Official Images for the LEGO Bricklink Designer Program Sets Surfaced

If you’re using the LEGO Builder app on you’re iPhone or iPad, you may have noticed an update that added the official images of the crowdfunded LEGO Bricklink Designer Program sets. If you recall, the Bricklink Designer Program began first as the AFOL Designer Program in 2018 to bring together the best original creations from the LEGO builders community. The goal is to gather as much support as possible through a crowdfunding platform that will enable these LEGO MOCs to be mass-produced and recognized.

And thanks to a recent LEGO Builder update, we can now glimpse what we can expect from these sets’ official packaging. There are five sets under the LEGO Bricklink Designer Program; each set is intended for advanced LEGO builders due to their size and complexity.

Pre-orders have unfortunately ended, but if you happen to be the first 10,000 supporters who pre-ordered these sets, you can expect them to be shipped any time soon. The good thing is that building instructions in PDF format will also be available, so you can try and see if you can build these sets using your existing LEGO pieces, or you can order them through Bricklink.

Click on the following links if you want to know more about these LEGO Bricklink Designer Program sets.

Studgate Train Station (910002)

4,076 pieces | 339.99 Euros | Designed by Pablo Sanchez Jimenez (BrickyBricks82)


Winter Chalet (910004)

2,705 pieces | 169.99 Euros | Designed by Sandro Damiano (sdrnet)


Modular Construction Site (910008)

3,374 pieces | 269.99 Euros | Designed by Ryan Taggart (ryantaggart)


1950s Diner (910011)

1,379 pieces | 109.99 Euros | Designed by James Allan Cox (pix027)


Mountain View Observatory (910027)

3,876 pieces | 209.99 Euros | Designed by Thomas Wosch (ThomasW_BL)

LEGO Marvel Star-Lord’s Helmet (76251) Arriving in April!

Nope, this is not part of any advanced April Fool’s conspiracy. LEGO has just added another set to its Helmet Collection, and this time, it pays tribute to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Because starting today, you can pre-order your very own LEGO Marvel Star-Lord’s Helmet (76251) over at LEGO’s online shopping portal.

It’s nice to see another Marvel character given the LEGO Helmet treatment. And this time around, Peter Quill’s Star-Lord joins the ranks of Iron Man, Venom, and Carnage to have this particular helmet motif. But what makes this most recent offering stand out is that it also doubles as a pencil pot. I appreciate how LEGO designers opted to include this functionality since it’s not just a centerpiece display but also serves a particular purpose. I will certainly like to have this on my desk.

The LEGO Marvel Star-Lord’s Helmet (76251) comes at 602 pieces and retails for $79.99. You can pre-order this now at, with a release date of April 1st. Check out the rest of its product details, and if you want, you can also use our affiliate link below to pre-order this set.


LEGO Marvel Star-Lord’s Helmet (76251)

602 pieces |  $79.99 | Pre-order this item today, it will ship from April 1, 2023

LEGO Marvel Star-Lord's Helmet

Immerse yourself in an advanced model-making project and capture the style and excitement of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy with LEGO® Marvel Star-Lord’s Helmet (76251).

Iconic headgear to build and display
This LEGO brick recreation of the unmistakable helmet worn by Marvel’s Star-Lord provides a rewarding building challenge and, once completed, a fascinating centerpiece that will attract attention and admiration wherever it is displayed. For added convenience, a digital version of the set’s building instructions can be found on the LEGO Builder app.

Discover more adult LEGO building sets
The range of LEGO sets created with adults in mind is designed to deliver a satisfying build-and-display experience that will captivate any model-making enthusiast.

  • Marvel model for adult fans – Challenge your creative construction superpowers with LEGO® Marvel Star-Lord’s Helmet (76251) and capture forever the Guardians of the Galaxy leader’s iconic appearance
  • Buildable replica – 602 LEGO® bricks combine to recreate Star-Lord’s helmet mounted on a sturdy base with nameplate
  • Rewarding challenge – Lose yourself in an immersive project as you capture the authentic details of this piece of comic-book history
  • Gift for adults – This hands-on building kit to any Marvel fan, LEGO® lover or model maker
  • Display with pride – The completed model measures over 7 in. (18 cm) high, 4.5 in. (12 cm) wide and 5 in. (13 cm) deep


More LEGO Polybags 2023 Revealed – Coming in March

After revealing a nice and cost-effective way to have an MCU-inspired LEGO Doctor Strange minifigure a few days ago, fans of these collectibles will be glad to know that there are more LEGO polybags 2023 that will arrive any time soon.

As more and more info comes in from LEGO fan sites such as from our friends over at Stonewars, we now get to see three more LEGO polybags 2023 sets that will be available in LEGO brand stores and 3rd party retailers worldwide in the next couple of months.

For those that are looking forward to completing their LEGO Disney minidolls, LEGO is now offering a great way of adding Moana and Pua to their collection.  There are also two LEGO Creator polybags included in the mix, both of which will be available in March just in time if you’re planning to add them as giveaways for this year’s Easter celebrations.

Take a look at some of the key features of these polybag collectibles and be on the lookout for these at any LEGO Store nearest you.

LEGO Disney Moana’s Dolphin Cove (30646)

47 pieces | 3.99 Euros | Available starting February, 2023


LEGO Creator Race Car (30640)

44 pieces | 3.99 Euros | Available starting March, 2023


LEGO Creator Easter Chickens (30643)

61 pieces | 3.99 Euros | Available starting March, 2023

All LEGO DOTS Harry Potter Sets Official Images Released

A couple of days ago, we saw the official images of the first LEGO DOTS set that tie-ins with the Harry Potter franchise. And today, we get to see the full range of LEGO DOTS Harry Potter sets comprising two additional sets that give the Wizarding World of Harry Potter a beautiful, wearable LEGO twist.

And though that it is unfortunate that the LEGO DOTS theme is about to come to an end, its is still nice to see that this theme is getting several licensed sets for LEGO Harry Potter fans to enjoy. I’m not sure if there are more LEGO DOTS sets to be revealed anytime soon before its final curtain call, but I’ll keep you posted once more information comes in.

For the meantime, let’s take a look at these LEGO DOTS Harry Potter official set images and see what we can expect from them.


Hogwarts Accessories Pack (41808)

234 pieces | US$14.99

LEGO DOTS Harry Potter Sets


Hedwig Pencil Holder (41809)

518 pieces | US$19.99

LEGO DOTS Harry Potter Sets


Hogwarts Desktop Kit (41811)

856 pieces | $44.99   

LEGO DOTS Harry Potter Sets


As of this posting, we are waiting for these sets to be listed at But since their official images were released already in the wild, we can expect their offical reveal at LEGO’s home shopping portal anytime soon.

More LEGO BrickHeadz Disney Sets Coming This March

It looks like we can expect more Disney-inspired BrickHeadz sets anytime soon. Following the reveal of the LEGO BrickHeadz Disney 100th Celebration (40622) set earlier this month, has been updated revealing three more LEGO BrickHeadz Disney sets that will be available starting March 2023.

This next wave of LEGO BrickHeadz Disney sets takes inspiration from some of the most memorable characters that grew up with over the years. Right off the bat, I am very much excited to see my favorite Pixar robot Wall-E having another LEGO set dedicated to his name aside from his LEGO Ideas Wall-E (21303) back in 2015. I also love how Cruella De Vil and Maleficent turned out in their BrickHeadz form considering the relative complexity of their designs. The accessories that also come with these sets are pretty impressive as well. I appreciate the gesture of including several accessories like Merida’s bow and quiver, and Wall-E’s toolbox.

These LEGO BrickHeadz Disney sets are scheduled to be released on March 1, similar to the latest LEGO Technic and Star Wars Helmets as well. While waiting, you can add this LEGO BrickHeadz trio by checking out their respective affiliate links below.

EVE & WALL•E (40619)

155 pieces | $14.99 | Coming Soon on March 1, 2023

LEGO BrickHeadz Disney

Captivate movie fans and kids aged 10+ with this iconic BrickHeadz™ set featuring Disney•Pixar’s EVE & WALL•E (40619) buildable LEGO® figures. Build each of the detailed models, then set them on their individual baseplates for display anywhere. The collectible set consists of 155 pieces to create the robots, plus a small plant element. WALL•E’s torso and eyes are decorated with stickers. The set makes a fun holiday or birthday gift and display piece for kids or fans of Disney•Pixar’s WALL•E movie.


Cruella & Maleficent (40620)

320 pieces | $19.99 | Coming Soon on March 1, 2023

LEGO BrickHeadz Disney

Thrill kids and movie fans aged 10+ with this BrickHeadz™ set featuring Disney’s iconic Cruella & Maleficent (40620) buildable LEGO® figures. Build each of the detailed models, then set them on their individual baseplates and display them anywhere at home or in the office. The set consists of 320 pieces to create the 2 LEGO figures. Maleficent’s torso includes a decorated sticker. The set makes a collectible everyday gift and display piece for kids or fans of Disney’s Cruella and Maleficent movies.


Moana & Merida (40621)

410 pieces | $14.99 | Coming Soon on March 1, 2023

LEGO BrickHeadz Disney

Inspire kids aged 10 and up with this BrickHeadz™ set featuring Disney’s Moana and Disney•Pixar’s Merida (40621) buildable LEGO® figures. Movie fans can build detailed models, then set them on individual baseplates and display them anywhere at home or in the office. The set consists of 410 pieces to create the 2 LEGO figures. Moana’s skirt is decorated like in the movie. The set makes a fun birthday or holiday gift and collectible display piece for kids or fans of the movies.

LEGO DOTS Hedwig Pencil Holder (41809) Revealed!

Though the LEGO DOTS theme is, unfortunately, ending, there are still some things to look forward to for the fans of the theme. As revealed earlier, we can expect a new set that tie-ins with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – the first now being the LEGO DOTS Hedwig Pencil Holder (41809).

The reveal came by way of another LEGO building instructions entry at LEGO’s customer service portal. Details are scant as of now since this latest LEGO DOTS Hedwig set is not yet accessible via But from the looks of it, we have the iconic white owl rendered in bricks and pieces, given with a functional look.


This set is expected to clock in at 518 pieces and will retail for around 19 Euros or  $20. It s also expected to be one of the three LEGO DOTS that is dedicated to the Harry Potter licensed theme. And given that it has already made an appearance via LEGO’s website it may suggest that an official reveal might soon be on the way.


I’ll update this post once more info comes in. Thanks to Hoth Bricks for the heads-up.

LEGO Technic Firefighter Aircraft (42152) Now Up for Pre-Order

Earlier this month, LEGO announced its next wave of LEGO Technic 2023 sets to arrive in the year’s first quarter. Though missing in this particular wave is the LEGO Technic Firefighter Aircraft (42152), LEGO has unveiled this set and made it available for pre-order for all LEGO Technic fans to enjoy.

LEGO Technic Firefighter Aircraft

This latest addition to the LEGO Technic 2023 collection can be pre-ordered for $100 and will be available online and in-store starting March 1, 2023. This set also comes with 1,134 pieces and features an adjustable landing gear, spinning propellers, and moving tail flaps.

Read on for the complete product description and official images. Click on the following affiliate link if you wish to have this as your next LEGO purchase.

LEGO Technic Firefighter Aircraft (42152)

1,134 pieces | $99.99 | Pre-order this item today, it will ship from March 1, 2023

LEGO Technic Firefighter Aircraft

Give kids aged 10 and up a cool building challenge with this LEGO® Technic™ Firefighter Aircraft (42152) model airplane toy set. It’s packed with features inspired by real-life fire planes so kids can see how all the functions work together during firefighting operations.

A challenge to share
This is a great project for children and adults to enjoy together. There’s lots to discover as kids make the propellors spin, raise and lower the landing gear and see the tail flaps move. Kids will love opening the hatch to drop the LEGO ‘water’ elements as they learn how firefighter aircrafts put out fires.

A creative introduction to engineering
LEGO Technic buildable models feature realistic movement and mechanisms that introduce young builders to the universe of engineering in an approachable and realistic way. Download the LEGO Builder app and step into a new world of building fun where you can zoom in and rotate models in 3D, save sets and track progress.

  • See how a fire plane works – Children aged 10+ can learn about the functions of a real firefighting airplane as they build and play with this LEGO® Technic™ Firefighter Aircraft (42152) toy set
  • Lots of features to explore – This model toy set includes adjustable landing gear, spinning propellors and moving tail flaps
  • ‘Water’-dropping fun – The set includes blue LEGO® elements so that kids can load the firefighting aircraft with ‘water’ and then open the hatch to douse imaginary fires
  • A gift for kids aged 10+ – This firefighting airplane model kit makes a birthday gift or anytime treat for kids who love firefighter toys
  • Measurements – This LEGO® Technic™ buildable model aircraft measures over 7 in. (18 cm) high, 23 in. (59 cm) long and 23.5 in. (60 cm) wide

New LEGO Marvel Doctor Strange 2023 Polybag Listed

Here’s a great way to have the minifigure version of the MCU’s Sorcerer Supreme added to your collection without breaking the bank. Referencing the penultimate film of the MCU Phase Four franchise, the LEGO Marvel Doctor Strange 2023 polybag takes its inspiration from The Multiverse of Madness and the many interdimensional portals that Strange uses in the film.

The LEGO Marvel Doctor Strange’s Interdimensional Portal (30652) polybag comes in at 44 pieces. It features a minifigure version of Doctor Strange that can also be found on other Multiverse of Madness sets, such as the Gargantos Showdown (76205) and the Sanctum Sanctorum (76218).

The polybag offering also features a microscale version of the portals that Doctor Strange creates, together with a pretty clever micro build to give perspective on what’s on the other side of the portal.


This polybag is listed over at JB Spielwaren for 3.39 Euros and can be pre-ordered. Having this polybag is a better option if you wish to add Doctor Strange to the roster of your LEGO Marvel minifigures without spending too much as in the case of larger sets.

Keep an eye on your local LEGO or other hobby stores if you wish to be the first to have this LEGO Marvel Doctor Strange 2023 polybag. More updates on this polybag coming soon.


LEGO Architecture World of Wonders (40585) GWP Set Coming Soon’s customer service portal, particularly its building instructions page, may have given us a glimpse of the next gift-with-purchase we can expect any time soon. The LEGO Architecture World of Wonders (40585) set is the next LEGO promotional set that fans of the Architecture theme may want to add to their collection.

UPDATE (February 2, 2023): The LEGO  World of Wonders (40585) is now listed at LEGO’s VIP Rewards Center. For 2,700 VIP points, you can redeem a promo code that you can use for the next 60 days if you’re planning to make any LEGO purchases any time soon. If you’re looking forward to some of the March and April sets, while bagging this exclusive freebie at the same time, then planning your next purchase ahead will all be worth it. 

First is the LEGO World of Wonders (40585) which costs 2,700 points. The other gift is the Birthday Diorama (40584) which costs 2,100 points to get. Once you redeem the codes, you’ll have 60 days to use them so if there isn’t any catching your eye this month, you can wait until March when the next larger release schedule is happening.

Though there are no specifics yet regarding when and how to claim it, the LEGO Architecture World of Wonders (40585) microscale model is expected to weigh in at 382 pieces and features some of the world’s new Seven Wonders of the World.  This freebie of a set features miniature brick-built replicas of The Parthenon, The Great Wall of China, Al-Khazneh, and the Taj Mahal.

LEGO World of Wonders

To date, the LEGO Architecture theme has produced replicas of some of these new wonders of the world. And it’s cool to see how LEGO designers captured the likes of the LEGO Architecture Great Wall of China (21041) and Taj Mahal (21056) sets into microscale formats with this latest promotional offering. I am a fan of microscale models, so I’m looking forward to seeing this gift-with-purchase up close and personal. I hope LEGO will throw in some printed tiles instead of stickers for a premium GWP set like this one.

Currently, there is no official product listing for this new promotional set aside to this link pointing at its building instructions. But given its value and features, I say this will definitely come at a higher price point for qualifying purchases. I’ll keep this updated once new information comes in.

More LEGO Star Wars Helmets Coming in March 2023!

In case you missed it, has launched its latest addition to its LEGO Star Wars Helmets series to celebrate 20 years of the Star Wars Clone Wars era. And just in time for their physical debut at this year’s Nuremberg Toy Fair from February 1 to 6, 2023, we can now catch a glimpse of this latest subtheme offering.

This latest addition to the LEGO Star Wars Helmet Collection takes inspiration from the iconic characters of the Grand Army, particularly Captain Rex and Clone Commander Cody. We first saw the rise of the Clone army in the event of Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones and later during the events of the animated spin-off series The Clone Wars.

We also see another well-known get-up this time from the costume worn by Princess Leia in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. The famous bounty hunter disguise was worn by the Rebel Alliance leader as they infiltrated Jabba the Hut’s lair. This brick-built model also serves as another milestone as the Star Wars fandom celebrates the 40th anniversary of the film.

These LEGO Star Wars Helmets are scheduled to be released on March 1, 2023, with the option to pre-order for $70. Check out the official descriptions and images of these collectibles below. And you may also place your pre-0rder via these affiliate links.

Captain Rex™ Helmet (75349)

854 pieces | $69.99 | Pre-order this item today, it will ship from March 1, 2023

Show respect for a great 501st Legion Clone Commander with this collectible, brick-built LEGO® Star Wars™ Captain Rex Helmet (75349) model for adults. Practice mindfulness as you capture every detail of the helmet, as seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Add the buildable stand with a nameplate to complete an attention-grabbing display piece for your home or workplace.


Clone Commander Cody™ Helmet (75350)

766 pieces | $69.99 | Pre-order this item today, it will ship from March 1, 2023

Pay homage to a loyal soldier with this collectible LEGO® Star Wars™ Clone Commander Cody Helmet (75350) build-and-display model for adults. Enjoy the mindful, satisfying process of recreating the distinctive contours of the helmet worn by this iconic character in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. A brick-built stand with a nameplate completes an eye-catching centerpiece.

Princess Leia™ (Boushh™) Helmet (75351)

670 pieces | $69.99 | Pre-order this item today, it will ship from March 1, 2023

Pay homage to a legendary character with this LEGO® Star Wars™ Princess Leia (Boushh) Helmet (75351) build-and-display model for adults. Channel your creative Force to recreate the bounty hunter helmet worn by Princess Leia as a disguise to enter Jabba the Hutt’s palace in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. A buildable stand with a nameplate completes an admirable centerpiece.