set are “Oni Mask of Hatred” Harumi, Jay from the future, Mohawk and Kabuki Nya. For the moment, the Bricktober Ninjago being a Black Friday LEGO promotion, alongside the LEGO Seasonal Christmas Gift Box (40292, minimum $99 purchase) is a rumor until LEGO confirms it.

A Closer Look at the New Wasteland Batman Minifigure from the LEGO Movie 2

It looks like LEGO is revving up its marketing for its next big film The LEGO Movie 2 as we inch closer towards the end of the year. After a month of inactivity, the film’s social media channels are now up and running again with several teasers that they posted during the past three days. Other than the usual roster of characters such as WyldStyle and Emmet who were prominently shown in the film’s official trailer, we still need to see more details on some of the movie’s prominent characters. Earlier in September, you may recall that LEGO gave us our first look at Batman’s Apocalypseburg swag with the new Wasteland Batman minifigure. This new rendition of Batman is definitely impressive, giving a sort of Mad Max vibe to the Dark Knight’s usual garb.

Thanks to two most recent posts from the LEGO Movie 2’s official Twitter page, we can now have a closer look at the Wasteland Batman minifigure, and some of the hidden features of this much-awaited minifig. Check the following post below.

And just in time for Halloween, LEGO seems to be giving us more hints on this new Batman costume. What is particularly interesting is the new torso print beneath the rugged, wasteland look as can be seen from the film’s Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) greetings.

Staying true with the film’s apocalyptic version of Bricksburg, other than the rugged new armor, the new Wasteland Batman minifigure also comes with a worn-out sleeveless shirt underneath secured by a brown body strap across his torso. It also looks like that this new minifig rendition comes with arm prints that resemble arm or elbow guards.

If this on-screen version of Batman turns out to be a physical minifigure, then I will not be surprised to see that this is perhaps one of the best minifigure versions of Batman in recent years. And if LEGO intends to create this air of exclusivity for the Wasteland Batman minifigure, then it will not be a wild guess to consider that LEGO might opt to include this in just one particular set. With 15 or more LEGO Movie 2 sets to be revealed on top of the first wave of sets shown last July, I am particularly excited to see what set the Wasteland Batman minifigure will be included.

What do you think about this latest LEGO version of Batman? Do you think it is worthwhile to add another space for the Wasteland Batman in your minifigure collection? Let us know in the comments below.

A New LEGO Battle Adventures Mobile Game Is In The Works

A mysterious Facebook page appeared a couple of days ago and it is only now that it’s getting some attention. From the looks of it, this new Facebook page is for a new LEGO mobile app entitled LEGO Battle Adventures. Details are scant as of now regarding the game itself, but a survey has been released in relation to the game, perhaps for marketing purposes. Again, the survey itself does not point to any specific direction or info about this new mystery LEGO game, but we can somehow piece together several details to have an idea of LEGO Battle Adventures is all about.

First off, LEGO minifigures will play a central role in LEGO Battle Adventures, and what is interesting here is that it seems that the minifigures involved are those that were released throughout its entire 40 years of existence, combining both the classic minifigures that we grew up with, to those that LEGO has recently offered.

LEGO Battle Adventures
LEGO Battle Adventures cover photo over at Facebook.

LEGO Battle Adventures also seems to be a turn based role-playing game (RPG) where you either get to team up with others over the Internet, or battle through enemy lines in solo mode. I assume that you can also build up your own army of minifigure warriors or soldiers depending on the mission. A part of the survey specifically mentions other game titles such as Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, Ninja Turtles: Legends, Marvel: Strike Force and others that may suggest that LEGO Battle Adventures may also belong to the same genre. The survey also gives a brief description about this mystery game.

LEGO Battle Adventures

Game description: BUILD your ultimate team and engage in an epic solo and multiplayer adventure in the first LEGO battle role playing game, celebrating LEGO iconic minifigures and sets from all eras!

LEGO Battle Adventures

LEGO is no stranger in the mobile gaming arena. It has released a handful of standalone LEGO mobile games in the past, with LEGO Cube being the most recent. And now, it looks like LEGO is gradually leveraging on an online platform that takes advantage of the rich, interactive play opportunities that multiplayer gaming has to offer. For the meantime, let’s wait and see how things will turn out, and hopefully we’ll learn more about this mystery game any time soon.

Thanks to Bricks to Life for the heads up.

These New LEGO Stores Gave Away 500 Limited and Exclusive Minifigures

These past few months we covered the upcoming openings of several new LEGO stores across the country: new branches in South Carolina, Louisiana, New York, and more. In fact, some opened even earlier than were originally announced, and in the same LEGO Store opening fashion, some giveaways were handed out.

When new LEGO Stores in Lakeside Shopping Center in Metairie, Metro New Orleans and in Ross Park Mall in Pittsburgh opened their doors to LEGO shoppers last weekend, the first 500 customers of each were presented with commemorative minifigures to mark the occasions, and each is appropriately dressed for the location.

The Louisiana minifigure is a funky jazz saxophonist dressed in a green and purple outfit, the colors of Mardi Gras. His Pittsburgh counterpart is a hockey player, whose blank black jersey happens to share the home colors of the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins. Both minifigures come in a LEGO Store Grand Opening foil pack with the names of the store locations as you can see from the images below shared by fans over Reddit.

Score. Grand opening swag. from lego

Exclusive figure for the Pittsburgh LEGO store grand opening from lego


In past LEGO brand store openings, the “first-500” welcoming gift had been a 3-pack of minifigures. With LEGO Stores now popping up all over like mushrooms, the cutting down to one is understandable; they even managed to match city themes. In case you’re wondering if they’re printed at the back, yes they are. According to those fortunate enough to grab their free LEGO swag, the backs of these minifigures are printed with the name of the LEGO Store where they were given away.

Of course, with the respective openings already over and done with, there’s no telling if there’ll be more of the New Orleans and Pittsburgh LEGO minifigures. They both were numbered in a 500 limited production run, so chances are, no. Perhaps somebody will eventually sell them for inflated prices online, but it’s up to you if you’ll keep an eye out for these or not.

LEGO Jurassic World Activity Book Comes With a Limited Owen Minifigure

Here’s another upcoming LEGO-themed book from Scholastic that you may want to pick-up from your local bookstore starting next year. After the reveal of a handful of LEGO Harry Potter themed books, it seems that LEGO and Scholastic is back to the Jurassic World with yet another activity book that also comes with – as you may have guessed – another cool minifigure. The LEGO Jurassic World Activity Book not only comes with several dino fun facts and challenging puzzles, it also comes with a limited LEGO Jurassic World Owen Grady minifigure.

LEGO Jurassic World Activity Book

Listed via Amazon, the LEGO Jurassic World Activity Book is slated to be released on January 29, 2019 and retails for $8.99. This Scholastic book release also offers you the chance of having this particular minifigure version of Owen Grady that can only be seen in LEGO Jurassic World Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape (75929). This particular minifigure also includes several accessories such as a tranquilizer gun, satchel and dinosaur egg as you can see in the image below.

LEGO Jurassic World Activity Book

Here’s a brief product description for your reference. Just click on the title below to pre-order via Amazon.

LEGO Jurassic World: Activity Book with Minifigure 

An action-packed, hilarious activity book featuring a LEGO(R) Owen minifigure!

Meet the greatest hero of Jurassic World! Owen Grady is a dinosaur trainer, adventurer, and incredible tracker. In this activity book, solve puzzles, read comics, and explore the incredible place that is Jurassic World. It’s a prehistoric adventure not to be missed!