Last Reminder of LEGO Cyber Monday Deals

The craziness of Black Friday weekend finally winds down with Cyber Monday, this November 29. While some of the Black Friday Deals are still on, one-day Cyber Monday offers are in the forefront now. We covered some of them before going into the weekend. Now, let’s review what to expect this Cyber Monday, as well as new stuff we learned.

  • LEGO Fleece Blanket – GWP with VIP purchases over $200
  • $5 discount voucher – get with redemption of 455 VIP points (usual rate at 650 points)

Here’s something else, but only if you’re a LEGO VIP member:

Most other deals from Black Friday still apply until today: GWPs Santa’s Front Yard (40484) and Seasonal Holiday Tree (in-store). And let’s not forget the VIP sweepstakes with a million VIP points at stake. Go get that last bit of LEGO shopping in before Cyber Monday winds down.

HarrisBricks’ “Downtown Records” Hits 10-K Support on LEGO Ideas

After looking at a couple product ideas garnering support last week, we have another 10-K passer on LEGO Ideas. We know we’ve tried in the past to peg the common trend of submissions to the then-current Review Stage. But we at The Brick Show can certainly see that this Third 2021 Review Stage is all about the buildings. The new 10-K support submission from HarrisBricks reinforces this.

We can also observe that the product idea in question goes for LEGO “authenticity.” Its modular design makes it look right at home with LEGO City. And every neighborhood needs a music store.

Downtown Records” by HarrisBricks looks like an official LEGO City modular set already. We’re looking at a two-floor building, each serving its own function. The ground floor houses the titular music store, in all its retro record aesthetics.

The building is designed to serve as a street corner, allowing a tree and a newsstand on one side.

Upstairs, accessible by a spiral staircase out back, we find a neat studio apartment just as media-heavy as downstairs.

Four minifigures populate this location: the store clerk, corner newsboy, a customer, and the apartment resident. You’re probably hearing tracks playing in your head.

LEGO Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage now stands at 18 product ideas. Nine of them are buildings, many of which are from licensed IPs. Of the original creations, two look like expected LEGO sets already: Castle Outpost and The (Ninjago-alike) Dojo. Can Downtown Records coast to a passing review thanks to its LEGO City-like modular design? The Review Stage isn’t over yet, so we’ll wait.

First Look at LEGO Seasonal Year of the Tiger (40491)

Even as Black Friday-Cyber Monday goes through this past Friday to this Monday, LEGO’s continually laying out the future. We’ve gotten glimpses of what to expect from them early next year. Speaking of early next year that time’s also when a certain season gets its seasonal LEGO set or several. Earlier this November LEGO put up its upcoming Lunar New Year sets. One is missing however: the Chinese Zodiac Animal set. The year 2022 will be the Year of the Tiger. While a product listing isn’t there yet, we do have images courtesy of

Now we know that a LEGO Year of the Tiger (40491) Lunar New Year seasonal set is headed our way. The rather blurry image we have is courtesy of a Declaration of Conformity for Toy Safety Regulations 2011. We can check it out on LEGO’s servers here. Other than the blurry photo we have no other info on Year of the Tiger (40491). If it’s anything like this 2021’s Year of the Ox (40417), look forward to it being GWP per over-$85 purchase. We can expect LEGO to officially reveal this seasonal set soon, ahead of Lunar New Year next year. That’s February 1, 2022.

Slekk024’s S-70 Firehawk Helicopter Needs Support on LEGO Ideas; CAL Fire and Sikorsky Are Asking

Now that we got the ball rolling yesterday, let’s see if we can find more LEGO Ideas submissions needing support. Vertical News, an online news source and marketplace for helicopters, gives us this beauty. The subject: the Sikorsky S-70, in particular the “Firehawk” variant used as a water-bomber. This helicopter’s been in use with the California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection (CAL Fire) since 2019. LEGO Ideas member Adrien “Slekk024” Pecquet launched his product idea for a brick-built Firehawk in June. With about 3,000 pieces this submission promises great detail and playable mechanical functionality.

Regarding the copter the set’s based on, the Firehawk starts out as a Polish-manufactured S-70i. It is then reconfigured by United Rotorcraft stateside for water-bomber duties (featuring a 4,500-liter belly tank).

Slekk024’s LEGO rendition has the CAL Fire livery, honoring the around 13 S-70s currently used by the organization. It also comes with three minifigures: pilot, co-pilot and two firefighters. The product idea’s pretty good that both CAL Fire and Sikorsky Aircraft have given it shout-outs on their social media.

At present it has 3,738 supporters with 33 days left to reach 5,000 (and an extension towards hitting 10-K). This looks like another worthy creation worth pushing to Review Stage.

“LEGO Minifigure: A Visual History (New Edition)” Gets Black Friday Pricing on Amazon

Early in 2020, before the pandemic exploded, a new LEGO visual book from DK Publishing got listed on Amazon. “LEGO Minifigure: A Visual History (New Edition)” would release later, in October that year. As is the fashion with LEGO publications, the book included a free collectible minifig. It was the classic LEGO spaceman (Benny if you’ve seen The Movie) in an orange spacesuit. LEGO fans fascinated with the brand’s iconic minifigure characters would appreciate the visual references, updated since 1978. The “Minifigure Visual History” remains available today. And considering Black Friday, Amazon has seen fit to give a nice discount.

According to The Brick Fan, a hardcover copy of “LEGO Minifigure: A Visual History (New Edition)” is now $21.66. That’s $18.34 in savings from the original $40 price on Amazon. Who can say no to an update for one’s LEGO reference library? It does boast detailed info on no less than 2,000 individual minifig designs, from the retro to current-gen characters. Benny the spaceman all the way to Team Ninjago get representation alongside licensed-IP crews. If you’ve held off on getting this, then Amazon’s Black Friday sale’s the best time.

UCS AT-AT (75313) Releases Early Black Friday in Some Areas

When it comes to LEGO Star Wars sets, or LEGO sets in general, nothing quite beats the Ultimate Collector’s Series. They’re the biggest, baddest LEGO renditions of some of the most iconic vehicles and vessels of “Star Wars.” And over the years every successive Star Wars UCS set just keeps getting larger and more detailed. Nothing illustrates this evolution better than the UCS AT-AT Imperial Walker (75313), releasing this Black Friday, November 26. Not even the triple-digit pricing is scaring away UCS fans gearing to add this to their collection. No wonder they’re crowding locations announcing midnight launches for this.

Take for instance the Leicester Square LEGO Store in London. We reported earlier this week that their midnight launch of the UCS AT-AT (75313) would be limited to 200 buyers. To enforce that, the flagship store would give away 200 special-access armbands on Thursday, November 25. But as Brick Fanatics tells it, eager collectors have formed a line outside the store already…on Wednesday. Their former editor shared a photo of the LEGO “campers” on Twitter, explaining that they started lining up 7:30AM of the 24th for the passing out of armbands on the 25th, 10:30AM. Now that’s a collector’s determination.

The excitement to get the UCS AT-AT as early as possible is understandable. A cursory glance at and its 75313 listing indicates that for Australia and New Zealand, the set is available. Being closer to the International Date Line really helps. For them, UCS AT-AT (75313) will go for AU$1,299.99 and NZ$1,499.99 respectively. Let’s not forget the Luke Skywalker Lightsaber (40483) GWP either. Everyone else would have to wait for store hours to get the set, if they’re not waiting outside stores themselves already. Anyway: good hunting, UCS collectors.

LEGO Thanks Employees for “Extraordinary Year” with Bonuses, More Days Off

COVID-19 was a bane to businesses worldwide when its pandemic spread and workplaces had to close or hunker down. The end of 2020 was hopeful but restricted. As this year of 2021 comes to a close however, the world has opened up more. Businesses thus can report record comeback earnings. LEGO is no exception.

The Brick Fan tells us by way of Bloomberg that LEGO’s operating profits in this year’s first half doubled. In celebration for their “extraordinary year,” the world’s most powerful brand is tipping its hat off to the employees. Long story short, they’re getting some added perks.

LEGO spokesperson Benjamin Hjorth mentions increased annual bonuses and added vacation days for about 20,000 of the company’s employees. This may be same-old news to fans aware of how generous LEGO can be to its workforce. But the timing of the new benefits, at the second pandemic Holiday season, gives it greater meaning.

Three more vacation days to a year, plus additional bonuses arriving April 2022, underscores how valuable employees are to LEGO. The rank-and-file make the brick-building magic happen after all. Do we have to wonder why LEGO sets now and coming soon are so good? This is why.

Support “It’s a Wonderful LEGO Life” on LEGO Ideas in Time for Classic Film’s 75th Anniversary

LEGO Ideas-wise, we at The Brick Show have lately covered product ideas achieving 10,000 supporters for review. The Third 2021 Review Stage needs entries after all. We’ve also covered the reveals of official sets and their releases: several in this year alone. What we haven’t done lately is feature a product idea still garnering support. A recent news item courtesy of WTAE-TV Pittsburgh brings a particularly topical submission to our attention however.

It’s an anniversary celebration, one that LEGO Ideas loves to jump on. In 1946 a movie premiered that would become an indelible American Holiday viewing tradition. It’s turning 75 years old this 2021.

We’re talking about “It’s A Wonderful Life” starring James Stewart. It’s a miracle tale of an angel helping a suicidal man by showing him a “what-if” timeline without his presence. And a father-daughter tandem of fans has translated that into a spectacular product idea. Jason and Jane Middaugh created “It’s A Wonderful LEGO Life,” that turns Bedford Falls into a brick-built Christmas Village.

The Bailey home, family car and even the bridge where George Bailey attempts suicide are all replicated. It even has minifigs of George with his wife and kids, his guardian angel Clarence, and miserly Mister Potter.

The Middaughs initially custom-built the LEGO set to display at the Jimmy Stewart Museum in Indiana, PA. Now, their work is documented as a product idea for LEGO Ideas (twrt0es, 10K Club Member). “It’s a Wonderful Life” celebrates its 75th anniversary this December 5. Already the build is over halfway there to the 10-K support milestone. If you’re an Ideas member then let’s help this wonderful set earn its wings!

LEGO Foundation Donates Near 1M Euros for July Flood Victims in Germany

Even as fans/collectors worldwide buy their products and make them a global toy giant, LEGO still has a big heart. Sometimes, they might encourage their fans to engage in an activity that they’ll then match in charitable action. But when the chips are down, The LEGO Foundation doesn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand. has it that LEGO made a near-million-Euro donation to help German families and children affected by severe mid-2021 floods. The disaster, which gripped Europe throughout July, was considered the worst to hit Germany since 1962’s North Sea flood. But now, LEGO is helping them recover.

As detailed on their Twitter November 23, LEGO donated 7.1 million Danish Kroner to the German Red Cross. That’s equivalent to €960,000 ($1,076,616 in direct conversion). LEGO’s donation will help rebuild 10 kindergartens damaged by July’s flooding in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia state. A new family aid center also counts among plans by the German Red Cross, made possible by LEGO’s charity. This is merely the latest in a series of 2021 donations by LEGO. Other beneficiaries this year include children in Afghanistan and Haiti. LEGO has also been prominent in helping address the COVID-19 pandemic. You can expect nothing less from one of the biggest brands ever in all-ages toys.

New Disney Princess Bundle (5007204) Available at UK

Want to get a head start on collecting LEGO sets but can’t be bothered to hunt them down individually? You could always keep an eye out for the bundles. LEGO and its retail partners tend to release them every once in a while. Just last month, Walmart gave us three LEGO Marvel “Mech Armor” sets in an affordable 3-in-1 Pack (66671). The arctic base LEGO City sets from a few years ago also got bundled courtesy of UK in 2018. It’s their corner of the LEGO online store that brings us this new collection of sets from LEGO Disney.

Brick Fanatics tells us that for UK now lists a Disney Princess Ultimate Celebration Bundle (5007204). Sounds cool for a Disney fan, huh? Then again, the bundle consists of just one LEGO Disney Princess set. The other sets are from the LEGO DOTS theme, plus two Disney key-chains and two early 2021 VIP rewards. Consider this list of contents:

All these could be had from LEGO UK at £74.99/€84.99. Adding the individual prices of the above gives us the total £92.93/€103.93, so the bundle price is a good deal. The LEGO Disney Princess Ultimate Celebration Bundle (5007204) is available now, ahead of Black Friday. If you’re in the UK and fancy these items then it’s best to get the bundle now. Getting two VIP rewards is a nice bonus.