Best 2015 Movies in LEGO Stop-Motion

Perhaps for some of us, LEGO is, and will always be a child’s toy. Unless you’re a brick enthusiast, those fancy and often times pain-on-the-foot pieces will simply remain just another piece of coloful plastic. That does not seem to be case anymore as the brick company realized last year with the debut of its “The LEGO Movie”. With the potential of touching base with an older generation – who after all, shells out the bucks once their kids set eyes on these fancy bricks – LEGO-themed movie concepts might just do the trick in making die-hard fans and believers out of them. So you think ‘The LEGO Movie” is a great idea? How about doing remakes of our favorite 2015 movies sounds like? read more

Custom LEGO AT-AT Took 6,000+ Parts and 26 Hours To Build!

If you’re the type that often complains while building LEGO models and sets out of the box, you might want to think again after watching this video. Peter Brookdale that goes by the profile cavegod2009 on Flickr, came up with a customized 6,000-piece LEGO design of the famous Star Wars Imperial AT-AT. Peter also came up with other amazing customized creations such as the Tie Fighter, Sandcrawler, Imperial Shuttle, and A-Wing. Based on the original LEGO AT-AT 75054 model, you can just imagine how massive this project is, considering that LEGO first came up with the idea using only 1,137 pieces! read more

Fun Micro-scale LEGO Disneyland on LEGO Ideas!

Nowadays LEGO seems to be into micro-sizing things that it finds worthy of attention. Even with its own theme sets, LEGO will throw in a microscale or two – such as the replica of a mini sub in The Lost City of Atlantis, or the Phantom ship in the Star Wars collection. Nick Carlierti, a certified brick fan, pays tribute to his love for theme park fun and his obsession with LEGO through his microscale LEGO version of Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. read more