LEGO Marvel Superheroes Hulk VS Red Hulk To Be Introduced at SDCC 2016.

The Hollywood Reporter (THR) reveals that the Red Hulks will be on LEGO’s spotlight when San Diego Comic-Con 2016 officially kicks in on July 21. The set will be shown during the SDCC but will not be available for purchase until January next year. We do not have a set number or official LEGO description yet, but according to THR it contains 375 pieces, including bigfig versions of Hulk and Red Hulk, and minifigure renditions of She-Hulk and her counterpart, Red She-Hulk. Each pair of figures also comes with their respective vehicles. Here’s LEGO’s official announcement via their Facebook page.

The Hulk VS Red Hulk set is priced at $59.99 which is a bit pricey given the cost per piece, but the inclusion of two bigfigs may perhaps justify the price. Quite frankly, the main catch of the set are the bigfigs and minifigures that goes with it, especially the Red Hulks. The vehicles are a bit of generic, save for the color scheme that matches with the figures that goes along with them.

LEGO Hulk VS Red Hulk figures

As it seems, LEGO is investing heavily on Marvel and DC sets considering their earlier reveals regarding the latest Marvel Superheroes and DC Comics Mighty Micros sets which will also be offered next year.

So what do you think about the Hulk VS Red Hulk set? Share us your thoughts in the comments section below, or via our official Facebook page.



Will These Minifigs Be The 2016 SDCC LEGO Exclusives?


Marvel fandom is now celebrating 75 years of Captain America, and with it comes a trove of controversies and revelations that surrounded the person of the ol’ red, white and blue superhero. It may no longer come as a surprise, albeit it may still have some shock value to some extent, that Marvel Comics came up with an earthshaking plot twist to the much revered comic book icon of patriotism. For almost a month, fans have struggled with the revelation that Captain America is, and has always been a Hydra Agent. Needless to say, most fans were not really happy or intrigued by this turn of events, but more of disgusted by the idea. Now that Issue #2 of Steve Rogers – Captain America, Marvel seems to convince fans that Cap is just a victim of the Red Skull’s schemes of altering Steve Roger’s past.

Captain America - Steve Rogers (2016-) 001-000 Captain America - Steve Rogers (2016-) 001-031

But this seems to be the case with a recent rumor currently circulating within Eurobrick’s forums. Since last June, there were several hints pointing towards a glorified Hydra remake of Captain America and DC Comic’s Atom as seen from the CW Network, both of which will debut in their LEGO minifigure forms during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con beginning July 21.


Though we must consider it for what it really is, a guess based on a rumored leak, a casual search over at eBay will yield several finds that will somehow make you wonder if all these guesses were somehow correct. This is what Minifigure Price Guide sets off to discover when it reported that several knockoff versions of Hydra’s Captain America minifigure are now being offered on eBay. Together with these bootlegs of Cap is another rumored SDCC LEGO minifig exclusive which is DC’s Atom (CW). These knockoffs are known for being notoriously accurate with their renditions, with some minor modifications on how it looks like for them to get off the hook from certain copyright issues. Here are some LEGO minifig knockoffs that MPG has found over the Internet.


Using similar search phrases, we also found these ‘alternate’ minifigure versions of Hydra’s Cap and DC’s Atom. Please bear in mind that impressive as these may seem on screen, these are still illegal copies of LEGO minifigs, and does not in any way represent any LEGO product.


Having a guessing game for each year’s SDCC LEGO minifigure exclusive has been sort of a ‘tradition’ among LEGO fan forums. Though someone will likely point out that they have insider info on these exclusives, we must always hold on to our salt shakers and take these things with a whole lot of salt. Now that we’re just two weeks away from SDCC, we just have to wait and see, and relish the surprise.


These LEGO Minifigures Have Arrived On Jupiter!

Earlier in June, we reported on the ambitious project of NASA and LEGO to send its first LEGO minifigure ambassadors on a one-way trip to the planet Jupiter aboard the Juno Spacecraft. It was a really cool and exciting endeavor to send into the vast space these minifig renditions of the Roman God Jupiter, his wife Juno, and the famous astronomer Galileo Galilei all molded and constructed using ultra high-grade aluminium. You might read the details of our earlier story right here.


Now NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, California has confirmed that Juno has successfully started orbiting Jupiter – the largest planet in our solar system. After five years and travelling across 1.8 billion miles of space, the mission control screen at JPL flashed the message, “Welcome to Jupiter!” It was a momentous event as the Juno team cheered and congratulated each other, as CNN reports. Here are some of the tweets shared by NASA.

It was really cool to think about those LEGO minifigures silently orbiting Jupiter as of this very moment. Though it is a little bit discouraging to think that these interplanetary LEGO ambassadors will eventually meet their demise once the Juno spacecraft concludes its mission of gathering information about the gas giant, LEGO was kind enough to create a ‘backup’ set of these minifigures which are now under the care of Juno’s Principal Investigator Scott Bolton, using them as a springboard in encouraging children across the US in pursuing a career in space exploration.

We hope that LEGO will eventually come up with exclusive, limited edition replicas of these brave minifig explorers in celebration of Juno’s successful arrival on Jupiter. I love how the lightning bolt piece of the Roman god Jupiter, and Galileo’s globe came out since these are unique pieces on their own. In addition to these impressive parts, the fact that you’re holding in your hands LEGO minifigures that represent three ‘space pioneers’ 1.8 billion miles from our planet is enough to leave anyone with a sense of wonder and awe.


Finally! Here’s Our First Look On The Sonic LEGO Dimensions Minifigure.


LEGO Dimensions Series 2 has been making huge waves in the gaming industry with its tons of great reveals during last month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). With a total of 30 licenses under its banner, it’s continually expanding selection of both classic and recent titles make LEGO Dimensions an enticing, and fun video game for the entire family. With more characters to be revealed , we now have our first look at one of LEGO Dimensions’ most anticipated minifigures.

Thanks to TT Games Producer Mark Warburton’s playful take on this latest wave of LEGO Dimensions, we managed to catch up with the fastest hedgehog on the face of the planet. Take a look at the images that Warburton posted on his Twitter page, just a couple of moments ago.


As it turns out, this is Sonic’s first public appearance in LEGO minifigure form which will be released in a Level Pack sometime in November. Though Warburton might have intentionally emphasized Sonic’s left side, still, the image says it all. LEGO deserves a pat on the shoulder for the impressive detailing of Sonic’s head piece.

The remaining, undisclosed LEGO Dimensions Series 2 is expected to be released in three consecutive waves sometime in November, and January and March next year. Wave 1 of Series 2 is expected to hit toy and gaming shelves on September 27, consisting of iconic characters from Harry Potter, the A-Team and Mission Impossible just to name a few. Grab this chance to be the one of the very first to own these groundbreaking LEGO Dimensions sets by pre-ordering at Wildcard Toys.


New LEGO Star Wars Rebels A-Wing Pilot Minifigure Polybag Spotted.

Hoth Bricks recently revealed what could a be a new polybag offering with the LEGO Star Wars Rebel A-Wing Pilot as seen in the Star Wars Rebels animated series. We have no information yet on whether this new minifigure is part of a promotional, or a stand-alone purchase. It is interesting to note, however, that both Price Vortex and Brickset lists a 2016 LEGO Star Wars set – the LEGO A-Wing Starfighter 75143 – that may perhaps also include a similar minifigure. Again, news on this set is scant so we’ll keep on the lookout for this one. For those of you who are not yet that well-versed on the different characters in Star Wars Rebels series, Hoth Bricks posted a screenshot of one of its episodes showing the rebel pilot. Take a look at the character on the right side of Ahsoka Tano.


On a similar note, just2good over at Eurobricks gave us a pair of better looking images that highlights the nice detailing on the rebel pilot’s helmet. The helmet’s printed design is quite impressive, which gives the minifigure a balanced look in spite of lacking any prints on its legs.

a-wing rebel pilot polybag a-wing rebel pilot

We’ll keep you posted on how this polybag will be distributed so be sure to stay tuned here at the Brick Show.

It’s a Mecha Face-Off With The Custom LEGO Mecha Donald Robo!

We saw him leisurely drift in his classic LEGO Belchfire Runabout Mini Car a few days ago and this time, Japanese Master Builder Moko transports Donald Duck into the not so distant future where his choice of ride becomes a quacking and stomping custom LEGO Mecha Donald  Robo.

As a follow-up to his promise of paying tribute to the LEGO Disney CMF, his second creation is a more playful take on the distinct wackiness of our favorite Disney duck. Better get out of the way of its huge, webbed feet if you don’t want to be stomped silly. Moko even added a spring element at the back to give it a nice wind-up toy look.

Similar to his Mickey Robo, this wacky looking ride is also poseable. Moko originally thought of adding arms on the Mecha Donald Robo as he explained in his blogsite, but dropped the idea later on in favor of a more goofy-looking build. Always having an eye for detail, Moko adds a lovely bow tie and a horn element as well. It’s truly one epic face-off between two iconic Disney figures.

So what do you think about Moko’s LEGO Mecha Donald Robo? Which of Moko’s builds – Mickey Robo or Donald Robo – do you like best? Share us your pick in the comments section below.


Moko Does It Again With This Mecha Mickey Robo

When it comes to creative LEGO mechs, Master Builder Moko never runs out of wild ideas. From a transforming LEGO brick to a futuristic Mechatrobot, his creations never cease to surprise us with its simplicity and impressive articulation. So just imagine what happens when he gets his first LEGO Disney minifigures set – well, the result is one seriously hilarious mashup of Disney magic and action-packed Japanese anime. Enter the Mecha Mickey Robo.

Over at his Japanese blogsite, Moko confessed how excited he is upon getting his new Mickey Mouse minifigure, that he has to come up with a mecha build that is a fitting tribute to the most popular mouse on the face of the planet. Building on the charm and simplicity of Mickey, Moko came up with a down-to-earth, but pleasantly attractive Mecha Mickey Robo to complement the iconic character. If you’re familiar with Nintendo’s Kirby and his most recent game Kirby Robobot, you may have a pretty good grasp on where Moko is coming from.

Similar to his other builds, Moko’s trademark emphasis on articulation is very well seen in his Mickey Robo build. He also plans to make a similar ride both for Minnie and Donald Duck anytime soon. Just imagine a battalion of all your LEGO Disney minifigures on top of their own awesome mechs. That is one set that we will really look forward to. Just imagine how Ursula or Maleficent’s rides will be…So if you want to see more of Moko’s work or give him a compliment or two for his builds, you may drop him a note over his Flickr account or head over his blogsite.



Amazon France Now Lists LEGO Minifigures Series 16 (71013) For Pre-order

LEGO Minifig Series 16

There has been a lot of speculation during the course of the months on what will be included in LEGO’s next wave of minifigures or more precisely, its Series 16 of minifigs. Frankly, there is a pretty accurate list of minifigures that has been going around the internet, with a leaked image of its polybag artwork that went online. The said image was still in its early design stages so its accuracy is still dubious – plus the fact that it was illegally distributed then.

As they say, good things come to those who wait because this time around, we have what it seems our first pre-order listing of the LEGO Minifigures Series 16 (71013) courtesy of Amazon France. Now we’re not quite sure if this is just a mess-up since there are several occasions where Amazon posted some items for pre-order only to take it down afterwards. In any case, here’s a screenshot in case the page is taken down.

Amazon France list Series 16

This listing from Amazon France was also posted by Price Vortex in their database under the LEGO minifigure category. If you may have noticed, Amazon France doesn’t have any official images of the said minifigure series yet, except for this picture that closely resembles the leaked image that went online last March.

LEGO Minifig Series 16

The site indicates that Series 16 is temporarily out of stock, with no estimated delivery date yet as of this writing. A rough Google translation gives us this product description with some light editing from our end.

Embark on exciting adventures with Series 16 LEGO collectible figures! Meet the desert warrior, penguin boy, the ice queen, the spy, banana boy, the hiker, the champion of boxing, boy scary, gross, the Cyborg, the little devil, the winner of the dog show the filibuster, the babysitter, wildlife photographer and Mariachi. Each “surprise bag” contains a splendid figure with one or more accessories, plus a baseplate to display your minifigure, a collector leaflet and a single set of code to unlock the character of the figure included in the super LEGO Minifigures Online (download and installation of the game required). Make sure you get permission from your parent or guardian before playing online.

The said description confirms what we have already heard from several forums on what minifigs will be included in Series 16. On a similar note, the Polish website of Toys R Us posted a thumbnail of what seems to be the minifigure ambassador of Series 16. Here’s a screenshot from TRU’s website, followed by a zoomed in image of Banana Man.



Having our first look of Banana Man’s image makes us wonder if both Amazon France and TRU Poland have their share of official images for Series 16 already. We’ll keep you posted as soon as more news comes in, so be sure to stay tuned here at the Brick Show.


Source: Price Vortex

Exclusive LEGO Scooby-Doo Minifigure Polybag 30601 Found Over at eBay


If you can recall, we reported that the lovable Great Dane is back in another original LEGO direct-to-dvd film, LEGO Scooby-Doo! Haunted Hollywood. Similar to other home titles such as LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Justice League Gotham City Breakout, Haunted Hollywood also comes with an exclusive, limited edition Scooby Doo minifigure. Though these films are fun to watch and make a good addition to our home theater collection, most LEGO enthusiasts will find the exclusive minifig freebie as the most enticing selling point of the films. LEGO Scooby Doo Haunted Hollywood is now listed on Amazon for those who would like to avail a copy of the film, together with the Scooby minifigure that comes along with it.

Similar to the sightings that we have on the Nightwing (30606) minifigure, Minifig Price Guide reports that the exclusive LEGO Scooby Doo also comes in a polybag with a serial number of 30601 attached to it. The Great Dane’s 2-piece polybags were found over at eBay, with a handful of sellers offering them at ridiculously high prices of $12 to $25, considering that the film itself only costs at a discounted price of $16.99 at Amazon. Obviously, Amazon offers more value for your money on this one. Here are some pics posted by sellers on eBay.

s-l500_01 s-l500_02

s-l1600 (1)

s-l1600_01 s-l1600_02

We’re not sure when until Amazon will have Haunted Hollywood on stock. As of this writing, Amazon or any other toy retailer has not listed the LEGO Scooby Doo Minifigure 30601 polybag separately. So if you’re raring to have Scooby in his minifig form without breaking the bank, the best choice as of now is to take advantage of Amazon’s discounted offer while supplies last.


Thanks Minifig Price Guide for the tip.


Take A Look At This Neat Infographic ‘Feel Guide’ for LEGO Disney Collectible Minifigure (71012)

img_5796.jpg img_5798.jpg

We’re just a couple of days away from the much awaited release of LEGO Disney’s CMF 71012. With some fortunate souls able to grab their polybags early on at their local Target stores, the Brick Fan was kind enough to come up with this neat infographic ‘feel guide’ to help you feel your way through each of the blind bags. We mentioned before that that the Disney CMF’s box distribution allows you a 3 to 4 probability of getting the minifig that you want – with the equally annoying result of getting 2 to 3 duplicates at the same time. The only big question is: what are the things that you need to consider while feeling your way through those 60 or so blind bags?

Take a look at this guide.


Overall, LEGO Disney’s Collectible Minifigures may look like easy to feel in theory, but for some minifig fans and veteran collectors, 71012’s pieces are the most difficult to feel inside their blind bags. This video of YouTuber Coconuthead Productions might as well provide additional help in landing the LEGO Disney minifigs that you’ve always wanted.

We hope these tips will help you out once the Disney LEGO minifigures officially arrives on May 1.