Aqua Suit Iron Man Minifigure Image Found

An image of the Aqua Suit Iron Man minifigure was recently discovered. Evidently, this is the one that will appear in the coming Iron Skull Sub set. 

 lego aqua suit iron man minifigure 


Possible First Look at New 2016 LEGO Batman and Joker Minifigs?

A new listing on eBay shows that these may be new 2016 LEGO Batman and Joker minifigures. The listing states that they are 2016 unreleased minifigures and the wings clearly have 2016 LEGO markings on them.

2016 lego batman and joker minifigs


I also found another listing with this same Batman minifigure, also listed as official.


Please note: It is quite possible that these are fake minifigures. We will keep you posted.